Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Announcement Blog - WELCOME!

Hey guys, and welcome! We’re sure you can probably tell from the title of this post and the profile this is under, but the Official Death Battle Fan Blog is being revived by a brand new group of g1s!

For those of you who don't know what the ODBFB is, it was a group of Death Battle fans who made prediction blogs for each upcoming episode of the popular web series, starting with Link VS Cloud. When the wait for season 2 was going on, Ben Singer A.K.A Wiz, founder of the show, approached them and asked if they would want to help out with the research for each episode. They accepted and things worked like that for a while, except recently the fan blog was given a more official role in the show’s production with behind the scenes information like scripts to the episodes, being able to actually debate with Ben and Chad, etc. Unfortunately, this meant that they had to disband the fan blog, and since then we haven't gotten any prediction blogs on any of the matches. And thus, we on this team decided to come together and revive the ODBFB, now known as the G1 Death Battle Fan Blog. And there's a reason why we changed that name.

While this blog does have managers and researchers, it isn't just us who will be working on our content. We want to open this up to the entirety of the Screwattack community, so that if you feel like you can add to a match, you can join us. It also helps us keep up numbers in case some members lack knowledge on the combatants. What will happen basically is that we’ll make posts like this:

“A VS B is the next Death Battle! If you would like to help us out with this prediction blog, please PM us your gmail account (and Skype if you have one for easy contact) so we can add you to the doc We’ll also have things like Top # Wanted Fights and the like, and it will all be open to you guys to join in on.”

We would like to make it crystal clear that the G1 Death Battle Fan Blog is not affiliated with Death Battle or ScrewAttack in any way.  This is purely a fan-made project by fans of the show, Death Battle. The ODBFB provided Death Battle with research and notes on matches but this blog will not be doing anything like that.  It's purpose is to organize and provide various pieces of fan-made content for the sake of the g1 community. Please note the absence of the word “official” in our name.

So who are the members of this new Fan Blog? Well, here they are, with introductions and everything.

Grand Blazer

Ooooooh man is this hype! When I first joined the g1 community about two years ago, I never thought that I’d get an opportunity to do something like this. I'd had the thought of it, but now seeing it come to life is really exciting!

This website has been somewhere I've visited almost everyday since I joined, and with the recent decline in activity we’ve had here, I hope that this helps bring some of the life back to us. The people I'm working with on this are all some of the coolest guys I've ever met, and it's quite an honour to get to be a part of this team with them. I hope we manage to be as great as the original ODBFB was and that you all enjoy the content we put out for you guys. G1 Master Race!

(Also I'm the guy who did 90% of the work setting this thing up. Just sayin’ :P )

Kirby Kid
Wow do we have big shoes to fill.

Years ago when the original ODBFB started, things were pretty coordinated. A new fight would come out, and then they'd provide the research they had done for that battle and help give us a good idea of how the battle would, or at least should, have panned out. This was awesome, we had people banding together to help give us, the g1's, a better view at how DEATH BATTLE ran things and looked at characters they did research for.

However, the ODBFB have become more official, and not only research for DEATH BATTLE but also debate and decide verdicts along with the officials of the show.

That is insane, I remember some of those people not even being ODBFB members, and now they're literally apart of the shows decision making process. Of course, with all good things there comes a price, that being the sad end of the ODBFB.

But here's the thing, the ODBFB was always a blog by g1's for g1's, and we hope to continue that legacy. We may not be affiliated with DEATH BATTLE in any way, but that doesn't mean we can't all pull together our own info to educate people on characters we have knowledge about. The G1DBFB(G1 Death Battle Fan Blog) will be what the ODBFB was, with a lot more of the communities helping out each other so we can get these blogs out with prime information that we have collectively found. This way, people who are more knowledgeable on characters can give a detailed description of them, so this doesn't just restrict it to the same 6 people who you see here today.

We are so excited to do this for you guys, and we are always ready to bring the g1 community together. Let's make the old ODBFB proud and carry the torch.

Malcolm Belmont

Hello my name is Malcolm Belmont but you may know me by my G1 name The Gaming News Guy  who has done Desk of DB Blogs as well as DB Blogs like Cole vs Alex and i am glad to be a part of this G1 DB Fan Blog. I have always wanted to be more apart of the G1 Community and considering my love of Death Battle i felt it was very much like appropriate that i be a part of this group. We have the old ODBFB who were basically like Coke but now we have come in to become the brand spanking new Crystal Coke (But no one liked Crystal Coke).Well shit, okay for a better comparison - think Full Metal Alchemist. (The original series was great there is no denying that but Brotherhood simply was better (But FMA was better than Brotherhood). GET IN THE CORNER JIMMY!!!!! Actually when thinking about it this we are the Power Rangers Zeo to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - the old won’t be forgotten but we will head to the future.

Anyway the point is the new G1 DB Fan Blog is an opportunity to grow the G1 Community. We are opening up the playing field to mostly everyone - if you want to become a researcher for the new G1 DB Fan Blog you can do so. At the very end of the day G1 and Screwattack is about community and with this new DB Fan Blog i personally hope that the G1 DB Community gets better then ever before.

“If there's a haters in our way, then we will push through! There isn’t a matchup we can’t analyze and through analysis and research we will carve our own opinions! The magma of our souls burns with a mighty flame! Team G1 DB Fan Blog! Just who in the hell do you think we are!?”


Wow, to be honest, it was always a sort of hidden dream of mine to be part of the ODBFB. To me, they were always like the cool kids in school- er, the old SA website. I even got to give my own guest verdict on their prediction blog for Bowser vs Ganon (since I’m the go-to Mario guy), and have made great friends with a few of ‘em. So I can’t wait to be a part of this revival of the Justice League- er, Overwatch, no wait, GODDAMMIT, the ODBFB XD.

So needless to say, I’m rather hyped to be a part of this project, to the point of making giddy mistakes. I get to work with a group of guys who also happen to be some of the coolest guys I’ve ever known, we get to look at a bunch of nerdy crap together, and I get to learn new things I never knew before. All in all, I think that’s a pretty damn good deal.

Oh, that’s right, I never introduced myself at the beginning did I? Hi DEATH BATTLE fans, I’m HomestuckLover! (Guess why I chose that username…) and I can’t wait to get more in touch with the g1 community and s̶h̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶w̶e̶i̶r̶d̶ ̶t̶a̶s̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ have fun with you all!

“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” - Judge Judy


Hi everyone, risinguppercut here!  Or is it Risinguppercut?  RisingUppercut?  Whatever, my friends call me Rising for short and all of you can call me that too, if you want.  Well, “rising” is certainly what I feel like I’m doing right now.  I mean, I’m still amazed that I was chosen to help out with this project.  I haven’t even been a g1 for a full year yet, I’ve only made one blog (with the help of that awesome fellow you see just below me, formerly known as Shadow_Ninja) and my post count on the forums isn’t that high.  On top of that, I have a ton of respect for the old ODBFB guys, they’re the best of the best and their new position really shows that!  A tough act to follow, to say the least.  So, looks like I’ve got nowhere to go but up.  But that fits me just fine.  I’m really looking forward to helping this new Fan Blog grow, and doing some growing myself alongside it.  So here’s to more of the quality DB content you all have come to expect and enjoy.  Let’s all build it together, a Fan Blog made for fans, by fans!  Let us soar to even greater heights, together! (okay, that might have been kind of cheesy, even for me)

Hi, everyone! I’m ShadowGlyde, and I am proud to announce that I am a member of the ODBFB: The Next Generation (I’m more of a DS9 fan myself, but… :P ). Actually, I’m more of a part-timer at the moment since I don’t know how much time I can dedicate to researching these upcoming battles, but I am more than happy to at least spend time in helping my fellow researchers in finding whatever they need to find out. Whatever the circumstances may be, however, I am looking forward to doing whatever I can to find out who will win in a Death Battle.

Sup. I’m Xenos5. I’ve been a G1 for a few years now and I have experience with other VS forums as well. So i’ve accumulated quite a good bit of VS knowledge. I’m happy to have the opportunity to apply that knowledge helping this ragtag group out in accurately assessing power, speed, durability etc.. of characters appearing in Death Battle. Though of course we’ll each come to our own conclusions over how each fight will go I’m sure we’ll be able to present info about characters that’ll surprise you guys and help you come to conclusions of your own.


We feel like we should address the elephant in the room, that being the old fan blog and the idea of us taking their place. Let it be clear that we are not trying to take their place at all, and we’re more like spiritual successors to them. In fact, many of the Research Team members who were formerly part of the ODBFB are still fairly active in the ScrewAttack Forums. (And just to be safe, Kirby Kid contacted some of the old ODBFB members and they seemed pretty cool about the whole thing)

With that being said, hello all DB fans/enthusiasts/worshippers/whatever you are, we’re the G1 Death Battle Fan Blog, and we can’t wait to get active with you all.

Note: We won't be making a prediction blog for Mewtwo VS Shadow since two of our members (Kirby Kid and Grand Blazer) have already made their own (you can read it here: http://grandblazerwritings.blogspot.ca/2016/06/background-mewtwo-i-see-now-that_19.html) and it’d be somewhat pointless because of that. We’ll get started on them with the next fight!


  1. Well, I'll definitely want to help if there are any matchups I'm interested in!

  2. I hope there comes a time where I know enough about a match-up to contribute to this. Maybe if they ever use Zim...

  3. Oh Joy... Now people can basically just use you guys as their posterboys to basically say "ben nd chad r idots hoo shud b replased by teh reserch teem."

    Never liked the idea of this. But... Call me if Freeza vs Sephiroth ever becomes a thing.