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Death Battle Predictions: Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

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Thanks to you guys, I found where I belong. Not with the people I love but in here in hell, protecting them.”

Wade Wilson’s early life is mysterious and not really elaborated on due to his messed up mental state which caused his memory of his past to be hazy at best (he’s Deadpool, why wouldn’t he be a little bit crazy?). What we do know is that his mother died of cancer while he was young and his father (who was in the military) physically abused Wade quite often. Due to the incredibly harsh treatment he received as a kid, he became a delinquent in his teenage years, never really getting the love and affection he wanted. However, one night while drinking with his friends, Wade’s father tried to take him out of the club, one of his friends stole Wade's father’s handgun and killed him. Feeling guilty over this, Wade sobered up and decided to join the military himself. However, that did not turn out so well due to Wade not really liking discipline, and he decided to use his military training to become a mercenary while still in his late teens.

Accepting assassination contracts only against those whom he felt deserved death, he made a habit of using plastic surgery and technology to take on a new identity whenever he failed a mission. Not much is known regarding his mercenary life but we do know that he romanced a woman named Francie. When this relationship soured, he traveled throughout Asia where he became a wrestler under the tutelage of a criminal, The Oyakata. Once he learned that the Boss asked Wade to kill The Oyakata, he refused and went back to the United States.

It was then he met a teenage prostitute named Vanessa. They were very much in love but like everything in Wade’s life, it soon turned for the worst. Learning that he had contracted cancer, Wilson broke up with Vanessa rather than force her to remain with a man who was going to die.

In Canada, he was offered hope in the form of Department K, a special weapons development branch of the Canadian government that had affiliations with the Weapon X project. Wilson became a test subject in Department K’s branch and gained superhuman abilities, including a ridiculously strong healing factor to heal his cells faster than his cancer could kill them, though unfortunately, this permanently scarred his body, basically turning him into a living tumor. It also had some pretty wonky effects on his mind, resulting in him becoming aware of the fourth wall and knowing that he's not real. After he killed one of his teammates, he was sent to a government facility where the rejects were treated. He was experimented upon by Doctor Killebrew and Ajax (or FRANCIS), with the patients placing bets in a "dead pool" on how long each test subject would live.

Eventually Ajax would attempt to kill Wade by tearing out his heart and leaving him for dead but, the Merc’s will to survive was so strong he used his healing factor to regenerate his heart and escaped the facility with his patients. Now a free man, he decided to take on the name “Deadpool” and became one of the most well-known mercenaries for hire in the Marvel Universe. He would go on many crazy adventures including fighting zombie presidents, time travel and even fighting alternate versions of himself to see who is the best Deadpool.

He would make many friends including, surprisingly, Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine as well as meeting his daughter. Deadpool has had quite a life - hasn’t he? He’s also been considered an unofficial member of the X-Men (and boasted about his status as a mutant to try and gain membership in the past) as well as the Uncanny Avengers.

Pinkie Pie

“It felt so good I just wanted to keep smiling forever. And I wanted everyone I knew to smile too, but rainbows don't come along that often. I wondered, how else could I create some smiles?”

Pinkie Pie (real name: Pinkamena Diane Pie) tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders in The Cutie Mark Chronicles that she was raised on a rock farm with her sisters, Limestone Pie and Marble Pie and her father and mother, Igneous Rock Pie and Cloudy Quartz. Her family's coats and manes are earth-colored, muted browns and grays, and they were all overly depressed due to their boring jobs and Pinkie Pie was very much the same way at the start.

When Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom cleared the clouds and painted a rainbow across the sky, the shock wave frizzled Pinkie Pie's hair and gave it its distinctive curl. The sonic rainboom that she witnessed made her smile, and she then decided to dedicate her life to spreading joy to other ponies. She invited her family to their first party ever, and they all shakily developed smiles, eventually merrily participating in Pinkie's party. It was then that Pinkie earned her cutie mark.

Sometime after gaining her cutie mark, Pinkie left the rock farm and moved to Ponyville, where she threw a large party which would inspire Cheese Sandwich (otherwise known as Weird Al Pony) to become one of the best characters in the show.

Later on down the line she would throw another party at a treehouse, this is where she would meet life long friend, Twilight Sparkle. However, the two didn’t get off to the best start. Pinkie Pie started talking to Twilight about how she was surprised to see a new pony in town and decided to throw her a party. Twilight accidentally drank some hot sauce and ended up running out of the room with her mane on fire but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked…  I mean Nightmare Moon. in order to stop Nightmare Moon’s reign of darkness and despair, Twilight Sparkle and her friends sought out a book about the Elements of Harmony. They learned that the Elements of Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, and Loyalty were known, but not the sixth. The book also said that the Elements are stored in Princesses Celestia’s and Luna’s ancient castle in the Everfree Forest. The ponies decided to look for the Elements because they were the only things that could stop Nightmare Moon.

They encountered many deadly threats in the forest but it was Pinkie Pie who managed to show an affinity with the Element of Laughter when overcoming them. A cloud of purple smoke attacked them, causing monstrous faces to appear on the trees around the ponies. All the ponies except for Pinkie were scared. Pinkie sang the Laughter Song and taught her friends to laugh at their fears rather than running away from them.  Eventually the group got to the castle.

After Twilight discovered the Element of Magic, each member was granted an Element and Pinkie Pie’s Element was the aforementioned Element of Laughter. After dispelling the evil from Princess Luna, the day was saved and Pinkie Pie went on to have many adventures with the Mane 6 including defeating Discord, defeating Tirek and even defeating her own fears and worries about her Element and her friends. Pinkie Pie, despite being just a pony, has done a lot for both his friends and for herself as she has managed to make the residents of Ponyville smile.




One of the key factors that makes Deadpool so powerful is his regenerative healing factor - Deadpool can regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. This is caused by his cancer being mutated further though the experiments in the Weapon X program. Deadpool can get stabbed, shot, blown up, burned alive, and come out no worse for wear. He can regenerate from getting blown up by rockets which are strong enough to destroy the Baxter Building. Only had his costume burned off when a zombie t-rex stomped on him and then having a satellite fall and explode on him. Despite all that shit, he still manages to regen with only his suit getting damaged. He also managed to regenerate from literally falling from outer space. Survived being crashed into a meteor and then having said meteor explode from the impact - the explosion itself was around 125.50 tons. He has regenerated from attacks by Captain America, Wolverine, Daredevil, Punisher, Zombie Abraham Lincoln and even the Hulk. It is extremely hard to kill Deadpool for good unless you have a specific weapon that can prevent healing factors, such as Carbonadium weapons (oh, we’ll get to that). But Deadpool’s regenerative capabilities aren’t perfect by any means. While he can regenerate from just about anything, it takes him 20 minutes to regenerate his entire body and 1 minute just to grow a finger. This means his foes have plenty of chances to flee or try and take him out. Plus the regeneration process is extremely painful and why Deadpool is as messed up as he is. His near immortality has made him brash and reckless in battle, leaving him open to being attacked. Finally, his regeneration does have a limit as during one time in the comics he got melted and only his arm remained. He was going to die if Thanos didn’t decide to perma ban him from death.

Immortality/Foreign Chemical Resistance/Disease Immunity


Due to his physiology, Deadpool’s aging process has slowed down to the point where he can be considered immortal and can no longer die by natural causes. He is also immune to most if not all chemicals but he can be knocked out by tranquillisers as shown here. The unique regenerative qualities of Deadpool's healing factor also extend to his immune system; he is immune to all diseases, infections, disorders, imperfection, and resistant to elemental extremes.

Telepathic Immunity/Soul Resistance/Possession Resistance

Partially due to how unpredictable Deadpool is, Deadpool is immune to being mind controlled even by the high level telepaths. The reason why this is is because his brain has been stated to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration meaning psychics such as Cable, Emma Frost, and Red Onslaught are unable to affect him. He also is immune to Soul Manipulation. This was shown with his fight against Ghost Rider. When Ghost Rider tried to kill Wade by using the classic Penance Stare - he simply got a reel of Wade’s life, but the Penance Stare was unable to destroy Wade’s soul and it reverted him back into Johnny, which was explained by Deadpool being so insane, his sins could no longer be used against him.


Deadpool is well… insane. Said insanity has lead to him become a very unpredictable force of nature. He is very much aware of his status as a fictional character, as he uses it to mouth off at anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. His unpredictability also helps him in combat as he constantly does not stick to one fighting style meaning characters like Taskmaster are unable to copy his movesets and he is almost impossible to predict, save for a skilled few like Spider-Man.

Fourth Wall Awareness


Ah, yes. The ‘Pool’s selling point. Because of his insanity, Deadpool is aware of him being a fictional character and routinely breaks the fourth wall to talk with the audience (and his various speech bubbles) at certain points, whether it’s telling a movie theater about fondling Hugh Jackman’s balls (he’s got a nice pair of smooth criminals Down Under) to get his movie made or assaulting someone with his health bar in an awesome fighting game (FEEL THE LOVE OF THE HYPER COMBO). He can also recall specific issues when talking about past exploits and theoretically can know anything and everything there is to know about whoever he’s fighting (but as that kind of knowledge is banned in DB, who really knows).

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Sense

While most Earth Ponies in Equestria don’t have the magic of Unicorns or the flight of Pegasi, Pinkie Pie and her family do have sensory abilities, with Pinkie’s being known as the Pinkie Sense. It’s one of the more random abilities out there (so random that not even Twilight Sparkle could understand it), but it lets her sense things that are about to happen in her general area (mostly), even when no one else can or without even seeing where they’re coming from (think of it as a very strange version of the Spider-Sense). These usually affect her body in strange ways, a short list of stuff including:

Twitchy Tail - Something is about to fall

Flopping Ears - Someone’s about to get dirty

Back is Itchy - It’s Pinkie’s lucky day

Pinchy Knee - Something scary is about to happen

Shoulder is Achy - There’s an alligator in the tub.

Ear Flop + Eye Flutter + Knee Twitch - Look out for opening doors

Ear Flop + Knee Twitch + Eye Flutter - Beautiful rainbow

Itchy Nose - Watch out for bees

Body Shuddering - An unexpected doozy is about to happen, which she can sense the location of

Of course, it’s likely there are other signs/combinations of the Pinkie Sense that Pinkie has that we don’t know about. If you’re still confused, you can directly compare this with Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense, except that with Pinkie’s version, she has specific reactions to certain events as opposed to Spidey’s going off at any perceived danger.

Jackhammer Hooves

Growing up on a rock farm makes you very well acquainted with… well rocks. In Maud Pie, Pinkie’s sister, the titular Maud Pie, saves Pinkie from a falling boulder by burrowing clean through it with only her hooves in a matter of seconds. In The Cutie Remark, in an alternate timeline where the Dark King Sombra wages war against Equestria, Pinkie is shown to have the same ability as Maud, teaming up with her sister to save a war torn Rainbow Dash from being crushed. Even though this is specifically Pinkie in a non-canon alternate timeline shown doing this, there is a lot of evidence showing that Pinkie Prime is capable of this as well. First off is the fact that Earth Ponies are implied to have their own form of magic in their hooves that can be concentrated for powerful effects. Applejack’s bucking is a great example of that, and the fact that all Apples share the same ability implies that it runs in the family. Second, Pinkie has been shown to burrow underground with ease, further supporting that Pinkie’s hooves can pack a bunch. Finally, we can tell this power is concentrated solely on the tip of Pinkie’s hooves since when Maud rescues her from the falling boulder, her hoof is trapped and unable to move, implying that she doesn’t have that same strength on the rest of her leg. This technique may be Pinkie’s most powerful ability yet, as the ability to pummel a solid rock into dust is bound to hurt if the same is done on a living being.

Mane/Tail Dexterity


Turns out that Pinkie’s tail can actually be pretty powerful as it is strong enough to lift her into the air as a helicopter, though this could be the case because Toonforce. She can even use her mane as a drill which is strong enough to tunnel through ground and rock.


….I don’t think we need an explanation for that



Most commonly seen in western animation - a specific shout-out to classic cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and the Looney Toons who popularized this - is Toonforce, an ability that allows the user to temporarily manipulate reality to elicit laughs from the audience. To go back to those older cartoons that made this famous, we have examples such as Bugs Bunny sawing off Florida from the rest of the US, Popeye always having spinach which boosts his powers to near-Superman levels of insanity, etc. Now, while Pinkie Pie does possess this, which is noticeable for her as nobody else in the My Little Pony universe has it, it’s much weaker than those examples listed. With Toonforce, Pinkie can slow herself down before impacting the water below, can temporarily walk on air, use her tail to hover, can grow multiple limbs and has a very flexible and durable body capable of being crushed by a boulder with no major injuries.

Fourth Wall Awareness


Like her opponent, Pinkie Pie, due to her general craziness, appears to have some knowledge of the fourth wall as she has broken it multiple times in the show. She occasionally interacts with the viewers as shown in the image above. She can defy the logic of animation and can actually leave the cartoon if she desires but she doesn’t because she’s Pinkie. In the Polka Duel against Weird Al she actually used real life stock footage. And when she was trying to teach WD about the Wonderbolts she altered the screen so it would look like a 90s rap video. Pinkie Pie has even done this in the comics.

Pinkie Clones

If you thought one Pinkie Pie was a lot to handle, Pinkie Pie also was able to make copies of herself via a magic phrase said at an underground lake. These clones are very simple minded, and are known to cause a lot of problems, but are also capable of the same things Pinkie is capable of. Unfortunately for Pinkie (but thankfully for the rest of Equestria), the clones were each destroyed and the cave itself was sealed off, so Pinkie likely wouldn’t have access to getting these clones. Also, getting these clones takes time. Time she likely wouldn’t have without prep.

Joker Pinkie

This is Pinkie’s evil persona after dipping in a spring. The spring amplified all of her traits and made them twisted. Joker Pinkie, unlike regular Pinkie, lacks morality or common sense and will do anything to get a joke even if it means torturing poor helpless ponies by forcing them to listen to her awful comedy routine as well as give out presents that carry explosives in them. Unlike regular Pinkie who prefers not to use cannonballs or hurting anyone - this Pinkie is fully willing to use force with her canon, which is strong enough to destroy the top half of a roof. She also carries water balloons that have water that turns anyone evil. Joker Pinkie is easily able to dodge energy blasts from Nightmare Moon. Also, Joker Pinkie tends to quote lines from The Joker… one can only wonder why.

Element of Laughter

(This gif is a joke. Pinkie doesn’t actually destroy Spaceships)

Your eyes are not deceiving you. In My Little Pony, the Elements are considered to be the “most powerful magic in all of ponydom”, which manifest themselves as necklaces. Held as a last resort to save the world from danger, they can only be used by six ponies who correspond with each Element’s affinity. In Pinkie Pie’s case, she has the Element of Laughter, which she earned by her unwavering desire to see laughter and smiles on all ponies’ faces. With the Element’s powers, she helped turn Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna and since then has travelled with her friends to defend the land from external threats. Interestingly, there has been some precedent for Pinkie being able to tap into these powers without the Element, for as long as she can feel the friendship she shares with her allies, albeit this is not as powerful. Keep in mind the Elements are strong enough to bypass Discord’s City Level reality warping as well as trap them in stone. They can also provide a magical forcefield in order to protect their users as well as shoot laser beams. They are strong enough to stop Discord as well as Nightmare Moon who are City Level threats.





Deadpool has used a massive amount of different weapons over the years but his most iconic set as well as the weapons he uses the most are his two katanas otherwise known as Bea & Arthur, named after the deceased actress from Golden Girls (a show that Wade still religiously watches). Another name he gave his katanas is Hall & Oates, after the classic 70s/80s musical duo.  They are sharpened steel swords (though in recent years his blades are made from nano-ceramic fiber composite materials and can cut through webbing - Spider-Man’s webbing to be exact) are strong enough to easily slice through human flesh. They can also be enhanced by an energy field through his suit, increasing the durability of his swords and increasing their cutting power to the point that they can easily cut through objects as hard as diamond and can easily draw blood from durable foes such as the Hulk. Deadpool himself is a master kenjutsu practitioner and is extremely skilled at using them in battle to the point he was able to outmatch 3 master swordsmen in a room in less than a minute as well as taking down hundreds, maybe thousands of people with just using a scimitar. Even Taskmaster was impressed by Wade’s sword skills and considering the type of combatant Taskmaster is, that is no understatement. He also once had the power of magic infused in his swords and he slayed a Zombie Richard Nixon… we’re not kidding. Even without his weapons, Deadpool is still a deadly hand-to-hand combatant who will have no problems using his fists or any other melee weapon to cave people’s skulls in with.

Colt M1911s


Deadpool has used many pistols over the years but the Colt M1911 is the main one he tends to dual-wield and use in battle. They never seem to run out of ammo (mainly because of the Magic Satchel) and are semi-automatic. Regular variants of the 1911 carry 7 .45 ACP rounds in each magazine, and are mainly used as the sidearm for the different divisions of the US Armed Forces, such as the Marines, Army Rangers and Special Forces. Deadpool is a master marksman, easily capable of quickly drawing his pistol fast enough to kill 6 Hydra soldiers as well as shoot down a midair Omega Red when he wasn’t looking at Wade. In terms of his fighting style he does use some gunkata style moves when he is using his pistols, capable of using them up close in conjunction with melee attacks and allowing Deadpool to switch between ranged and close combat if need be.



While he tends to use swords, he has been shown to be extremely comfortable with other kinds of bladed weapons such as sai. Deadpool mainly uses them more as a defensive weapon due to the sai being able to disarm foes easily.


Deadpool is also strong enough to dual-wield large hammers strong enough to knock people’s heads clean off.


Wade has used knives before and has been shown to be quite skilled in using them though they are not his preferred method of weaponry. He has used various types of knives before including hunting knives, jack knives, switchblades and sometimes pocket knives if he wants to get the jump on his foes. As with his katanas and other melee weapons, he can enhance their power with his suit’s forcefield to make them hit harder.



Deadpool occasionally uses grenades and well...they blow stuff up.  It’s a grenade, do you expect a long ass explanation on how a grenade works?  Well, nope. It’s a just works.  Though while usually Deadpool will throw out a bunch of grenades at once to cause the most damage.

Other Types of Bombs

Not only does he have a bunch of grenades, but he also has smoke bombs, sleeping bombs, shuriken grenades, C4, TNT, timed bombs and once even had a nuclear warhead.

Matter Disintegration Gun

This weapon destroys anything on a molecular scale, meaning if you are hit by this weapon you are deader than the DC Extended Universe’s popularity (ooohhhhh). He mainly brings it out against unkillable beings such as vampires, and as he tells us above, nobody tends to survive when hit by it.

Submachine Guns

While he usually prefers using pistols, he will sometimes bring in a few fully-automatic weapons such as...

Koch MP5K

Which often comes as a pair and is able to fire 30 rounds, best used as a close-combat weapon. He also uses an IMI Uzi in combat as a substitute.

Colt M16A1

This long range weapon is semi-automatic and is best fired at a medium distance. The gun fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds from a 20-round magazine, is mainly used as the primary weapon for the infantry of Western armies such as the US Armed Forces, and can be customized with a variety of attachments such as custom sights and scopes, a stock to increase stability, a laser sight, flashlight and underbarrel grenade launchers and shotguns. He tends not to use this weapon as Deadpool, being the type of guy he is, prefers flashiness.

Franchi SPAS 12

Ahh, the shotgun (The Gaming News Guy’s favorite weapon). This beauty is the Franchi SPAS 12. It has 12 gauge caliber and potentially 5, 6, or 8-rounds before reloading. It cracks like thunder and stings like a fire truck to the face and if you are at close range, well, there won’t be much to clean up.

Sniper Rifle


Despite not using it often, Deadpool can use a sniper rifle efficiently. His precision and eyesight is so he good he is able to accurately point at a mini drone in Red Hulk’s ear and shoot at it.

Deadpool has used an M-60 multiple times. The M-60 fires 7.62x51mm bullets and has a capacity of 100-200 shots. It is fully automatic.


A RPG-7 can fire one rocket at a time due to its weight as well as its destructive capacity. A weapon like this is able to destroy buildings with ease.

Milkor MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher)

Deadpool is a huge fan of blowing shit up and when he gets his hands on a lovely grenade launcher, he will use it. As displayed, the Milkor MGL is capable of holding and shooting six grenades from its revolver-style feeding system. It’s also surprisingly lightweight for an explosive weapon; the portability aids Deadpool’s mobility whenever he has his hands on this.

M61 Vulcan
This M61 Vulcan fires 20mm bullets and can weighs 248 pounds. The bullets fired from this thing are so strong that they can easily take down armored vehicles and helicopters. Any human being that gets caught in this beast’s line of sight is sure to be reduced to a fine red paste.

Bug Spray


Believe it or not, Deadpool has used bug spray as a way of getting rid of insects he doesn’t like. He probably could get rid of a mosquito faster than Saitama did. Why he’s never actually bothered using this against guys like Spider-Man and Venom is beyond any of us.

Portable Dubstep Cannon

In his fight against Carnage, Deadpool used Carnage’s own weakness against sound based attacks against him by attaching small speakers to himself. Weaponized sounds that are around 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage, but let’s be honest here - you will probably pass out first due to the awful music.

Time Gun Machine

Perhaps, Deadpool’s oddest weapon and considering the amount of weapons he has is that a lot - The Time Gun. It fires chronokinetic energy through a bullet casing. Meaning it has the ability to shoot time. According to Deadpool (so this might be inaccurate) it can kill characters with chronokinetic abilities/people who time travel like his old pal Cable but it’s most bizarre ability is that it can turn people into historic figures such as Hitler, as shown in the picture. I am not sure why Deadpool has this weapon, but it’s Deadpool, don’t question it.

Carbonadium Sword

The cream of the crop. This special katana is made of Carbonadium, which for all intents and purposes is a radioactive Russian rip-off of Adamantium made during the Cold War to get the drop on those pesky Americans and is the material that composes Omega Red’s tentacles. Despite being less durable than the material it was based on, it still remains virtually indestructible, can be molded with less difficulty than Adamantium and the radioactivity allows it to shut down healing factors. The mainline Earth-616 Deadpool doesn’t actually possess this weapon by default; it belonged to an alternate Deadpool named “Dreadpool” who killed nearly everyone in his own universe and later died in battle against his original counterpart. As seen above and explained earlier, Carbonadium can shut down healing factors with Dreadpool using it to kill Wolverine in “Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe” as well as Deadpool using it on Deathstroke in Wade’s last appearance in Death Battle to nullify Slade’s healing factor and net him the win.

Continuity Gem


The unofficial, hidden seventh Infinity Gem. As the image above tells us, it can alter anything in the long-standing history of Marvel Comics in a near-instant, which makes it a prize attraction for fanboys pissed off at whatever stupid decision the company is responsible for at any time. In terms of actually being used as a weapon though, it hasn’t.

Other Weapons


Wade is a one man army and as such he has a bunch of other weaponry including shurikens, various types of poison including cyanide and tranquilizers, bolas, wrist blades, binoculars and scopes that give him night vision and x-ray vision, rail guns, axes, grappling guns, neural disruption nets, wire, chainsaws, laser guns/cannon, bo staffs, escrima sticks and the health bar from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and many many more weapons. Deadpool is like a living Swiss army knife of weaponry.

Pinkie Pie

Party Cannon


This is Pinkie Pie’s main weapon and she uses it as a constant running gag. The Party Cannon fires balloons, confetti, streamers, and party hats.  The Party Cannon has enough force to launch changelings. Pinkie Pie is a cake maker and she can use cake batter as ammunition to incapacitate an entire hive of changelings. She can also insert fireworks into the cannon and considering the destructive power of fireworks - yeah that’s going to hurt a lot. She can load anything into the cannon including rocks and cannonballs as well as velvet which is strong enough to send an adult minotaur soaring into the sky. Pinkie carries multiple cannons at once which she can pull out of thin air because she’s Pinkie Pie don’t question it. Finally while it’s extremely risky - she can use herself as ammo for the cannon which she can launch at her foes or fly right into the sky. As Joker Pinkie she uses real ammunition which is strong enough to blow holes in ceilings.

Electric Buzzers


Pinkie Pie has many prank items (which we will go over in the equipment section) but one that could actually hurt people is the Electric Buzzer which is strong enough to knock a Gilda (lame...ARRRGGGHH - you get a cupcake if you get that reference) flat on her ass. Though it’s unlikely this Electric Buzzer could actually kill, unless you sustain the shock for an extended period of time to at least cause large amounts of internal damage.


Due to being a cake maker, Pinkie can make cakes and even tried throwing them as projectiles at larger Spike. When no one is looking Pinkie Pie took forty cakes. She took 40 cakes. That’s as many as four tens. And that's terrible


Yes, that is a pony holding a crossbow. And just when you thought she didn’t have any actual weapons. Her having no hands to use it is not a problem either.





Deadpool wears a red and black tactical suit around his body due to his skin being like a large tumor. It was designed by Weasel and allows him added protection against guns, knives, swords and all sorts of weaponry - plus some versions of Deadpool’s suit are fire resistant. Deadpool’s suit also has numerous pouches (I mean he is a 90s character - pouches were the norm) which hide his weapons, though he can simply teleport weapons to him. The suit also contains a cloaking device where he can change his appearance so that he doesn’t stand out on crowds.

Teleportation Device


Deadpool has a teleporter with him, he can use this to travel anywhere on the planet’s surface with a press of a button. He sometimes would use this in combat, but he ended up choosing not to use it in combat because it would make fights way too easy for him. His teleportation device does tend to screw up, often not working or teleporting him to the wrong place because wacky hijinks and plot reasons. He can also use his teleportation device to teleport any weapon he needs right to him.

Magical Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry

This satchel that was found in his backyard and it stores all of Deadpool’s weapons and ammunition. The space in it is infinite.

Deadpool’s Favorite Scooter A.K.A Scooterpool

Deadpool’s favorite scooter - he can use it to get around, though sometimes he uses a regular motorcycle and it’s 100% manly. Why he would need a scooter when he has a teleportation device is anyone’s guess.

Pinkie Pie


Pinkie Pie’s toothless pet baby alligator who spends most of his time on screen suckling on ponies like a headcrab and licking his own eyes. Slice of Life though, gives the shocking revelation that Gummy is capable of complex thought, giving the audience a deep philosophical speech about his existential crisis. I’m not fucking joking. While he likely won’t do much in the battle, he definitely could provide some nice moral support to his loving owner Pinkie. Or maybe this deceptive gator might have something else up his sleeve… or may be the provocation of the battle in one of Deadpool's random rampages.

Party Supplies

Pinkie Pie is a party pony. As such, she uses a lot of party items.  For example, she has used balloons which surprisingly are strong enough to carry her into the air. She has used streamers, party blowers, presents, mustaches, novelty glasses, buckets of water, costumes but most of these wouldn’t be useful in a fight.


A gift from Cheese Sandwich. It can be used as a distraction.

Gyro Copter

This is a mechanical device which uses pedaling. It allows Pinkie to get up into the clouds but it was easily destroyed

Novelty Prank Items

Pinkie, being the master of pranking and partying, has a bunch of items that she can use including:

  • Sneezing Powder
  • Dribble glasses
  • Hot sauce (which can make anyone breath fire)
  • Whoopee cushions
  • Presents with spring loaded pies

Musical Instruments

Pinkie is musically gifted enough to be a one-pony band with a banjo, harmonica, accordion, tuba, and trombone amongst many other instruments and even became a member of a traveling band that had a story very similar to The Beatles as a drummer. She was even able to use the instruments to lure an infestation of parasprites out of Ponyville like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Night Vision Goggles

These lovely night vision goggles allow Pinkie Pie to see in the dark, but Pinkie being Pinkie, she often bumps into things even while wearing them. Sam Fisher, she is not.

Giant Megaphone

No, you’re not seeing things. Pinkie pulls a giant megaphone from out of nowhere and creates enough noise to shake entire trees and mountains as well as reach up high enough to move clouds. And it reaches pretty far into the distance too. One can only wonder how she, and the other ponies that heard that, aren’t deaf from that (natural immunity/magic?).




Due to Deadpool’s technical immortality, he has become reckless while fighting others, leaving himself open to getting injured and incapacitated several times. Speaking of incapacitating him, he can be “knocked out”, so to say, if he’s decapitated, dismembered and even liquified by foes stronger than him. While Wade will inevitably regenerate, it takes quite a while before that happens - for instance, he needs a good ten minutes or so to grow a hand back, and half an hour for half of his body. Thus, to recover faster, he’s reliant on finding and re-attaching any dismembered body parts on the field lest he be kidnapped or his opponents take the opportunity to retreat. Deadpool is also an impulsive fellow; while not stupid by any means, he rarely enters a fight with a plan and makes it up as he goes along. There’s also shutting down his healing factor, but without the proper materials that’ll be next to impossible. His teleporter also has an unfortunate habit of malfunctioning every now and then, though it can be used offensively if timed correctly.

Pinkie Pie


Despite the impressiveness of Pinkie’s Element powers, she can’t fully tap into them without the aid of her allies - the Elements only kick in when the bearers of all six are present together, and outside help is banned in a Death Battle. Her Rainbow form also has similar restrictions; it isn’t anything Pinkie can obtain without a third party intervening on her behalf. When compared to them, especially the likes of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash (who kicked Starscream’s ass), she isn’t much of a fighter and rarely takes it seriously. Her very excitable and upbeat attitude can also be part of her downfall, due to not giving most serious situations the attention they deserve until it may be too late. Pinkie can also be very insecure about herself; if she feels like she’s made a huge mistake, she will begin to doubt herself and her capabilities, which is not helped by her tendency to sometimes act very illogically. Pinkie’s biggest weakness, though, is her own brain. Not in the intelligence sense, but more in the psychological. Pinkie seems to have several major psychological problems that can affect the way she works. Besides the previously mentioned Joker Pinkie, another example includes the time she thought that her friends didn’t want to be friends with her anymore and she went into full-on suicidal depression and started making friends out of inanimate objects like a bag of flour, a small tower of rocks, etc. Also, most of her tools and weapons aren’t designed for actual combat, and very rarely will she try to use them for said purposes.




  • Created and is the leader of the Deadpool Corps
  • Defeated undead zombie presidents
  • Got stomped on by a T-Rex
  • Killed nearly all Ultimatum members
  • Killed the Marvel Universe (AU)
  • Lived for 800 years (AU)
  • Was one of the few that managed to survive Weapon X
  • Became a nation-wide celebrity
  • Is one of the few people that has survived Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare by being too insane
  • Saved the multiverse against his alternate version self (the same one that kills the Marvel Universe)
  • Saved disco thanks to the help of Dazzler
  • Is actually a good father despite his problems
  • I am not sure how this works but he managed to somehow will himself back to life after his heart got ripped out.
  • Is one of the few characters in Marvel Comics who knows he is a comic book character
  • Is the most popular superhero in the MC verse as well as real life considering how well known he is now
  • He is a master of fourth wall-breaking
  • Saved a cat (the most important of feats as a superhero)
  • Is popular to the point he has become a living breathing meme - few characters has achieved such as honor
  • Talked with Nolan North
  • Not shit in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Was voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Marvel: Disk Wars..aka DIIIOOOO
  • Survived X-Men Origins: Wolverine


  • Can break down a door.
  • Can beatdown Wolverine.
  • Charged swords are strong enough to slice robots
  • Can rip people's hearts out with one hand...FATALITY
  • Beat the piss out of Crossbones
  • Sent Spider-Man flying
  • Rips a zombie president’s head off
  • Is strong enough to lift small trucks
  • Is strong enough to dispatch Tiger Shark, who was armed with a sword, with a single kick.
  • Is strong enough to injure characters like Captain America, Wolverine and the Punisher
  • Pressed 800lbs+ without too much effort.
  • Pummelled a Skrull to death
  • Strong enough to hurt Kitty Pyrde with a shoryuken
  • Able to damage Cable



  • Dodges projectiles thrown by Bullseye
  • Goes through as obstacle course that was specifically designed for robots complete with laser fire
  • Can very easily disarm someone before they even have time to react
  • Disarms aliens so fast that the alien doesn’t even have time to think
  • Dodges and disarms Captain Freaking America
  • Dodges attacks from Cyclops, Domino and Surge (Keep in mind, Cyclops’ eye beam speed has been calculated to be around Mach 148.1 and yet Deadpool managed to dodge it without much trouble along with lighting from Surge)
  • Is fast enough to trade blows with Spider-Man (who might I add has been calculated by most VS sites to be at least Massively Hypersonic - though in a long term fight Spider-Man would likely outspeed him)
  • Able to dodge a close range sniper shot and confront said sniper before the shot hit the wall
  • Easily able to dodge gunfire with ease
  • Can dodge bullets with casual ease
  • Reacted to an RPG
  • Evades the Fantastic Four
  • Can tag the likes of Spider-Man, Punisher, Daredevil, Captain America, Juggernaut, Taskmaster and MODOK


  • Can be melted to a near puddle and yet still  survive.
  • Is completely fine after being hit by a rocket
  • Got stomped by a T-Rex and then had a satellite fall onto him..still fine
  • Regenerated after getting turned into ashes by Thor (though it did take him a couple of hours)
  • Gets hit with a point blank grenade blast..still okay
  • Got his skull crushed by Luke Cage and was a-okay
  • Got the shit beaten out of him by Zombie Abraham Lincoln
  • Tanked a punch from Hulk..twice
  • Had a skyscraper collapse ontop of him and yet was fine after regenerating
  • Captain America (a very pissed off Captain America) threw his shield at Deadpool and he was more annoyed if anything
  • Tanked a punch from the Watcher
  • Got rammed through a building by the Minotaur
  • Tanked a chainsaw going through his torso and regenerated very quickly
  • Survives against the most unkillable being in the Marvel Universe as well as the strongest..Squirrel Girl
  • Got impaled on an Elephant’s trunk and yet was still okay
  • Got his brain destroyed by Cable..still okay
  • Venom had the munchies and decided to have a Deadpool Snack.
  • Got disintegrated by Cable and yet was still able to regenerate
  • Tanks Storm’s lighting
  • Has gotten shot in the head, stabbed, head chopped off, arms chopped off, entire body sliced up into tiny pieces and yet was still okay though it did take him a while to regenerate and many more.

Pinkie Pie



  • Became the Element of Laughter
  • Helped defeat Nightmare Moon with her friends
  • Has faced off against monsters like the Bugbear and full grown dragons
  • Defeated Discord with her friends
  • Managed to rid Ponyville of the Parasprites
  • Got trapped in a comic and became the superhero known "Fili-Second" and helped her now super-powered friends to thwart the comic book super villain "The Mane-iac"
  • Fought off the changeling army alongside her friends
  • Saved the world from the terrible might of Azhuoth (terrible name i know)
  • Gained Rainbow Power and defeated Tirek.
  • Challenged Cheese Sandwich (aka Weird Al Pony) to a "Goof Off" and earned her "Key"
  • Is the one person in all of Ponyville who is extremely difficult to hate
  • Is known as the Party Master
  • Actually managed to make peace with the Yaks from Yakyakistan and prevented a potential war in the process
  • Is the Master of Breaking the Fourth Wall
  • Can bend reality with the mysterious power known as Toonforce
  • Is Best Pony (No lies detected)



  • Helped the main cast plus Celestia and Luna pull the moon closer to Earth. No, that isn't a joke
  • Can tear through the ground and boulders like tissue paper
  • Can knock ponies into walls with just a touch
  • Can carry large items on her back with no problem despite being a pony
  • Can lift and throw boulders
  • Is physically strong enough to wrestle with Applejack, whose leg strength is strong enough to knock down wooden buildings.
  • Can send objects flying with just using physical force
  • Shook a mountain range with a shout into her megaphone



  • Has kept up with Rainbow Dash on multiple occasions, who is fast enough to fly circles around lightning strikes when they're still close to the cloud. Many thanks to the calcer who wishes to remain anonymous. Here it is.
    • This means Pinkie should be Mach 767
  • Got struck by lightning during Nightmare Nights when Rainbow Dash used a cloud to summon lighting. Instantly ran away
  • Is fast enough to defy gravity and run up walls
  • Sometimes she actually outspeeds Rainbow and gets to locations faster than her but this could be due to Toonforce
  • Is easily able to leap across buildings and jump from roof to roof



  • Is strong enough to be crushed by large boulders and yet is fine
  • Can headbutt through walls with ease and yet suffers no physical damage
  • Has been hit into walls and yet is fine
  • Toonforce allows her to take a lot of abuse for comedic effect



  • Is by far the more experienced fighter and killer.
  • All his weapons are more varied, lethal and destructive
  • Matter Disintegration can reduce Pinkie to nothing
  • Teleportation is better than Pinkie’s
  • Can be hilariously difficult to permanently kill off
  • Charged katanas can cut through Pinkie and dismember her. In addition, the Carbonadium katana can potentially shut off Pinkie’s regen and kill her for the win
  • Is more strategic and adaptable
  • May probably annoy Pinkie to the point of insecurity
  • Has the balls to say Francis. Also killed Francis.

  • While unpredictable, Pinkie Sense can still track his movements
  • Cannot match Pinkie’s speed
  • His insane survivability can lead him to become careless and open to attacks
  • He can be handicapped if he is dismembered and cannot reattach his limbs. Taking this further, he can be fully incapacitated if he is beheaded, requiring a large amount of time before he can recover back to fighting shape
  • Cannot recover from being petrified and shattered

Pinkie Pie

  • Is faster and stronger
  • More durable
  • Pinkie Sense can track Deadpool’s movements
  • Toonforce gives her a great amount of durability and healing
  • Her megaphone can possibly destroy Deadpool down to a molecular level. At the very least, it should cripple him
  • Her cannon is versatile enough to use anything as a weapon
  • Element powers can petrify Deadpool and destroy him completely or at the very least incapacitate him to the point where he can no longer continue fighting

  • Weapons are not conventional and may not pose a threat
  • Other than her megaphone, she may not have the means to permanently kill Deadpool for good
  • Not an experienced combatant
  • Rainbow and Elemental powers (at their strongest) cannot be accessed without the help of outside sources such as the rest of the Mane 6
  • Mental state may not survive being trolled by Deadpool, which could lead to her losing focus.
  • Does not know who Francis is


Malcolm Belmont

Oh boy this matchup...hasn’t been getting the best of reception, especially on the forums, but personally, I am actually rather excited for this one despite the problems with this matchup as the finale of S3 and the return of one of the most hated characters in DB - Memepool. In all seriousness, excusing all of the controversy about this fight, let’s talk about the fight itself and who I think would win this bout of the fourth wall breakers. Well sorry to add a little more fuel to the controversy pile, but honestly based on my research, I think this fight is going to end up being a draw. Now allow me to explain why I think neither side is going to win this matchup.

First we have Pinkie - I am going to say this right now: in terms of stats, I do think Pinkie takes this because besides strength, which is debatable since Pinkie is easily capable of breaking stone walls and huge boulders with ease, I do think she is slightly faster than Deadpool. As for durability - I would say they are about even with Pinkie surviving collapsing buildings, huge boulders crushing her and the likes of the changeling army and Nightmare Moon attacking her. While Deadpool’s regeneration is his trump card - Pinkie can literally reform and reshape her body at will thanks to the mystical ability known as Toonforce. It’s no secret that Pinkie has the power of Toonforce on her side which allows her to warp reality and ignore the laws of physics however she likes - hell she can even walk on air and ignore gravity. Pinkie can bend the laws of her world to her own whims. Now I know what you are thinking - if that’s the case shouldn’t Pinkie win? Well here’s the thing - Pinkie may be a indestructible Toonforce-using monster but her weaponry do I say this..yeah, I would say weak. None of her equipment or her abilities would put much of a dent in Deadpool except maybe the cannon or the megaphone but the only way that could work is if Pinkie aimed the cannon at the sun and sent Deadpool into the sun. As for the megaphone...well it is the best method of putting Deadpool down for good by making his brain explode, but still, Pinkie’s weaponry and equipment is too weak to do that much against Deadpool though it could injure him. So you basically have someone who can warp reality to her whims, but doesn’t have the means to put down Deadpool for good.  Now what about Deadpool?

Deadpool has a similar problem, but in a different way - killing Toonforce characters is extremely difficult because they can literally bend reality and space to their whim plus it has been shown that Pinkie can literally alter her body parts and pull them apart if she wishes to do so. Deadpool is far superior to Pinkie when it comes to weaponry and he does have several items I could see take out the horse, but he will need to catch her first while dealing with her incredible reality warping skills. The main two ways I could see Deadpool winning this is with the Continuity Gem and the Matter Destroying Gun which could kill Pinkie despite her Toonforce. But Deadpool never usually uses them in a fight and will likely resort to his basic weaponry. Plus Deadpool will very likely underestimate Pinkie Pie in battle since she’s a pink pony meaning he will pull his punches against her.

How I think this fight will go is that both will break reality and destroy the multiverse and these two will be the only ones remaining. Deadpool and Pinkie will use the Continuity Gem to bring life back to the multiverse and part as good friends. Overall, while I like both characters I think this fight is going to end in a draw with no clear victor. Now that that’s finished, I need to have a drink. *gets drink* Hey isn’t that Deadpool and Pinkie Pie….OH SHIT. Editor's Note: Malcolm Belmont was beaten up by a spandex-wearing mercenary and a pink pony. He is currently trapped in a world consisting of bagpipes and haggis, but he will be back for the next blog...hopefully.


Well, this fight’s a thing. I’d like to thank Malcolm, HSL and the guys for letting me help out. This is my first time doing anything like this so I hope this first shot of mine (for an apparent joke fight, more on that later) works out well.

First, my thoughts on whatever the hell this is. I honestly can’t shake the feeling that this is going to be a joke episode, and considering that every one of those have ended in draws, it looks like the same thing. I can see why people would be frustrated with having a fight like this happen, let alone be the season finale. Then again, I feel like despite how wrong the match up feels like in a lot of areas, the voice work should be excellent coming from Britt and Takahata, the animation should be a very nice Christmas gift from Kayas and will hopefully end this season on a high note. Otherwise, umm…

Anyway, analysis time.

Scenario A: The fight is played purely for laughs. Deadpool and Pinkie Pie fight for their lives and annoy each other in the process. They also break the fourth wall and do general nonsense. They soon realize that what they are doing is stupid, call it off, kill Wiz and Boomstick and eat Mexican food (fuck Filipino Taco Bells for their Cheetos Quesadillas I need them NOW) before resurrecting the two who’ll go on to host… I dunno, Megazord vs. Voltron. Optimus Prime vs. Gundam. Galactus vs. Unicron. Fuck it. There isn’t much that could possibly be added to this point because anyone who’s watched any of the previous joke episodes knows where this’ll go.

Scenario B: The fight is played straight at which point I have to try and provide a logical verdict. Well, shit - isn’t that a horrible thing. Anyway, I’ll get this out of the way by saying that before signing on, I knew next to nothing about My Little Pony while knowing enough about Deadpool to contribute and say that Mr. WILLSOOONNNNN was fucked. Now more knowledgeable about both sides, has that changed (as much as I want it to)? I want to say yes, but…

Okay, my take on a proper fight: As much as it pains me to admit as a fan of Deadpool (I don’t hate MLP, but the thought of a pony doing what Deathstroke couldn’t is a tad bit maddening - just a t a d b i t ), I have to give this fight to Pinkie. First off, Deadpool does have the experience advantage; he is by far the superior fighter between the two of them, and also has a much better arsenal than Pinkie’s. He also has a knack for surviving a lot of ridiculous stuff, so I doubt Pinkie has what it takes to put him down permanently and kill him for real. However, there is a workaround which allows Pinkie the opportunity to win, and that lies with the limits of Deadpool’s healing factor. Yes, Deadpool can survive almost anything, but it doesn’t stop him from being incapacitated to the point where he can no longer physically continue fighting. Considering that Pinkie is strong enough to move mountains with a scream into her megaphone and her speed is on par with Rainbow Dash, who is fast enough to dodge lightning, attempting to blitz him shouldn’t be an issue, and I say that knowing that she isn’t much of a fighter. Deadpool still has opportunities, mind you; getting a clean hit with any of his top-tier weapons like his laser guns or the Carbonadium katana should make for a quick kill, but the issue comes from him dodging all of Pinkie’s attacks and actually finding the opening needed to get said clean hit in. His path to victory is still there, but when compared to Pinkie already holding ⅔ of the stat trinity in her favor, the odds of him winning in comparison are slim. I do have my fair share of doubts about speed though, so that could still be the deciding factor with regards to who’d actually win a straight fight.

Tl;dr: Most likely outcome is a draw if it turns out to be a joke. If not, then the pony cures cancer. If not, then cancer kills the pony. Rooting for cancer. Still have no idea exactly who really wins here in the end. We might lose. Probably. Maybe.


Well...never thought I’d be involved with doing this kind of thing. Not really much for comics, but I am a pony fan, so I suppose my knowledge for Pinkie does help out a bit here. So, what’s my take on this fight?

Well, as RJ and Malcolm (poor guy) said above, this feels like a joke fight. There is no possible way this can’t be a joke. In fact, I fully expect the two to fall apart into a bunch of pieces, pop back together, laugh, and then walk away. And instead of getting a “K.O.” at the end, we get “Friendship” from Mortal Kombat II to appear on screen, because that would be the only way for this fight to end without all hell breaking loose. That or Pinkie and Deadpool actually break the fourth wall and beat up Wiz and Boomstick for having (mostly) innocent characters killed for our amusement. It’d be frankly impossible for this fight to be taken seriously in any way. I’ve said this before on Discussing Death Battle, already, but I don’t know how many of you saw the most recent episode that we did, so I might as well say it here.

I know, I know, you guys want me to analyze this logically, but that’s pretty much impossible with these two since they seem to write their own rules of reality anyway. I’m sorry, but the way I see it, this can only end in a draw.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the need to go bash my head against a wall as a response to this fight’s existence in the first place.


Hahahaha why do I do things to hate myself?

Anyway, during this time I’ve been debating on skype, helping out with those debates rather than researching, even though I also have been researching on my own time. The other half of the time I’ve been doing college work. The other half of the time I’ve been playing Injustice. The other half of the time I’ve been making a fool of myself on the forums. That’s 4 halves. But none of that has anything to do with what I’m trying to decide.

This matchup is hard because I can’t actually decide whether or not to take this fight seriously. On one hand, we have a guy with cancer. On the other hand, we have a fanbase that causes cancer. On the third hand, we have Ryan Reynolds. That’s 3 hands.

I don’t really even know what to say here. I think the fight will end in a draw, if it’s a joke fight. If it isn’t a joke fight, I don’t really know who could win. On one hand, we have Deadpool. Deadpool has talked on the phone with Nolan North. On another hand, we have Pinkie Pie. She’s had a duet with Weird Al Yankovic. If you’re me, then you’d know that anything with Nolan North or Weird Al Yankovic goes up in quality the moment it happens.

My vote goes to Weird Al winning, a draw, or Pinkie Pie wins. Rest in pepperoni 2016.


Not gonna lie, pretty excited for this fight (at least that is considering this fight could be taken seriously).

Not gonna lie again though, looking at the thread for more than 5 minutes killed that hype.

Moving on from that though, assuming there will be an answer as to who actually wins, I have a few subjects I want to bring up for this fight. I’ll start off first with MLP’s DC, which is a hot button issue in Vs actually.

So the big issue with where MLP stands in Vs is that fucktons of characters throughout the series have been known to move either the sun or moon. Twilight does it. Celestia and Luna are also responsible for the rotation of the sun and moon around the earth every day and night. In lore, before Celestia and Twilight moved the sun and moon, the unicorns did. Hell, Discord does it without having to bat a fucking eye.

Here’s the controversy in all this though. None of the characters who’ve ever moved the sun or moon in MLP have replicated that kind of damage outside of moving the sun or moon, which has led everyone to come to the decision that moving the sun or moon has always been done with specific magic, which makes sense, yea? Welp, this came along in my research. They actually pulled the fucking moon, not with specific magic, but by rope, debunking the entire theory that it’s done with a specific power (the magic glow around the rope is Celestia, Luna, and Twilight’s TK magic altogether helping pull). This is fucking insane, because I’ve argued against this upgrade for the longest time, but then that came along after like 5 minutes of searching, boosting the verse immensely. What makes this even more batshit insane is that Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and, yes, even Pinkie Pie helped with the process.

I’ve heard arguments that the moon looks smaller than our regular moon in one panel of the scan I posted in the last paragraph, but if they were to just look above it, they’d see another panel showing it being of a comparable size to Earth. Honestly, fiction tends to get very wonkey with size scaling, for example, SpongeBob being as tall as Mermaid Man, but then being smaller than other humans.

The other argument I’ve heard is that Celestia and Luna could have been doing all the work, while everyone else provided minimal help. This makes absolutely no fucking sense though, since Luna and Celestia give them the rope to help in the first place, and both are clearly shown struggling with it. So the others clearly made a difference.

That being said though, this doesn’t upgrade Pinkie or any of the lower tier ponies, because this is a major outlier for them.

Does this mean Pinkie is doomed against Deadpool though? Fuck no.

Even without the huge boost for top tiers of the verse, Pinkie has the entire stat trinity; not only being able to overpower Wade, but blitzing him too due to her speed being far above his reactions, which don’t even account for his actual speed.

I will admit Wade has some really fucking haxy weapons that could one shot Pinkie if they could ever hit her or should Wade get close. But due to the massive speed advantage and precog Pinkie Sense, that won’t be happening any time soon.

The only real issues Pinkie has is not slipping up and leaving herself open for anything, or finding a way to put Deadpool down for good, since he has survived some major shit. As for the first issue, I wouldn’t worry too much for her sake since she does actually have fighting experience. Moronic or not, she has managed to fight off an entire army of Changelings with her friends without getting a single scratch on her, all while being as wacky as she usually is. And lastly, as for the issue of being able to put Wade down for good, she actually doesn’t have any options except for either reducing him to blood mist maybe (I’ve never seen him regen from that, but I won’t deny the very probable fact he has), BFR, or separating his body parts for a technical win. But, the other MLP DB did show that incapacitation is a win in DB, and if not, it could be tricky, but it is possible she could toss Wade’s head out of the fourth wall, as a way to separate his limbs.

So yea, Pinkamena Diane Pie should win this thing, assuming there’s an actual winner. See you all in hell XOXO.


And that concludes Death Battle season 3 for us, folks. They didn’t make verdicts, but shoutouts to Mario Galaxy Man and Waverunner for helping us out with this blog as well as ProtoDude and the Power Crunch Crew for How Strong is Deadpool..which helped us a lot as well as the rest of our guests. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us make these blogs for the past few months. We’re hoping to make some more content during the seasonal break, and then we’ll be back with new prediction blogs for you guys when we return. We really appreciate the support, and we look forward to whatever content we make next. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!


  1. I would be very surprised if Pinkie Pie wins but though it's not possible like I know Deadpool's going to win but I would be ok if this was a draw as well.

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  3. If they do take the fight seriously (which I doubt they will), I think Deadpool will take it. Sure Pinkie has the edge in stats but she still doesn't have a way to KILL Deadpool. As this season has shown, if your opponent doesn't have the means to kill you, then you win. RD VS Starscream is the exception in that while Starscream is still alive, his body was completely destroyed and I don't think Pinkie has the means to completely destroy Deadpool's body especially with his regeneration.

  4. Pinkie is leagues faster from that calc, not to mention moved fast enough to where not even Lunas could react to her (In the comics she dodged every shot Lunas tried to blast at her and even straight up survived one), which should make her sub-relativistic or even relativistic. Since she took a blast from Luna, whose fight with Celestial resulted in what lookshe to be an island-country level blast, you could scale her to it.

    She could also be called MFTL too, I guess, since Celestia scales to discord who traveled from a nebula to the earth in a week's time. But... That might be pushing it.

    A calc also put RD's rainbows as a filly at small island level due to the massive cloud dispersion that happened, I believe. Considering she was a filly at that time, I'm pretty sure everyone scales to it and it's in line with Luna and Celestia's island-country level feat as well.

    I think she stomps here.