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Death Battle Predictions: Sora VS Pit

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Whether it takes the form of one’s innermost struggles or evil forces hellbent on taking over the world, darkness is ever present. It can drive the noblest of souls into despair, corrupt them into becoming their servants, ruin countless lives, and has the potential to destroy anything it interacts with. However, it is important to remember that it is always darkest before dawn; that where there is darkness, so too there must be light, and these two heroes are the morning sun that blow away the black sky.

Sora, the chosen wielder of the Keyblade. Pit, the captain of Lady Palutena's Guard. Despite their youthful appearances, inspirational attitudes and bright - if sometimes goofy - demeanors, neither of these two youngblood heroes are afraid to lead the charge against the forces of darkness, and triumph against even the most impossible of odds. With both armed to the teeth thanks to arsenals full of powerful weapons and spells accumulated over their adventures, these luminous champions will finally have their long-awaited clash for Death Battle’s next episode - one of their lights will shine brighter than ever before, and the other will be snuffed out for good.

In Case You’re Wondering…

Kingdom Hearts and Kid Icarus are both games that are pretty heavily influenced by player decision, particularly in the realms of weapons and powers. For this blog, we’ve elected to analyze every weapon and power we found noteworthy, be it for strength, Sora and Pit themselves preferring the weapon, etc. While their games tend to limit how many powers they can take into battle, we’re still giving the benefit of the doubt and allowing them what we think is applicable to the fight, such as what’s most iconic, what they prefer as characters, what’s most useful, etc. For powers that have numerous levels of strength, we’ll just be sticking with the most powerful for the sake of avoiding redundancy.

We’re also going to grant Pit support from Lady Palutena despite the “no outside help” rule as we believe Death Battle could do it in a vein similar to Otacon for Solid Snake or Bruce for Batman Beyond, and so we’ll be throwing in the weapons, items and powers that she grants him. We will not however, be including Donald, Goofy, or any other party members for Sora, as they fall more in line with something like Natsu Dragneel getting help from Happy or Red using more Pokemon than just Charizard, and result in the fight being less “Pit VS Sora” and more “Pit VS Sora, Donald & Goofy”.

Finally, we intend to give Pit both the Three Sacred Treasures and the Great Sacred Treasure despite being destroyed, though not the Lightning Chariot as that’s been stated to be under Viridi’s control now.

We’re aware that not everything we’ve listed might be on the actual episode, and maybe a few other techniques and equipment not mentioned here like Sora’s team-based Limits could pop up. This is all just speculation regarding the things we believe to be the most likely will show up. case you might not be able to tell, this is probably going to be our longest blog yet. The fact that we have more than one thumbnail should have tipped you off. Pay no attention to the fact that we’re totally hype about two kids killing each other for the sake of (and I can’t believe I’m using this word) “edutainment”. Shout-outs to Js250476 who gave us a hand with all this through and through. What a good boy! Shout-outs to Tinnie for being best boy and helping us out despite leaving early due to irl business.



Yo! Medd, here. Tie yourself down to whatever chair you’re sitting in, because this backstory’s gonna be a rough fucking ride. Apologies for the use of “fuck.” I should not have used the word “fuck.” I will refrain from further “fucks.” Let’s go.

Destiny Islands. Beautiful, warm, never-changing… and home to three children who were getting pretty sick of that third part. Their names were Kairi (I swear, she’s better in the manga), Riku (the real love interest), and, of course, Sora, the lazy bum with the eternal optimism. They dreamed of building a raft, and setting sail away from the islands they called home to explore all the universe had to offer. Sure, they almost certainly would’ve died, but come on. They were just stupid kids. Let ‘em dream, dammit!

But fate said “No, no dreams until the 3DS!” And with that, darkness fell on Destiny Islands the night before Sora and friends left. And no, I’m not talking about your average nighttime darkness. Not even talking about advanced darkness. This was an eldritch kind of darkness: a swarm of world-eating monsters, known simply as the Heartless, born from the negative emotions in every living being.

And this is what Sora had to wake up to.

In the ensuing chaos, Riku embraced the darkness, Kairi succumbed to the darkness, and Sora gained the ability to fight the darkness. How? With the legendary Keyblade (described later on). But it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t enough. Destiny Islands was destroyed, and Sora fell into a slumber… drifting forever in the dark abyss...

… Nah. He woke up safe and sound in Traverse Town, the hub-world for refugees of the Heartless swarm. Well, as “safe and sound” as a 14-year-old who’d literally lost his entire world could be. A 14-year-old, now on the streets of some random city.

Hey, look! A prostitute!

Oh, no! The prostitute!

You see, that fancy new Keyblade of Sora’s? Kind of a magnet for the Heartless. Bummer. But on the bright side, it also turned out to be a magnet (of sorts) for Sora’s new best friends:

Donald Duck…

… and Goofy.

Still with me? This is a real story, that’s only going to get stranger. Stay strong.

Anyways, Donald and Goofy (Court Magician and Captain of the Royal Knights, respectively) had been sent on a mission by King Mickey Mouse. Their goal? Locate the Keyblade, and accompany its wielder on a journey across the various Disney worlds. Vanquish the Heartless, and return what they’d devoured to the light. Being the kind-hearted lad he was, it didn’t take much convincing for Sora to volunteer. Not only would he finally get to travel across the cosmos, he’d get to track down Riku and Kairi, and restore his homeworld. Pretty sweet deal!

And so, the adventure began!

“Wait, the backstory isn't over yet?”

Buddy, this backstory has barely started. But for the sake of space, I suppose I will speed things up a bit.

With the help of Donald and Goofy, Sora traveled through Disney film after Disney film. He learned how to utilize the keyblade, and its many, many magical powers. He faced down all manners of enemies, ranging from sea witches, pirates, boogeymen, and literal gods… to Cloud Strife. Yes, that Cloud Strife. From Final Fantasy 7. Again, Kingdom Hearts is weird.

Anyways, at the end of it all, Sora managed to find Riku (who had become CORRUPTED BY DARKNESS) and Kairi (whose heart had literally been inside Sora the whole time. His heart hotel houses a lot of characters, okay?). After beating the shit out of the former, and (temporarily) becoming a Heartless to set the latter free, Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeated the ringleader behind the whole Heartless plight, Ansem. And then they closed Kingdom Hearts itself!

“What’s Kingdom Hearts?” Nobody knows! I’m sure we’ll find out in KH3!

“Okay… Well, then, that’s it for the backstory, rig-”


No can do! You see, Sora didn’t close the doors to Kingdom Hearts by himself. Riku and Mickey Mouse (oh, yeah, they found him, too) had to shut it from the other side. So, guess what Sora, Donald, and Goofy had to do?

“I have a family…”

They had to find ‘em again! Going through a creepy Castle Oblivion in the process. It was there that the S/D/G Squad met the newest threat to the universe: Organization 13, a menacing group of Nobodies.

“That sentence sounds so dumb…”

Nobodies, as in the empty shell of a body left when someone strong enough of heart has that heart taken away by the Heartless. Sora got one when he stabbed himself into a Heartless! His name’s Roxas! The fandom loves him! Anyways, Organization 13’s mission was to pour enough hearts into Kingdom Hearts that they themselves would be given new hearts!

“What the fu-?”

A pressing matter, indeed! So pressing that Sora, Donald, and Goofy had to sleep for an entire year! Castle of Oblivion and Kairi’s Nobody were stealing their memories, you see. But after that power nap (where Roxas’ entire existence was ruined before he merged back with Sora), the gang set out on another whirlwind adventure! More Disney worlds, more Final Fantasy cameos, more eldritch smack-downs courtesy of Sora! At the end of it all, the whole gang (including Riku, Kairi, and Mickey) brought down the Organization, and Sora was finally, finally able to return to Destiny Islands.

Finally free to make love with Riku.


“... It’s done, right-”




Now, before I get into this? I love Pit. I really do. Both he (and Sora) are from some of my personal favorite games of all time. So when this backstory comes out looking like a blurb compared to the essay up above? Don’t take it to mean that I -

Fuck it, you’ll probably enjoy the fact that this won’t take as long.

Long ago, the sexy goddess of light, Palutena, and the sexy goddess of darkness, Medusa, co-existed in harmony. Together, they watched over humanity from the land of Skyworld. But, being the goddess of darkness, Medusa seemingly felt obliged to give in to the stereotypes and turned evil, cruel and vengeful towards the humans for their ungratefulness to the gods. Palutena, upon seeing what unspeakable things Medusa was doing to the crops -

She was killing them.

- turned Medusa into a not-so-sexy monster and banished her to the Underworld. And for a while, things were good again. But Medusa kind of held a teensy little grudge, so she kidnapped Palutena from Skyworld and trapped her in that same domain the Goddess of Light sentenced her sister to. With no other option, no way to free herself, Palutena was forced to rely on her bodyguard, the young captain of the Centurions…


The one angel in Skyworld who couldn’t fly!

But he didn’t need to fly in order to single-handedly storm the Underworld, gather the Three Sacred Treasures, rescue Palutena, and take down both the armies of darkness and Medusa herself. And then defeat the demonic warmonger, Orcos. And then join up with Captain N to-



All of those adventures paled in comparison to Kid Icarus: Uprising, however. Not only did Pit have to take down Medusa once again, but she was only a third of the game! Aside from her (and the Underworld army), Pit also had to fight the Goddess / Forces of Nature, invaders from outer space, a body-stealing abomination of pure chaos, and the true lord of the Underworld, Hades. Oh, and Pit’s doppelganger, born of all the negative emotions of his heart… Dark Pit.

Who actually isn’t evil, but simply cocky and moody. Pit’s just that nice.

A shame that literally every other character makes him the butt of all their jokes. But, what can ya do?

He kicks pretty much everyone's butts, anyways, so it all balances out.

“... Is that it?”

I told you this backstory was going to be shorter!




Keyblades are key-shaped weapons forged by man during the age of fairy tales, with any other origins having yet to be revealed.

All Keyblades have one of three natures: light, darkness, or heart. These last two are exceptional; most documented Keyblades, including Sora's and Riku's, are Keyblades of light.

The heart must be proven before a Keyblade will appear in its master's hand. No lock can withstand a Keyblade, nor can any non-agent of light.

Special Keychains allow the Keyblade's appearance and performance to be altered.

Throughout the series, Sora (and by extension his Nobody, Roxas) has shown a number of abilities with his Keyblade, such as summoning it out of thin air, changing its form on the fly, and instantly returning it to his hand if he gets disarmed or someone else attempts to wield it.

Kingdom Key

Sora’s go-to weapon, which he acquired at the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts.

In terms of gameplay, he starts out with the Kingdom Key in every single game he’s playable in. As with most JRPG protagonists’ main weapons, it’s usually the weakest one as well. When wielded it grants Sora the ability Defender.

Star Seeker

A Keyblade Mickey used to wield when he was Yen Sid’s apprentice. Sora obtains this second Keyblade when the three fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather give him a new outfit and the ability to dual wield. This Keyblade grants Sora the ability Air Combo Plus.

Oathkeeper & Oblivion

By using the Synch Blade ability, Sora can wield two Keyblades at once, usually seen when he enters a Drive form which supports the ability. Oathkeeper’s Keychain was formed out of a Wayfinder owned by Kairi, which she gave to Sora after she and the other Princesses of Hearts were rescued by him in the first game. Oblivion was previously stated to be Riku’s Keyblade before he passed it up for the two he’d later acquire canonically.

Both provide incremental boosts to Sora’s stats when wielded instead of the Kingdom Key in gameplay. Oathkeeper and Oblivion also possess the abilities Form Boost and Drive Boost respectively.

Two Become One

A Keyblade that represents Sora’s Nobody, Roxas. Like other Keychains, this provides greater physical and magical strength compared to the Kingdom Key. But the most notable feature about this Keychain is its unique ability Light & Darkness. With this ability all of Sora’s Drives, with the exception of his Final Form, will automatically transform him into his Anti Form, thus giving Sora the option to access that form at will rather than by chance.

Ultima Weapon

The strongest possible Keyblade in-game Sora or any Kingdom Hearts protagonist can obtain, named after the Final Fantasy weapon of the same name and more or less fulfills the same role. It usually provides the best stat boosts and range for any Keyblade. It also grants him the ability MP Hastega.

That said, as the Ultima Weapon can only be considered the “best” thanks to gameplay, it’ll be highly unlikely that it shows up in the episode proper, similar to how Cloud did not get his equivalent in his fight against Link.


Cosmic Belt

A belt obtained in The World That Never Was, it possesses the highest defense boost out of all armor in the game.

Cosmic Chain

A chain that provides a great increase to defense while also greatly reducing damage received from fire, ice, and thunder (30%).

Grand Ribbon

A ribbon obtained from one of the puzzles in KH2FM, provides a high boost to defense while also reducing damage received from all elements by 25%.

Shock Charm+

A charm designed to resemble Larxene’s Foudre. It increases Sora’s defense, greatly increases Sora’s resistance to thunder (40%), and gives him the ability Thunder Boost.


Full Bloom+

An accessory designed to resemble Marluxia’s Graceful Dahlia. It provides a boost to Sora’s AP and Strength and also gives him the ability MP Haste.

Shadow Archive+

An accessory designed to resemble Zexion’s Book of Retribution. It raises Sora’s AP and Magic and also gives him the ability MP Rage.

Cosmic Arts

An accessory found in both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and 2. Raises Sora’s health, MP, magic and summon power in Final Mix. In 2 it raises Sora’s strength and magic.


Potion: Recovers a small percentage of health.
High Potion: Recovers a moderate portion of health.
Mega-Potion: Fully recovers health.
Ether: Fully restores Sora’s magic or reduces the MP Charge gauge.
Panacea: Eliminates negative status ailments
Elixir: Fully restores health and magic while also eliminating any negative status ailments.



Weapons are Pit’s basic method of battling in Uprising. Created by the god of the forge, Dyntos, there exists 9 types of weapons, with about 12 variants on each of those types with each having their own special attributes and attacks. Combined, there are over 108 weapons from which Pit can choose from, but we’ll be doing our best to limit those numbers to what we believe are most reasonable, from factors such as:
  • Official artwork
  • Smash moves
  • Smash items
  • Weapons with special traits
  • Boss weapons
  • Zodiac weapons

Obviously, we don’t expect ALL of these to be included in the weapons; heck, not even half of them really, but these are the ones we feel are worth discussing for general VS debating.

Each weapon has numerous ways it can attack, which include:
  • Continuous fire
  • Charged shots
  • Melee attacks
There are variants on these attacks too, depending on if Pit is moving or not, and in what direction.

And each individual weapon has variants on these stats (though their weapon type gives a general base boost to these abilities):
  • Power of melee attacks
  • Power of continuous fire
  • Power of charged shots
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Status infliction
  • Homing capabilities


These are weapons specialized in ranged combat with weak melee potential (usually represented as the ability to turn the bow into two blades, held in both normal and reverse grip) however they make up for it with some of the best homing abilities out of any weapon, and as far as the ones we have listed here go, their ranged attacks increase in damage output the further distance they fly. As a special attack they can unleash a rain of arrows to clear the screen of enemies.

Palutena Bow

Pit’s most iconic weapon, given to him by Lady Palutena herself when he set off to fight Medusa for the first time. If you need further clarification - yes, this is his primary weapon from his Smash appearances. For an added bonus, the arrows can be manually moved by Pit, and can be slightly charged for extra damage, with its strongest attack being the forward dash charge shot. Unfortunately, shots fired while he’s stationary lack a lot of power in comparison to his dash shots. With this bow, Pit can also perform the “Angel Ring” technique where he spins the blades in place in order to attack the opponent and deflect projectiles. But most importantly, he lets out the most ferocious battle cry in videogame history.

In the original games it was referred to as the Sacred Bow, an upgrade on Pit’s normal bow that allowed him greater reach. There were also different strength levels of bow, going from normal arrows to bronze arrows, then silver arrows, gold arrows and finally sacred arrows, each doing one extra bit of damage more than the last. He could also use Fire Arrows to add a flaming ball at the end of his projectiles to inflict greater damage.

Fortune Bow

Designed to be the most well-balanced of all bows, this weapon is perfectly suited to throw out  attacks both in the medium & long range without sacrificing much melee power. Its shots tend to be smaller though. Its strongest attack is the forward dash charged shot.

Hawkeye Bow

Designed as a bow/sniper-hybrid, this weapon has high-speed shots that can potentially nullify enemy fire, with the forward dash charged shot being its strongest move. However, its melee attacks are among the worst of its type, and said charged shots take longer to charge than most.

Aurum Bow

Obtained after defeating Pyrrhon, this bow was created by using Aurum technology and it shows. While this bow has low attack power, it makes up for this with its great homing ability and fast-fire rate, including the ability to shoot multiple arrows while side-dashing. Its strongest attack is the forward dash charged shot.

Phosphora Bow

Constructed by using a piece of Phosphora’s scarf, it naturally possess the ability to inflict paralysis though both arrows and melee attacks (the melee dash attack being its strongest move), it increases Pit’s speed slightly and finally, the arrows shot by this bow have among the best homing abilities of its kind at the expense of low damage.

The idol for this weapon in-game states that it grants Pit “lightning-quick speed”, though given that there are plenty of weapons (particularly claws) who increase his speed to greater extents and they don’t get any descriptions like that, this is most likely just some thematically appropriate exaggeration.

Sagittarius Bow

Bearing the sign of the legendary Centaur Krotos, the Sagittarius bow is one of the 12 Zodiac weapons Pit can obtain on his adventures. Although it has a long charge time, it more than makes up for it with some of the most powerful shots of any bow, along with boasting great speed and a piercing effect to travel through multiple enemies. Its strongest attack is the forward dash charged shot.


Versatile and well-balanced, blades are relatively easy to handle, as if they were created to be on autopilot. Unlike other weapons, blades typically excel in both ranged and melee attacks, lacking any significant advantages or disadvantages. As a special attack, they can summon thunder from the sky to damage enemies.

First Blade

As the name very much plainly states, this is the first weapon Pit starts out with in Uprising. Because of this, it is considered the ultimate “jack of all trades, master of none” of the game, boasting good power, range, speed, homing and other stats, but nothing to write home about either. Its strongest attack is the melee dash attack.

Palutena Blade

A weapon that Palutena herself ordered to be created, this blade’s charged shots have a high chance of blocking enemy shots and it possesses high range in both dash and standing shots.  To make up for this, these shots have a low damage output.

Aurum Blade

This weapon was forged when Dyntos managed to reverse-engineer the Aurum’s ability to mimic everything they get their hands on. This blade charges quickly and fires shots with amazing homing capabilities.

Gaol Blade

Created using the same material as Gaol’s cursed armor, this weapon possesses power which would only fit the mighty dark lord; its charged and melee attacks are the strongest out of any blade. It performs these attacks rather slowly though, making it a high-risk, high-reward blade.

Aquarius Blade

Blessed by the mythological cupbearer of the Greek gods, Ganymede, the Aquarius blade is one of the 12 Zodiac weapons Pit can find in his adventures. As its looks and name may imply, this weapon can freeze opponents with its melee attacks and shoot huge balls of water that can bounce in the air, making it an effective weapon for crowd control.


Always coming in a pair, claws are lightweight weapons which grant the user the fastest movement of any weapon type. They excel in close range combat, allowing the user to strike opponents with five melee combo attacks instead of the standard three. However, their ranged attacks tend to be weak compared to their melee capabilities. For its special attack, Pit spins around and slices all enemies within range.

Tiger Claws

Just like the First Blade and the Fortune Bow, this weapon is designed to be the basic form of the claws, having high melee capabilities, the ability to buff Pit’s speed and having short yet effective charged shots.

Brawler Claws

Looking like giant’s fists, these grant Pit the biggest mobility boost out of any weapon. Sure, they may be lacking on their shooting power and aim, but they will make you look like the king of the ring.

Stealth Claws

Looking like a bad cosplay of the invisible man, the stealth claws grant Pit the ability to shoot near-invisible bullets and have decent range, however they suffer from weak melee potential (apparently these things were forged using darkness and mummy wraps...go figure.)

Viridi Claws

Designed to be as beautiful as the goddess of nature herself, these claws have strong homing abilities and not only that, their melee strength is surprisingly high. And to top it all off, shots and charged shots from these babies have a chance of paralyzing the enemy.

Pandora Claws

Made by the same blue fire that composes Pandora, these claws are overall pretty standard, however the backwards dash charged shot provides Pit with a small barrier that offers an extra layer of defense.

Cancer Claws

Forged in the figure of the giant crab Karkinos, the Cancer claws are yet another piece of the Zodiac weapons. These claws (or pincers) are amazing at close combat, as they posses great melee strength, they fire quickly and improve their speed the longer they keep shooting.  However, these shots have really short range.


Staffs are weapons that have the longest range of any weapon type, typically gaining power the farther they travel. To make up for these advantages, staffs have little homing capability, slow the user down, and possess weaker melee attacks. In other words, they’re the Kid Icarus equivalent of a sniper rifle. For their special attack, staffs can fire a powerful laser.

Insight Staff

Just like the other weapons that are first, this is basically “First Blade: The Sniper Rifle.”  However, this staff’s shots are relatively thin and lack homing, making careful aiming crucial.

Dark Pit Staff

A staff belonging to Dark Pit. The charged shots of this weapon are so potent that it can quadruple in power if it flies far enough. The continuous fire of this staff is also quite strong, but has poor size and range.

Thanatos Staff

Based on the quite cheerful God of Death, this staff fires bat-like projectiles while its side shots release a skull that stays in place. It is also the only staff to has some sort of homing ability.

Scorpio Staff

Based on the brave scorpion who fought and killed the warrior Orion, the Scorpio staff is a weapon that lives up to its name. It possesses high-speed shots that inflict a powerful poison to those whom it may hit, and while it may lack in range, it makes up for it in the form of a speed boost.


Cannons are heavyweight weapons that slow the user considerably and possess explosive projectiles which are capable of bouncing off floors and walls. Though they can damage multiple opponents at once, cannons are incapable of harming the user or their surroundings, a feat achieved through magic. For its special attack, the cannon fires a large amount of explosions.

EZ Cannon

Following the pattern as with everything above, this is the basic cannon of this weapon class as it doesn’t posses any above average stats with only its homing ability being better the rest.  You can say that it is an EZ cannon to use hahahahaha (I want to die)

Twinbellows Cannon

Inspired by the most dreaded puppy in the Underworld. This cannon can spew a rapid-fire fiery flame to roast foes and its backward dash charged shots are capable of creating explosions, making them great for close combat. It does have average range though, but to make up for this its melee attacks are pretty strong. It can also burn the opponent and if all side shots are landed, its damage can be devastating.

Cragalanche Cannon

A cannon made from the pieces of Cragalanche. The rocks this cannon can fire pack strong destructive power; in fact, its charged shot is the strongest of its type. It's also the second best cannon when it comes to melee attacks. But, because this weapon projectiles are rocks, it does not possess the explosive power of other cannons and their speed is quite poor.

Leo Cannon

A Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Leo representing the Nemean lion of old. This cannon can shoot incendiary bombs that pack enough explosive power to send enemies flying, and then explode behind them for extra damage. However, this attack is difficult to perform, so this cannon can be quite tricky to use.


The palm allows its user to harness their own life energy in the palm of their hand, allowing them to shoot projectiles which have the best homing properties of any weapon type. To make up for this advantage, palms usually have poor range. For their special attack, Pit concentrates a large amount of life energy in his hand before firing it in all directions.

Violet Palm

Like the First Blade and Fortune Bow, the Violet Palm is an average example of a palm. Thus it has average range which is complemented by rapid-fire shots.

Burning Palm

Tattoos that turn Pit’s arm into the that of  The Human Torch’s Pyrrhon’s. Shots from this palm can set enemies ablaze allowing it to deal extra damage (its important that in-game this weapon will burn the opponent regardless of weapon modifiers or specific resistances). This palm has the strongest melee attacks but as a tradeoff it has a long charge time and poor range on its shots.

Viridi Palm

A palm that is created by and requires complete devotion to the Goddess of Nukes Nature, Viridi. This palm excels at landing consecutive hits, with the damage it deals being dependant on where Pit hits the enemy. The farther the shots are fired, the better their accuracy becomes.

Aurum Palm

A palm crafted from Aurum technology. Unlike other palms, the Aurum Palm has garbage homing ability, requiring Pit to actually aim with it. But its high energy output gives it a really short charge time, allowing Pit to fire off charged shots at a rate of one per second.

Great Reaper Palm

A palm that allows Pit to harness the power of the Great Reaper to summon Reapettes that hound his targets. This palm has a long charge time, but it has the unique ability to halve an opponent’s health.

Virgo Palm

Blessed by the goddess of innocence and purity, Astraea, this palm is a Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Virgo. This palm features the longest firing range out of any other palm, with the extra benefit of its shots increasing in size the farther they travel and its backward-dash shots having great potential to be a defensive wall. However, its power and homing ability are rather lackluster.


Always coming in a pair, orbitars are the physical manifestations of divine power, originally created for defensive purposes. Due to the nature of the separate sources they fire from, orbitars are capable of hitting multiple targets at once. Their shots typically grow stronger the farther they travel, making them most effective at a distance. For its special attack, the orbiters fire a barrage of orb shaped projectiles.

When used in close-range combat, orbitars will shift from their positions and quickly spin in front of the user, attacking anything within their radius. However, their melee attacks are weak compared to their ranged capabilities. Some orbitars have the capability of creating short-lived protective barriers.

Standard Orbitars

Orbitars are unique in the fact that they fly on top of the user’s shoulders, allowing them full freedom of movement, and the most basic of these weapons is the Standard Orbitars, which as the name may imply are well… standard.  The only thing they lack is melee power, but they are overall well-rounded weapons.

Shock Orbitars

Orbitars that gather energy from the flaps of Pit’s wings (guess they are useful for something) and release electric projectiles that disperse upon impact. The speed and range are nothing notable but the charged shots possess high homing ability.

Guardian Orbitars

As the name implies these are orbitars that specialize in defense, with their charged shots creating barriers that are capable of nullifying enemy fire.

In Super Smash Bros, the Guardian Orbitars also have the ability to block physical attacks and reflect projectiles.  However, sustaining too much damage can cause them to break temporarily. They also come with two variations: Impact Orbitars, which instead change the shields into an offensive attack that does not protect Pit from attacks, and Amplifying Orbitars, which possess stronger reflective power but can be broken more easily.

Aurum Orbitars

Orbitars built by simply combining Aurum forces. Their continuous fire shoots a narrow beam that is limited in range, but has such amazing speed that enemies won’t have much time to dodge it.

Centurion Orbitars

A set of orbitars modeled after Palutena’s Centurions. The shots fired from these orbitars (unsurprisingly) arc like arrows and possess more power at a close range. Their backwards-dash charged shots fire centurion-knight shields and their continuous fire has long range.

Arlon Orbitars

Inspired by Arlon the Serene. These weapon possess the longest range out of any other orbitars, and their continuous fire is capable of firing a stream of chakrams used by Arlon.

Gemini Orbitars

A set of orbitars bearing the sign of Gemini based on the demigod-brothers from Greece, Castor and Pollux. Shots fired from these orbitars appear to fly straight, but they instantly break toward their enemy mid flight. So predicting their shots is a rather difficult task.


Due to its massive size, the club is the most powerful weapon of all nine weapon types, possessing the potential to plow through hordes of enemies, pierce walls, and deflect certain projectiles. To make up for these advantages, clubs typically have slower attacks, decrease the user's movement speed, and have limited range. As a special attack, the club creates a vicious windstorm with multiple tornados.

According to Palutena, clubs are actually fairly light when wielded, a feat achieved through magic. Their brute force against enemies is not affected by this.

Ore Club

When it comes to clubs, the Ore Club is as basic as you can get. Apparently built with minerals found in the mountain of the gods, this weapon is the most average of its type. In Smash Brothers, the Ore Club can unleash a small tornado using a Smash Attack.

Earthmaul Club

The club with the longest range out of any other weapon in the game, with its charged shots reaching up to 126 meters which is roughly triple the range of the First Blade. The backward-dash charged shots of this weapon also reflect off walls.

Aurum Club

A club modeled after Aurum tech. Their charged shots possess weak homing ability and range but make up for it with their large size. Shots fired from these weapons also pass right through obstacles and have a great potential for nullifying incoming fire.

Magnus Club

Designed to look like Magnus’s sword, this club possesses the best melee power out of any club and even boosts Pit’s speed. But its ranged attacks are terrible, making this weapon almost entirely suited for close quarters.

Hewdraw Club

Shots fired from this weapon take the form of blade blasts and flame breath just like the monster it is based off of. Its charged shots also have great range and high homing ability but aren’t very powerful. It also has high melee strength but that is par for the course.

Capricorn Club

Having the head of one of Zeus's foster-mothers, Amaltheia, this club is a Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Capricorn. Its charged shots have spectacular speed and charge time, but their range is weak, they get weaker as they travel, and they don’t block enemy fire.


Possessing great melee capabilities, arms are best suited for close range combat. They are also generally well-balanced, having an average damage output for ranged combat as well. To make up for these advantages, they have the shortest range of any weapon type. For a special attack, Arms perform a barrage of punches.

Crusher Arm

If you have been following the formula then good, it means you are definitely taking your time with our blog and we appreciate it a whole lot. If you haven't shame on you , then the Crusher Arm is the most basic arm there is. This means a small reach but good melee potential, with the dash attack being the most powerful.

Upperdash Arm

Outfitted with a pretty looking sphere at its center, the Upperdash Arm fires ring-shaped projectiles towards its foes; its backward-dash charged shot can even lift foes into the air. One important characteristic about this weapon is that even if its melee damage is low compared to other arms, its dash attack is among one of the strongest of its class. In Smash for Wii U & 3DS, the Upperdash Arm is Pit’s side-B; the attack will make Pit lunge forward and hit the enemy.  This move grants Pit a bit of super-armor and can reflect projectiles if timed properly.

Drill Arm

As the name indicates this is just a drill outfitted to be a weapon, but unlike its name and looks this weapon wields interesting properties unique to its type. For starters, its charged shot doesn't lose power as it travels, and has pretty good homing ability, but despite being an arm its melee power is the weakest among all arms. However, the lack of power is compensated with amazing knockback.

Kraken Arm

Based on the giant space-calamari that Pit kills while boarding a constellation-stealing space-pirate ship (I know its weird but just roll with it), the Kraken Arm brings honor to its name by firing water-based projectiles that have good homing ability, but are rather slow and lacking in range. Like almost all arms, it has great melee/ranged attacks.

Phoenix Arm

Shaped like the ferocious Phoenix that “guarded” the Wish Seed, this weapon has a unique trait: its continuous fire travels double the distance of its charged shots. Not only that, these shots can burn opponents. And if that wasn't enough, its shots gain power the further they travel! Combine that with pretty respectable melee power and you got yourself a pretty busted weapon.

Taurus Arm

Based on the mythical bull Zeus himself turned into in order to kidnap Europa (90% of the Greek mythos tbh) comes the weapon bearing the sign of Taurus. If those horns didn't make it clear, this weapon deals the most damage out of any arm, but it sadly has some sacrifices to make. Even if its shots are big and powerful, they have really poor range and homing ability.

Three Sacred Treasures

Three legendary weapons that were created by the God of the Forge, Dyntos:
Arrow of Light: A powerful bow capable of firing charged arrows that home in on targets. He can also rapid fire smaller arrows at fast speeds or create pillars of light that rain down from the sky. Its melee attacks aren’t that bad either, as he uses the bow as a sharp sword to cut down enemies.

Mirror Shield: A shield used to guard against incoming attacks. When shielding against projectiles, Pit will send those projectiles back at the opponent. The shield is also how Pit could fight Medusa without being turned to stone, as it blocks her petrifying glance.

Wings of Pegasus: Also called Pegasus Wings for short. These grant Pit the power to fly without the assistance of Palutena. Also, his flight time doesn’t have a limit, unlike Palutena’s Power of Flight.

Silver Armor: Another Sacred Treasure that Pit dons while wielding the Three Sacred Treasures. This armor reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks by half.

Great Sacred Treasure

A gigantic mech made out of pure orichalcum that was created by the God of the Forge, Dyntos. Pit had to fight it as a last test in order to obtain it (which he succeeded in doing so). It has high-speed flight, can fight on its own, and has a lot of different modes that it can change into to adapt to any damage it may have taken:
Full Armor: The Great Sacred Treasure’s base form. This mode fires multiple homing energy arrows from everywhere out of its body and can shoot a large charged energy blast that expands upon contact. This form can also do a charge attack, teleport, and shoot various projectiles such as fire, energy blasts that run along the ground and home in, tornados, orb spread shots, and a destructive beam capable of one-shotting Pit himself (it can also shoot a smaller version of this beam that takes less time to charge).

Pursuit: A mode designed to hunt down fleeing foes, getting rid of its heaviest parts in the process. This mode fires extremely rapid fire laser beams and can shoot a powerful ringed energy shot when it charges up.

Mech Armor: A mode designed for versatility, losing the parts from its Pursuit mode in the process. It acts as if it’s an extension of Pit’s own body, due to its humanoid shape. This mode fires rapid fire energy arrows for precisely hitting weak points and can shoot a large intense laser blast when it charges its power up. It also has a giant energy sword for melee combat.

Ultralight: A mode designed for mobility, abandoning all but its most necessary parts in the process. This mode fires rapid fire laser blasts and charged up vertical wave shots.

Final Strike: When all but one cannon of the Great Sacred Treasure is destroyed, Pit continues to fight even when things are looking bleak. While the cannon itself has lost its own power, Palutena is able to concentrate and store up energy inside of it for one final attack. It takes an incredibly long time to charge up, but if Pit can hang in there, he’ll unleash a devastating energy blast. It should be noted that when Palutena is focusing her power into the cannon, she cannot activate the Power of Flight for Pit, and that was instead granted to him by Viridi.

Weapon Modifiers

Although unlikely to be used or even mentioned in the full episode, it is important to mention that all weapons Pit obtains in Uprising have the possibility to wield one or several special effects.  These “modifiers” are completely random and can affect a plethora of values regarding both the weapon itself or Pit. These special effects range from:

Buffs to weapons:

•    Shot Range Increase.

•    Shot Cancellation (Can dash out of attacks easier)

Inflict status effects:

•    Burning, Poison, Confusion, Petrification, Freezing, Paralysis, Shaking, Weakening.

Buffs to Pit:

•    These include Shot Resistance, overall buffs to his defense, Knockback Resistance, Health, Speed, Stamina, Evasion, Status Resistance, and better shooting/melee capabilities.


•    Some other effects include quicker charge periods for powers, items and charge shots, overall faster walking speed, and a power that damages Pit over time (self-injury).

Throwing Items

One-time use items that Pit can hold onto before throwing. The following is a list of the throwing items Pit can use:

Grenade: A simple bomb that explodes upon impact. Any enemies caught in the explosion are damaged.
X Bomb: A bomb that explodes in an X shape over a large area when thrown. The small shots that emit off of it when it explodes can bounce off walls.
Bouncy Bomb: A bomb that bounces randomly after hitting the floor or walls and only explodes when it hits an enemy.
Jump Bomb: A bomb that sends both Pit and enemies into the air after it hits the floor, hurting only the enemies. While enemies are fixed in the air, Pit can target them more easily.
Smart Bomb: A bomb with a large explosion radius and a long explosion duration. Anyone caught in the radius is repeatedly damaged.
Eggplant Bomb: A bomb that turns whoever it hits into an eggplant so that they cannot attack.
Tempura Bomb: A bomb that turns whoever it hits into tempura so that they cannot attack and dramatically decreases their stamina while in this state. It doesn't last as long as the Eggplant Bomb.
Boom Spear: A homing spear which causes heavy damage to one enemy before exploding.
Demon Vine: A seed that grows into a large forest that damages and barricades enemies in.
Cyclone: A bomb that causes a tornado to emit from its center once thrown. It drags enemies into it and throws them into the air, dealing repeated damage.
Poison Cloud: A bomb that creates an area of poisonous gas when it hits the floor. Any enemies that enter the poison cloud are poisoned.

Status-Affecting Items

Items that affect Pit physically for a set period of time. The following is a list of the status-affecting items Pit can use:
Poison Card: Gives Pit’s weapon the ability to poison an enemy.
Flame Card: Gives Pit’s weapon the ability to burn an enemy.
Ice Card: Gives Pit’s weapon the ability to freeze an enemy.
Stone Card: Gives Pit’s weapon the ability to petrify an enemy.
Paralysis Card: Gives Pit’s weapon the ability to paralyze an enemy.
Happy Trigger: Shortens the time between charging up shots so that charged shots can be fired more frequently.
Dodge Token: Causes Pit to auto-dodge enemy attacks.
Impact Amplifier: Causes Pit’s charge shots to have a chance of knocking an enemy backward.
Power-Up Drop: Grants Pit the ability to reflect incoming shots and also grants complete invincibility.
Shrinky Bean: Shrinks Pit so he is harder to hit while still keeping his power the same.
Speed Boots: Increases Pit’s speed.

Assist Items

Items that Pit doesn’t need to use himself in order to attack, as they attack over time even when he is away from them. The following is a list of the assist items Pit can use:
Centurion Assist: An item that looks exactly like a Centurion soldier. Although it does not possess a soul and simply hovers around the user, firing arrows with pinpoint accuracy.
Killer Eye: An eye that shoots forward if an enemy is in front of it, damaging friends and foes alike. It can be destroyed when it takes too much damage.
Medusa Head: An item that looks like Medusa's head. It will petrify anyone it sees by shooting slow, dark purple homing shots at them, but it can also hurt Pit himself.
Spike Ball: A spiky ball circles Pit, dealing damage and knocking back anyone who comes too close.
Icy Aura: An aura that circles Pit, inflicting freeze on anyone who comes too close to him.
Boom Rocket: A small rocket that is placed onto the ground. It flies into the air before falling down to the ground, creating an almighty explosion with a huge blast radius. The only downside is that it takes a long time to fall.
Atlas Foot: Creates a cloud in the air in which a foot hides and stomps down on enemies underneath the cloud. The foot emits a shockwave when it stomps.
Lightning of Judgement: Shoots out lightning bolts that heavily damage any enemies in close range of the user, and it goes on for a long time.
Giant Maker: Makes anyone who stands on it larger and easier to hit, but it also boosts their attack power.
Chomp Trap: A trap that pulls whoever steps on it into the ground and constricts their movement. Damage is dealt continuously to the unlucky target while underground.
Capture Circle: A trap that prevents whoever steps on it from moving, similar to the Chomp Trap. The Capture Circle however does not deal damage, instead leaving the victim open to attack.
Jump Mat: A spring that lets Pit and others jump high up into the air after it is placed down.
Back Shield: A shield that completely blocks any attacks that would normally hit Pit in the back.


Vehicles of the gods that Palutena usually provides for Pit so he can have an easier time traversing certain stages or fighting certain enemies.

Exo Tank

A chariot-like vehicle with the primary function of providing Pit a better method of transportation. It possesses three blades in the front, which can be used for firing shots or ramming into enemies, as well as a boost function to temporarily increase its movement and the strength of its ramming.

Aether Ring

A gyro top vehicle with very free and loose movement. Its main form of attack is in the form of energy spheres and it is also has the ability to generate barriers to shield Pit from damage. The floaty nature of the Aether Ring also makes Pit’s falls much slower, giving him more control and accuracy when falling. However, this vehicle has no method of close quarters combat other than getting up close and activating the shield and has really poor handling.


A mech-like vehicle that is most suited for battles. In its right arm is a wrecking ball used for melee attacks, and in its left arm is a plasma machine gun used for ranged attacks. The Cherubot can also perform a jumping attack that creates a small, yet powerful shockwave around it. However, despite its powerful combat ability it is very slow.




Sora utilizes different types of magic (including the elements) in battle:

Fire Magic

Fira/Fira/Firaga: Shoots a fireball with homing capability. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora can also use the spell to summon fireballs that revolve around him. Stronger versions of the spell increase the power, size, and amount of fireballs created.
Firaga Burst: Summons a massive orb of fire overhead which rains down a flurry of smaller fireballs.
Firaga Break: Sora swings his Keyblade and creates a small explosion in front of him.
Raging Storm: Summons three columns of fire that revolve around Sora.
Mega Flare: Sends out a slow moving fireball which will create a massive explosion that incinerates everything.

Ice Magic

Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga: Fires ice crystals that can pierce enemies. Higher versions of the spell increase the power and number of crystals.
Homing Blizzara: Like Blizzara but with homing properties.
Aqua Splash: Sora floats in the air and sprays melted ice out of his Keyblade for a short period of time.
Icicle Splitter: Launches a chunk of ice which Sora then shatters in order to scatter the shards.
Deep Freeze: Sora performs a spin attack which cools the air around him in order to freeze surrounding foes.
Ice Barrage: Summons chunks of icicles beneath the opponent.

Thunder Magic

Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga: Summons multiple lightning bolts from above. In Dream Drop Distance, the spell will instead electrocute opponents with lightning if they are within range. Higher tiers of the spell increase the amount of lightning bolts or the range of them.
Triple Plasma: Fires three bolts of electricity.

Healing Magic

Cure/Cura/Curaga: Heals Sora’s wounds and restores his stamina.
Esuna: Removes negatives status ailments.

Wind Magic

Aero/Aerora/Aeroga: Creates a barrier of wind around Sora to reduce the damage he receives.  Upgraded versions of the spell will also make the barrier capable of dealing damage to enemies that touch it. In Chain of Memories, the spell instead creates a whirlwind around Sora to blow enemies away.
Tornado: Summons a small, controllable tornado to suck up enemies and deal damage to them.

Gravity Magic

Gravity/Gravira/Graviga: Summons a field of gravity to flatten the enemy and wring out a percentage of health from them. Higher versions increase the size of the gravity field.
Zero Gravity/Gravira/Graviga: Creates an anti-gravity field to put foes into a drift. Hitting enemies in zero gravity will cause them to spin immensely which can confuse them. Higher versions of the spell increase the range of the anti-gravity field.
Zero Graviza: Creates an anti-gravity field and pulls drifting foes towards the center for continuous damage.

Magnet Magic

Magnet/Magnera/Magnega: Creates a vortex of magnetic force to draw in enemies and deal damage to them. Higher versions of the spell increase the range of attraction.

Reflect Magic

Reflect/Reflera/Reflega: Summons a barrier of light to block attacks or reflect projectiles. After an attack is blocked the barrier will then shoot out light in all directions.

Time Magic

Slow: Slows the enemy in time.
Stop/Stopra/Stopga: Freezes any surrounding opponents in time.

Light Magic

Holy: Drops down multiple columns of light
Spark/Sparkra/Sparkga: Summons rings of revolving light crystals to deal damage. Higher versions of the spell creates more rings.
Faith: Summons columns of light that spread outward to attack surrounding foes while simultaneously healing Sora.

Earth Magic

Quake: Creates a small earthquake that damages grounded foes.

Balloon Magic

The deadliest spell in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Summons orbs of pure malice that seek and destroy any in their path. (No seriously, this is one of the most broken spells in the KH series)

Status Magic

Mini: Temporarily reduce the size of enemies, halving their strength and defense.
Blackout: Blinds surrounding enemies.
Time Bomb: Turns an enemy into a ticking time bomb.
Confuse: Confuse surrounding opponents, causing them to attack their allies.
Bind: Binds enemies and forces them to remain in one place. They are still capable of attacking though.
Poison: Launches a glob of poison at enemies.
Sleep/Sleepra/Sleepga: Puts enemies within range to sleep. Stronger versions have increased range.
Warp: Eliminates all enemies in sight
Terror: Uses the power of darkness to strike fear into enemies, causing them to run away.
Vanish: Temporarily turns Sora invisible.


Teleport: A spell that allows Sora to teleport behind opponents while also stopping them in time.

Combat Abilities

A set of abilities that allow Sora to perform a variety of offensive techniques:

A fast uppercut slash that can transition into combos with ease.

Sliding Dash
A sliding kick performed by pivoting around the Keyblade. In Dream Drop Distance, Sora instead performs a high speed thrust.
  • Thunder Dash: Sliding Dash, but enhanced with electricity.

A powerful spinning attack that can close the distance between Sora and the enemy.

A leaping spin attack used to attack airborne foes.

A series of overhead slash attacks.

Hurricane Blast
An aerial finisher where Sora attacks the enemy with a rapid series of vertical spin slashes enhanced with light.

Ripple Drive
A ground finisher that creates a pink crystalline barrier to attack all surrounding enemies. Damage dealt with this move is relative to Sora’s magic.

Stun Impact
A finishing move where Sora charges and releases a field of energy to attack surrounding enemies and inflict them with the Stun status.

Gravity Break
A finisher that enhances the Keyblade with Gravity and slams it directly onto the enemy.

A fast, dashing slash in reverse grip. Can possibly kill opponents in one hit.

Magnet Spiral
Uses magnetic force to draw in enemies before finishing them with a spinning slash.

Lethal Frame
Freezes time and attacks the enemy with a flurry of blows.

Upper Slash
An underhand swing that knocks the enemy high into the air.

A series of horizontal slashes in mid air.

Finishing Leap
A ground finisher that sends out a burst of energy and knocks the opponent in the air.

Dodge Slash
A series of jerking spin slashes that allow Sora to attack and avoid attacks at the same time.

Flash Step
A dashing attack that can pierce an enemy’s guard while also keeping Sora’s own guard up.

Vicinity Break
A wide range spinning slash that can attack surrounding opponents.

Guard Break
A short, powerful thrust that can break the enemy’s guard.

A ground finisher where Sora surrounds himself with three orbs of magic. Damage dealt with this move is based on Sora’s magic power.

Aerial Dive
A technique where Sora leaps toward aerial opponents while performing multiple somersaulting slashes.

Aerial Spiral
A mid air skill that closes in on enemies with multiple somersault attacks.

Aerial Finish
An aerial finisher where Sora performs a rapid series of slashes enhanced with light.

Magnet Burst
An aerial finisher where Sora surrounds himself with magnetic energy to draw in foes and dispels it to send them flying. Damage dealt with this move is based on Sora’s magic power.

Quick Blitz
A high, leaping slash.
  • Blizzard Edge: Like Quick Blitz but also causes ice to appear from the ground.
  • Slot Edge: A triple jump attack, if Sora performs the attacks correctly then prizes will drop.

Spark Dive
A diving attack that creates an electric shockwave that can stun enemies.
  • Poison Dive: Similar to Spark Dive but instead creates a poisonous shockwave.
  • Drain Dive: Similar to Spark Dive but instead creates a shockwave that drains health from whomever is caught in it and transfers it to Sora.

Aerial Slam
Knocks the enemy high into the air before warping next to them and slamming them into the ground.

Tornado Strike
A spin attack that uses whirlwinds to knock enemies into the air .
  • Confusing Strike: Similar to Tornado Strike but can also cause confusion.
  • Gravity Strike: Similar to tornado Strike but can also put enemies in a state of zero gravity.

Prism Windmill
Spins the Keyblade like a windmill while rushing towards the enemy.
  • Timestorm: Like Prism Windmill but can inflict stop.
  • Fire Windmill: Like Prism Windmill but enhanced with fire.

Sora whirls forward and backwards, attacking his opponent with a mix of ice and fire.
  • Shadowbreaker: Icebreaker but instead Sora uses light and darkness.

A technique that knocks all surrounding enemies in the air with a vortex of light pillars while simultaneously healing Sora.

Collision Magnet
Uses magnetic force to send an enemy crashing into other foes.


A set of powerful techniques that Sora typically performs at the cost of consuming his MP.

Sonic Blade
A Limit ability where Sora attacks his opponent with a series of high speed thrusts.

Ars Arcanum
A Limit ability where Sora envelopes his Keyblade in a golden aura and attacks enemies with a fast combination of attacks.

Strike Raid
A Limit ability where Sora throws his Keyblade multiple times.
Fire/Ice/Thunder/Gravity/Stop Raid: Basically Strike Raid enhanced with elemental magic.
Judgement: Hurls the Keyblade while controlling its flight path using wind magic.
Reflect Raid: Hurls the Keyblade and makes it ricochet off enemies.
Spark Raid: Hurls the Keyblade, which will split apart into beams of light if it hits an enemy.
Circle Raid: A variation of Strike Raid where Sora instead throws the Keyblade around him.

A Limit ability where Sora attacks the enemy with a barrage of aerial attacks and finishes it by gathering energy into the tip of his Keyblade and firing a cluster of homing energy shots.

Trinity Limit
Sora’s strongest Limit ability where he creates a massive explosion of light. In Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora instead performs a variety of team up moves with Donald and Goofy such as Break, Ultima, Major Drive, and Trinity Finish. If Sora is alone he will instead perform a solo version of Break.

Reprisal Commands

A set of techniques that are typically performed in response to certain conditions, such as being knocked back or guard an attack.

Aerial Recovery
Allows Sora to regain his balance after being knocked back.

Allows Sora to regain his balance after a counterattack.

Allows Sora to counterattack surrounding foes with an invisible blast after a successful block.

Counter Rush
Allows Sora to retaliate with a flurry of blows after a successful block.

Payback Raid
Allows Sora to regain his balance and counterattack by throwing his Keyblade at the enemy.

Steep Climb
Allows Sora to perform a spin attack to launch enemies even higher in the air.

Sliding Sidewinder
Allows Sora to perform a spin attack when using Air Slide or Sonic Impact.

Movement Abilities

High Jump: Boosts jump height.
Dodge Roll: A basic dodge roll. In DDD, Sora obtains an advanced version called Slide Roll, which can cover more distance.
Air Slide: A short ranged aerial dash.
Sonic Impact: A charging attack Sora can use during a Dodge Roll or Air Slide to send enemies flying.
Double Impact: Basically Sonic Impact but allows Sora to perform two in a row.
Quick Dash: A long range sprint Sora can perform on the ground.
Aerial Dodge: A spinning mid-air jump used to deflect or evade attacks.
Glide: Allows Sora to ride the wind currents and travel around in the air. Glide usually has an upgraded version called Superglide (or in the second game, simply gets leveled up) which allows Sora to glide at a faster speed.  
Flight: During his fight against Ansem in Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora managed to gain the ability to fly before he fell into the depths of darkness. However, it is unknown if he can still use it.


Introduced in Dream Drop Distance, Flowmotion allows Sora and Riku to move around the area in a pseudo-parkour-ish manner. Under this state, Sora can dash off walls, slide down rails, spin around poles and more, as listed below.
  • Pole Spin: Sora latches his Keyblade onto any vertical poles to spin around them while drawing in enemies.
  • Pole Swing: Like Pole Spin but on horizontal poles.
  • Rail Slide: Allows Sora to grind at a fast speed on rails, ropes, and more.
  • Kick Dive: An attack Sora can perform right after a wall kick where he spins toward an enemy like a drill and finishes them by ramming his Keyblade into the ground.
  • Buzz Saw: A horizontal spin attack Sora performs during Pole Spin.
  • Blow-Off: A move where Sora hurls a large enemy toward other foes.
  • Wheel Rush: A vertical spin attack Sora performs during Pole Swing.
  • Sliding Dive: When Sora is using Rail Slide, he can teleport towards the enemy and ride his Keyblade into them.
  • Shock Dive: A move where Sora gathers energy into his Keyblade and slams it on the ground to create a big shockwave.

Support Abilities

Scan: Allows Sora to see the enemy’s health bar.
MP Haste: Allows Sora to recovery more MP when attacking foes in the first game. In the second, it increases the restoration speed of the MP Gauge by 25% (can stack with other MP Haste skills).
MP Hastera: Increases the restoration speed of the MP Gauge by 50%.
MP Hastega: Increases the restoration speed of the MP Gauge by 75%.
MP Rage: Gives Sora MP whenever he takes damage, with higher damage increasing the amount of MP recovered.
Berserk: Boosts attack power when health is low. In Kingdom Hearts 2, it instead boosts Sora’s strength when he runs out of magic and also allows him to perform combos endlessly.
Aerial Recovery: Allows Sora to easily regain his balance when knocked back.
Combo Master: Allows Sora to continue his combos even if his attacks don’t land.
Combo Plus: Increases the amount of hits in a combo.
Air Combo Plus: Increases the amount of hits in an aerial combo.
Critical Plus: Increases Sora’s critical hit rate.
Combo Boost: Boosts the damage of Sora’s finishing move relative to the number of hits that precedes it in a combo.
Air Combo Boost: Same as above but for aerial finishers.
Reaction Boost: Increases damage dealt from Reaction Commands.
Finishing Plus: Allows Sora to use multiple finishing moves in a row.
Negative Combo: Reduces the amount of attacks in a combo.
Damage Drive: Restores the Drive Gauge every time damage is received. Amount restored is relative to damage taken.
Drive Boost: Boosts restoration speed of Drive Gauge when Sora runs out of MP.
Form Boost: Increases the duration that Sora can maintain a Drive.
Cheer/Summon Boost: Increases the amount of time a summon can remain in battle.
Combination Boost: Increases amount of time spent for Limits.
Magic Lock-on: Allows Sora to automatically lock on to enemies when using spells.
Fire/Blizzard/Thunder Boost: Increases damage of these elemental attacks by 20%.
Item Boost: Increases the strength of Sora’s healing items by 50%.
Defender: Increases Sora’s defense when he is in a pinch.
Damage Control: Halves damage taken at critical moments.
Once More: Ensures Sora survives a combo.
Second Chance: Guarantees Sora survives an attack that would otherwise knock Sora out with 1 HP left.
Leaf Bracer: Prevents Sora from getting interrupted when using Cure.


After reawakening from his slumber, Sora acquired a new set of clothes from the fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather to fit his older body. These clothes allow him to enter more powerful states; not only do they grant him different combat abilities depending on the form, but they also fully replenish his HP and MP gauges at the cost of deducting a certain amount of energy from his Drive Gauge.

It should be noted that in-game, Sora loses the services of one or both of his active party members, but cutscenes reveal that he can still enter these forms without being forced to give up his part.  So for the purposes of our blog, we will be assuming that Sora can transform into all of his Drive forms by himself.
  • Valor: A physical attack-oriented form which turns Sora’s clothes red. He can dual-wield Keyblades for extended combos and can jump higher than normal, but loses the ability to cast spells or other MP-related moves. In gameplay, this form needs Sora to give up Goofy while it is active.
  • Wisdom: In contrast to Valor, this blue-colored form is focused on magic usage. Sora’s default attacks are replaced with energy projectiles shot from his Keyblade, his magic attacks are buffed immensely, he floats along the ground instead of running, and his Quick Run skill allows him to cover short distances fast. This form normally requires Sora to give up Donald.
  • Master: This yellow-colored form combines the strengths of both Valor and Wisdom to boost all of his stats beyond what he can naturally obtain. Its special skill is Aerial Dodge, which is a pseudo-double jump that allows him to dodge attacks in mid-air. However, the power of this form requires Sora to fight alone.
  • Limit: In this form, Sora’s clothes take the old red, blue and white color scheme of his original outfit. Sora loses access to magic, and in its stead he can perform four of his previous Limit Breaks from the first Kingdom Hearts (Sonic Rave, Ars Arcanum, Infinity and Strike Raid), with each successful hit from any of these attacks allowing him to regain lost health. Unlike any of the other forms, this one does not need Sora to give up any party members.
  • Anti: If Sora repeatedly enters Drive forms under certain circumstances, he can randomly enter this feral state which is based on his time as a Heartless. He does not fight with a Keyblade, but instead uses his hands as claws to physically tear enemies apart. Sora runs on all fours while in Anti Form, and although his attack power and speed gain boosts, he cannot use spells, items or the services of his party members until the time limit ends.
  • Final: An all-white transformation that Sora unlocks after he and Roxas fight at the Dive to the Heart. This form improves on the buffs Sora obtains while in Master form, and successfully entering this form reduces the chances Anti Form appears.


Summons are Disney characters that Sora can call upon to assist him in battle, akin to the same mechanic introduced in the Final Fantasy series.

In Kingdom Hearts 1, most summons take the form of Summon Gems, which are the spirits of strong hearted people whose worlds have been swallowed by darkness (Genie and Tinker Bell being exceptions since they simply tag along after Sora visits their world). After the gems are awakened by the Fairy Godmother, Sora can temporarily grant these spirits a physical form so they can fight alongside him.

In Kingdom Hearts 2, summons instead come from Summon Charms, an item capable of transporting beings from their world directly to Sora if he concentrates on the charm with all his heart.

We do want to note that Sora’s Summons may not appear in the actual episode, based on the precedent established in Link vs. Cloud.

The summons Sora is in possession of are:
  • Simba: The king of a pride of lions, who later became a full-fledged party member when Sora’s group visited his restored home world, the Pride Lands. As a Summon, Simba can perform Proud Roar, a powerful area-of-effect attack.
  • Bambi: A fawn destined to become the Great Prince of the Forest. He prances around the battlefield, dropping HP and MP orbs to top off Sora’s reserves, and can provide special items the more enemies Sora defeats.
  • Dumbo: A baby elephant known for his huge ears and ability to fly. When summoned, he is mounted by Sora, and flies around the area on his command. His Splash attack allows him to fire a stream of water from his trunk.
  • Mushu: The guardian dragon of the Fa family, who aids their youngest daughter Fa Mulan when she joins the army to defeat the Huns; the two of them join Sora’s party when they visit their home world, the Land of Dragons. Mushu assists Sora by staying on his head and shooting fire from his mouth.
  • Chicken Little: A young chick who helped defend his town from an alien invasion. Normally, he whistles to enemies to draw their attention towards Sora, and can also heal him occasionally. His FPS Mode Limit has him and Sora shoot baseballs and firecrackers as projectiles.
  • Stitch: Known as the genetically-engineered super-soldier Experiment 626, Stitch later became the guardian and house pet of a Hawaiian girl named Lilo upon arriving on Earth. He breaks the fourth wall by attacking enemies while crawling on the HUD, and heals Sora by licking his HP and MP gauges. The Ohana! Limit has Sora and Stitch perform a ukulele duet, dealing damage and dropping special items.
  • Genie: A magic being who can grant three wishes to the person who rubs the magic lamp he originates from. In Kingdom Hearts 1, Genie’s Showtime attack has him throw magic projectiles from a distance. In the sequel, he equips his own Keyblade and has access to several of Sora’s Drive forms as well as specific Limit Breaks associated with them. He also heals Sora when his health drops low.
  • Peter Pan & Tinker Bell: The famous flying boy from Neverland, accompanied by his tiny fairy friend. In the first game, Peter Pan was a party member who accompanied Sora in Neverland, while Tinker Bell became a Summon after its Keyhole was sealed away; she continuously heals Sora while active, and can resurrect him if he falls in battle, once per encounter. Come Kingdom Hearts II, Peter joins Tinker Bell as a Summon, adding his knife skills in addition to the previous buffs she provides Sora. Their Neverland Limit is a powerful combination attack based on their experiences in the first game.


Power of Flight

Despite what his wings may indicate, Pit cannot fly normally by himself. The power to do so is granted to him by Palutena, but certain instances have shown that other gods like Viridi can give this power in her stead. With it, Pit can fly anywhere and his projectiles are given a huge boost in power, speed, and accuracy. However, this state can only last for 5 minutes at a time; should Pit exceed it, he risks the chance of having his wings burn up, not only critically injuring him but also potentially stripping him of any opportunity to fly in the future.


In Uprising, Palutena granted Pit the ability to use special abilities called “Powers” which Pit can equip and use anytime during ground battles. These powers were equipped using a power board, where Pit could use as many powers as he could fit inside. For the sake of completion, we will mention all 62 powers Pit can use, and divide them by power type (their color). It should also be noted that all powers can range from level 1 to 3 or 4, with higher levels typically increasing the Power’s strength or uses. Here’s a TL:DR version of each obtainable power in Uprising.


Sky Jump: Pit jumps high into the air from where he’s standing. Uses: 10
Jump Glide: Pit jumps high into the air, then perform a glide. Uses: 8
Rocket Jump: Launches Pit upward with the force of a rocket. Uses 8
Angelic Missile: Transforms Pit into a missile that fires in whichever direction he is facing. Uses: 5
Super Speed: Pit runs extremely fast and knocks weakened foes into the air when he bumps into them. Uses: 5
Warp: Pit warps from his current position. Uses: 5


Idol Transformation: Turns enemies with low health into idols. Uses: 10
Mega Laser: Fires a massive laser. Uses: 5
Explosive Flame: Sets off a massive explosion that grows in size similar to a Smart Bomb. Uses: 3
Black Hole: Creates a black hole that pulls enemies toward it. Uses: 2
Meteor Shower: Releases a deluge of shooting stars. Uses: 4
Land Mine: Plants an invisible bomb on the ground. Uses: 6
Reflect Barrier: Summons a barrier that reflects shots and damages any who come into contact with it. Uses: 4
Heavenly Light: Summons a holy light that hurts approaching enemies. Uses: 2
Spite: Converts all of Pit’s remaining health into a powerful explosion. Uses: 1

Attack Enhancing

Autoreticle: Targets enemies automatically when attacking. Uses: 3
Weak-Point Reticle: Targets enemies' weak points automatically when attacking. Uses: 2
Quick Charge: Charges up shots immediately. Uses: 5
Homing Boost: Improves the homing ability of shots. Uses: 4
Slip Shot: Fires shots that pass through walls. Uses: 4
Invisible Shots: Makes the shots Pit fires invisible. Uses: 3
Random Effect: Adds a random effect to attacks, such as poison, paralysis, shaking, freezing, etc. Uses: 3
Poison Attack: Poisons foes with attacks. Uses: 4
Paralyze Attack: Attacks inflict paralysis on a foe, which can stop its movement and make dodging harder. Uses: 4
Weaken Attack: Attacks inflict a weakened status on a foe, which halves its maximum health. Uses: 4
Petrify Attack: Attacks inflict petrification on a foe, which makes it unable to move. Uses: 4
Shake Attack: Attacks inflict a shaking status on a foe, so it has a harder time aiming. Uses: 4
Confuse Attack: Attacks inflict a confused status on a foe, which makes it move and shoot unpredictably. Uses: 4
Burn Attack: Attacks inflict a burned status on a foe, which causes ongoing damage faster than poison. Uses: 4
Freeze Attack: Attacks inflict a frozen status on a foe, which makes it unable to move. Uses: 4
Instant Death Attack: Attacks have a chance of killing a foe instantly. Uses: 3
Spin Attack: Attacks inflict a turning status on a foe, which impairs its orientation. Uses: 4
Eggplant Attack: Attacks inflict an eggplant status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack. Uses: 4
Tempura Attack: Attacks inflict a tempura status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack. Uses: 4
Power Thief: Melee attacks have a chance of stealing the victim's unused powers. Uses: 2
Energy Charge: Builds up energy and increase the power of Pit’s attacks. Taking damage nullifies this effect. Uses: 4
Libra Sponge: Uses attacks received to increase the strength of Pit’s attacks. Uses: 1


Darkness: Turns foes blind. Uses: 5
Interference: Plants a beacon that disrupts enemies' ability to trigger powers. Uses: 4
Virus: Weakens and paralyzes nearby foes. Uses: 3


Super Armor: Increases defensive strength and prevents getting knocked back when receiving damage. Uses: 4
Brief Invincibility: Completely protects Pit from enemy attacks. Uses: 4
Tirelessness: Allows Pit to run continuously without tiring. Uses: 3
Lightweight: Increases Pit’s movement speed and prevents him from tiring out in exchange for taking more damage when hit. Uses: 2
Trade-off: Uses nearly all of Pit’s health to increase all his attributes. The duration depends on how much health Pit has to sacrifice. Uses: 1
Aries Armor: Reduces damage received, prevents status effects, and prevents Pit from getting knocked back. Uses: 2

Special Effect

Bumblebee: Allows Pit to dodge all attacks by vanishing and circling around the enemy in an instant. Uses: 3
Counter: Allows Pit to avoid getting knocked back and automatically counter attacks when hit by enemy attacks. Uses: 3
Transparency: Turns Pit transparent, making him invisible to enemies. Uses: 5
Playing Dead: Fools enemies into thinking Pit’s finished, then turns him invisible, making attacks pass through him. Uses: 2
Heart Booster: Increases the number of hearts received when Pit defeat enemies. Uses: 5


Health Recovery: Recovers a little health. Uses: 3
Crisis Recovery: Recovers Pit instantly from Crisis mode. Uses: 3
Effect Recovery: Dispels effects like poison or paralysis. Uses: 5
Pisces Heal: Heals by taking attacks that would normally finish Pit in his place. Uses: 1

Item Enhancing

Item Vacuum: Draw items toward Pit. Uses: 4
Throwing Boost: Increases the homing ability and distance of thrown items. Uses: 3
Double Item: Doubles the effects of items acquired. Uses: 4


Fortune's Jukebox: Changes the game music randomly. Uses: 10
Celestial Firework: Celebrates Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air. Uses: 4
Random: Activates a random power. Pit won't know which one it will be until he uses it. Uses: 8

Palutena’s Guidance

Throughout the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Palutena provides Pit with a wide array of support for his missions. Examples of this are creating gates to transport him to his mission, briefing him on his missions, giving him information on monsters, offering advice or tips on Pit’s surroundings, providing food and items, healing Pit when he contracts certain status ailments, creating grind rails that only Pit can use, setting up weak spots, powering some of his vehicles and equipment, and many other things that were listed above.

Just to be clear, this does not involve Palutena herself directly intervening and fighting alongside Pit.




- Cloud Strife
- Squall
- Tifa
- Yuffie
- Sephiroth
  • Defeated most members of Organization XIII including:
- Xigbar
- Xaldin
- Vexen
- Saix
- Demyx
- Luxord
- Marluxia
- Larxene
  • Defeated numerous Disney villains across his world-hopping including:
- Hades
- Captain Hook
- Ursula
- Scar
- Captain Hector Barbossa
- Clayton
- Maleficent (and her Dragon form)
- Sark and the Master Control Program
- Oogie Boogie
- Shan-Yu and Hayabusa
- Pete, once with help from Hercules, and once with help from Pete’s past self
- Jafar and his Genie form
- Rinzler (Corrupted version of Tron, who fought alongside Sora in KH2)
- Julius






                            Hades - Lord of the Underworld and the true main villain of the game
                            Pandora - The Goddess of Calamity (in both her regular and Amazon Forms)
                            Thanatos - The God of Death
                            • Defeated many commanders of Viridi’s Forces of Nature such as: 
                            Dark Pit (as of Smash 4, which was developed by the same glorious man who did Uprising, he works for Viridi)
                            • Defeated the Aurum as well including:
                            The Aurum Core/Aurum Generator
                            Aurum Pyrrhon
                            • Defeated members of Palutena’s Army including:
                            Pit’s own body using Magnus’ body
                            • Defeated Neutral Foes such as:
                            Defeated the Guardians of the Three Sacred Treasures:
                            Skull Wing
                            Fire Serpent
                            • Participated in the Three Trials and defeated: 
                            Various bosses he already vanquished 
                            Psuedo-Palutena (who is a messed up copy of Palutena)
                            The Great Secret Treasure (though not at full power)






                            While Sora’s talents as a warrior cannot be underestimated, he’s rarely (if ever) the wisest guy in the room. His trusting personality and overall naivete have often been used against him to put himself and his friends in perilous situations. Speaking of his friends, harming them or at the very least threatening their well-being is a good way to either emotionally compromise him, or probably cause him to make rash decisions.

                            His MP is also finite; while he can replenish it normally in combat, it is not instantaneous and needs time to recharge. Many of Sora’s more powerful spells and ranged techniques are reliant on MP, and losing it robs him of some attack or defense options. The same can be said for a few abilities like his Limits, which need him to work alongside other party members, and that isn’t going to work here given the explicit one-on-one nature of the show.


                            Pit may be powerful, but if his claims that he somehow never learned how to read are true, then he’s lacking in smarts, and tends to leave that job to Palutena. All jokes aside, he has a tendency to be careless during fights, and his impulsive and straightforward approach to battle means that he is often reliant on Palutena for advice, gear and most importantly, his ability to fly.

                            Without the Wings of Pegasus, Pit’s only other option for flight is by gaining Palutena’s blessings, and if he pushes his luck by flying this way for too long, his wings will burn up, leaving him in a state where he can never fly again.

                            Oh, and he’s pretty sensitive to his own inability to fly, and can get a little dejected whenever he sees anything else doing it, though not enough to let it distract him in a fight.



                            "I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger… the people it did choose. My friends... they are my power!"

                            • Boasts a massive advantage in terms of destructive capability and durability
                            • Has equipment and spells which counter Pit’s hax and status ailments
                            • Unlike Pit’s weapons, the Keyblade cannot be destroyed, nor can Sora be disarmed of it
                            • Has no obvious weaknesses in his fighting style that Pit can exploit
                            • Balloons.
                            • Bryce Papenbrook > Haley Joel Osment
                            • Kingdom Hearts III, as of this time of this publishing, is still not out
                            • Beaten in terms of experience
                            • Slower than Pit
                            • Has the smaller arsenal between the two


                            “Listen well, all you demons in the Underworld! In the name of the goddess Palutena, defender of all that is good! Those who hide in the darkness, will be made to face the light!”

                            • Faster
                            • Has a larger arsenal.
                            • Palutena’s Guidance, if allowed, ensures that he’s always briefed on his current situation.
                            • Loses to Sora’s durability and strength.
                            • While he has hax, Sora not only has more, but can resist and counter Pit’s to a greater degree.
                            • Much more reliant on outside help than Sora.
                            • Too much damage can destroy the Sacred Treasures, robbing Pit of his trump cards. Conversely, he can’t disarm Sora of his Keyblade, nor can he destroy it.
                            • Has more exploitable weaknesses, such as his five-minute flight limit without the Wings of Pegasus, than Sora.
                            • Celestial Fireworks < Balloons.


                            But before we go on to our verdicts, we have some...

                            We’ve decided to add predictions based on what we feel could be the names of the original tracks the fight animation will use. This may or may not become a regular thing. Probably not as the main reason we decided to do it is because we thought there were a lot of options to choose from, and it’s unlikely we can do it every match. But when we can, we might.

                            That’s all.

                            Grand Blazer

                            Fight Track Name Prediction: “Guardian Angel”

                            Note: I am going to fanboy for a bit (or maybe a lot) here.
                            Skip to the next bolded underline if you just want verdict part.


                            GUYS GUYS GUYS!

                            YOU CAN’T EVEN COMPREHEND HOW PERFECT THIS IS!!!

                            I’ve said it before, but this fight is my number one most wanted episode of all time, and while I’m a little disappointed it’s not being handled by Torrian, I’m more than happy to give it to Zack and Kervin to handle. Plus, the fact that it isn’t being done by Torrian led to something I always wanted: to not expect it when it got announced. I was guessing some fighting game match or something would be coming after Crash VS Spyro, but instead we got THIS! And it’s awesome and I love that it for that!

                            Not only that, but I’m getting my dream voice actor for Pit! I thought from the first moment I heard My Hero Academia in the dub and the voice actor on ya boi Izuku, it sounded exactly like Pit. And I guess Marissa and Ben thought so too, because they got him!

                            Look at the date. Fucking GOT EEEM WOOOOOOOOO!
                            No disrespect to Bryce Papenbrook though. Love him too! And I definitely think he’ll do a good job at fitting the bill of Sora. I never really figured who they could get for him, due to how “unique” his voice sounds, but I’m all for this one!

                            The timing is also almost too perfect for me to believe they didn’t know. I’ve wanted this fight since I got Kid Icarus Uprising five years ago on April 30th, 2013. I first joined on May 1st, 2014. My favorite character won a Death Battle last year on May 1st, 2017. And now my most wanted episode is coming out April 30th. There’s NO WAY something isn’t going on there. And if there really isn’t, holy shit. Not to brag, but is it possible to be jealous of your own luck?

                            Just pleeeaaase let it live up to the hype. This is the most excited I’ve seen the communities I hang out with in quite a while, so I really hope we can get a spectacle. It doesn’t need to include everything for them. I’d be satisfied with just going Kingdom Key and Drive Forms for Sora, Palutena’s Bow and Three Sacred Treasures for Pit, but give us more than some bare minimum only Kingdom Key and Palutena Bow. And make sure there’s good dialogue. And hopefully the fight animation is at least two and a half minutes long from “FIGHT!” to the kill blow.


                            Alright. Let’s get down to business.

                            I’m gonna start this off first of all by saying that this match is obviously fairly reminiscent of Link VS Cloud in how customizable they get, and figuring out their arsenal past player influence can be a bit tricky. Gut feeling says that in terms of magics/powers, they’ll go for the standard “here’s a powerful one, here’s a healing one, here’s a defensive one”, and I’ll throw in one of each weapon type for Pit, plus Three Sacred Treasures and Palutena (voiced by Marissa Lenti) while Sora gets Kingdom Key, Two Become One and/or Ultima Weapon and Drive Forms.

                            I am by no means claiming that this is how it should be done, that this is how it will be done in the episode, or anything like that. This is just what I’m going with for this blog as an idea of “this is probably pretty rational to give them”. Call it a middle ground or something idk. Y’all can compare me to the other verdicts and see how they’re doing it.

                            And in case you’re wondering about the things like their magic sets clearly going over the limit of what they’re typically allowed or Pit getting all nine weapons at once, I’m running it off of some Pokemon logic with how those movesets are incorporated into VS despite the four move limit. There’s way too much to figure out with limiting it to just those so few that it’s just a lot better to go all-in instead.

                            Anyways, I’d say in terms of overall arsenal, Pit takes the edge over Sora with moderate ease. Sora might be getting three Keyblades, but they’re all wielded the same way with one fighting style along three weapons with varying degrees of power. Meanwhile, each of Pit’s nine weapons come with varying degrees of speed, melee power, firepower, homing ability, and more, which means Sora will have a lot more adapting to do between each weapon. Palutena’s guidance would also probably be useful for figuring out what weapon would best suit battling Sora. My guess? Keep to a distance with the Power of Flight and keep taking potshots with a Staff or Bow. I’d say if it were one or the other, probably Bow as Pit is probably more comfortable with it and the homing it offers would probably be a lot more useful for targeting someone who won’t be standing still. If he fires ranged attacks, use Guardian Orbitars to reflect them back and stuff.

                            Problem is, Pit can only keep that up for so long before the Power of Flight runs out, and five minutes is not nearly enough to make it work. Not least of all when Sora can Flowmotion, High Jump and also fly to just get up to Pit anyways and keep the heat going. And the furthest range Pit gets on the best Staffs and Clubs is around 100m, which is about the size of Big Ben. And we saw Sora just deadass run up a building that I’d be willing to place around that size, given how far they were off the ground, in a matter of seconds. And this is pre-flowmotion too, which I’m sure a lot of people used to scale big buildings fast in DDD.

                            But hey, let’s assume there’s nothing around for Sora to work with to get up there. Even if Sora can’t get up there somehow, he’s still more than capable of just keeping Pit busy by running around the field, blocking attacks, shooting his own, and then healing if too much hits him. Power of Flight isn’t beating that.

                            Pit may also have some more “useful” power-ups provided, like Super Armor and Effect Recovery, but those are still only going to get a limited number of uses, in comparison to Sora who just needs to wait a few seconds to recharge and then fire again. It allows for less spamming of Mega Lasers, but still more uses of Sonic Blade, which is a waaaay better deal if you ask me.

                            So yeah, he’ll have to stay to the ground a lot once that’s done with, so keep switching up weapons to keep Sora on his toes would be good. One minute he’s parrying a Blade, the next, Pit’s circled around behind him and clobbers him with a Club. A decent strategy that could probably go well for a bit, but eventually it gets old, and Sora will figure out ways to counter them. For instance, Guardian Orbitars aren’t particularly meant for attacking, so take that opening to get right up close to Pit and lay into him. Staffs are good at long-range, but require being kept steady for aim and stuff to be really effective, so keep running like crazy everywhere while closing the distance and getting him where he’s weak. Maybe I’m overestimating Sora’s analytic ability, but given his general strategy is just to keep the heat going all the time, and how good he is at it, I don’t think Pit will have it quite as easy doing those things as he probably hopes he’ll have.

                            So as is the usual in any kind of confrontation, when you’ve exhausted your normal stuff, you’ve gotta take a run into your trump cards. For Pit, that’s getting equipped and busting out the Three Sacred Treasures. The Wings of Pegasus will allow him limitless flight, some more projectile reflection in the Mirror Shield and some strong boi Arrows of Light. And the silver armor may do some handy work too.

                            But… Pit’s already shown all of that off to Sora by this point. He can easily get up to Pit with flight, high jump, Flowmotion, etc. Reflecting attacks? Just block them with the Keyblade, or don’t shoot anything at him. Arrows of Light be strong? Nothing some Curaga can’t fix, and nothing he still won’t be able to block and get around with all his mobility options. Homing’s good, but not that good.

                            And if you think I’ve been giving Sora a benefit of a doubt up until now, I’ll say I disagree. I think Pit’s the one who I’ve really been giving it super easy to so far.

                            No mention of Sora’s drive forms to increase all those abilities. No mention of Thundaga to just instantaneously hit Pit in the air or on the ground. No mention of Stopga to freeze time for more than enough to unleash a Sonic Blade, Ragnarok or Trinity Limit. This is all with the Kingdom Key, no Ultima Weapon. And no combination of Palutena, flight abilities and projectile reflection is gonna save Pit from all that power.

                            And there‘s the keyword that ultimately confirms that Sora’s having barbecued angel wings for supper, ladies and gentlemen. Power. Let’s talk about stats.

                            Now, I’ll give Pit the speed advantage here, due to all the Lightning Chariot-riding, speed of lightning Phosphora-fighting, moon laser-dodging stuff that he has a tendency to do (even if the latter has been called into question for some reasons) which I think beats out most of what Sora does. But as we saw just two episodes, speed doesn’t much for you if you can’t hurt the guy you’re fighting. Let’s do a little comparison here between the two strongest enemies these two have beaten.

                            Pit defeated Hades, who could make mountains just by jumping and breaking the ground beneath his feet, and he said that he was going to “decimate a country or two” in his battle with Pit, implying a fairly small timeframe. So let’s be super generous and call Hades country level. Pit finished off the Lord of the Underworld by letting Palutena charge a bunch of energy into said cannon while Viridi helped him fly through the Power of Flight. So… Pit defeating Hades doesn’t even do much for his stats in the end. Not least of all when he’s not even getting the Great Sacred Treasure in the first place. Wanna know why Pit got the Great Sacred Treasure in the first place?

                            Because Mr. Underworld here put the Three Sacred Treasures out with, that’s right folks, a literal breath. Wanna know what Sora has in comparison?

                            Defeating Xemnas, who had the power of Kingdom Hearts, which created… absorbed… included… something along those lines I’m not remembering which one… the worlds that Sora visited. And these are actual planets. They make references to countries and such in some of them, meaning they’re a lot bigger than whatever city Sora just dropped in it. And even if you say “he had help from Riku so he’s not planet level”, it would still have to be like, what? Moon level? That’s something Pit definitely isn’t competing against. Not unless you want to say Arlon was moon level, which I wouldn’t, given that the Lunar Sanctum still had a generator and stuff, meaning it couldn’t have all been him. Also not unless you want to say that Hades’ comment about Pit being the most powerful Nintendo character of all time should be taken seriously, which I would not do.

                            Oh yeah, and let’s keep in mind. Hades’ breath took out the Three Sacred Treasures. So Sora should definitely be able to take them out too. Goodbye trump cards, back to the regular stuff, and our resident angel boy is finished.

                            But hey! With any luck and the power of head canons, our angel boy will have just learned to maybe not put that many hearts in the Fiend’s Cauldron. Then Pit can just get revived by Palutena, and our two good boys can go get some ice cream somewhere with an intense bromance having been formed.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: “Sky’s the Limit” (also the name of a good Persona OP)


                            So in the interim between Jotaro vs. Kenshiro and Crash vs. Spyro, I took two days to watch this show called My Hero Academia. It’s the absolute best. I love it.

                            Also, NXT Takeovers are great. Just watch both of those things. Maybe after you read this blog.

                            Watch Infinity War, too. Actually, give me one minute to quickly express my thoughts on that:

                            One thing that movie has in common with the show is that (*joke taken out because it pertains to Infinity War spoilers and the powers that be who run this blog request I don’t say what happens*).

                            Dear, that’s a pity. Hold on.

                            That’s a good game. Play it. I digress. (Also, yes - the ultimate spoiler is that Wolverine, Psylocke, Magneto, Juggernaut, Shuma-Gorath, Blackheart and Doctor Doom are in Infinity War.)

                            Well, congratulations to my friends here who have wanted this fight to happen for (*insert specified length of time here*). I personally don’t like it as much as the others, but Sora and Pit are two swell bros, and putting together what is probably our longest blog to date has been a fun ride.

                            Also, one more quick aside: BRYCE PAPENBROOK AS SORA AND JUSTIN BRINER AS PIT.

                            The first issue when it comes down to this fight is probably the stat difference. On the surface, it seems that both of them have seemingly equal showings, and have defeated various foes that have forced them to fight different kinds of battles so they aren’t lacking in terms of varying opponents. However, closer inspection shows that Sora has the edge when it comes to ⅔ of the trinity. You only really need to look at everything he does in the final boss battle of Kingdom Hearts II to see why.

                            Okay, that seems vague, so time to elaborate. At his strongest but without access to any of the Sacred Treasures, Pit has beaten Medusa several times, destroyed the Aurum Base and is stated to have enough power on his own to kill Palutena if he wanted to. With the Sacred Treasures, he managed to beat Hades - someone above Palutena and Medusa - in a fight where they destroyed mountains, and that was only after the Great Sacred Treasure got wrecked, which required Palutena to intervene on Pit’s behalf to get the final blow in.

                            Time for the competition. By the end of his own second game, Sora and Riku draw out a long, hard-fight win against Xemnas, who at that point had managed to partially absorb the power of Kingdom Hearts. As a reminder, Kingdom Hearts at its peak managed to restore all of the worlds ravaged by the Heartless during the first title, and each of those worlds is comparable to a planet all on their own. Last I checked, planets are supposed to be bigger than mountains, and scaling this way confirms Sora’s advantage in terms of strength and defense. This is all without mentioning a few more ridiculous feats and such which Sora can scale to - those I’ll leave for the rest of my partners here to explain.

                            At the very least, Pit takes the speed category handily. His travel speeds and reactions are faster than light thanks to showings like the time where he traveled the solar system, which can be considered better than Sora beating the Lingering Will, who used Terra’s Keyblade Glider in their fight - the same vehicle Terra and his friends used to travel between worlds in Birth by Sleep. He also has a great mobility advantage thanks to his ability to fly and engage in aerial combat a lot more than Sora.

                            Things look bleak for Pit a bit, but surely his gear could allow him to keep up, right? True, Pit’s entire arsenal - assuming he gets one of each weapon type from Uprising, Palutena’s Bow, each Divine Power and the Sacred Treasures - sort of dwarfs Sora’s - again, assuming that he gets probably a single Keyblade to his own and every possible spell and ability in addition to his Drive Forms. Key word there is “sort of”, though; while Pit indeed has the larger arsenal, the amount of stuff Sora has is almost around that level, and the things he has hard-counter Pit’s own equivalents a lot.

                            (Side note: Those assumptions are based on what I personally think Death Battle is likely to give both of them in the episode proper.)

                            First, let’s compare Sora’s spells and abilities to Pit’s Powers. Both have a fair amount of tools for them to recover lost health (Curaga, Health Recovery) and negative status effects (Esuna, Effect Recovery). Both also have access to attacks which inflict similar status ailments, like Poison, Burn, Freeze, Sleep, Petrification and transformation spells which render the other helpless. Pit does have more ranged options here, and it’s likely that attacks such as Mega Laser, Heavenly Light and Explosive Flame could net him a good shot at Sora, especially given the speed advantage.

                            However, Sora still edges out. Yes, he’ll have some trouble if Pit forces a long-ranged fight, but the reason his magic is better is because it’s reliant on MP which Sora can naturally recover over the course of a fight; even if you decide to follow the Command Deck system instead, all he’d suffer from is a cooldown period whereas Pit only has a finite amount of uses for each Power. Hell, remember that some of the attacks we’ve given Sora here like Salvation not only deal damage, but heal him as well.

                            Even if Pit tries to petrify him or transform him into an idol or eggplant, Sora has shown some innate resistance to being transformed into weaker forms, like cards and dice in his fight with Luxord. He’s managed to even fight in those kinds of states, and return back to normal after a set amount of time passes with no major issues. While he is relatively a lot weaker, it’s a lot better compared to Pit being absolutely helpless when enemies turn those same tactics against him. There’s also the fact that Sora is rocking equipment and accessories which boost his defenses towards status ailments, something that Pit has no true equivalent to.

                            Next, we have melee combat: Sora’s Keyblade vs. Pit’s weapons. Assuming that Pit has access to every possible type of weapon available from Kid Icarus Uprising, he’s definitely a lot more versatile when it comes to options. Sora on the other hand is a one-trick pony with his Keyblade, preferring the use of the many attacks we’ve listed above and his Limit Breaks. That’d be a disadvantage, but when that one trick is being able to do almost anything thanks to your holy weapon of destiny, he should be able to hold his own against Pit.

                            So just to recap at this point, I’ve given Sora the edge in terms of magic, strength and defense, while giving Pit speed, mobility and versatility, and I’m being really kind to the latter for some of those advantages I’ve stated. Sora boasts a lot of power to the point where he can easily win in a few hits, and Pit being able to run circles around Sora isn’t worth a damn if his power can’t put the other guy down for good, forcing him to rely on his trump cards: Palutena’s Guidance and the Sacred Treasures.

                            Unfortunately, I don’t see them doing him any good enough to turn the tables around. Out of the Three Sacred Treasures Pit initially obtains, I only see the Wings of Pegasus giving him any real advantage by removing his partial reliance on Palutena’s Power of Flight. For the most part, the Arrow of Light and Mirror Shield provide decent but overall unremarkable boosts to his range game and defense, and as Hades was kind enough to demonstrate, enough power can shatter them and render them useless. Seeing as we’ve already established Sora to be above Pit and thus Hades, he could easily tear through the Treasures easily.

                            It’s highly unlikely that even the Great Sacred Treasure itself could turn the tide. Hades was able to total it, forcing Pit to rely on Palutena’s power for the one lucky strike he needed to win. Thus, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Sora to destroy it and secure his win; even if Pit was able to pull off a similar attack and somehow critically injure Sora, a quick Curaga or a transformation into any of his Drive Forms would bring him back to peak condition with a few nifty tricks, and give Sora the opening needed to capitalize on a second attempt.

                            Thus, Pit’s forced to mainly rely on Palutena to help him out, in a situation I’d compare mainly to how Iron Man got J.A.R.V.I.S. during his fight with Lex Luthor. Don’t count out any instances where she could intervene on Pit’s behalf, but don’t expect her to personally join the fight herself either. At best, she’s likely to snark and point out flaws and weaknesses in Sora’s fighting style for Pit to exploit. After all, many of Pit’s victories like the one over the Aurum Base were accomplished not by brute force, but by repeatedly attacking his opponent’s weak spot.

                            However, therein lies the flaw of his strategy: Sora has no easily exploitable weaknesses for Pit to go after, and to further enforce the massive power gap even further, remember that the grand majority of Sora’s wins were him and his allies straight-up winning fights with no frills, in addition to the whole spiel about how the Kingdom Hearts universe is just chock full of stupidly powerful things that Pit or anyone from his series, for that matter, can’t really compare to.

                            I mean, if you even factor in some of the boss fights Sora has in later Kingdom Hearts games, he’s done a good job in winning most of those fights by stealing his opponents’ weapons and turning their arsenals against them - a strategy which could be very viable against Pit.

                            Overall, all of the advantages Sora has at his disposal make it such that this is literally his fight to lose. If you really need a summary at this point, all I can say is that he really has enough to top Pit in almost every area that matters. On the plus side, Palutena can revive Pit if he dies, so the only real losers in this fight would probably be his ego and maybe all the really salty Kid Icarus folks.

                            Shit, that was long. Guess...

                            ...and for that matter, so is Pit. Sora’s taking this. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to retreat to the eldritch location from which I was spawned from.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: “Icarus's Limit”

                            Being a huge Kingdom Hearts fan as well as really Kid Icarus fan - i am really looking forward to this fight and seeing how it all pans out. I am sure the animators are going to do a great job with it and i hope that the research/analysis aspect of this fight is good as well considering this is a highly requested fight that people have been wanting to see for a while so i hope the team at DEATH BATTLE can do justice for it.

                            Now as for the fight itself. Like the previous Crash vs Spyro Verdict. I will be splitting this up into sections - taking aspects of this fight, one at a time. First of all let’s go with the obvious subject out of the way.

                            Ahh, Stats - it’s a good place to start here since that’s often what fights come down to. There are three main Stats - Strength,Speed and Durability and i will be talking about each one to see who trumps the other:


                            During the final battle of Kingdom Hearts 2 during his final battle against Xemnas - Sora was able to slice through multiple skyscrapers when fighting Xemnas. These skyscrapers are legit as DD shows that they are not hollow. While it’s rather difficult factoring in how much each Skyscraper weighs individually - according to records - an average skyscraper weighs around 22,500 tons otherwise known as 45000000 pounds and Sora managed to cut through it in one swing. Pit on the other hand is able to cut through giant sandstone boulders in one swing - the average size of a sandstone boulder is about 150 pounds but if we assume that it’s Limestone it would be around 170 pounds. Even if you highball the boulder feat that Pit has - it’s clear that Sora has the much greater striking strength than pit. Pit’s boulder feats don’t even compare to Sora’s skyscraper feat. Point for Sotra


                            This one is a fair bit closer, Sora is able to dodge lightning based attacks from Organization 13 Members - Larxene as well as Xemnas as well as being shown to block 100s of laser blasts going at him at once which was Xemnas’s final attack. The lighting feats (as well as this quote from Dream Drop Distance “You know how fast lightning is? Well, these Dream Eaters don't... because they leave it in the dust every time. They move in straight lines, though, so just make sure you stay out of their way|”.) should at the very least put Sora in the clear Massively Hypersonic Range which is between Mach 100-1000. Though certain scaling does put Sora in the FTL range (but the scaling is sketchy so i won't be counting it.  As for Pit, well he is also at the very least Massively Hypersonic as shown through his fighting against Phosphera who used lighting based attacks and Pit was able to dodge it with relative ease. There was also that one time that he flew out of the solar system in second. Saying that Pit is Faster than Light is also a bit iffy. So who wins in terms of speed - well overall it’s very close but overall i would say that Pit is slightly faster as while he has lighting dodging feats as well that solar system feat indicates that he should be faster than Sora (though it’s not a total blitz). Point for it.


                            Now let’s talk Durability,Sora is able to get hit by those skyscrapers if he fails to cut them - considering our previous mention of the skyscrapers put them around 45000000 pounds, That’s not the only durability feat worth mentioning though - Lion Sora was able to tank Earthshakers attacks who was able to very easily shake the earth with a mear step of its foot as well as being able to tank attacks from the likes of Xemnas. Pit has a few durability feats that are worth taking into consideration - he is able to tank blows from characters like Hades who are able to make the ground shake with their presence as well as being able to survive the pressure from the bottom of the sea. Keep in mind that Pit was at the very bottom of the Ocean - and yet he was fine - most of the Deep Sea is 3000 to 9000 pounds with Pit likely surviving around 9000 pounds since he was at the very bottom of the sea.Even if you highball Pit’s ocean feat to be around 9000 pounds it is still not enough to come close to Sora getting hit by Skyscrapers feat. So the point goes goes to Sora.


                            These category is not a bit iffy. In terms of how much weaponry that Pit has compared to Sora. Pit has a vast arsenal when compared to Sora. Sora has 5-6 Keyblades which while boost certain stats as well as give him certain abilities.Pit on the other hand has a vast arsenal considering of other 100 different weapons (while they are put into 12 different categories). Not only that but Pit also has other weapons and tools he has been using that give him much more versatility when compared to Sora so overall in terms of weaponry - Pit wins this category.


                            Armor is also a tricky category considering that Sora has armor in her standard form which boosts his resistances as well as stats while in his base form - Pit doesn’t really have armor in his base form. However, Pit does have armor if we are factoring in the Sacred Treasure. They give Pit - unlimited flight as well as Mirror Shield to reflect attacks. In terms of armor. The two are relatively even but Pit’s Sacred Treasures do give him a slight leg up when compared to Sora’s armor especially when considering the Great Sacred Treasure.

                            Healing Items:

                            When it comes to healing items - Sora wins this hands down - while Pit  does have ways of healing himself (especially when factoring power. Sora has simply the better healing items that will keep him alive on the battlefield as well as heal himself to full health when he is in a pinch. So yeah Sora stomps Pit in this category

                            Overall i would say that this is a fairly close but overall i would say that Pit edges out over Sora.

                            Sora and Pit both have magical abilities so let’s compare the two to see which character who has the best magical abilities. Pit has magical abilities in the forms of the Powers - Pit has many different powers (62 to be exact) which gives him powers from a giant laser to temporally invincibility. Often Pit will employ these in combat in order to enhance his own combat abilities and make him a versatile force. Sora on the other hand is able to cast multiple different types of magic from Fire,Ice,Wind,Electricity,Light,Dark,Time and the most deadly magic of all - Balloons. He can upgrade these magical spells to make them more powerful or require new ones over the course of his adventure. When it comes to versatility - Pit obviously wins - he has 62 powers all very different and helping in numerous ways. While Pit does have the versatility advantage in this category - he cannot deal with the sheer raw power of Sora’s magical abilities. Not only can he cast numerous different spells that do more damage than any of Pit’s Powers but he also has spells like Balloons that allow him to become as deadly at range then he is at close range as well as time magic that allow him to completely stop time and Pit has no way of countering this - plus there’s reflect that reflect all projectiles back as well as Cure and it’s stronger variations which heal him. Pit’s Powers may be versatility but Sora’s magic simple is more useful in combat and are simply more powerful than Pit’s powers despite having less of them so in this category - Sora definitely wins.

                            In terms of how this fight would go. While Pit does have the versatility advantage and the speed advantage - it’s not nearly enough for Pit to blitz Sora as Sora has very similar speed feats to Pit if a bit lower. Sora simply has the superior strength,durability,magic that counter Pit’s powers. Pit simply has no way to harm Sora before he heals straight up and even with Pit’s versatile weaponry - he is not going to be able to tax Sora’ MP so that he can’t heal anymore before Sora finishes him off with a fatal below. Even if you factor other categories in such as experience - Sora simply has done more impressive feats then Pit has. Overall while i like both characters, i give this fight to Sora. Looks like the Icarus is going to fall.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: “Heartless Angel”

                            Well. I can definitely say that Crash VS Spyro was an enjoyable episode. Time to see what the next one is:

                            Announces Sora VS Pit

                            ……………….huh. Ok, let’s do it.

                            First things first, GEEZ THIS BLOG IS LONG. I’ll admit that I didn’t contribute to this blog as much as I originally wanted/intended to, but I’m getting headaches by just looking at the amount of page numbers there are for this blog. I can imagine the people who spent the most amount of time working on this blog are feeling even worse about it.

                            Secondly, I just want to take the time to congratulate Blazer for getting his most wanted fight. Conveniently enough, right after I got mine. Isn’t it weird how coincidence can work in positive favors sometimes? Anyways, congrats dude.

                            Alright, time to get into it.

                            So, Sora VS Pit. While I’ve admittedly never played a game in either series, I have seen let’s plays of Kingdom Hearts 1, and I’ve played as Pit in Smash Bros. So it’s not like I don’t know these characters. And being able to at least somewhat assist this team, who spent hours and hours per day on this blog for research, I have a good idea as to what they’re capable of. So let’s get this over with. I’ll try to keep this brief.

                            Ok, I’m just gonna be blunt here, Sora’s got this handily. I’m rooting for Pit, personally, but Sora’s just got more going for him here.

                            Let’s start off generic and talk about physical stats. Starting with strength, and I’m giving this to Sora. While Pit has destroyed airships and fought Island Level beings, Sora has cut through skyscrapers in one swing, match Hercules’ strength, who can throw giants into orbit so hard they explode, defeated Sephiroth(side note: Sephiroth is way more powerful than his DB made him out to be), and defeated Jafar in his genie form. Remember, genies in Aladdin have reality warping powers and can essentially control the universe.

                            Now, before I move on to speed, I should cover what I feel about Disney and Final Fantasy characters being weaker than their canon counterparts. Now, while yes, they are in fact weaker, it’s kind of unclear by how much. Considering Sephiroth still has Supernova, and it’s still as ridiculous as it is in Final Fantasy, I can’t imagine it’s by a lot. So for the sake of keeping my sanity, instead of determining how powerful they are in Kingdom Hearts, I’m going to highball it to say they’re just as strong as they are in their canon timelines.

                            Ok, now for speed, and I’m actually going to give this to Pit. While Sora has reacted to lightning before, and scales to people who have also dodged lightning and others that reach roughly thousands of times FTL, Pit has crossed the solar system in seconds, and has shown reaction speeds in the millions of times FTL. So, it seems like Pit blitzes here, right? Well, he does, but there’s one problem:

                            While being that much faster is super helpful, it wouldn’t matter considering two things:
                            1. Sometimes your opponent can be too tough for you to kill
                            2. Maybe your opponent has ways to close the gap

                            And Sora has both.

                            Durability wise, Sora has taken hits from Xemnas, who at the time was powered by the world absorbing Kingdom Hearts(name drop). That’s unfortunately more powerful than anything Pit has ever competed against, despite fighting people like Medusa, Hades, and Palutena. Like I said, Pit’s greatest strength ranges from Island-Country level(Country is with the Three Sacred/Great Sacred Treasures).

                            As for closing the gap, Sora’s got that handled. Sora has time stopping and gravity altering spells that’ll slow Pit down pretty easily. That’s all for stats, but what about everything else? Surely Pit has something that can give him a better chance, right?

                            ……..Sorry, but no. Pit’s arsenal is MASSIVE, but so is Sora’s, and Sora’s is more useful in situations like this. Not only does Sora have the physical stats to counter a lot of Pit’s equipment, but he also has spells that can counter 90% of Pit’s equipment that his physical durability and speed can’t.

                            Now to compare support. Now, before I get into this, no, I do not mean Sora getting support from Donald and Goofy, as they are separate characters and combatants who aren’t part of Sora’s arsenal, so they won’t be counted.

                            What I mean is Pit getting assistance from Palutena and co. and Sora getting his Summons. Ok, I know how debatable it is that Sora will be getting these summons, but considering we listed it anyway, and I could see DB giving him them, I’m gonna cover it anyway. Long story short, Sora still has it.

                            Don’t get me wrong, Palutena and others helping out is great and all, but Sora’s summons can actually fight alongside him for a short amount of time. Granted, 90% of them aren’t enough to put Pit down, but the one that can(Genie) can do it in an instant if he wanted.

                            Not even giving Pit the benefit of the doubt and giving him Palutena, while excluding Sora’s summons, isn’t enough to save Pit.

                            With all that said, it’s clear to me that Sora is the clear winner of this fight, due to his superior stats(barring speed), more useful abilities and weaponry, better support, and ways to counteract his disadvantages.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: "The Angel's Key"

                            FIRST OF ALL: HAVE A ROYALTY-FREE, TACO-PATENTED TN.

                            Secondly, I just want to take this small chance to say that not only do I feel ridiculously honored to be here, but to thanks to all those who can make things like this happen. This blog, this show and even these games. All of these made the past weeks more bearable, and I thank everyone (and I mean everyone: Medd, Munch, Defect, Caffeine, and a long etc of people from like...4 servers) It really does means a lot to me, honestly in all my years I never thought I would be in one of these. But it is not time for emotional crap, you wanna see blood, but amazingly(sadly for me) my friends over here have made a great job explaining everything, so Im gonna make it simple.

                            Imagine this is the DB:

                            Sora is Sora
                            And that Riku over there is Pit.

                            That One Munchlax

                            Fight Track Name Prediction: "Light the Angel up in the Sky"

                            I just wanted to say thanks for adding me onto this blog. Oh and congratulations to Grand Blazer, Meddadius, and Animator3003 for getting to see their beautiful children murder each other in cold blood.
                            For the fight itself, I really can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said. Sora has some advantages, Pit does too. The only thing Pit’s advantages will do is prolong his inevitable destruction at the hands of Sora’s deadly magic. Yada yada yada, angel boi is screwed.

                            Oh and one last thing, Sora cannot lose this fight, he just can’t. He has someone very important to him who is waiting for his return.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: "The Key to Victory"

                            It’s pitiful that Death Battle doesn’t know the main connection to this fight, so someone should enlighten them on it. Anyway, this fight is definitely a sight for sore eyes for all of us, and this fight has been somewing I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced. Hopefully, I can treasure it as one of my favorites fights.

                            The key to Sora’s victory is just like the others said, the stat trinity and some other stuff.


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: "Hearts of Icarus"

                            YEAH, IZUKU VOICE-

                            Goodbye, Meddy!


                            Fight Track Name Prediction: "A Cruel Angel's Keysis"

                            Splendid days, my socially-inept audience! So sorry to have crashed in on poor old Medd, but worry not! I’m sure he’s in a better place… somewhere. He’s not versus-debating, that’s for certain. But enough about him, and more about ME! Hades, lord of the Underworld. Couldn’t have forgotten about me, could you? Especially not after that in-depth backstory that I didn’t at all find woefully inadequate at highlighting my importance.

                            But worry not! I’m not here to prattle on about myself. I’m here to talk about my archnemesis, Pitty Pat! Oh, I must say I’m very much looking forward to this Death Battle. Certainly not because Pitty’s going to be pounded into a pulp. I’m not that resentful over the fact that he killed me. Quite the opposite, really. I actually respect the twerp as an adversary.

                            But that Sora fellow’s quite something, isn’t he? So strong, and packing a bigger bag of magical tricks than even pretty Palutena would know what to do with! Let alone poor Pitty…  He’s also kindhearted enough to even befriend his darker self - Ugh, just saying that makes me feel a little nauseous… - And what’s more, he even defeated his OWN Hades! Charming fellow, that god, but far less handsome than yours truly.

                            Yep, I could see Sora and Pit being the very best of friends. Couldn’t you? They’re almost one and the same! Well, except for the fact that one is, you know, actually loved and respected by his peers. And has a future in video games.

                            The other one is Pitty Pat.

                            But yes, good friends in the making. Too bad they have to kill each other, am I right?

                            Hm? Who do I think will win? Why should I care? I’m just here to treat my eyes to the spectacle, and my ears to the woeful weeping of fanboys. Not like I have anything better to do... what with being dead, and all.

                            Whoever loses, the winner is me!

                            … But if I were a betting man (which I’m not, I have people to corrupt into betting for me), my hearts would be going towards Sora. Well done, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your miserable lives! And do be sure to at least try and give me a good show. TTFN!


                            1. Pit's strength revision: He and Hades collided so hard that the mountain ranges surrounding them shattered. That's a lot more than destroying a skyscraper.

                            2. honestly I would argue about Pit being FTL but seeing as Palutena's influence is allowed in this fight that point is valid, though I will also say that the footage could also be interpreted as ground shattering not mountain shattering as most of the things as tall as Hades's thigh are not breaking in the video the revision shows. I am not really seeing much in the way of ... mountains breaking. also didn't Sora beat a living mountain once, at his weakest point?

                              1. sorry can't edit, I meant to say "honestly I would normally be willing to argue about Pit being FTL"