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Death Battle Prediction: Cammy White VS Sonya Blade


And once again, we’re getting this out last minute. We apologize, but we thought the fight would take it’s usual 3 weeks to complete but turns out the wait was going to be only a week instead. Luckily, this fight has fighting game characters who are easy to study and we had some huge help from Thor Gunderson, a big MK fan who could help fill HSL’s place as school was just starting for him (HSL: “So goddamn early I might add”).  So without further ado, here’s our Cammy VS Sonya prediction blog! Enjoy!



Cammy was originally a brainwashed Shadaloo assassin active under the code-name "Killer Bee". While on a mission to eliminate Dhalsim, Dhalsim weakened Shadaloo's mind control by using telepathy. Later, Vega was sent by M. Bison, commander of Shadaloo, to destroy Cammy after sensing that Shadaloo’s mind control was becoming faulty. She swiftly defeated Vega and went to find M. Bison in search of answers.  M. Bison decided that Cammy was now useless to him and left her to be killed by two of Shadaloo's Dolls, Juni and Juli. After defeating M. Bison and the Dolls, M. Bison revealed that Cammy had just been a mere clone of himself that was created to be one of his potential vessels. He also revealed that she possessed a small fraction of his psycho power and if he were to die, she would die along with him. After defeating M. Bison, she escorted the remaining unconscious Dolls out of the base and fainted. Vega saved her life due to his compassion towards those he believed were "beautiful humans" and left her in front of a British paramilitary government organization called Delta Red.  When Cammy awoke, she had amnesia and couldn't recall any events from her life under Shadaloo's control.  Delta Red decided to take her in, giving her a job as one of their agents. In spite of her amnesia, she still was capable of using all the fighting skills and abilities that she had learned from Shadaloo, which made her a key member of Delta Red. When the second World Warrior tournament was announced and Cammy heard Bison was participating in it, she instantly joined due to feeling a past connection with him. After encountering Bison a second time, he revealed to her that she was once an assassin for Shadaloo and that he had planned to use her to infiltrate Delta Red from the beginning, but hadn't counted on her losing her memory. She later rejoined Delta Red and now works to defeat Shadaloo for good, which recently happened in the events of Street Fighter V.


As a girl, Sonya idolized her father, Major Herman Blade of the U.S. Marines. When he embarked on a covert operation and died in battle, she vowed to honor his memory and become a U.S. Marine herself. From the moment she joined the Marines, Sonya pushed herself hard, quickly rising in the Marine Corp.  Due to her hot-headed nature, Sonya's impulsiveness didn't win many friends growing up or in the Marines, but her skills and loyalty gained the respect and admiration of all who fought with her. What drove her was her never ending quest to find out what truly happened to her father all those years ago. After many years in the Marines, Sonya found herself caught up in the mysterious Mortal Kombat tournament, hoping to rescue her missing partner Jax. While Shang Tsung explained the tournament process, Sonya met movie star Johnny Cage. During the explanation, Cage hit on Sonya, who was annoyed by his showboating nature. After witnessing Cage's victories over Reptile and Baraka, Sonya left to search for Jax, who was being held prisoner by Shang Tsung. Johnny Cage caught up with her on the bridge high above a place called the Pit.  Not letting up on his amorous advances, Johnny soon found himself in a fight with the lady Marine, who had had enough of his unnecessary distractions. In the ensuing fight, Sonya ultimately lost to Cage, who is was thereafter thrown off the bridge by another Mortal Kombat competitor, Kano, from behind. Kano then confronted Sonya and was about to kill her when Cage made his way back onto the bridge, having managed to save himself by grabbing onto the edge. Cage then fought Kano to save Sonya, earning victory and Sonya’s respect.  The two would later marry and have a child, Cassie Cage, before eventually divorcing.  Sonya was able to rescue her partner Jax and became a force of good for the fighters of Earthrealm, rising to the rank of General in Earthrealm’s special forces.



  • Spiral Arrow: This is Cammy’s most famous attack and the one she uses the most throughout the series. Cammy strikes the foe with a drill-like spin attack.
  • Cannon Spike: Cammy launches in the air leg first for a singular, powerful strike that often overpowers any other aerial strike
  • Cannon Strike: This is the downwards version of Cannon Spike. It makes for a great combo starter.
  • Quick Spin Knuckle: Cammy spins and then hits the foe with a punch. It is able to go past any projectile.
  • Hooligan Combination: Cammy spins into the air while curled into a fetal position in an arc.  She can follow this move up with several more attacks. Razor Edge Slicer, which is a sliding kick. Fatal Leg Twister, in which she grabs the foe and slams them down.  Finally, there is the Cross Scissors Pressure in which Cammy will grab the opponent from midair via hooking one of their legs over them and crossing them in between both of their legs as a result. Then she spins them through the air in an arc and finally pins them to the ground while jumping off.
  • Strike Back: This is Cammy’s V-Reversal and allows her to block an opponent’s attack, then rise into the air, moving past them, and finally turn around mid-air to deliver a powerful kick to the opponent’s back, knocking them to the ground..
  • Psycho Streak: Cammy salutes and says "Yes sir!" and somehow creates (presumably with Psycho Power) an M. Bison clone who performs his Psycho Crusher. Post SFA3 she probably does not have this move anymore.
  • Target Strike: Cammy turns and then performs a diagonal down-forward one-legged driving kick
  • Killer Bee Stinger: Cammy performs a spinning handstand kick, then thrusts her legs diagonally upward to launch the opponent into the air.


  • Energy Rings: Clanging her wrists together, she sends out pink ring-like projectiles towards her opponent. Works in one or two round bursts at varying heights.
  • Leg Grab: Sonya does a handstand and grabs her opponent with her feet, then slams them to the ground behind her, often following it up by grabbing them by the feet and slamming them back down.
  • Face Planter: Sonya takes off into the air and flies across the screen with a punch to strike aerial opponents.
  • Inverted Bicycle Kick: Sonya rises into the air with a series of kicks to her opponent.
  • Kartwheel: Sonya performs a cartwheel at her opponent, kicking them on impact.
  • Flying Kick: Sonya flies across the screen with a kick to the opponent's torso.
  • Kiss: Sonya blows a kiss that stuns the opponent by irritating their eyes, seemingly by coating her lips in acid or something.
  • Armed Forces: Sonya crouches down and releases a purplish pink projectile from her hands at the opponent.
  • Arc Kick: Sonya performs a kick that arcs through the air, enabling her to hit the opponent in the air or on the ground. Hits more times the further away an opponent is.
  • Air Drop: Sonya does a straight, downwards kick after jumping in the air.  Can hit multiple times.
  • Garrote Parry: Sonya extends her garrote in front of herself to parry high punches or kicks. If the opponent strikes her with one of these, she will wrap their wrist or ankle with the garrote and be allowed to strike them in two different ways before they break free.
  • Eagle Strike: Sonya turns her opponent around and strikes them to make them kneel, then throws them in the air with a knee to their back and finally punches them to the ground in mid-air.
  • Freedom Strike: Sonya wraps the garrote around the opponent's neck to throw them over her and slam them on the ground behind her. As they stand up, still stunned by the strike, she punches them away.
  • Frag Grenade: Sonya throws a frag grenade at the opponent, and it explodes after a short time, launching them in the air. There are close, medium and far versions of this move, and the grenade can be detonated prematurely with Detonate.
  • Stun Grenade: Sonya throws a stun grenade at the opponent, and it explodes after a short time, electrocuting them. As with the Frag Grenades, there are close, medium and far versions of this move, and the grenade can be detonated prematurely with Detonate.
  • Drone Drop: A flying drone appears to give Sonya more grenades, always leaving her with the total of three. Can also fire Grenades at foes.


While she prefers using her fists and feet due to her assassination training/military training, she can and has used weapons occasionally.


In the Street Fighter Animated Movie she used a garrote. She can use this garrote to choke out foes.


One of her favourite hobbies post SFA3 is throwing knives. She is extremely skilled with knives but prefers not to use them while in combat.

In the spin-off Canon Strike, Cammy carried two submachine guns which she used for ranged combat. Due to her assassination training it is likely she can use other weapons such as sniper rifles and pistols but prefers to go hand-to-hand.


Sonya can call in a drone, which will float next to her until a command is given. It can fire bullets, grenades, homing missiles, plasma, lasers and has a kamikaze attack where it flies into her foe at top speeds before self destructing

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 7.12.05 PM.png
Though rarely ever used in gameplay, Sonya is known to use pistols, machine guns and shotguns in cutscenes
Sonya carries several types of grenades ranging from flash-bangs, stun and shrapnel grenades.

She carries a garrote wire which she is incredibly skilled with, the wire has shown capable of easily decapitating a human being.

Sonya’s gauntlets are able to fire rings and beams of plasma, these beams are hot enough to instantly cauterize a massive amputation wound.

Super Moves/Fatalities

  • Reverse Shaft Breaker: This is an improved version of the Spiral Arrow as not only is it an upwards strike but it is also multi-hitting.
  • Killer Bee Stinger: Her super move in Marvel vs Capcom. Cammy spins a bit, striking the foe before sending them airborne. She then grabs them from the air and slams them on the ground.
  • Gyro Drive Smasher:  Cammy starts off by crouching low. She then proceeds to perform a Spiral Arrow and "spin-a-roony" kick, followed by a Cannon Spike.  Cammy will then leap into the air, grabbing her opponent by the collar or shoulders; as she reaches the peak of her jump upside-down, she will spin around, then fall, driving her foe into the ground while straddling them, performing a neckbreaker
  • CQC (Cammy Quick Combination): Cammy goes into her counter stance. If the opponent strikes her, she counters by flipping onto their shoulders and snapping their neck. She then takes them down and snaps their arm with a reverse armlock. To top it all off, she spins the opponent around, grabs them by the neck, and brutally twists it.
  • Delta Drive: Her V-Trigger - it gives her a large increase in speed and certain moves performed by Cammy get much stronger than they were before.
  • Cross Stringer Assault: Cammy leaps backwards into the air and performs a Cannon Strike. If successful, Cammy launches the opponent into the air and strikes them with several aerial kicks, finishing with a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow. In total the move has 20 hits.


  • X-Ray Move - SF Beat Down: Sonya initiates her X-Ray Move with a series of punches and kicks (two of each) which, if any one (all, in some cases) of them lands, she then performs a leg grab on the opponent's neck, snaps it, then she uses the inverted bicycle kick and slams him/her on the ground head first, breaking their skull and neck.
  • X-Ray Move - Special Forces: Sonya begins her X-Ray Move by throwing pink dust in front of the opponent, blinding them when they come in to strike her, before wrapping her garrote around the opponent and pulling them down on their back, like in her Kut-Throat Fatality, snapping their spine. She then snaps back with a punishing reverse headbutt, breaking the back of their skull and then ends it by throwing her opponent forward, head first, breaking their neck.
  • Fire Kiss: This fatality has been Sonya's trademark fatality ever since MK. She blows a flaming kiss in the direction of her opponent, burning him/her alive.
  • Crush Kiss: Another variation of this fatality was found in Mortal Kombat 3, in which she would once again blow a kiss and an amazing purple, glowing orb would be hurled towards an opponent, crushing the opponent and leaving behind a pile of blood and bones.
  • Slice Kiss: The kiss returns with a different style. She conjures an energy ball that destroys the opponent's upper torso once it makes contact.
  • Scissor Split: Sonya performs her leg grab trademark move and grabs her opponent with her legs, holding them high momentarily before ripping the body apart by splitting her legs.
  • Poison Kiss: The kiss once again returns and this time, with a sadistic new style. Sonya exhales a mystical poisonous mist at her opponent (complete with Valentine hearts), causing him/her to choke and vomit food twice and blood once. While the opponent is distracted by the vomiting, Sonya jumps in the air and stomps on her opponent's back, causing their head to explode. In the Game Boy Advance version, the stomp results in the opponent's organs bursting out instead of their head exploding.
  • Kut-Throat: Sonya gets a garrote wire, puts it at her opponent's throat and flips over their head. She then decapitates their head with some tugs.
  • Target Marked: Sonya shoves a smoke grenade into her opponent's mouth. Afterwards, she summons an attack drone with her wrist device. It shoots out a pair of lasers that cut off the opponent's arms and a rocket that homes onto the smoke marker, blowing up the head. The rest of the body then falls over.
  • Head Hunter: Sonya wraps her garrote wire around the back of her opponent's neck and knees his/her head upward, decapitating him/her. While the head is in the air, a drone shoots at it until it is reduced to a bloody skull. Sonya then catches the skull and attaches it to her belt as a trophy.

  • Defeated Vega, Decapre and Sakura
  • “Defeated” M.Bison (it’s incredibly obvious he was holding back)
  • Was able to keep up with Juri for a short time, though Juri wasn’t even trying and still only needed a few shots to paralyze her
  • Lost to Chun Li in Udon comics (It’s arguable as to whether or not Cammy would actually scale to her from this considering she didn’t give Chun Li a scratch while Chun Li beat the everloving shit out of her, and even if she did, Udon is a non-canon continuity where Chun Li’s Kikosho feat doesn’t apply)
  • Is strong enough to fight the likes of Dhalsim, though she didn’t technically win
  • Is fast enough to dodge gunfire with ease
  • Is able to bullet time with ease
  • Has never died in the SF Series
  • Defeated Zangief
  • Was once claimed by M.Bison to be able to destroy an entire country in Alpha (though this is likely hyperbole or he meant it in a different way that didn’t involve busting)


  • Defeated Kitana and Jade simultaneously
  • Spotted Kano while he was holographically disguised as an old woman refugee (such a chiseled old woman, who else could it have been?...)
  • Defeated both Sub-Zero’s (Bi-Han and Kuai Liang)
  • Defeated Jax as a Revenant
  • Defeated Scorpion while in the Netherrealm
  • Defeated Quan Chi, beat him almost completely to death, and destroyed his nuts (Quan Chi scales to restricted Raiden who has Multi-City-Block level feats)
  • Has beaten Kano numerous times
  • Killed Kintaro in the comics, but only while powered by blood magic
  • Has only died once in all the canon Mortal Kombat games
  • At one point lifted and carried an armless Jax all the way out of Outworld
  • Can bullet time through scaling
  • Rescued Jax from Shang Tsung’s captivity
  • Endured being kicked through a stone gargoyle
  • She pinned down D’Vorah and held her at gunpoint
  • Shot and wounded Kotal Kahn
  • Tanked a shot from Raiden though he likely wasn’t intending to hurt her
  • However, survived a shot from a bloodlusted, possessed Raiden, although it knocked her out cold

Image result for Cammy White male cosplay
The boners I have killed today...

Here’s the thing about Cammy, while she may be the queen at quick, short range attacks - her ranged game is severally lacking as she has no projectiles and needs to get close in order to do damage. While she is a speedster and one of the quickest fighters in the SF universe, she’s also frail.  Compared to many other Street Fighters, if she gets hit it’s going to do a significant amount of damage to her.


While Sonya is an extremely skilled fighter, she can be hot-headed at times, causing her to make some fatal errors. She can let her anger and frustration get the better of her and has been shown to lash out in anger at those who didn’t deserve it...and Johnny Cage. Plus she went to the Jotaro Kujo school of parenting as she’s extremely distant when it comes to Cassie Cage. Sonya shares Cammy’s weakness of being a frail fighter and a couple of good attacks will knock her out.


Cammy White

Age: 21
Height: 5’5” (154 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Affiliations: Shadaloo (previously), Delta Red
Fighting styles: Special Forces training
Powers and Abilities: Limited cloning ability, energy manipulation (in the form of Chi/Ki and Psycho Power)
Attack Potency: Large Town level (On the level of Chun-Li)
Speed: Supersonic+ (Able to dodge gunfire at close distance)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman+
Durability: Large Town level (Survived a casual beating from a weakened Juri who wasn’t trying)

  • Stronger
  • Likely faster
  • Better in close quarters combat
  • Her knowledge of supernatural powers will keep her from being taken off guard by Sonya’s magic
  • Has an understanding of weaponry and firearms

  • Not counting non-canon games, has no weapons other than throwing knives
  • Will have to deal with not only Sonya but some drones as well, making this not a strictly one-on-one match
  • Has no real counter for the Kiss of Death’s poison effect
  • Is completely outclassed when it comes to ranged options
  • Lacks the amount of experience Sonya has
  • Extremely predictable moveset compared to Sonya’s

Sonya Blade

Age: 26 (MK1),  ~50 (MKX)
Height: 5’9” (175 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Affiliations: United States Marine Corp (USMC), Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA)
Fighting styles: Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do
Attack Potency: Building level, possibly higher
Speed: Supersonic+ (Superior to people who have intercepted bullets)
Durability: Building level, possibly higher

  • While Sonya fails to match in CQC, she makes up for it with heavy ranged weaponry and parries
  • Multiple drones make the fight a lot harder for Sonya to win
  • Kiss of Death is extremely versatile and its poison properties should be lethal
  • Has decades more experience
  • Has a better track record

  • Weaker
  • Likely Slower
  • Less skilled in CQC


Malcolm Belmont

So out of these two beautiful blond badasses, who wins? Well, I personally consider this fight to be a close one but I do have a winner in mind for this fight.  Like, say, Ivy vs Orchid, this matchup comes down to a battle between long range and short range. Cammy is clearly a short range fighter - she basically has no projectiles and requires to get in close in order do some real damage.  Sonya’s speciality is close range, but unlike Cammy, she has some fairly good ranged attacks which she can use to take out Cammy from a distance.  Her drones especially are extremely useful for taking out foes from a distance so you might think that Sonya Blade would simply just stay out of Cammy’s range and fire away at her until she died - ergo making her the winner of this matchup. Well, you would be wrong - Cammy is a short ranged fighter and a speedster.  She does have ways to get through Sonya’s range arsenal due to her athletic ability and the spin knuckle attack which, might I add, is able to pass through projectiles with ease and once Cammy gets in close there is no stopping her. Due to the fact that Cammy is far faster and stronger then Sonya she will be able to get in close and absolutely destroy Sonya at close range thanks to her Delta Drive which already increases her insane speed and her super moves (which are very easy for Cammy to use at close range) plus, even if Sonya tries to fight back, Cammy has counters for her such as her CQC Super.  If Sonya manages to stay at range then yes, she can beat Cammy, but Cammy can very easily get into close range and literally wreck Sonya’s shit so in this matchup between these two characters Sonya cannot match Cammy’s speed and strength. So in my opinion Cammy wins.



Man, I am so excited to be here, and I’m excited for this match. It has simply been too long since we had a fighting game character. For those of you not keeping score, the last time we had a fighting game character was Hercule VS Dan ago, and the last time we had a fight between two of them was Ragna VS Sol ago, jeez. So I LOVE Mortal Kombat, it has been one of, if not my favorite, game franchises since I was 5 years old, and Sonya has always been a really strong character in it. That being said when you look at the stats, Sonya can dodge bullets and can take and dish out enough force to destroy a city block, while Cammy is Massively Hypersonic and can take and dish out enough force to level an entire town. This really shows the difference between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat as a whole. Mortal Kombat is a Planet Level verse but with almost all their characters being in the Building to City Block range, while Street Fighter is a Large Island Level verse with most of their characters being in the Town to Island range.  On paper MK is more powerful but in one-on-one fights like these, SF will win almost every single time, and that is the case here. Sonya has far better range and a lot more combat experience, but at the end of the the day she is simply not powerful enough to hurt Cammy, not fast enough to hit Cammy and not durable enough to survive Cammy.  Therefore Cammy winning is inevitable.


Unlike the last fight, I’m a little uneducated when it comes to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I’ve played many of the games, especially the Mortal Kombat ones, but I’m a little rusty about the lore and achievements of the characters within either franchise, especially when it comes to Street Fighter. Still, having gone over my colleagues’ notes, I may have to place my bets on Cammy for this one. Not to sound like a parrot echoing what the others have said already, but while Sonya does have more military experience and has a better advantage with ranged attacks, Cammy has shown to dominate in close combat (with a few exceptions here and there depending on her opponent). If Sonya keeps her distance, she might have a chance, but Cammy’s lack of long range attacks and her experience with going up against opponents with ranged attacks suggests to me that she should be experienced enough to avoid them while closing the gap between her and her opponent. I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn out to be wrong, but I’m confident enough to put my money on Cammy for this one.


Cammy’s better CQC skill is just the icing on the cake for how she wins this match. Being better in all three stats of the stat trinity (strength, durability, speed) would be enough on its own to win. Skill only makes a difference when the stat difference is negligible or the person with skill has some hax that can’t be defended against. Kenshiro’s not going to be able to kill Godzilla with pressure points for example. The only thing Sonya has going for her in the way of hax is the kiss of death and considering Cammy’s speed it is exceedingly unlikely for her to ever get tagged by it. Sonya’s drones don’t make much of a difference at all as Cammy could fodderize them. At the end of the day Cammy has more than what’s necessary to beat her opponent. So she wins.

Kirby Kid

As the others have pointed out, this is another one of those range vs close up brawler fights DEATH BATTLE has had MANY of. Don't get me wrong, both are really good up close fighters, but in terms of who's better up close and personal, that would have to go to Cammy. She's casually dashed around bullets and zips around in the air so fast with her drill attack it definitely makes her a forced to be reckoned with up close. Sonya up close doesn't really have anything close to as flashy and powerful as Cammy does up close, leaving her at a bit of a disadvantage even regarding her experience as a fighter. Range is where Sonya excels at the most, with her drones she'll be capable of keeping Cammy at bay enough to get some good hits in and stall Cammy for a good amount of time. But in my opinion, Cammy is strong enough AND fast enough I might add to take her drones down in an instant and continue the fight up close with her faster than the eye can see movement speed. This is a pretty close match but I think the odds are leaning more towards Cammy only for her status as an intense close up fighter. My vote goes to Cammy.


I have to echo ShadowGlyde here, in that while I've had some experience with both of these series, I'm not as familiar with them as I'd like to be. That being said, from what I do know and from what I've read recently, I'm inclined to believe Cammy will be taking the victory in this upcoming match. This is a fight between two very straight forward fighters and by that I mean they don't have much in the way of hax or special abilities; they're martial artists that rely on the physical moves of hand-to-hand (or foot-to-foot) combat as their bread and butter. In fights like these, differences in physical stats are very important and it seems Cammy has a notable edge in all the physical stats over Sonya. Sonya's primary advantages seemed to be ranged superiority and the possibility of her Kiss of Death being able to poison and thus incapacitate and/or maybe even kill Cammy. I'll talk about these one at a time.

First, Sonya's ranged weapons, her drones, grenades, energy blasts, etc. A ranged advantage is only significant if a) the ranged attack poses a threat and b) the ranged attacker has a way to keep their opponent at range (usually through a significant speed advantage or by trapping their opponent). Looking at the power of Sonya's attacks, if they are able to pose a threat to Cammy, they're not a very big one. We're not looking at a one-shot scenario here from these ranged weapons. Sonya doesn't seem to have a significant speed advantage over Cammy. In fact, Cammy seems to be at least a bit faster than Sonya. Further still, I think it's worth noting that while Cammy has almost no ranged options, she's excelled as a close quarters combat specialist in a world where most of her opponents have ranged attack methods to use against her. I wouldn't really consider ranger superiority much of an advantage when you're facing someone who's spent their life dealing with overcoming that weakness, and once Cammy's closed the gap (remember her equal or superior speed), this becomes even less of a factor in determining the victor.

Now, I'm not so sure about the Kiss of Death. As far as I know, Cammy doesn't have a superhuman resistance to toxins, so it stands to reason that she could be poisoned by it. I could see Cammy potentially using her speed and quick reflexes to avoid the Kiss. Though if Sonya does land it, it may very well be lights out for Ms. White. Still, since this one trick is all I see Sonya having as a possible win condition, I think Cammy is the much safer bet, as all Cammy needs is to get in close and do her thing, something Sonya will be very hard-pressed to prevent.


  1. WELP...That's kind of a slap to the face, huh? I's Dante vs Bayonetta and Bowser vs Ganondorf all over again.

  2. Not necessarily. They did say this was a close fight and could go either way, it's not a complete stomp like those two, so it's not that much of a stretch for it to go the other way.

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  4. Oh my god...

    Great. Just fucking great! Now people will refer to you assholes whenever a fight goes in a way that you douchebags didn't predict, and use that to claim that 'Ben nd Chad r idiots hoo shud b replased by teh reserch teem'

    I am not happy about this.