Friday, 2 September 2016

Death Battle Predictions: Tracer VS Scout


Well, this was a surprise. Tracer VS Scout was a matchup that most people figured would happen eventually, but just about everyone figured that it would be a lot further down the line than right now. Ah well, nothing we can do about it.

Both of these characters are from very popular PC titles, they are both the respective speedsters in their group specializing in hit and run tactics, and both have a reputation of being cocky and in your face. The major difference being Tracer is a good-natured soul while The Scout mainly cares about himself and is a far cry from a hero. One is from the past while the other from the future. They may be similar at first glance, but they are very different and now it’s time to take a look at their abilities, weapons and skills to see who wins in a DEATH BATTLE.

Also we have two guests that have helped us with making this prediction blog - from the Chat of The True Masters of Chaos, it’s Mario Galaxy Man and Waverunner56. Both have helped out with the making of this blog, as well as giving their verdicts. Now with that out of the way, let’s begin.



Lena Oxton was the youngest person ever inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program (Overwatch being an international task force dedicated for peacekeeping). Known for her skill at being a pilot, she was chosen out of all the possible candidates. She was handpicked to test the prototype teleporting fighter simply known as the Slipstream. But during its first flight, something went very wrong - the aircraft's teleportation matrix malfunctioned and the teleporting fighter was presumed missing and Lena was presumed dead. However, as luck would have it, Lena was far from dead. She reappeared months later but the Slipstream incident had changed her. The molecules within herself had de-synced from the flow of time - known as "chronal disassociation" in OW. Because of this, she appeared as nothing more than a ghost, continuously disappearing from time for hours or even days at a time. She was not able to interact with anything due to having no physical form and she kept experiencing strange dreams, including one dream where she lived as a maid in a large house (theories ahoy).

Overwatch's doctors and scientists were clueless on how to help Lena and it seemed like all hope was lost, until a gorilla scientist from the moon named Winston, worked on a device that would allow Lena to have a physical form. Winston created the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping her anchored in the present as well as giving Lena the the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down at will. Having then taken up her new codename, Tracer became one of Overwatch’s top agents and a bastion of hope. However, an internal conflict began to divide the organization, and the media started to level allegations of wrongdoings to it. The public outcry and the continued conflicts inside Overwatch lead the United Nations to dismantle it by passing the Petras Act after the apparent death of John Morrison and Gabriel Reyes.

After the disbandment of Overwatch, Tracer became a solo heroine helping anyone she could. Years later, Tracer was contacted by Winston as he issued a recall order for Overwatch agents. The two would later come across Talon’s top agents, Widowmaker and Reaper and get into a fight with them after they attempted to steal an item from a museum. We don't know what the future holds for Tracer, but she’s certainly not retiring any time soon, considering she ages slowly or not at all. At least getting lost in time had some perks.

The Scout

The youngest of eight boys, The Scout grew up a poor boy on the streets and the south side of Boston, where due to his rough upbringing, he had to solve his problems with his fists rather than through talk. However, The Scout had a problem - he was the runt of the litter and his seven older brothers were far superior at fighting than him. The Scout decided to train himself to become fast enough to get into fights quicker than his seven other brothers. He trained by way of literally running everywhere. He managed to achieve his dream of getting into a real fight when he beat the pudding out of the local thugs.

It certainly wasn't an easy childhood, with the lack of money father figures, never getting to know his dad and he prefers not to talk about those things. Growing up on the streets and having a lack of support made him a wisecracking snarker, trying to take down others in order to make himself feel better about his own less-than-ideal life. The Scout’s training involved copious amounts of running and drinking thousands of drinks that included not only caffeine, but also radiation. Eventually, he realized he was much faster than a normal human. Desiring to support his mother, he decided to put his running skills to the test and become a mercenary. In Teufort, during the summer of 1968, he was hired alongside other eight individuals: The Soldier, The Pyro, The Demoman, The Engineer, The Heavy, The Medic, The Spy, and The Sniper. Their purpose was to continue the never-ending war between the brothers Redmond and Blutarch Mann.

In about 4 years and 6 months, a lot of things happened in his career as a mercenary: he became close friends with the other mercenaries, fought the creatures of the damned and got a crush on Ms. Pauling, and, unfortunately for him, found out that the Spy actually had a sexual relationship with his mother. The mercenaries were later fired after a third Mann brother, Grey, created armies of robotic clones of the Teufort Nine and put a temporary end to the brothers' conflict. Ms. Pauling later reunited the mercenaries to try and save their careers and The Scout went on many more adventures.



Pulse Pistols


The Pulse Pistols are a pair of pistols that are directly linked to Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator and shoot compressed plasma rounds. They do low damage per shot but have an extremely high fire rate, meaning that while very effective at close range, it isn’t so good at long range. The ammunition of Tracer’s Pulse Pistol is divided into 20 shots per clip, meaning that Tracer can fire 40 rounds a second. In game she can also use the Pulse Pistols to perform melee attacks.

Chronal Accelerator

The chronal accelerator (a.k.a. chronal harness) is a device created by Winston for Tracer which she wears it as a shoulder harness. It counteracts the effects of the chronal disassociation she suffers from after the Slipstream Incident to keep her anchored in the present time. In addition, it gives Tracer the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down. However, the Chronal Accelerator is not perfect as it can give out in battle due to over-usage, robbing Tracer of her abilities for about 40 seconds, but still keeping her in the present so long as it remains intact. Should it be destroyed, she will fade out of the present.

Pulse Bomb


This is Tracer’s Ultimate Attack. It is a bomb that can be attached to any surface, even on other characters. The radius is about 3m and the blast is strong enough to take out foes such as Winston in one hit and the explosion time lasts 2 seconds. It deals 400 damage and also has damage dropoff at the ends of the blast zone. It only takes 2 seconds to detonate and is able to take out large groups of enemies (especially tanks) with ease. However, in cutscenes it has been shown that if hit by a projectile it can explode before it has the chance to be stuck on the intended surface. Tracer can’t spam this attack so she has to use it sparingly.

The Scout



This is Scout’s primary weapon and the one that he uses the most in cutscenes. The scattergun is a short, double-barreled, lever-action shotgun that carries 32 shells in total and can shoot six times before needing to be reloaded, with every shot firing ten pellets. What makes the scattergun so powerful is its close range usability, as closer range means more of those deadly pellets going into the target, so the further away the Scout is from his target, the less effective this weapon will be.


The Scout’s secondary weapon. The pistol is a semi-automatic pistol that carries 32 bullets and can shoot 12 times before needing to be reloaded. The Scout can shoot 6 rounds per second. Despite being much weaker than the scattergun, it has a much greater firing speed and it reloads far faster than the scattergun. The pistol is more accurate than the scattergun and is good at medium-long ranges. It can even destroy sticky bombs.


This is Scout’s most commonly used melee weapon, so it’s being included here alongside the scattergun and pistol to round out his “standard” arsenal of weapons. The sandman is a black bat that Scout carries along with a baseball for a projectile attack. If his ball hits, the victim will be stunned for a couple of seconds, which will allow the Scout to get in and do some real damage to the enemy or do his signature taunt kill. A variation of the Sandman is the Wrap Assassin, a pitiful melee weapon that replaces the ball with a glass Christmas ornament that causes bleeding and has faster recharge time.

Flying Guillotine

A similar thrown projectile the Scout has in his arsenal as a secondary weapon is the Flying Guillotine, a butcher's knife that travels in an arc and causes bleeding. On a stunned enemy, it is a guaranteed crit, so it is a nice combo with the Sandman. Fun Fact: This weapon takes its name from a Qing Dynasty buzzsaw-like weapon that was often disguised as a hat.

The Chinese reference comes from the fact that this weapon was part of a promotion for the game Sleeping Dogs, set in Hong Kong. The Chinese characters on this weapon's hilt spell out "Dead Meat".

Bonk-Atomic Punch

If there is one thing that the Scout loves besides Mrs. Pauling and Tom Jones music, it’s caffeinated drinks. The Bonk Atomic Punch is a drink that contains several hundred times the daily recommended amount of sugar for active adults, made of water, radioactive element and sugar. It's produced by a company named "Bonk!" and comes in 2 versions; Cherry Fission and Blutonium Berry. When the Scout drinks the Bonk Atomic Punch, the radioactive elements contained within the drink makes Scout run so fast that he becomes a blur and it also makes him immune to every kind of attack for eight seconds but on the flip side, the Scout cannot attack while under its effects, not even with melee weapons. The Scout can use this multiple times, although he must wait for it to automatically refill… somehow. (It takes 1.2 seconds to drink it and get 8 seconds of invincibility, important to note)


When the Scout drinks the Bonk-Crit-A-Cola, all damage that Scout does to enemies become "Mini Crits" and deal a 30% increased damage. Also, while the Scout’s speed is not as high as when he drinks Atomic Punch, his speed is increased by 25%. However, this drink is a double-edged sword, as the Scout’s defense is lowered by 10% and after the effects of the Bonk-Crit-A-Cola have worn off, the Scout will take 30% increased damage for 2 seconds. The side effects from the drink will last for 8 seconds and while he has an unlimited amount of cans, the Scout has to wait 24 seconds before he can have another drink.

Grappling Hook

This is a tool used in Mannpower Mode. This is a grappling hook (no shit) that travels long distances and latches onto various surfaces such as walls or ceilings. It is very effective for the Scout if he wants to travel along the map faster and get to places that he wouldn't normally be able to get on his own. It can also be used against enemies, as he can impale them using the grappling hook and if hit by the grappling hook they will suffer bleed damage until they are released.

Spellbook Magazine

It is a weapon that can only be used during Halloween events so it probably won’t be included in DEATH BATTLE but we decided to cover it anyway for the sake of thoroughness. The Spellbook Magazine allows Scout to cast various kinds of spells useful for combat, such as teleporting, summoning undead minions and magic attacks but he needs to collect spellbook pages from the battlefield before he can use them. The magic attacks he can use are:

  • Fireball - Scout will shout "Capatus Crepitus" and shoot a fireball out of his hands doing damage to an enemy.
  • Ball o' Bats - Scout will shout "Deus Invictus" and shoot a glowing ball that turns into a swarm of bats that assault the victims, causing bleed damage.
  • Pumpkin Bomb - Scout will shout "Pactum Diabolus" and throw a bomb that leaves small "Pumpkin Bombs" when it explodes.
  • Teleport - Scout will shout "Ipsum Instantarium" and shoot a smoke ball. He then gets teleported to the exact point at which the ball landed.
  • Blast Jump - Scout will shout "Amplus Tripudio"  and his next jump will blast him into the air.
  • Stealth - Scout will shout "Barpo Invisium" and turn invisible for 8 seconds as well as gaining 40 HP.
  • Über Health - Scout will shout "Barpo Kabalto" and his HPs will be doubled.

Rare Magic Spells:
  • Minify - Scout will shout "Paidum Celeris" and become very small, which will gives him increased speed and damage.
  • Meteor Storm - Scout will shout "Seismela Tremoro" which will summon a group of meteors that will appear from the sky and land on the victim.
  • Ball o' Lightning - Scout will shout "Imputum Fulmenus" and fire a wave of electricity.
  • Summon: Skeletons - Scout will shout "Mortis Animataris" and an army of skeletons will attack his foes. They will explode after 30 seconds.
  • Summon: MONOCOLUS - Scout will shout "invokum MONOCULUS" and summon a small eyeball that will attack the foe.

Power up Canteen

This is an item that is only used in Mann v Machine. It can be fueled with four different power-ups at a local fuel station. However, he can hold only one power-up at a time and he can use it three times in total.

  • Übercharge - Gives 5 seconds of Übercharge to the user which is basically increased resistance to attacks.
  • Critical Hit Boost - Every hit that the user lands on a foe gives a critical hit.
  • Ammo/Clip Refill - Refills the user's weapons' ammo and clip.
  • Return to Base - Brings the user back to the spawning point.





This is Tracer’s main ability and the one that is used most often by Tracer players. It basically works like a 7 meter “teleport”, though it’s not actually a teleport. Rather, her Blink ability accelerates her personal time (certainly an ability that was made in heaven for the high-speed, action-loving Tracer). Her Blink ability goes horizontally in gameplay and even through high walls. She can build up 3 of them and it recharges every 3 seconds. Using Blink, Tracer can cover large distances very quickly as well as use it to dodge enemy attacks and travel across gaps that jumpers cannot reach.


Due to the Chronal Accelerator, Tracer possesses the ability to go Bite the Dust (thumbs up if you get that reference) and rewind her personal time. However, she can only do this to travel three seconds into the past. Due to the fact that she has rewound time for herself, her health and position will be whatever they were at that time. Rewind will also reload her gun and remove all de-buffs.

Incredible Speed

Tracer has the second fastest base speed in the game at 6 meters per second, only tied with the cyborg ninja, Genji. This is in comparison to the average 5.5 meters per second all other characters have. This, along with her Blink, allows her to zip in and out of combat with ease.

The Scout

Double Jump

Through the sheer amount of training he’s done, Scout has somehow learned how to double jump. With the correct weapons, he can do even more, such as with the Soda Popper, after activating the HYPE gauge, he can jump 5 times in mid-air (for 6 total jumps), and with the Atomizer, can do another third jump for a sacrifice of 10 HP. The Force-a-Nature’s incredibly high kick-back can also do a third jump when pointed at the ground or at a wall.

Incredible Speed

Thanks to years of running through the streets of Boston, Scout holds the highest base speed in all of TF2 going 133% of the average class speed. Weapons like the charged Baby Face Blaster and Crit-a-Cola can further boost that number up to 173%. This makes Scout an excellent bum rush character, as even when he is killed, he is going to get back into the fight in no time. Actual real life speed calculated using Hammer Units by Reddit: 27 kph (Source (Look down in the comments)

Home Run Strike

This is the Scout’s taunt kill. He can perform this taunt kill using the Sandman and the Atomizer. It has a four second wind up time so unless the foe stays completely still or he gets very lucky, it’s not going to hit. The hit from the bat is so strong that the enemy goes flying for about 25 meters before dropping to the ground and going splat.





  • Was the youngest person to ever be inducted into Overwatch, and considering that Overwatch was a world-renowned peacekeeping taskforce made up of the very best, that’s quite an accomplishment (Note: She was originally a pilot but later became a soldier thanks to the accident).
  • Due to her skill as a pilot, was picked to be the first person to test the Slipstream.
  • She became one of Overwatch’s most effective agents, easily able to keep up with and match Talon’s top forces such as Widowmaker and Reaper and once fought both of them at the same time.
  • Has kept "fighting the good fight whenever the opportunity presented itself" after Overwatch's dissolution. As such, she has years worth of experience and training under her belt.


  • She can fight on par with Widowmaker and even overpower her and hold her in a mounted position.
  • Can damage characters such as Winston with a hit from her guns.


  • She is the second fastest playable character in the game (on par with the enhanced cyborg ninja Genji).
  • She can easily dodge automatic fire as well gunshots.
  • Has been calculated to be at least Mach 238.
  • Her normal speed is at very least 21.6 km/h but this is very lowballed.
  • With Blink, she can very easily dodge the likes of Bastion, enemy Tracers and rockets fired from Pharah.
  • She is able to leap across buildings in a single bound and is shown to be very agile, easily able to dodge bullets with perfect timing.
  • Once dodged close ranged shots from Reaper’s attacks.
  • Dodged a sniper shot at very close range.


  • Took her own Pulse Bomb attack and was fine after the damage. (Only in the short, not in game)
  • Survived being slammed into a wall hard enough to damage her Chronal Accelerator.
  • Took a kick to the face by Widowmaker and was perfectly fine (Alive short).
  • She is able to tank shots from the other cast members including Widowmaker and Reaper, however a few good shots will take her down.


  • Is one of Overwatch’s most effective agents.
  • Is one of the most skilled pilots Overwatch ever had.
  • Has shown to be very smart on the battlefield, capable of coming up with plans very quickly despite the how fast she is running.
  • Was the youngest recruit inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program, due to her fearless piloting skills.
  • After Winston managed to find a solution for her chronal disassociation, Tracer was moved to field-combat training for an unspecified amount of time (possibly a couple of years, until Overwatch was shut down), and she became one of the most effective agents in her field, easily able to tangle with the likes of Widowmaker.
  • Has kept "fighting the good fight whenever the opportunity presented itself" after Overwatch's dissolution and has been fighting ever since.

The Scout



  • Despite being one of the least experienced/youngest mercenaries in the group, he can still hold his own against far more experienced foes such as the Heavy, who is known to be a physical powerhouse in every sense of the word.
  • Defeated Santa Claus (an evil version, mind you, that murders children) along with the Soldier and Spy.
  • Killed a wild bear despite being physically weak.
  • Along with his other teammates, fought his own robot duplicate along with hordes of robots.
  • Every Halloween, Scout, along with his other teammates, fought horrors including the Headless Horseman.
  • Can fight hordes of zombies alongside his teammates.
  • Along with his teammates helped beat a mutated loaf of bread.
  • Has been on many adventures with his teammates and has been to many exotic locations - outer space, hell and everywhere in between.
  • Began engaging in fistfights since he was a little kid and never stopped since then.
  • Worked as a mercenary and member of the Teufort Nine for 4 years and six months.


  • Knocked out a bear with the brittle femur of Amelia Earhart.
  • Pushes the payload (roughly over 5000 Pounds) 1.3328 meters a second by himself.
  • He pushed a giant, hollow, 2-inch thick structure the size and shape of Ayer’s Rock in Australia made of balsa wood and Styrofoam. Even though that is light stuff, it is impressive that he moved that kind of thing a few inches without even thinking about it, as its sheer size would make it fairly heavy.
  • Is strong enough to fight the Heavy in 1v1 combat, who is known for physical strength (the Heavy can fight alone against a group of Russian bears and win).
  • The Home Run Strike hits with so much force that it makes the Heavy who, let’s be honest is a rather big guy, go flying at least 25 meters.


  • His speed has been calculated at the very least to be 76.36 m/s.
  • He is the fastest mercenary on the field and is the fastest playable character in Team Fortress 2.
  • He is fast enough to easily dodge automatic fire.
  • He can dodge minigun projectiles.
  • He can dodge rockets fired from the Soldier.
  • He is fast enough to outrun a train as shown in the Meet the Scout video.
  • He is very maneuverable, easily able to leap buildings in a single bound and has a fast reaction time.
  • His speed is further increased with certain weapons.
  • With the unlockable primary weapon The Baby Face's Blaster, Scout is 10% slower, but gains a speed boost for every time that he shoots someone.
  • By drinking the unlockable secondary weapon Crit-a-Cola, Scout will become 25% faster and have an higher chance of inflicting mini-crits (though also increase the chance of mini-crits hitting himself).


  • Despite being the least resilient member of the Teufort Nine, he can still take a fair bit of punishment.
  • Has been strangled a total of 5-7 times and has been the buttmonkey of the TF2 comics, having almost died several times.
  • Was strangled multiple times by the Soldier and was fine.
  • Due to being the buttmonkey of the group, he is the one that gets inflicted with the most damage (mainly from the Solider) but yet was fine after some healing.
  • Survived getting blown away by multiple rockets (shown in the Meet the Medic video).
  • Normal men can’t drink Bonk Atomic Punch as the amount of radiation in it is enough to kill most human. However, Scout drinks the beverage on a daily basis and despite all the radiation in his body still lives. The drink also has lethal amounts of sugar in it, so really he’s surviving two things at once with that drink.
  • Survived being hung for a couple of minutes after being accused of a crime. Twice.
  • Was used in a tug-of-war game between Saxton Hale and the Heavy.
  • Survived the explosion of a cart full of explosives going inside the Bread Monster while next to it, yet suffered no damage.
  • Managed to keep fighting (and ultimately won) after a bear slashed his stomach open which lead to most of his internal organs falling out and his heart stopping. Somehow, he managed to survive for a while until the Heavy’s sister healed him.


  • Has studied etiquette and how to properly treat a lady with the help of Spy. It didn't turn out very well, though...
  • Seems to have some degree of knowledge on mineralogy and knows a lot about court trials, having been in court multiple times, but also from having read a couple of law books.
  • Has also managed to win two court trials in which his personal defenders were the Soldier and a lamp. And considering the intelligence of the Soldier...
  • Is a genius on the battlefield, always being capable of using the environment to his advantage.
  • Managed to trick Spy by taking advantage of his sentiments for his mother.
  • Has a juvenile sense of humor, evidenced by the time he drew the Spy having sex with the Eiffel Tower, complete with stink lines.
  • Has been fighting ever since his childhood and he’s in his early 20s.
  • Knows how to survive the rough streets of Boston.




Out of the entire cast of Overwatch, Tracer has the lowest amount of health of any other character in the game. If her Chronal Accelerator is damaged, her powers shut off and can be made useless, such as when Widowmaker smashed it and left her weakened on the ground in the Alive short. Even when her abilities are working, Blink and Recall have a significant cool down time that can leave her vulnerable if she uses them too hastily. Her close range weapons also make her much less effective at fighting over long distances. While Tracer's ego rarely gets in the way of her performance and cheery spirit, she has been seen to act rash when upset, such as when she charged at Widowmaker after she killed Mondatta (aka robot Ghandi) and proceeded to have her Chronal Accelerator smashed.  

The Scout

The Scout is extremely reckless, overconfident and loves to toy with his foes, which can end up not going well for him if his enemies are smart enough to figure out why he's toying with them. He can also be very easily tricked by others (especially the Spy). He has the lowest HP among the mercenaries, tied with the Spy. And while his pistol does give him some range, his most effective weapons are only really good at close range and his weapons have to be reloaded manually and have limited ammo. His Sandman Ball attack is also pretty easy to dodge, which is not helped by the fact that it is most effective at stunning from a long range. He also has a deep, seething hatred towards rainbows (yes really) and they make him cry.



"Cheers love, the calvary's here!"

Name: Lena Oxton (Codename: Tracer)
First Appearance: Overwatch (May 24, 2016)
Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Location of Origin: London, England
Occupation: Adventurer, Overwatch Agent (Formerly),Pilot (Formerly)
Affiliation: Overwatch (Formerly)
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, reactions and durability, time manipulation (on a personal scale), expert markswoman, crack pilot, expert in combat and tactics
Attack Potency: Street Level physically, City Block with weaponry
Speed: Sub-sonic with high hypersonic+ reactions
Durability: City block level
Intelligence: High
Health: 150

  • Pulse Pistols are faster than Scout's weapons and have infinite ammo.
  • Blink easily eclipses Scout’s speed even with BONK (though it’s proved that in a straight race that Scout is faster even with Tracer’s Blinks).
  • Is far smarter and far less likely to make mistakes.
  • She can easily use Blink to dodge shots from the Scout.
  • Recall easily allows her to heal up any damage done to her.
  • More agile and athletic.
  • Pulse Bomb would kill Scout in one hit.
  • Has more experience than the Scout.

  • Weaker
  • Is naturally slower.
  • Her equipment is weaker than Scout's.
  • If the Chronal Accelerator takes too much damage, it could be costly for her.

The Scout

"Grass grows, birds fly, and brother, I hurt people"

Name: The Scout (Real Name: Unknown)
First Appearance: Team Fortress 2 (October 9, 2007)
Age: 23
Height: 5’10
Location of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation: Mercenary, Mall Elf, Former MILF Hunter
Affiliation: Team Fortress, high school track and field team (Temporarily)
Powers and Abilities: Peak human strength, speed, reactions and durability, expert in trolling, skilled with close combat, can double jump, expert in shotguns.
Attack Potency: Street level, room level with certain weapons
Speed: Subsonic with supersonic+ reactions and combat speed, low massively hypersonic reactions/combat speed with BONK!.
Durability: Small building level
Intelligence: Average
Health: 125

  • Slightly faster in base form
  • Physically stronger
  • Could exploit Tracer's weak points
  • His default weapon is more powerful and effective at short, medium and long range
  • The Bonk! Atomic Punch does help him against Blink slightly, and can negate the Pulse Bomb
  • Has much more significant feats and has beaten more powerful foes
  • More versatile

  • Not as agile and athletic
  • Tracer could eventually surpass him with Blink
  • Weapons need to be reloaded manually and have limited ammo
  • His cockiness always backfires.


Mario Galaxy Man (And Wilhelm)

So we got 2 speedsters with very different arsenals and skills, but have a shared rivalry and hatred of French people nonetheless. On one hand, Scout is actually faster than Tracer as proven here, but that’s just a straight up foot race with only Scout’s feet and Tracer’s teleportation, and Scout still won. This time however it’s a straight up fight and involves a lot of strafing and shooting. You got Scout who has the HP of a wet paper towel but enough speed to dodge and (if provided his whole arsenal, access to the Spawn room, money, and HP kits around the map) much more healing options. Tracer has more HP, and has 2 kinds of teleportation on her side, the reverse one actually healing her fully and reloading her ammo. The only problem with her being, while Scout has lower HP, Tracer actually has 2 weakspots: Her head, and her Chronal Accelerator. If Scout can land a good shot on that thing (Which is confirmed to not be bullet proof as seen in the Alive trailer, and can even be damaged by a large kick to the chest), then she’s done for. It’s all really a matter of if Scout has his full arsenal or not. I did all the research under the assumption of just his default loadout, but if he can use BONK!  and Mad Milk, then he’s going to win most likely. If not then Tracer’s pulse bomb will win her the game. Since she needs to damage people to build up it’s power, or just wait a long time, then her best bet is just picking on Scout long distance while he heals back up, teleport in, leave the bomb, then recall out. BUT, if Scout has BONK!, then she’s absolutely out of luck on that front. (I checked, BONK! takes 1.2 seconds to activate, while the Pulse Bomb takes 2).
In any case I think that if Scout has his full loadout, it’ll be most likely him, but if it’s just his default, then it’s most likely Tracer. I just hope the fight starts with Scout making a comment on her ass. (Note: We are not misogynist - it’s just The Scout is The Scout and he will most likely make a comment about Tracer’s behind).

Malcolm Belmont

So which speedy character with low health who are designed for hit and run wins? Well, I think this matchup is very close as The Scout has his own strengths compared to The Tracer and vice versa. Let’s go over this one step at a time to see who wins this matchup.

In terms of equipment Tracer and The Scout are very different.  Pulse Pistols and the Scattergun are very different from each other. The Pulse Pistols focus on pure speed as the shots from the Pistols are very weak but have a much greater firing speed. While they won’t do as much damage as the Scattergun - Tracer will be able to get in a lot more shots. Scout's Scattergun has a slower firing speed, but has a much higher damage output - the normal Scattergun can take down most classes with just 2-3 hits at close range however it sucks at long range. Tracer has to shoot continuously and from a short distance in order to do any significant damage. But at the same range, the Scattergun is so strong that it can take her down at the same range with a few shots but it’s slow to reload, meaning Tracer can get a few good hits in while he is reloading but here's the thing - Tracer pretty much relies on her Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bomb - which we will talk about later -  in order to do damage she needs to stay at close range. While The Scout has far more options for all ranges even if we are taking just normal weaponry - the Scattergun, Pistol and Bat cover a much wider range. Tracer’s ace in the hole is the Pulse Bomb, which will kill The Scout, but she needs to be at close range in order to use it which puts her right into the crosshairs of The Scout. The Scout’s superior weaponry and equipment outshines Tracer’s Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bomb.

Now let’s get onto one of the most important aspects of Scout and Tracer - their speed. In terms of speed, the only thing Scout has over Tracer is his consistent speed and maneuverability with his double jump ability. While The Scout does have more feats - for example, The Scout is able to run in front of a speeding train only a few meters away and easily clear it while keeping the same amount of speed, indicating that he can run at a pace that Tracer would have difficulty keeping up with. And while Tracer is by far the fastest hero in Overwatch, her speed feats are not as prominent as The Scout’s. However, although Tracer may lack the base speed of Scout, she could easily make up for it with her Blink. Tracer's Blink is basically a short range teleport which allows her to keep up with The Scout. Plus her combat speed is much faster than the Scout meaning that not only will she be able to keep up with The Scout but her combat speed is overall faster due to the firing rate of her pistols meaning that while The Scout has quicker speed, Tracer with Blink will be able to match him and surpass him in speed.

Let’s talk strength and durability - in terms of physical strength there is no competition. The Scout easily surpasses Tracer in physical strength as Tracer has little if any strength feats while The Scout has shown that he is able to damage the likes of Heavy and Giant Bears with just his physical strength. So The Scout wins this point but what about durability? Now this is where things get interesting. While The Scout has very impressive durability feats - being able to still live after having his organs falling out, The Tracer’s City Block feat plus the fact she faces enemies like Widowmaker and Reaper, who are City Block Level at the very least, put her above The Scout in durability. Sure The Scout has far more feats but Tracer’s Pulse Bomb feat is more impressive so I am giving the durability advantage to her.

Finally let’s talk abilities as the decider on who would win. In terms of who would win this DEATH BATTLE, Tracer in my opinion is the overall victor for two main reasons. The first is her Blink ability is extremely unpredictable, allowing her to maneuver her around her foes and dodge any incoming fire directed at all. While The Scout has better equipment and is physically stronger, Tracer’s Blink ability allows her to easily dodge fire from The Scout and damage him bit by bit. If The Scout gets a few good hits in it will cause Tracer trouble, but this is offset by her second main ability - Recall - which gives her the ability to recall herself to a previous place in time (and also heals her health). Meaning that even if she takes a significant amount of damage from The Scout she will be able to Recall and heal it right up while The Scout has no healing options meaning Tracer will be able to get in, do damage, and then Recall herself. Eventually The Scout will fall and Tracer will be the victor.

And there’s the final nail in the coffin - their personalities. For the most part Tracer remains calm and quick-thinking on the battlefield - able to create plans on the fly and while she can be cocky at times, she always tries to have a cool head while on the battlefield unless something pisses her off while The Scout can be extremely cocky and underestimate his foes which has lead him into a lot of bad situations. The Scout is very likely to underestimate Tracer which is a bad thing as you should not underestimate Tracer. All Tracer needs to do is look for an opening and take it.

So in this battle of Tracer vs Scout, i think The Scout will be out of time and will lose to Tracer.

At first glance, it seems like Tracer is the superior fighter, thanks to her flashy time manipulation abilities. But flashiness alone can only get you so far. While Tracer is one of the harder classes to deal with Overwatch, able to quickly dish out damage before warping away before anyone can react, there are plenty of classes who can counter her. Genji's double jump and wall climb allow him to go where Tracer can't normally reach, and McCree's Flashbang can stop Tracer right in her tracks, which is practically a death sentence with her low health. Fittingly enough, Scout has abilities that are similar if not on par with the two mentioned above. Scout's natural double jump already gives him an edge over Tracer, but potential of more double jumps based on his weapon can guarantee that Tracer is never going to anywhere him. If Tracer gets BONKed by Scout's Baseball, she is as good as dead as well. Tracer's biggest weakness is her limited arsenal. If only her guns had a bit more range, maybe she could keep Scout at bay. In her current state, her only possible advantage over Scout is being able to evade in a blink, hopefully stalling enough to pull off her Ultimate. But even if Tracer manages to get close to Scout long enough to stick her Pulse Bomb directly on to him, she still may not be able to win. Scout's BONK! Atomic Punch grants him an ability suspiciously similar to Reaper's Spectral Form in Overwatch, making him invulnerable to all forms of damage for a short time. The real question is, while its clear that BONK! would be able to defend against he actual Bomb's explosion, would Scout be able to drink it in time for it to kick in, and would he even be able to recognize the danger? Covering the second question first: Yes, I think he would. Even though he's not formally trained as a soldier, he's been around enough explosives to know when someone is chucking some at him. Plus, it doesn't take a genius to assume that when someone is trying to kill you, f they throw something on to it, it's probably meant to harm you in some way. Going back to the reaction time, .25 seconds is the average reaction time for a human. It's safe to assume that Scout's reaction time is probably faster, but we will go by this for the argument. It takes scout 1.20 seconds for BONK! to be consumed and activated. Thus, if Scout is stuck by Tracer's Pulse Bomb, he would at latest have BONK! activated in 1.45 seconds. Since the Pulse Bomb takes 2 seconds to go off, it seems like BONK! is a very reliable counter. All in all, Scout has a way to counter every one of Tracer's strengths. That's not even covering the fact that if Scout even manages to damage Tracer's Chronal Accelerator, all her powers will be nullified and she will lose any advantages she had over Scout. It proves that sometimes flashy and new can't beat tried and true. Scout Wins.

Alright, time for another verdict! You know, I'm surprised by how much folks were able to glean from Tracer, considering she's been around for such a short time. But what we have seen from Ms. Oxton in this short time is pretty impressive and it really comes down to what we've seen in the “Alive” animated short, in my opinion. She was able to dodge a round from a sniper rifle at extremely close range, thanks to her Blink ability, showcasing some really amazing speed. But it wasn't just her ability to speed up her own time that allowed her to pull this off, she also needed to naturally have the speed to react to that bullet and activate her Chronal Accelerator on her own. And moving around at this sort of high speed also ended up yielding some other stats for her. She was able to slam into Widowmaker using this same speedy ability and considering how fast she was going, that would have generated quite a lot of force, force that Tracer and Widow were able to take pretty well. And I don't see any reason to assume that Tracer can't be hurt by her own weapons (we see in Alive that even at a distance, the force of her Pulse Bomb is able to affect her), so they're likely of at least a similar level of power. You may have noticed that I'm pretty much talking about just Tracer here, and that's because based on what I've seen, I think she'll take it pretty handily. The difference in speed here is pretty big, and considering Tracer has the power to overwhelm Scout's durability, I think we'd be looking at a blitz in a DB scenario, realistically. The Scout's arsenal is a wild card; we don't know what exactly Death Battle is going to give him. But rather than speculate on that in my verdict, I think it's safer to say that regardless of loadouts, if you put these two characters in a ring (or whatever, terrain isn't really a factor), and wire them so they're out for blood and want to kill each other, then Tracer's gonna go first and a considerable speed advantage plus the means to score a kill tends to end in the death of the target. I suppose Scout could use Bonk to temporarily protect himself but a) he's not fast enough to chug that drink in time to save himself and b) he can't attack during it so Tracer can just take him down after it wears off. So yeah, my money's on Tracer due to her superior stats stemming from what we saw from her in Alive (note: I'm not actually betting money on this :P)

I’ve played both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, but I have more recent experience with the latter. I haven’t played TF2 in years, and even then, Scout was the guy I played the least (mostly played Spy and Medic). I also don’t play as Tracer all that much (Genji ftw!), but she is a fun character to play as nonetheless. So, who do I think would win? Well, it seems like Scout would win in a race for the most part, but in a fight? Let’s see...Scout has better damage with his scattergun, but only if he gets in close enough and can actually hit Tracer. Tracer’s kinda in the same boat in that she needs to get close enough to be effective, but the fast rate of fire from her pulse pistols gives her a better chance to actually hit Scout. Plus, even if she does get hit, unless it’s a kill shot or her chronal accelerator gets damaged, she can easily use her Recall to “heal” herself.

I’m gonna have to go with Tracer. Even if Scout has access to his full arsenal, Tracer’s Blink and Recall gives her the advantage in maneuverability. Both of them may be made for hit and run tactics, but Tracer seems to be better at thinking on her feet during a fight, and her feat at blinking away from Widowmaker’s bullet at the last second shows that she has incredible reaction skills. Yeah, I’m gonna say that Tracer’s going to win this one.


  1. That wasn't Saxton Hale playing tug-of-war with Heavy, it was his companion, Maggie.

    You can clearly see that Saxton Hale is not holding anything in the first one and that Maggie is the one with the whip in the second. The speech bubbles in the first one even indicate that the one yelling "Got him!" is Maggie while the other one saying "Who are you? What are you doing here?" is Hale.

    Sorry, it's just a little nitpick I have every time that feat is brought up. I guess one can assume that Maggie = Saxton Hale though since they adventure together.

  2. "She tanked her own Pulse bomb"
    Really? Because my eyes see's teleportation effect when the bomb exploded.

  3. Scout didn't "knock out" that bear with Amelia Earhart's femur, he killed it, as the scoreboard clearly shows

    You also need to learn something about time manipulation, especially you, risinguppercut. When Tracer tackled Widowmaker, after Widow killed Mondatta, her speed never increased, only her time. This means Tracer tackled Widow at her usual force, NOT speed-boosted force.

    Also, we've never seen Tracer actually slow time with her Accelerator. It would be pointless anyway, as she can only manipulate her personal time, not time around her.

    And are we really sure Tracer's reaction speed is that fast? It seems inconsistent as Tracer could've easily Blinked or Recalled BEFORE Widowmaker slammed her into that wall.

    Where's the proof Tracer's Mach 238?

    1. Tracer is considered Mach 238 from this.

    2. As I've said, if Tracer is that fast (for all we know, she was in the process of blinking before Widow pulled the trigger), then why didn't she Blink or Recall BEFORE getting slammed into a wall?


    Ever notice how, despite her formal training with Overwatch, Tracer cant hit a goddamn thing, with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS?

    She couldn't hit someone who's slower than Scout, so how's she gonna hit HIM?

    1. And it's not like he's stupid enough to make a mistake that would allow her to be able to hit him either.

  5. Since this is Death Battle, Scout will most likely get all his weapons. So I got a question that could contribute to his durability.

    Since the Force-A-Nature generates knockback for victim and user, and since the Scout can use it as a third jump, how much force does the F-A-N generate?

    Btw, Scout weighs ~123 pounds.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Scout should curb stomp Tracer easily.

  8. "His cockiness always backfires."
    Tell me when. No seriously, tell me when his cockiness has ever screwed him over in combat. In fact, his cockiness and constant taunting could actually work to his advantage against someone as reckless (so reckless that she nearly got Winston killed.) as Tracer.

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