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Death Battle Predictions: Hulk VS Doomsday




Robert “Bruce” Banner is the son of atomic physicist, Dr. Brian Banner and his wife Rebecca. Bruce’s life wasn’t very easy even at the start. While he was deeply loved by his mother, his father hated him, believing that there was something wrong with him due to his high intelligence. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Bruce’s father was not only an alcoholic but a bitter, angry man who was driven by envy towards his son. He believed that his radiation work gave him a son who was a mutant. In a drunken rage Brian abused Bruce, which caused emotional trauma for the boy and committed the worst deed of all - he murdered his wife in front of Bruce. This incident changed Bruce forever and would later lead to him developing multiple personality disorder. He was placed in the compare of Susan Banner - Brian’s sister - who, unlike his father, raised him with love and care. However, due to his childhood drama, he lacked social skills and grew up as an emotionally distant child.  After graduating from Science High School, Bruce studied nuclear physics in Navapo, New Mexico, at Desert State University as the star student of Professor Herbert Josiah Weller.  As a student, he would later meet genius playboy and fellow DEATH BATTLE combatant  Tony Stark, which began a lifelong rivalry between the two. They would eventually work together as part of the Avengers.

After his studies, Bruce would go on to pursue a career at a United States research base. This is when he met his lifelong enemy - Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, who was in command of the research base and the love of his life (and Ross’s daughter), Betty Ross. Due to Banner’s extraordinary intelligence he was put in charge of constructing a "Gamma Bomb" which was to be used for military purposes. Banner’s life would change forever when, during a test detonation of the Gamma Bomb, something went horribly wrong. A teenager named Rick Jones was at the Gamma Bomb site and if the Bomb was tested, he would surely die. Rushing onto the test site, Banner threw him into a protective trench and then Banner was hit by the ensuing radioactive waves. Due to the trauma of his childhood, Banner had subconsciously developed a darker, angrier side. Due to a genetic factor Banner’s body changed and he was transformed into the unstoppable, indestructible, humanoid monster simply known as the Hulk. The Hulk went on many adventures including joining the Avengers. Eventually he was cured of the Hulk persona but in Civil War II, which is still ongoing, he was murdered by fellow Avenger Clint Barton, A.K.A Hawkeye.



The being known as Doomsday (Booster Gold was the one who coined the name “Doomsday”) was created to be the Ultimate Lifeform. Doomsday was actually created on Krypton but this was not the same Krypton that Superman came from. This was the Krypton of the distant past - there were no Kryptonians and it was a hellish world where only the strongest survived and the weak perished. The one who actually created Doomsday was an alien scientist simply known as Bertron who wanted to create the perfect being - a force that could not be stopped. In order to create the ultimate lifeform they wanted, Bertron and his team of scientists decided to send a baby to the planet’s surface, knowing that the baby would die thanks to the harsh environment as well as the creatures living on Krypton. In order to create Doomsday, the scientists took the remains of the baby and created a stronger version of the baby. They kept repeating this cycle again and again through the use of cloning - the reason why they did this is to vastly accelerate the evolution of the body (let’s just say Bertron wasn’t the best of fathers).

After repeating this for decades, Doomsday was born - a being of pure hate that had been forced to experience the agony of death thousands of times. The memory of these countless deaths was recorded in his genes, which drove Doomsday into becoming the being that hated all life. Eventually, Doomsday gained the ability to evolve against what killed him in his prior life without the need of Bertron's technology. At this point he proceeded to hunt down and kill all of the lethal creatures that inhabited Krypton. When he saw Bertron, he decided to take his revenge by killing all the scientists that helped created him including Berton himself (killed by his own creation, a fitting end). He then went on a killing spree across several planets, murdering anyone he came across like the butcher he is (including one time where it met Darkseid). Doomsday was originally thought to be killed by a being known as The Radiant. Doomsday was put into a casket and shot out into Space where he would fall to Earth and get into conflict with Superman and the other members of the Justice League and, well, we know how that turned out.



The Hulk’s body is very unique to say the least. Due to the fact that Bruce was hit by a Gamma Bomb, his body changed form and was infused with gamma energy (until he was cured). The gamma energy has not only increased his size but also given him a very unique ability, that being Rage Boosting. His gamma-infused body gives him increased strength, speed and durability which we will go over in the feats section.

Rage Boosting


The thing we all know this Green Goliath for, rage boosting is how the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. The reason behind this is that the Hulk’s body keeps on producing gamma radiation everywhere he goes, and when he gets stressed the amount of gamma radiation he possesses increases, which is then converted into stronger cells that make him much stronger than he was before.  There is no upper limit to this ability, however the Hulk can’t be angry forever and eventually he will calm down and get weaker than he was before due to reduction of stress levels. The most angry Hulk has been shown is WWH/World-Breaker Hulk where he lost everything including his wife and child and when he got back to earth he literally went on a rampage and defeated the Fantastic Four, the X-men/X-force (simultaneously), and the members of Illuminati (including Iron Man).

He has faced beings such as Red Hulk, Juggernaut, the Sentry (who is planet level easily) and he even held planet Sakaar from falling apart with brute strength alone, which should be impossible. World-Breaker Hulk is so strong that he can cause multiple earthquakes just by walking and destroyed the eastern seaboard. He can bust a planet. This is the highest level of the Hulk shown but he could become even stronger should he get more angry than he did during WWH.  Mind you, that’s not very likely right now since he’s dead.  

Gamma Energy Absorption


Banner, due to being infused with gamma rays, is able to use manipulate gamma energy - he can use gamma energy to increase his own strength (such as the earthquake feat). If he is hit by gamma bombs then he can absorb it and increase his strength to insane levels - as not only did he gain a massive amount of strength but he grew 80 feet tall when this happened. When angered, he can use the gamma energy within himself to create large shockwaves capable of taking down dragons. Hulk has also been shown to be able to absorb normal energy to increase his attack strength and size.

Astral Sight/Ghost Seeing

Hulk has a very unique ability - he has the ability to see “astral forms” aka ghosts. Nearly no one can see Doctor Strange’s astral form expect for him. He is able to see a ghost town before it faded away in the desert. Hulk is also able to interact with ghosts and astral forms such as the time he broke Doctor Strange’s hands during the World War Hulk storyline while DS was in Astral Form. It has never been stated where the Hulk got this ability, though it may be due to Banner’s fear of his father’s ghost coming back and terrorizing him (this has never been confirmed in canon).


Hulk has extreme adaptability for any environment and situation. The Hulk is able to adapt to environments that would easily kill a normal person. He can survives areas that would be considered uninhabitable such as space and much harsher planets than Earth. His Rage Boosting also affects his adaptability, as he will adapt quicker and react quicker to changing environments the angrier he gets. Part of his extreme adaptability is that he can survive without food, water, air or sleep after he has adapted to the planet’s environment.

Psychic Link/Resistance

Here is a stranger Hulk ability - Hulk can actually locate enemies and allies by using his mind to home onto them and jump to their location. He used this to reach Rick Jones, Betty and The Abomination without knowing about their location. Hulk also appears to have some mind resistance as in the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon he was able to resist the mind manipulation of the Enchantress - but this may be more due to his willpower. Regardless of its source, it is clear he has some level of mind control resistance.

Master of Disguise


Well, it turns out that Hulk can actually fool his enemies (including robots equipped with sensors!) - not sure if that’s dumb luck, or if the Hulk really is a master of disguise.

Healing Factor

One of the main strengths of the Hulk is his insane healing factor. It has been debated who in the Marvel Universe has the greatest healing factor (people argue Deadpool, Wolverine or the Hulk). Hulk is usually in the Top 3 and for good reason. Attacks that would be fatal to most heroes...Hulk can just regenerate from in seconds. During his battle with Vector, Vector repelled all of the Hulk leaving just exposed flesh and muscle - this would easily kill most heroes but not the Hulk. It took mere minutes to regain the mass lost and be completely healed. He has been cut open with Adamantium blades (which is the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe) and completely healed. His healing factor all depends on how angry he is, as he can produce mass a lot quicker when he is angrier, meaning World Breaker/WWH Hulk has the greatest healing factor out of the Hulk incarnations. Other versions, such as Grey Hulk, lack mass and thus don’t have as good a healing factor as some of the others.

The Hulk is also completely immune to all Earth-based diseases including cancer and AIDS. He can survive in toxic conditions and is immune to poison. Another aspect of his healing factor is that he can live much longer than an average person. Maestro was over 100 years old and yet he was still in peak physical condition. It is not stated how long the Hulk can live for, though in an alternate feature it’s implied the Hulk can live forever.  This is more implication though, and has never been stated as fact. His blood also has regenerative properties - when Hulk’s blood is spilled, which is not often, the blood will make plants in the surrounding area grow much more quickly.

While Hulk mainly relies on his brute strength, he sometimes brings out special attacks such as:

Thunder Clap


This is Hulk’s most iconic move and the one he uses the most often. Basically, Hulk uses his sheer strength, smashing his two hands together to create a shockwave. Hulk’s Thunder Clap has been compared to a hurricane going off and many people have compared it to a nuclear bomb when Hulk is powered up with rage. It is certainly strong enough to knock away the Avengers. including Iron Man, and almost brought down the Wolverine.

Impact Punch


A stronger version of the Hulk Punch, this sends foes flying (like Thor in this image) and in the Marvel vs Capcom fighting games it can be used as a wallbounce.

Fighting Style

As Hulk has shown in both various comics and even non-canon fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom, he’s great at rushing down his opponents and using both speed and strength to keep an advantage over the enemy. Also, despite his appearance, Hulk is an excellent anti-air combatant, having no problems getting on the same level as opponents who try to outmaneuver him in the air.



Doomsday’s physiology has adapted into being the ideal engine of destruction after countless deaths. He is supposedly pure mass, without blood, tissue, or vital organs. No vital organ to give Death a foothold. He is said to be a constant of the universe similar to “gravity”, “entropy” and “infinity”, a destructive virus meant to end all life in the universe. As such his body is capable of feats that put him alongside some of the most powerful beings in the main DC Universe.

Regeneration/Reactive Evolution

Doomsday’s most famous ability. Whenever “killed”, whether that be being reduced to a skeleton by Imperiex or being reduced to a black mist, Doomsday can regenerate “immune” to that which killed him. This allowed Doomsday to beat The Radiant, a being designed to kill him, by regenerating with immunity to its powers. Doomsday’s reactive evolution can also be used for quicktime regenerative adaptation, that can be used fast enough to be utilized during combat. He regenerated a resistance to ultrasonics from New Genesis Technology within seconds. His adaptation works so fast that when Wonder Woman fought a clone of the Doomsday that fought Superman, it was stated that his power could double with every step he took.

Doomsday Virus

Doomsday is, at it’s core, a virus with the intention of wiping out all life in the universe. His presence can generate a corrosive field that rapidly decays all life nearby. This destroys down to even the microbes nearby. Doomsday drains the life essence of all life nearby to become stronger. If Doomsday’s body is disrupted enough it will turn into a black mist. This mist can infect those nearby and fuse them with Doomsday. This infection is so powerful as to even infect Superman, making SuperDoom. Doomsday can breathe poisonous gases or shoot it from his hands, poison so powerful as to harm New 52 Wonder Woman.

Bone Claws/Spikes

Doomsday has a skeleton that goes through to the exterior of his body in the form of his spikes which he uses as his primary “weapon”. These spikes are capable of piercing even Superman’s skin or penetrating the defenses of armor made by the Motherbox, can be extended or drawn back at will, and has a poison so potent as to be able to work on Superman.

Energy Manipulation


After evolving to fight The Radiant, Doomsday gained the ability to manipulate energy. He can drain it from nearby electrical sources, as well as physically grab energy beings like The Radiant, or disperse energy. He can then fire them as energy rays from his hand or in some versions, as energy pulses emanating from his body.

In particular, Doomsday seems to have an affinity for thermal energy, heat. Doomsday passively emanates heat, enough to destabilize an island on the molecular level. He can shoot Heat Vision from his eyes like a Kryptonian. He can also breathe fire like a dragon. This fire was enough to threaten the Martian Manhunter (though Martian Manhunter has a particular weakness to fire.)


Doomsday has highly enhanced sight such that a Coluan (one of Brainiac’s species) specifically commented on how amazing it is, and how he could see jets miles away in perfect detail. He also has the inborn ability to sense Kryptonians and will single-mindedly hunt them down.

Extra-Dimensional Punch

Doomsday’s claws seem to have some kind of of spatial rending capacities. In the New 52 he was able to pierce a hole out of the Phantom Zone. The Phantom Zone (also called Underworld) is on a higher realm of existence, a plane as large as Heaven which is a Multiverse in itself. Underworld is in the Sphere of the Gods, past the Speed Force Wall, suggesting this feat in-universe is even more impressive than Superboy Prime punching his way out of the Speedforce. Either way, it suggests he can tear holes in dimensions should he choose.

Likely via this ability he has also shown the ability to hit intangible opponents. He was able to hit a Phased Martian Manhunter (although at the time he was possessed by Prin Vnok so the feat may not be applicable to Doomsday alone).

Fighting Style


Doomsday’s fighting style focuses primarily on raw overpowering, using his increased physical frame to knock opponents around and keep them from getting any kind of control of the situation. He’s actually quite a skilled fighter, due to his extremely long lifespan of fighting experience and his programmed instincts to fight.



One of the Hulk’s weaknesses is something so evil, so dangerous that it could make Thor, Galactus and The Sentry run away in fear. The evil that is...puppies. In all seriousness the big Green Goliath does have some downsides - firstly, Hulk's skin can be harmed by materials such as Adamantium and Vibranium. The Hulk can also be knocked out with gas, and is susceptible to mental attacks, though he usually breaks through them with his sheer will power.  His main weakness, which is explained really well by the Imaginary Axis (which you can find: here), is that, simply, Hulk can’t be angry forever. While his anger is great, eventually he will stop being angry which will severely weaken him over time.


Doomsday is single-minded about killing his foes. While some versions are intelligent, Doomsday rarely has much concern for prior planning. While he in some ways is the ultimate survival machine, Doomsday in a fight won’t do very much to protect himself, as he is so used to not feeling anything since all of his opponents have been so much weaker. A strong opponent can surprise him with this fact.  His exposed bone structure, a weaker part of his body, used to be a weakness for Doomsday, but he evolved past that.









Name: Robert Bruce Banner - The Incredible Hulk
Age: Unknown - Likely 30s
Height: 7'6" (Merged Form)
Weight: 150 lbs (Merged Hulk)
Affiliations: Formerly Illuminati, Axis,Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Origin: Earth
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Stamina, Extreme Regeneration, Highly resistant to psychic attacks and soul-based attacks, Mystic Senses, Rage Boosting, can absorb dark magic.
Attack Potency: Dwarf Star level (destroyed a planet with a fraction of his total power). At his full rage he is Solar System level (he has been compared to Thor, has matched the full power of The Sentry)
Speed: Faster Than Light+ (kept up with Thor, Sentry, Gladiator, Hyperion, and Silver Surfer)
Durability: Dwarf Star level. Likely increases to Solar System level when enraged (withstood blows from Thor). Regeneration makes him extremely difficult to kill as a future version of the Hulk was reduced to powder and yet still regenerated.

  • Smarter
  • Faster regeneration of a higher level
  • Should be able to resist the Doomsday Virus
  • More experienced fighting opponents his level
  • More likely to take his opponent seriously and put in actual effort defending himself

  • Weaker physically
  • Powers dependent on rage, which means he need not start at full power and might not stay at full power
  • Less reliable ranged powers



Name: Doomsday
Age: Thousands of years old
Height: 8' 10"
Weight: 915 lbs (415 kg)
Affiliations: Secret Society of Super-Villains III
Origin: Krypton
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Immortality via Reactive Evolution, Extreme Regeneration, Virus Biology, Super-Vision, Molecular Scale Destruction, Resistance to a large number of abilities, Fire Breath, Telepathic Immunity
Attack Potency: At least Large Star Level, Likely Low Galactic or Much Higher (Easily able to defeat powerful members of the Justice League like Superman, Wonder Woman, and so on. Has destroyed a clone of himself before and killed a Darkseid Avatar).
Speed: Massively FTL (Stated to be “Faster than Flash”. Fought Golden Age Superman without being blitzed. Post-Crisis Superman struggled to keep up.)
Durability: At least Multi-Galactic (Survived the combined power of the Guardians of the Universe), Likely Universe Level (He shrugged off attacks from New Gods like Darkseid and Orion, took hits from Golden Age Superman, is considered unkillable by many cosmic DC beings, like Waverider, and briefly survived the end of time)

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Much more durable
  • More varied powers with more reliable ranged attacks
  • Can theoretically adapt to Hulk’s powers

  • Is not likely to defend himself very much against Hulk, especially if Hulk doesn’t start out at full power
  • Employs much simpler tactics, not as smart in general
  • Regen is slower



Disclaimer: Electrocole acknowledges that he hasn't read every comic featuring Hulk or Doomsday and could very well be missing key info, abilities, and/or feats that could very well decide the outcome. This is simply his opinion on the match-up with what little he could scrounge up.

So for starters, the one big question that has to be addressed is "If Doomsday killed Superman, then how can Hulk even hope to stand a chance?"

The problem there is regarding powerscaling: assuming that Doomsday "beating" Superman automatically gives him equal or greater strength, speed, durability, etc, which the Kryptonian monster has never shown (as far as my knowledge goes). If Doomsday had ever destroyed a planet with all of his might, moved faster than light itself, or even survived a point-blank supernova, I feel it would be much more well-known and accessible.

And speaking of Doomsday "beating" Superman, this wasn't a case of Doomsday tanking all of Superman's best moves and then beating him to a pulp before standing over his corpse with his fists raised up in victory: it was essentially a double KO with both scoring a killing strike simultaneously and both "dead" afterward. And even then, he (or it) didn't fight Superman at his full mastery and potential without anything held back: this was a still-learning Supes who had yet to break his mental barriers while surrounded by innocent people Superman didn't want Doomsday (as well as himself, for that matter) to cause harm to. It's why Superman didn't go for a city-destroying blow or fly up to the sun to recharge: that would have led to people getting killed and he couldn't have that happen.

I've found that to be a similar case for the majority of Superman vs Doomsday fights: allies are around, Superman unleashed would harm them, so he holds back on Doomsday enough to harm him without causing any major damage to wherever they're fighting, which in turn allows Doomsday to wear down and withstand him in long battles. Considering Superman's max potential, which is limitless, if innocent lives weren't a concern, I don't see a fight between them lasting long at all. Even with Doomsday's adapting and becoming stronger after each death dealt, it would take years, centuries before he could match Superman... and even then, it would be fruitless as Superman is limitless. Doomsday is not on Superman's level, period.

But now moving onto the Green Goliath. Off the bat, yes, Hulk can't beat Superman at his full potential. Now his strength and power has sometimes been mixed from time to time. Sometimes he's taken down by the military; other times he stands up to the entirety of the Avengers solo. Sometimes Hulk is overpowered by Thor, who tells him the Hulk will never best him; other times the Hulk overpowered Thor, who tells him the Hulk will always surpass him. Then we have his losses against the likes of Spider-Man, SHIELD turning him back to Bruce Banner by using puppies, Spidey once telling him a joke so funny Hulk transformed back to Bruce Banner while laughing, and Hulk's age-old weaknesses to knockout gas and gamma absorption. Aside from all that... his max potential is quite something.

Lifting a 150 billion ton mountain aside, he's... *sucks in breath* dented, bent, and broken adamantium (Wolverines beware), matched Thor while the Asgardian was under Warrior's Madness (Thor's power times 10), threw Fing Fang Foom to the moon, leapt 1,000 miles in one leap (while calm, 473 mph) and leapt high enough to reach orbit, clapped with the force of a hurricane, survived falls from orbit, attacks from Galactus, Human Torch's Nova Blast (1 million degrees Fahrenheit), and having all of skin and most muscle mass torn from his body (regenerated shortly afterward), has reacted fast enough to tag the Silver Surfer... and oh so much more. The Marvel Wiki's section on the Hulk's powers has tons of feats.

Granted, it's perhaps possible a chunk of Hulk’s more ludicrous feats (breaking up the space-time continuum with one punch, holding together a planet's tectonic plates to keep it from collapsing, destroying a pocket universe with a thunderclap) could be considered suspect or inconsistent, so I'll leave that up to you. And now onto the similarities between the two monsters...

Doomsday can leap miles at a time in a similar manner to the Hulk, both can cause wanton destruction, heal fast, toughen their skin, fight for days without tiring, move much faster than their bulk would imply, and survive just about any environment or extreme condition they're thrown into. They are quite comparable at first glance and I could honestly say a battle between the standard Savage Hulk and Doomsday could very well end in a victory for the latter or a double KO, which would be a win for Doomsday as well as he can revive from death... but Hulk's maximum, Worldbreaker, changes everything.

And I don't mean "The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets", to which the counter-argument could be made "Doomsday would kill him before he becomes strong enough to win". That would likely be the case, but that's not the sole way Hulk can reach his peak. Enter Banner, who keeps the Hulk's max power at bay so as to prevent casualties. Banner's mental barriers tend to slowly go down as the Hulk gets angrier, but when the time calls for it, the two can join together and there goes the barriers altogether. Nothing I found has ever implied that it requires attaining some absurd requirement that would be impossible without outside help or just plain impractical. And it's not like the Hulk would resist or fight it, as the two have worked together so many times that I think the Hulk persona has come to an understanding, if not alliance, with Banner.

The next argument in Doomsday's favor is "He can adapt his body to his opponent, so he could adapt to the Hulk by draining his gamma or creating a calming pheromone". True enough, the former would be quite effective... on the standard Hulk. Once he's gone Worldbreaker, the effects would be near-useless. Red Hulk, who could absorb Hulk's gamma radiation to weaken the Green Goliath, found his ability did jack against the Worldbreaker Hulk as he generates so much gamma radiation that trying to drain him was fruitless. As for the calming pheromone, even standard Hulk has resisted attempts to calm him multiple times with the exceptions being when Banner went "Hulk, we gotta stop." as opposed to Hulk calming down without Banner's input.

As for the final argument of "Doomsday would just toughen up his body to withstand Hulk's increased strength including Worldbreaker", again, I grant that would be the case for standard Hulk... but a jump from standard Hulk to Worldbreaker would overwhelm Doomsday. Let's say standard Hulk is around building to mountain and wails on Doomsday with building-level strikes: Doomsday could toughen to mountain strikes before Hulk even gets to that level. However, the gap between the two would be so massive that Doomsday would need much more time to adapt, which the Hulk frankly wouldn't give him.

And just how strong is Worldbreaker? He destroyed a planet in the Dark Dimension with a release of huge amounts of gamma radiation. This is also without counting when the Hulk destroyed an asteroid twice the size of Earth in one punch. Yes, perhaps many feats of Hulk could be debunked as just plot-induced (Hulk breaking out of something the Defenders couldn't, moving a weight Thor and Thing together couldn't, taking on and defeating someone with more power than Thor), but aside from destroying a planet (regardless of if it were the size of Pluto), he's survived planet-devastating attacks and even planet-bursters...feats Doomsday has never shown. Yes, Doomsday survived Darkseid's Omega Beams (which I'd argue the Hulk could survive, but that's another debate entirely), but that's different from an entire planet blowing up. Plus, Doomsday fell and was reduced to a skeleton by an energy blast by Imperiex and regardless of how strong Doomsday was after multiple throwdowns with Superman, nothing ever implied anything remotely close to planet-level durability.

Lastly, Doomsday can revive from death after a period of time, but if Hulk kills him first, then I say that's a win, especially since Hulk would likely tear him apart or his maximum release of gamma radiation would shatter, if not disintegrate Doomsday. While it's never been clear if Doomsday reduced to a skeleton was permanently dead without Lex's help or if he could regenerate, the longest Doomsday took to revive was over a hundred millennia when buried deep into the Earth, so after such a blow from the Hulk, he'd be so damaged to the point regenerating would take an incredibly long period of time. By that point, Doomsday would be galaxies away from the Hulk, so Hulk wouldn't have to put up with him for a Round 2.

So in the end, I believe it comes down to this: their difference in power, durability, and personality. Doomsday's the type of unstoppable monster that could run across an entire planet bringing down cities and killing its entire population: Hulk's physical potential is so terrifying just his footsteps in Worldbreaker alone threatened to destroy the entire eastern seaboard and his release of gamma radiation can destroy a planet. Doomsday can tank (held-back) blows from Superman for long periods of time before being brought down: Hulk has held his ground against Thor x10, as well as Sentry (even if the power of a million exploding suns is just an exaggeration), and survived being struck by world-destroyers like Galactus. Doomsday at his best is when he's enraged and mindless, as being given sentience and intelligence only made him fear pain and death: Hulk at his best is when he's calm, as he can not only strategize thanks to Banner's genius intellect, but is entirely unchained with incredible potential. If Banner were forced into holding back due to civilian casualties, Doomsday wins or double KO: with zero restraint in Death Battle, Hulk SMASH monster man.

I could be completely wrong and Doomsday has a trump card I didn't know of. Heck, consider all of this a list of points to debunk, but with how long I've wanted this battle to happen, I'll have a smile on my face even if Doomsday crushes the Hulk and Banner's head in. Thanks for reading. :{)

The Gaming News Guy:

In this battle between one giant green monster and one giant grey monster, who wins? Well honestly, despite me thinking that Hulk is the much better character, I think that Doomsday is going to win this and let me explain why. First, Hulk has plenty of impressive feats especially World Breaker Hulk, which with a clash destroyed an entire planet and it was clear during the finale of World War Hulk that he was easily able to story planet Earth.  But what about our spiked friend?  Well, he has fought both Superman and Supergirl who have Large Star Level Destructive Capability and Durability and yet despite their skin being extremely hard - Doomsday was still able to stab them with his bone protrusions. Also, he beat the shit out of Martian Manhunter who is easily on the same level of Superman. Then there’s that time he rampaged through Apokolips, and made one of the strongest beings in the DC Universe - Darkseid - his bitch, and eliminated most of the beings on Apokolips - while the beings on that planet are not as strong as Darkseid they are still very powerful.  Not even the Green Lantern Corp could stop him as he destroyed them with ease and let’s not mention the fact that he fought an nigh infinite number of Gogs for a century. He literally waged war on an unending number of god level opponents for one hundred years. Hulk’s base level is waaaayyy lower than Doomsday and while he does have one trump card, which is his rage boosting, it will require Hulk to get really mad in order to even have a chance against Doomsday. His World Breaker Form would be the only way Hulk could make a dent in Doomsday and even, then while Hulk at his maximum is capable of busting planets, Doomsday can destroy planets at his base form - not even his full strength. Plus there’s always Doomsday’s Adaptation ability which allows him to adapt to the environment as well as attacks from the enemy meaning Doomsday can adapt to any environment that Hulk throws him in. Plus there is the final nail in the coffin for the Jolly Green Giant - speed. Hulk’s speed is Faster than Light as he’s fought the likes of Thor and the Silver Surfer while Doomsday is Massively Faster than Light as Doomsday is easily able to keep up with Superman, Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter. Not only does Doomsday eclipse Hulk in Strength, Durability and Speed he also does so in experience as he has fought for over hundreds of years. While you could make an argument that Hulk has intelligence on his side, that’s pretty pointless against a monster that is several times stronger, faster and more durable than you. I am sorry Hulk but in this fight you are truly not the strongest one there is. I predict that Doomsday will win.


Sad to say….this is pretty unfair to Hulk. I’m not sure I would bet on the entire Avengers against Doomsday (depends on who is counted under the roster). Doomsday has beaten the entire Justice League….it took the strongest regular member of the Justice League going all-out and sacrificing his life to stop Doomsday the first time….and that didn’t even kill him...merely forced him to regen for a bit. Doomsday is faster and stronger, but more than anything he is way more durable. Hulk simply doesn’t have anything to permanently put down Doomsday.

There isn’t even really that much you can say in Hulk’s defense here. To say he is superior in stats basically requires ignoring powerscaling for Doomsday from every single appearance of him, since every time he appears it’s reinforced that the strong members of the Justice League are far below him and Cosmics think he is unbeatable. Even Hulk’s regen probably won’t help since Doomsday’s heat destabilizes things on the molecular level and his virus also wipes out life on the molecular level (and allows Doomsday to drain life). Granted, Hulk would have some resistance to that and those are from New 52, but Hulk’s regen is probably not saving him regardless.

Outside of if very bizarre (read: contrived) circumstances were to happen in comics such as Doomsday trying to infect Hulk and it wasn’t successful or Hulk is given prep or equipment from the location, then it seems Doomsday wins handily (even in those situations I would be doubtful). My prediction for Death Battle is much the same.

Kirby Kid

Hulk vs Doomsday has been one of the most anticipated fights for a while now, and something we've all poured a lot of effort into researching about.

With that said, I think Hulk has a really good chance. He's fought cosmic beings such as the Silver Surfer and Sentry and fought beings who fought and kicked those beings ASS such as the Red Hulk, whom made a fool out of the Silver Surfer, but couldn't stand up to the Hulk at all.

But when looking at Doomsday.. his feats are just so much more.. Dangerous.

He's fought the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, the entire JUSTICE LEAGUE and they barely are able to contain him. Superman, a man capable of holding down planets, fighting gods and other kryptonians, considers Doomsday a handful, and that in and of itself is so impressive.

Hulk is NO push over though. I feel he won't be affected by DD's death aura since Rulk's absorption abilities work in the same way, yet, the Hulk was completed unaffected by it, when Rulk was sucking the life out of Silver Surfer enough to take his board. Hulk has stuck tectonic plates together and kept planets from blowing up, or.. blown them up anyways. He's a really tough guy.

But when compared to DD and the opponents he faces, I don't think he really stacks up. Not to mention DD's virus blood, which Hulk has NO immunity towards, especially since Hulk has been turned into a Wendigo before. And while Hulk can fight and get stronger as the battle goes on, DD will already be at his peak and adapt to take the win.

My vote is on Doomsday.


  1. Wow...I guess R.I.P Hulk. Still wish he would win though.

  2. This is probably going to be another episode that falls under the Torrien Curse (where there is a 50% chance of the episode sucking).

  3. Great blog guys.
    but an idea for the future, have the winners in bold, so if someone is just quickly looking trough they can see the opinions of everyone

  4. Thank you for your comment and yes that would be a good idea.