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Death Battle Predictions: Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers


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It’s time for the power of heart, friends. These two ladies are battling it out to see which one will out hammer the other. It’s time to take a look at Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series to see who wins this DEATH BATTLE.

We also have 3 guests today who have done a wonderful job helping out with this blog - ThankSwalot, YoshinoVA and Imperator100.


Amy Rose

As a young girl, Amy Rose fell in love with the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Skilled in using tarot cards, she used them to figure out where she’d find the Blue Blur. She met her hero in Palmtree Panic on the Little Planet, which at the time had been taken over by Doctor Eggman (or Robotnik as he was still known back then). She was captured by the evil scientist’s newest creation, Metal Sonic, shortly after her awaited meeting however. After Sonic raced and defeated his robotic counterpart, he rescued Amy from the collapsing Little Planet. The young hedgehog girl has chased him wildly ever since, going as far to claim herself to be Sonic’s girlfriend. Whether it’s joining a fighting tournament or a racing contest, Amy will do anything to impress or even surpass her self-proclaimed boyfriend.

Ramona Flowers

Ramona’s backstory starts back in the 7th Grade, when she met Matthew Patel. After being overrun by Jocks who wanted Ramona’s hand on the dating scene, she and Matthew fought them all and knocked all of them out. After they broke up, Ramona continued dating 6 other people and eventually, all of them turned evil. However, it was her last boyfriend before dating Scott Pilgrim, Gideon Graves, who sent several messages off to her 6 other exes to form the League of Evil Exes, all hellbent on taking down Scott Pilgrim. During each fight, Ramona provided Scott with useful information so he could fight them to the death (in which they basically exploded into canadian coins afterwards), and even occasionally helping him his fights. Aside from that, nothing else about her backstory is known.


Amy Rose

Piko Piko Hammer

Amy’s signature weapon. While it may look like a toy, the Piko Piko Hammer is a deadly weapon in it’s own right. Like a hammer, Amy uses it to smash her opponents into utter, beautiful oblivion, but she also has a couple cool hammer techniques. She can spin extremely fast, both in the air and on the ground, but she’ll get dizzy really fast should she do it too long. Spinning the hammer in midair can also cause her to basically fly and she can even create tornados by swinging the Piko Piko Hammer fast enough. Her Low Blow attack aims for her target’s weak points, making them vulnerable to other attacks, and she can hop off her hammer from the ground to gain some height and distance. For her last hammer technique, her Tantrum attack lowers her opponent’s speed. And via divine intervention, should Amy lose her hammer, she can summon a new one out of thin air, for more glorious skull bashing.

Long Piko Piko Hammer

A longer version of her normal Piko Piko Hammer. As the name suggests, the hammer can reach farther.

Big Piko Piko Hammer

A bigger version of her Piko Piko Hammer. It’s capable of creating more powerful strikes, to the point of being able to make tremors. However, it is much heavier for her to wield, so her attacks are slower.

Warrior Feather
A headpiece that Amy wears. It allows her to do the Spin Hammer Attack, a spinning attack as the name suggests.

Amy seemingly spawns a present that is filled with explosives. They explode when they make contact with an opponent. She can leave these on the floor as traps, hitting her opponents into them to potentially combo them. She can summon them both on the ground and in the air.

Tarot Cards
Ever since Amy was a child, Amy was always interested in mystical items. Her tarot cards allow her to predict the future, which was how she met up with Sonic in the first place. She can also use a technique called Tarot Draw, which can curse enemies, lowering their luck/accuracy. She most likely uses Tarot Draw to see the future and avoid the incoming attack she just saw coming.

A gadget Tails made. With it, a beam of energy shoots out that can grab onto objects and enemies, in which Amy can throw.

Boxing Gloves
A pair of boxing gloves Amy sometimes uses for light attacks.

Ramona Flowers

Subspace Suitcase
Ramona’s most used tool. The subspace suitcase can store any amount of items as it’s directly connected to the Subspace itself. Ramona uses it to store several of her weapons, such as her Large Hammer, the Titanium Baseball Bat, and even Scott Pilgrim himself at one point. It’s unknown exactly how many items it can carry. The bag was destroyed after Ramona blocked an attack from Gideon, however.

Large Hammer
Ramona’s most used weapon. First seen in Scott’s fight against Envy. Ramona’s Large Hammer is one of her strongest weapons, as it weakened Envy enough for Scott to win (Although, hilariously enough, Envy’s weakness in the comics was Roxie’s weakness in the movies, which allowed Scott to win against Roxie and Envy). It should be noted that the comic gives the weapon +2 against girls, although it’s vague on what that means. It also has an adorable face on it, which makes it more fun for cracking heads open (Blame HSL for the repeated mentioning of skull crushing)

Titanium Baseball Bat
Ramona’s other weapon. She also used it in her fight against Roxie. The bat itself blocked a few strikes from Roxie’s Katana, although it was never really used after that. The comics list that it has a +1 against blondes bonus, although it’s vague on what it means. (Also good for Skull Crushi-BANG

The Power of Love
Ramona once gained the Power of Love in order to heal her wounds after being impaled with it by Gideon. With her wielding her own Power of Love, and Scott wielding the Power of Understanding, they were able to beat Gideon Graves and begin dating with no worries. The Power of Love’s bonuses are listed as Guts +2, Heart +3, Smarts +1, and Will +1.

Roller Skates & Goggles

Although more of a design choice and because the story takes place in Canada, Ramona has roller skates that can get her places faster and goggles that protect her eyes from snow. (She also totally looks like she could be a part of the Jet Set Radio cast BTW)

Makeshift Weapons

Used for a few scenes during Ramona’s first fight with Knives. One of them was a pole made from a much larger pole at the Toronto Reference Library. It was sturdy enough to block a few hits from Knives’s short blades. She also used a tree pot to thrust at Knives. Ramona’s ability to make weapons out of common objects at a whim is used multiple times throughout the series.

Powers & Abilities

Amy Rose

Homing Attack
Like many other Sonic characters, Amy can perform the Homing Attack, locking onto an enemy or object and tackling into them with a lot of force.

Spin Dash
Also like many Sonic characters, Amy can do the Spin Dash. She curls up into a ball and dashes forward with incredible speed and power.

As the name suggests, Amy can grind on rails.

Storming Heart
Amy blows a kiss that summons a tornado of hearts to attack opponents.

Amy Flash
Amy blows a kiss that paralyzes the opponent for up to 20 seconds. It’s a bit similar to Shadow’s Chaos Control.

Girl Bomber
A clear ripoff of Peach Bomber, Amy smashes foes with her hips.

Amy Heal
By thinking about Sonic, Amy can heal herself... somehow.

Somehow, someway, Amy Rose can turn invisible. She does this my manipulating some sort of pink energy. Enemies can’t see her, but she can still be hit by attacks. Her shadow and hammer, however, are not invisible, so smart foes could track her down.

Blow Kiss
Amy blows a kiss towards an ally to power them up, increasing their attack power. She can also use this on herself.

Mystic Melody
A magical ability taught to Amy by the priestess of a Gaia Temple. She can use this technique to track down chaos energy.

Rose Typhoon
Amy smashes her hammer into the ground with enough force to create a devastating shockwave of…. more pink energy.

Ramona Flowers

Hammer Time
Ramona slams her hammer into her opponent.

Pound ‘Em

Ramona slams her hammer into the ground, pounding her opponent under her.

Handbag Spin

Ramona spins her handbag around, summoning various objects that can be used in battle.

The Glow causes a person's head to glow brightly, while manipulating their own emotions to remove stuff like friendship or love, and enhance the feelings of jealousy or self-loathing. Glow itself is used by manipulating the subspace of a person’s mind in order to make them overwhelmed by their own personal issues. It also allows her to enter subspace through intense concentration. She is also capable of bringing people into subspace if necessary. By entering into other people's’ mental subspace, Ramona can see their current thoughts or make them obsessed with her (the latter seems to be a long process though). Also, Ramona only seems to be able to enact this ability when she’s in an extremely emotional state.

Subspace Travel
Usually used through a doorway, Ramona was one of the first people in Canada to master subspace travel, which allows her to travel through dreams to get to places much faster than a normal human. However, she mainly uses this for running away from issues, but she does have the ability to drag people into subspace along with her, even when extremely tired or when intoxicated.


Amy Rose

  • Avoided capture from and defeated ZERO
  • Helped weaken Metal Overlord
  • Has chased down Sonic many times
  • Angrily destroyed Eggman’s Serpenter robot piece by piece after it broke a bracelet meant for Sonic
  • Knocked Eggman into the water so hard it caused a massive watery explosion
  • Can skillfully throw her hammer at Eggman’s ship from hundreds of feet away, her first throw made a hole in it and her second throw knocked the huge ship upwards
  • Bought a weakened Sonic enough time to escape from Silver
  • Slammed her hammer on Bokkun so hard it caused an explosion bigger than the stadium they were fighting in, large debris flew out of the stadium
  • Fought evenly with Rouge before losing her hammer
  • Beat Sonic in a hoverboard race, Sonic was giving it his all
  • Predicted her meeting with Sonic using tarot cards
  • Beat Jun Kun, AKA, the Iron King twice, who beat the crap out of Sonic
  • Outran an earthquake in Shuffle
  • Threw a baseball so hard she accidentally destroyed one of Eggman’s robots
  • Fast enough to create mini tornadoes with a hammer swing
  • Bitch slapped Knuckles into a tree without even trying, almost knocking him out

Ramona Flowers

  • Defeated Knives Chau twice
  • Took power back from Gideon in her mental subspace
  • Aided in Gideon’s killing blow
  • Physically knocked Scott out of her mental subspace
  • Defeated all the jocks in a school in 7th grade along with Matthew Patel.
  • Figured out a use for subspace that it’s creator Gideon hadn’t.
  • Survived being impaled by the “Power of Love”
  • Gained her own Power of Love after working through her own mental hang-ups
  • Blocked a kick from Roxie with one hand (Movie Version)
  • Skilled enough to defeat Roxie using Scott’s body as a puppet (Movie Version)
  • Gets knocked down a bunch of stairs by Gideon who is way stronger than Scott in the movie (Movie Version)
  • Kneed Gideon in the groin, allowing Knives enough time to take his sword away (Movie Version)
  • Defeated 8 clones of illusionary Winifred Hailey’s using Scott as a puppet


Amy Rose

Amy has a very short temper. While this can sometimes help her out by making her attacks more powerful, this also causes her to be reckless in battle. Her obsession with Sonic can also cause her to be reckless, thinking only about what she could do to impress him. She also isn’t as experienced as some other Sonic characters.

Ramona Flowers

Ramona, for the most part, tends to run away from any fight she finds herself in, or lets Scott do all the work instead of her. Not to mention, due to side effects of the glow, her negative emotions are amplified, causing her to let her guard down in times of intense emotional state. She is also one of the few characters who doesn’t fight much outside of the Beat-Em-Up game.


Amy Rose

(Credit to KetrinDarkDragon on DA for this pic. Highly recommend looking at their DA page)

Name: Amy Rose
First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog CD (September 23, 1993)
Age: 12
Species: Hedgehog
Height: 2’1” (64 cm)
Weight: Unknown
Affiliations: Team Rose, Sonic’s “girlfriend”
Powers & Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Reflexes, Hammer Mastery, Healing, Hammerspace, Precognition, Status Debuffs, Stat Boosts, Petrification/Time Manipulation, Invisibility
Attack Potency: Large Building (Slammed her hammer hard enough to cause an explosion bigger than the stadium she was fighting in)
Speed: Hypersonic (Has chased down Sonic many times and should be faster than Big, who could swing his giant lure so fast it catches fire)
Durability: Large Building (The previously mentioned hammer feat scales to her durability)

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Tougher
  • Has a more easily accessible healing option
  • Has precog
  • More hax
  • More experienced

  • Not as smart
  • Relies mostly on her hammer
  • Hax isn’t as good
  • Doesn’t actually have a boyfriend

Ramona Flowers


Name: Ramona Victoria Flowers
Nickname: Rammy
First Appearance: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (August 18, 2004)
Age: 25
Height: 5’9” (175 cm)
Weight: Unknown
Affiliations: delivery, Scott’s girlfriend
Powers & Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Reflexes, Hammer Mastery, Baseball Bat Mastery, Sword Mastery, Energy Manipulation, Realm Transportation, Weapon Bonuses, Healing
Attack Potency: Building (Power of Love should be stronger than the Building Explosion that Todd and Scott both tanked)
Speed: FTE (Faster than the Eye can track)
Durability: Large Building (Tanking a meteor from Gideon)


  • Weaker
  • Slower
  • Less durable
  • Less hax
  • Less experienced
  • While the hammer does “+2 against girls”, this is unquantifiable


Amy Ramona SET.png


Oh man there's definitely been a lot of thought put into this one.

Having been introduced to Scott Pilgrim and reading all of the comics, as well as having played the games and seen the movie, I'd have to say that Amy solidly takes this.

That's not Ramona’s fault though, Amy has been around a lot longer and thus has MUCH more to work with. Not to say this match is unfair, but Amy has so much more over Ramona it's not even funny.

Amy has feats that put her far above anything Ramona has been capable of doing, such as crushing a stadium with nothing but her hammer and making an Egg ship move with her hammer as well.

Then there's the subject of speed. There's been a calculation that Ramona can react to speeds around the hypersonic range thanks to meteor and lightning attacks the character Gideon is capable of performing. While impressively calced, it was calced for the game, and the art-style of the game is purposely made to be simplified, and comparisons to those lightning and meteor attacks can be compared to other sprite animations in said game (making something like a broken car moving off screen appear comparable to the speed of said lightning in the game, which is just.. wut?)

But regardless, even if we use these speed feats, Amy still solidly takes the win, because she is still leagues faster than Ramona on foot, and can run around the battlefield using her abilities such as her time-stop or invisibility to land really solid and powerful blows on Ramona.

Amy has Ramona beaten not only in strength and speed, but abilities and arsenal as well, and that becomes overwhelmingly apparent when looking at their abilities and weaponry listed above. Amy has bombs and varying sizes of hammers. She can heal herself, turn invisible, increase her attack strength, and paralyze opponents in place. Ramonas arsenal is limited between a titanium bat and a hammer that Amy should have no trouble smashing through, but Ramonas real bread and butter is her sword, The Power of Love.

While it heals her wounds, Amy should be able to power through the power of love (no pun intended there). She could still set Ramona up with a time-stop or use her hammer to smash the power of love.

Amy is a competent fighter as well, she's held her own against some of Sonic's bosses and other characters before, while Ramona has barely had any big fights with characters in her series.

You could make an argument for Ramona using her different variations to attack Amy in sub space, but this feat was done in her head rather than her physically being in subspace at the time, so whether or not she can do this is debatable.

While I love Ramona, I'm going to have to side with Amy on this one, just because of the glaring differences in stats that give Amy the win.

Grand Blazer


Hooray me for having the shortest verdict in here, but that's because I don’t think there’s much to really argue here honestly. I like to look past the realm of stats in VS, see how some other factors could potentially change things around. But for this match, at least to me, the simple fact is Amy has both stats and hax on her side.

Even without scaling her to Sonic, Knuckles, or any of the other heavy hitters of the series, Amy’s done stuff on her own that’s plenty good to beat Ramona, such as hitting Eggman hard enough to make a large explosion out of water, or doing the same thing to Bokkun except on land. Keeping up with Sonic’s casual running speed and taking part in way more fights than Ramona are pretty good for her too. Throw in some healing abilities, invisibility, stat boosters and status effects and she’s got a far broader ability set than Ramona as well.

So sort-of-but-not-really sorry to all you Scott Pilgrim fans, but this rose has the thorns that are gonna be ripping your flower a new one.


Before I begin with this whatever-I’m-doing, I want to thank Malcolm Belmont and the rest of the G1DBFB for allowing me to help out with this one. I’m a fairly big fan of Scott Pilgrim, given how I’ve seen the movie like, 27 times (5 times with the trivia extra, which doesn’t really give any useful info) and wrote practically all of Ramona’s stuff here.

Anyway, everything I know about Amy comes from here and the ScrewAttack Forums, since my area of focus here was Ramona. But for an actual winner, I would have to say that it’s pretty close.

I know a lot of people are busy arguing MCB & MHS Ramona on the forums, and from a general standpoint, I can see why people would think that, but let’s ignore stats entirely for a moment.

Ramona’s major abilities are the Glow and Subspace manipulation/travel. It’s never actually said how Gideon was able to fully control it, but we do know that he’s the only one who can. However, given that Amy does not have resistance to Mind Hax, it’s possible that Ramona could accidentally pass on the Glow to Amy unintentionally. This would cause negative emotions to increase, which means Amy’s anger goes up and she’ll be more reckless than usual. However, this scenario is rather unlikely, given Amy’s speed advantage, but all that needs to happen is a touch.

As for Subspace, Ramona can drag Amy into her mind, in which she could be in full control and has the potential to summon multiple Ramona’s to beat the crap out of Amy. However, in order to do this, Ramona would either need a doorway or be in an intense emotional state in order to activate her glow.

The problem is, despite these two abilities being more powerful than most of the stuff Amy has, Amy has more abilities that Ramona cannot counter, such as Invisibility, a time-stop apparently, and healing. So while Amy does outnumber Ramona in hax, Ramona does have the upper hand in power of Hax.

Moving onto weapons, Amy has a hammer. This hammer is basically Amy’s primary weapon. It can grow, shrink, or something, I have no idea. But it definitely seems super useful in combat. Amy also has Tarot Cards, which can… predict the future and curse enemies, apparently, and then an Enerbeam, and I think I’m just repeating what the blog said. But that’s basically it. While all those things are pretty powerful, Ramona also has some pretty powerful stuff, the most important being the Subspace Suitcase, which can hold an unknown number of items. However, please realize that I did not say Infinite. She cannot carry infinite things. That’s just silly for Canada. However, she can summon stuff from her bag whenever she wants, unless you destroy the bag and everything falls out. The biggest thing, and the thing I’m most interested in, is her Large Hammer. This Hammer has +2 against girls as a bonus. Usually, this means that it adds +2 to her stats, which is vague to what it means. If we apply it to VS debating, that would make Ramona City Block and Hypersonic, but that would be ridiculous to do because of the ambiguity of the sentence, so ignore that. Focus on damage, however, and that could make Ramona stronger than Amy with the hammer only, depending on if we really want to consider Amy a girl. I believe she is, I don’t see who wouldn’t, but who knows. Someone might.

Then there’s the Power of Love, which gives a shitload of bonuses. Guts +2, Heart +3, Smarts +1, and Will +1. Heart and Guts don’t really matter in this scenario, but Will and Smarts do. Smarts means that Ramona will be just as smart, but then a bit smarter. Will, on the other hand, is similar to courage, as it would give Ramona the will to continue fighting, for Scott or something. But this is somewhat unlikely seeing as she basically used this one time, but she did use it to take down Gideon with Scott, so including it is important.

The other two things, the titanium bat and the makeshift weapons, aren’t really all that important stat-wise. The Titanium Bat has a +1 against blondes, which doesn’t matter as Amy has pink hair, and the Makeshift weapons only adds to intelligence, which Ramona is already ahead of Amy.

In the end, I am of the opinion that Ramona has the advantages to pull off a victory, but she doesn’t control the main stats in order to do so. So I’ll head off expecting Amy to win by stats, but I’ll be rooting for Ramona the whole time, while singing that one song from the movie. You know, the one that goes “Ramona… Ramona…” and has Michael Cera singing it or something. Who knows. Go Ramona!



Just want to say two things before starting off:

Firstly, I’d like to thank Grand Blazer for allowing me to join in on this prediction blog.

And second, it should have been Nora… This is just my bad opinion anyway.

Okay, so I’ve been a fan a Sonic for a loooong time, which is also why I wrote most of the stuff about Amy. I did watch the Scott Pilgrim movie so I do know some of the stuff Ramona could do too.

Ramona’s Glow and Subspace are interesting. You could say Glow could give Ramona the win due to basically playing with Amy’s emotions to make her feel more depressed, but the question is, can Ramona survive long enough to pass it on? The same goes with Subspace, as I’ve heard Ramona would need a door or to concentrate hard enough to enter it. For the latter, it would be hard to concentrate while in a fight with someone who can run at Hypersonic speeds, and for the former, it’d have to be very conveniently placed (well, besides her Subspace Suitcase which is on her). Plus, she’d have to know she’d be losing if she wanted to decide to go into Subspace, and realistically, I think Amy could beat her before she decides to escape or drag Amy in.

I do think Amy is also stronger than Ramona. While some people do think the feat with her smashing her hammer down to make an explosion bigger than the stadium is bogus, I really don’t think so. Sure, the ground was still intact afterwards, but during the explosion, you can see debris flying out of the arena. Just might be plot convenience that the battlefield was okay but I dunno. Like I said, my bad opinions. The Large Hammer’s +2 against girls could be useful, except we don’t actually know how to bring that into VS terms very much, so I don’t really think the bonus should count that much.

I will admit, Ramona is smarter than Amy, mostly due to being older, and this could allow her to keep up with her for a bit. But with Amy’s stronger stats, I do think Ramona will lose in the end. Plus, Amy has lots of ways to take out Ramona fast, whether it’s with her Invisibility, Rose Typhoon, or time stop. If Ramona was faster, I’d say she could avoid some of these, but she isn’t.

Lastly, Amy has many attacks that can lower Ramona’s stats, like her Tarot Draw, Tantrum, and Low Blow attacks. And while this may not mean much, Amy could plant a Gift as a trap for Ramona, and it’d be fun to see Amy use that in the animation to expand a combo. Oh, and a more reliable healing move and precog helps Amy too. Though, I could see Ramona winning if she can pass her Glow on, or drag Amy to Subspace. However, like I said before, I think she’d be dead before any of that happens. Ramona’s gonna get “Just wait a minute!”’d at some point and that’s when Amy will take her chance to finish her off.

Soooo, to sum things up, I’ll have to go with Amy Rose to win this battle, with her variety of hax moves and higher stats.


Excuse me as I am still containing hype for this episode, like holy shit, I didn’t actually think they’d do this fight, but they did, thank fucking Jesus! Two awesome chicks with hammers, who I love to death, fighting to the death….I’m ok with this. It’s better than Amy vs Sakura anyway.

So as for the actual fight itself, Amy is going to be having a crap ton of feats to be pulling from, from all sorts of media while Ramona has the comics, game, and movie. This gives Amy a huge advantage in experience and number of feats. But that’s to be expected when one character has been around for a decade longer and is still appearing in media, while the other has only appeared in 3 different media. It doesn’t help that Ramona doesn’t get a whole lot of feats in the stuff she’s in.

As for stats, using the comics, Ramona gets up to about building level at most. I’ve seen stuff being argued for the game, and honestly, I don’t believe it one bit. I’ve argued it to death, but basically, I don’t think it makes sense to use any of the feats mentioned for speed, since all of them are easily attributed aim dodging/blocking. The only way you could argue speed is by using how fast an individual character’s sprites can move in comparison to the meteors/lightning, but that just doesn’t sit well with me. If that were really the case, most moving sprites in the game would be comparable, like Wallace’s walking speed in the first level for Christ’s sake. Pushing that aside however, Ramona has been shown to move at speeds faster than the eye can track and should more or less be on the level of Lucas Lee who tossed Scott hard enough to wreck a building

Amy, on the other hand, scales to Sonic during Heroes, and Sonic before then was still dodging explosions, running across entire plains in a second, and even throwing rocks hard enough to cause a huge explosion (that Eggman survives BTW). Aside from that, she has caused a massive dust cloud that dwarfed a stadium , can create a mini tornado with a casual hammer swing, and is faster than Big the Cat, who can swing his lure so fast it catches fire.

In terms of abilities and weapons, Ramona has her hammer, the Power of Love, a titanium bat, the glow, and the ability to open up subspace rather easily. The hammer and bat serve an obvious, yet beautiful purpose of course. The Power of Love is different in that equipping it can heal as far as impalation and gives a (unquantifiable) stat boost, yet lacks the “je ne sais quoi” of bashing a person’s head in. The glow basically turns on all the emotional baggage someone has on them, but it honestly doesn’t seem to be very combat capable as it only works when Ramona is feeling an extreme emotion. Maybe since this is a fight to the death, you could argue that’d bring out those emotions, but that’s kind of pushing it. The best thing Ramona has going for her in this fight however is subspace, which gives her a variety of escape options as well as a possible BFR option.

As decent as all that is, Amy overshadows all of that. She has WAY more abilities/weapons and she has a few that are huge game changers, like invisibility, petrification/time-stop, homing attacks that spawn right on the enemy, and cards that tell her the future, allowing her to dodge attacks more easily. With Amy’s superior speed and invisibility, she should be able to pull off most of that with relative ease. And while the Subspace gives Ramona a stat boost so long as it’s in her head, Amy can return the favor by blowing a kiss to herself. Amy’s healing options are also much better, as she can use it more than once.

So, in the end, Imma have to side with Rosie the Rascal AKA Amy Rose. Ramona just couldn’t handle the FUH-FUH-FAIA, FAAAIIIIAAA

Also, as for the people who want Ramona to win because they don’t like Amy, I get it ya know? She’s definitely not the best written character. I’ve always enjoyed her growing up because, well, she’s what I grew up with. As for explaining why I still like her character now, I think DiGi’s “Who Dat” series covers her in depth perfectly and makes a good defense for her I can agree with (though he admits he’s somewhat biased)


So, I came into this knowing not much about Sonic lore, and a fair bit about Scott Pilgrim. I want to quickly start by thanking the guys for letting me help and give my own verdict.

So this fight has two basic components really, real space and subspace. In a fight in real space, Amy takes this pretty handily. Amy has a better arsenal of abilities, has better offense and defense and is fast enough to blitz. In terms of raw stats, I don’t think Ramona can really keep up with Amy. The Piko Piko Hammer could probably just smash through Ramona’s arsenal, including the Power of Love like Gideon did in the movie. That’s even ignoring Amy’s other abilities like invisibility and the like.

The other possibility is if Ramona takes Amy into subspace, which is something she’s been shown to do even when really tired so even if the fight goes on a bit in real space first, she should still be able to do it. However even in subspace if Ramona tries to fight Amy head-on, Amy would probably win. Ramona is stronger in her mental subspace to some degree but doesn’t have much in the way of big feats. Her defying Gideon while it was impressive in the context of the story, doesn’t grant her much more power since Gideon still destroyed her backpack anyway. Also she can punch people out of subspace so she’d have to be careful and hold back her strikes against Amy so as not to send them out of subspace, which will really work against her doing any damage. She had some level of control over the other Ramonas but I still wouldn’t exactly consider that enough of an advantage considering Amy’s other abilities.

The Glow might also work but not only would she have to use it on a faster opponent who can also turn invisible, but it would only serve to intensify Amy’s personal issues, which in this case wouldn’t be too much of an advantage.

Overall most of the advantages Ramona has are too ambiguous to really say she’d get much of an advantage with them. And there really isn’t anything stopping Amy from just zipping towards Ramona and bonking her on the head with her hammer while invisible, or stopping time and doing the same thing, or petrifying her. By all accounts, Amy should win.


  1. TL;DR Iron Joe has bet his avatar and signature on the ONLY character in all of fiction who is anything like Amy Rose at all but not far stronger than her. Gosh darn it, it should have been Peach.

    1. "It should have been Peach"

      Who are you and what have you done with Joe

  2. Okay, not going to sugar coat this, this blog is kind of disgusting. It gives every assumption to Amy while giving Ramona nothing. Apparently every feat Amy did anything with is entirely legit, while everything Ramona had was aimdodging. Honestly, the absolute worst thing is the bias in allowing ablation speed for bigs the fucking cat, but saying the meteor's ablation doesn't count because of Neosanik's shitty reasoning of "But shards not on fire!". The entire blog came off as "None of Ramona's feats count, so have some FTE and Building level Ramona. Hope nobody liked this bitch, because we clearly don't."

    I'm not alone in believing this to be the worst official prediction blog entry in the series' history.

    1. you think Ramona would win? Personally, I think Amy wins, but alright.

    2. you think Ramona would win? Personally, I think Amy wins, but alright.

    3. @Joshua Kviring

      First of all, we're not "official", in any way. Our blogs are NOT official and we do NOT help decide anything having to do with the show whatsoever.

      "Gave Ramona nothing"

      I didn't realize the two game feats we decided weren't really legit count as everything. Because we counted virtually every feat besides that.

      "Everything Ramona had was aim dodging"

      Again, two feats from the game. Not everything. And aim dodging is a perfectly usable argument for feats like that, because that's how you dodge/block them in the first place.

      Also, we never argued against the meteor having ablation speed. We just pretty much agreed on it being aim dodging. So don't know where you got that idea.

      "The entire blog came off as "None of Ramona's feats count, so have some FTE and Building level Ramona. Hope nobody liked this bitch, because we clearly don't.""

      Sorry you think that. I'm actually a huge SP fan, and two of our guests are huge SP fans who knew little to nothing about Sonic stuff going into this. And I know for a fact one of said SP fans doesn't believe in the two game feats either.

      "I'm not alone in believing this to be the worst official prediction blog entry in the series' history."

      Good for you.

    4. Tracer vs Scout was also a pretty bad prediction. Everybody with a functioning brain knows that Scout is better than Tracer in almost every single way.


    And before you guys call bullshit:

    1. Oh,look! Faulty Scaling used on Ramona! No. Ramona's not continent level. The Todd feat was a source of great controversy, but eventually proven to be a big fat outlier (Plus the fact that Todd is physically speaking the strongest of the Evil Exes means we can't scale Gideon to him).

  4. Thank You! Finally, someone who doesn't believe in continent level powerscaling for Ramona. It honestly started to bug me a bit.

    1. Then Ramona is nothing more than shameless cannon fodder that is ment to be sacrificed to the much more popular Amy Rose and the sonic fandom so that they can stop bitching (and Ben since he's a sonic fan. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the real reason why). It's like Fox vs Bucky all over again.

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  6. Sigh... They couldn't get Ramona to fight Harley Quinn instead? This battle just seemed all types of unfair.