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Death Battle Predictions: Venom VS Bane


Batman and Spider-Man have earned their places as two of the greatest superheroes of all time, and part of what makes them great is the collection of villains who have handed their asses to them a fair number of times.

Alternatively, drugs!

For the next episode of Death Battle, two such superpowered bruisers take centerstage: Venom, the Lethal Protector of New York City and Bane, Gotham’s Reckoning.



“You know nothing about us, but we know everything about you. You see us everywhere, even in your nightmares.”

There aren’t too many people out there who can say their lives sucked from the very beginning, and actually mean it. Edward Charles Allan Brock (four possible first names, there) is one of those unlucky few. You see, Eddie’s mother died from childbirth. His childbirth. And Eddie’s dad, Carl… well, he didn’t take it well. Which is perfectly understandable, and okay. But Mr. Brock started to resent and blame his son for the death of his wife, which, while still sort of understandable, is most certainly not okay.

Eddie tried everything he could to win his father’s approval, and I do mean everything. Making good grades in school, excelling in sports, getting into a fancy journalism program (admittedly by creating a forged internship), marrying a hot babe, and eventually landing himself a job reporting for the Daily Globe… Guess what, though? None of it made Carl love Eddie any more. A therapist probably could have, but this is fiction, so who the fuck is a therapist?

Back to backstory, Eddie felt he needed just one more break, something to earn him true fame. As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself in the form of an accidental e-mail to Eddie. The sender? Emil Gregg, who claimed to be the infamous serial killer, Sin-Eater. Really stupid name aside, this was fantastic news for Eddie, who immediately started writing up exclusives on Sin-Eater in exchange for keeping Emil’s identity a secret. And it was a hit! Well, until Eddie’s conscience forced him to break his promise and expose Emil as the Sin-Eater.

“Good for Eddie, though! Fuck serial killers!”

You’re not wrong, but Eddie was. To be specific… Emil Gregg was not actually Sin-Eater, as the real deal was soon captured by Spider-Man. Turns out, Emil was just a compulsive confessor who just thought he was a serial killer.

This was the moment that kickstarted Edward Brock’s downfall. Or, rather, the first in a series of moments that was Edward Brock’s downfall. Shortly after his mistake became public, Eddie was humiliated and fired from his job, which was unfortunate, but expected. Then his father permanently disowned him, which was unfortunate, but sadly, even more expected. THEN his wife divorced him, which… . Finally, to take the tragedy of it all to an almost-ridiculous level, Eddie had fucking terminal cancer.

No wonder the man soon wound up in a church, asking God to forgive him for his imminent suicide.

The Venom Symbiote was born to a race of extraterrestrials known as the Klyntar who lived by possessing the bodies of other lifeforms, draining them of energy through negative emotions in order to survive themselves. The muck that ended up on Earth was deemed insane even by its own race when it decided to commit to a host and stay with it instead of use it up. It wound up banished from the alien race because of this and was sent off into space.

The symbiote wound up on our planet and found Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, going through some struggles with relationships and work. As it was capable of feeding off these emotions, the symbiote stuck to Spider-Man, who initially welcomed its help, believing it wasn’t sentient and was just helping him out with his job by making him stronger, faster, capable of producing his own webs without the shooters, etc.

As time went on however, the symbiote slowly corrupted Spider-Man, turning him more violent and angry, as well as began to take over Peter completely. Realizing this, Spider-Man rejected the symbiote, though it continued to try to force control against him. Luckily for the wall-crawler, he found out about the parasite’s weakness to high frequency sounds, and struck a large bell to create enough sound to get the alien off of him. With how weak it was and how it was rejected, the symbiote was forced to leave its first host, but swore vengeance on him. A trait it shared with old pal of Peter’s you may remember, Eddie Brock.

Peter had been neglecting Eddie in recent days due to his secret life of fighting crime and having to prioritize others over him and to add insult to injury, Spider-Man wound up costing him his job. Naturally feeling incredible rage towards both his former friend and the web-slinging hero, Eddie made the perfect host for the symbiote upon their fated meeting. And thus, Venom was born.

The two beings which comprised Venom were both driven by their mutual hatred of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, leading to many a battle over the course of time. In spite of this, Venom took up a side career of being a vigilante, bringing his own brand of brutal justice to criminals everywhere. As such, he was forced to team up with Spider-Man under certain circumstances, with one of their more well-known moments of cooperation being against the serial killer Cletus Kassidy, who bonded with a stray part of the symbiote to become Carnage.

Venom would later make his peace with Spider-Man after saving Brock’s ex-wife, and moved to San Francisco to guard a society of homeless people, cooperating with Spider-Man again to defeat a band of newly created symbiotes. However, their truce ended when said ex-wife committed suicide upon seeing Spider-Man’s black suit, having been traumatised by the sight of Venom before.

Eventually, both Eddie and the symbiote went their own separate ways after Eddie’s cancer returned. While the symbiote would be paired up with a variety of other hosts, including the former Scorpion, Mac Gargan, Eddie gained a new white symbiote (an offshoot of the original) and became Anti-Venom, returning to his former position as a vigilante.


“You will know my name one day. And on that day you will beg for mercy. You will scream my name! SCREAM IT!”

“Deshi! Basara! Deshi! Basara! Deshi, Deshi Basara! Deshi, Deshi Basara!

“What does that mean?”


When the world throws its worst at you, you either crumble under its weight and perish… or you rise from underneath and grab the world by the throat. That is how it’s been for every form of life to ever walk the Earth, and that is how it was for Bane.

Santa Prisca, an island with corruption and crime as its two most notable trademarks. Years ago, a brave group of revolutionaries fought to earn the island its freedom…and lost within three bloody days. Those rebels “lucky” enough to survive the slaughter were all given life sentences at the infamous prison known as Peña Duro. One such individual was a woman whose husband died in the fight. According to Santa Prisca law, if the father is unable to serve his sentence, his son shall carry it out instead.

Enter the child who would come to call himself Bane.

Bane spent the entirety of his early life within the walls of Peña Duro, and after his mother passed away when he was six, he would have to go on spending it alone. After being forced to watch Mommy’s corpse be thrown off a cliff into shark-infested waters, of course. Jesus…well, at least Bane wasn’t too broken up about it.


Ignore the fact that Bane looks absolutely nothing like any six-year-old to ever exist here. It’s the hardness talking. The only thing that could faze this kid over the years was a recurring nightmare in which he was hunted by a demonic bat. But that would obviously never become a reality in any way, shape, or form. I mean, come on. What would the chances be?

Stuck as a young child inside the walls of a Hell on Earth, where the only semblance of law is "every scumbag prisoner for himself?” That, right there, is one of those situations I mentioned before. The world throws its worst at you? You perish, or you rise.

Bane chose to rise. He used every advantage he could get his hands on to survive. He built his body through rigorous exercise and more-than-occasional brawls with fellow inmates, and he built his mind via education from a wide variety of teachers, ranging from hardened convicts to a random priest. Bane also read a lot of books, because you can apparently find anything at Peña Duro. It’s like the corrupt, maximum-security prison equivalent of a flea market.

Over the years, Bane rose up to become the “King of Peña Duro,” a man who commanded more fear and respect from the prisoners than the actual warden did. Even ten years of solitary confinement, sentenced by the aforementioned warden as an attempt to regain authority, only served to strengthen both Bane and his legend. All other options extinguished, the prison controllers drafted Bane into becoming a guinea pig for a strange drug known only as Venom. Every single man before had died due to taking it, so surely Bane would follow, yes?

No. He rose again.

Bane found his already-peak physical abilities augmented to superhuman levels thanks to the Venom. While he now had to take a dose every 12 hours…well, it wasn’t like he had any choice to begin with, so he might as well focus on the benefits. And focus on them, Bane did. Gathering up his most loyal compatriots, Bane killed the warden and finally escaped from Peña Duro. For the first time in his life, he was free.

He had risen.

Enter Gotham City, a place Bane had heard tales of, and a place that had sparked his interest. See, much like Peña Duro, Gotham was ruled by fear. To be more specific? Gotham was ruled by the fear of Batman, a being who Bane saw as the physical representation of his childhood nightmares. To Bane, this was a challenge. He had already overcome so much in his life. The only thing left to surpass was this.

It was time to rise once again.



Agent Venom’s Gear
Including: body armor, a high-powered sniper rifle, a multi-gun with a silencer, handguns, chemical weapons, knockout drugs, truth serum and knives.

Eddie Brock’s Equipment
Equipment used by Eddie Brock after losing his powers while hunting symbiotes:

The Symbiote
A separate living alien organism capable of operating independently and altering its shape and appearance, most notably taking the form of a suit similar to Spider-Man’s, though being capable of taking the form of any substance. Including water, rock or air (in other words, go invisible in broad daylight). He can also use this to disguise himself or make decoys. It also heals the host’s wounds. Being capable of nigh instantly regenerating fatal burns and severe cuts.
It can also manifest itself a body for half a day.

It’s even been shown to enhance objects such as cars.

(the drug not the symbiote)

When pumped into him it grants him various abilities. Of course, given that it’s a vital part of his moveset, he has some gear to help him inject:

Unfortunately, said Venom is more addictive than heroin and going long without it is painful. Which makes it all the more impressive that Bane can occasionally go on for very long without it.

Miscellaneous weapons he’s used:



Due to its prior bonding with Spider-Man, the symbiote chose to imitate most of his powers for Venom’s use (in addition to a possible bout of insanity from another previous host, Deadpool). Aside from crawling walls, he can shoot webbing created by the suit, although one drawback is that Venom can only shoot a finite amount of web before the suit needs to replenish its supply.

Venom has also been endowed with superhuman strength; complimented by Eddie’s own strength (he can bench press up to 700 pounds, even prior to becoming Venom), he has been shown to be physically stronger than Spider-Man himself. With this, Venom can destroy buildings, lift bulldozers, and go toe-to-toe with larger enemies such as the Juggernaut. Venom’s also extremely durable, he’s had encounters with the likes of the Hulk and come off no worse for wear, tanked rapid-fire bullets, anti-tank missiles, an exploding power plant, electric shocks and repulsor blasts. Even if you manage to hurt him, the symbiote can patch up any lethal injuries in mere seconds.

He’s also extremely fast, capable of dodging gunfire and plasma attacks and can beat up Spider-Man before his Spider-Sense can kick in. Speaking of that, Venom has his own take on it which explains his crazy speed and reactions; again, it’s something the symbiote took from Spidey along with the added benefit of making him immune to Spidey’s own Spider-Sense, as Peter’s time spent with the alien muck makes the Spider-Sense incapable of registering it as a threat.

Venom is also capable of mimicking some of the tricks Spider-Man pulls off with his webbing, such as creating giant balls of webbing that can smash concrete or creating large shields.

In terms of things Venom didn’t totally rip off from Spider-Man, he can shapeshift by transforming the symbiote and using it as weapons such as whips and tendrils, giving him more ranged options outside of its webs. Living up to his namesake, Venom can also inject his opponents with a potent toxin with his fangs, and can use the suit’s properties for stealth purposes, allowing him to camouflage and hide himself.

Finally, there’s the Psychic Shriek. It causes a massive increase in depression and suicide in an area of over a thousand kilometers and can reach the Symbiotes in another star system.


Thanks to his upbringing, Bane has pushed his body to the limits, capable of doing things far beyond any normal man. He can send entire grown men flying with a single punch, rip off doors clean from their hinges, and can tear limbs away. Durability-wise, Bane can survive knife and gunshot wounds with no visible effect and can continue fighting in mere seconds. He’s also fast enough to dodge bullets.

Complementing all of this is Bane’s massive intellect. While stuck in prison, he received the closest he could get to a proper education thanks to a Jesuit priest, which led to him becoming a master tactician and scientist; Ra’s Al Ghul even complimented his intelligence by claiming that Bane “has a mind equal to the greatest he has known.” Combined with his escape artistry and skill in martial arts, Bane has proven himself to be more than a match for Batman.

The man discovered Batman’s secret identity, for fuck’s sake. After one meeting!

Much of Bane’s powers come from Venom, a drug which provides the user with superhuman abilities. Venom was a previously experimental steroid which killed all of its previous recipients, and though he would almost join their ranks, he survived and later used his newfound strength to escape into the outside world.

Under its effects, Bane gains superhuman strength, durability, speed and stamina. Strength-wise, he can lift up to 4 tons and bend steel. This can increase as he injects more Venom into his system, although exceeding his average dosage causes him to lose his intellect for the time being.





And for scaling purposes, Venom is typically shown to be physically stronger than Spider-Man himself, who can:








Comparable to various DC street level crime fighters/criminals, so he should scale to feats such has:



Scales to:






The webbing Venom produces isn’t a real web, and is merely a recreation of Spider-Man’s via shapeshifting. As such, his webbing grows weaker the farther away it is from him. It also has a finite supply of sorts; should it run out, the symbiote needs time to replenish it’s supply.

But the symbiote’s two major weaknesses are fire and sound-based attacks. If Venom is hurt too much by these types of attacks, the symbiote will be forcibly removed from its host, leaving both of them defenseless. These tend to be very inconsistent weaknesses, however: Venom has been shown to overcome them in multiple situations. As examples, he’s fought against the Human Torch and survived his fire blasts, got doused in fuel and set on fire, recovered from Hulk's thunderclap and tanked blasts from sonic weapons on multiple occasions. Meanwhile Peter managed to rip it off by simply slamming into a church bell a few times.



Due to his addiction to Venom, Bane must sustain himself with a steady dose of the drug every 12 hours. Should his supply run out or is otherwise interrupted, like when Azrael cut the cords sending it into Bane’s brain, he will not only lose access to his powers but will eventually suffer a withdrawal wherein he will become fatigued and weakened. On the other end of the spectrum, exceeding it by a large margin will sacrifice his intellect for pure, brute strength.





  • Is faster, stronger and more durable
  • Has more attack variety through shape shifting, possession and poison attacks
  • Has a range advantage through tendrils and webs
  • Can read Bane’s mind thanks to the symbiote
  • Bane cannot exploit the symbiote’s weakness to fire and sound attacks
  • Symbiote gives an edge in stealth.


  • Less intelligent, and could be outsmarted
  • Topher Grace and a lack of memes




  • Is more intelligent and strategic
  • Arguably the more skilled hand-to-hand combatant
  • Venom serum’s healing abilities can possibly resist Venom’s poison attacks
  • Is a big guy (for you)


  • Is weaker, less durable and slower
  • Lacking in attack variety
  • Has no weaponry which exploits Venom’s weaknesses to flame and sonic weaponry. Even if he did, Venom has been shown to resist such attacks in spite of his weakness.
  • No resistance to mind-reading and possession
  • Limited ranged attacks


Venom Bane Set.png

Grand Blazer


Boooooy you don't even know how hyped I am for Venom! Haven't been this excited for a character since Mewtwo. And we have my second favorite villain for my all-time favorite comic hero's rogue gallery. So who I want to see win this should be pretty obvious.

I'll get the argument in Bane's favour out of the way first. He's the smarter and more intelligent of the two, which is typically the way Spider-Man defeats Venom, since the wall-crawler isn't able to take him in a straight fight. So Bane could potentially do the same.

...But then Spider-Man had plenty of experience dealing with Venom and knows of his fire and sound weaknesses, so he was actually able to exploit them in some way, and half the time he's just lucky with what's lying around the area at the time. Meanwhile Bane won't know about any of that, and from what I know he doesn't have any fire or sound-based attacks, so that's out the window. Unless the two somehow start a fire and the alarm goes off, but that isn't happening. And even then, Venom's built up some resistance to those anyways, so God knows how much it would actually help Bane out.

And while Venom isn't exactly a strategist, he's not dumb by any means either. I think he'd be able to figure out that the test tubes on Bane's back are probably important in some way, so he could use that speed advantage to rip them off and stop the flow of drugs into his system. It's not like Venom's above playing dirty after all. Eddie's more than willing to put Peter's love interests at risk to get Spider-Man to come out, so he'd have no problem with something like this.

And heck, that's mostly just going off brain stuff alone. Past that, you just got Venom's far greater strength, speed, durability, variety in attacks and defenses, mind-reading, possession, range VS Bane's less good stat trinity, his Venom to power him up a bit more and... Baneposting? Sure. I think you get the idea. Let's go Venom victory!


Yo, fuckers, what’s up?

For those not in the know, this blog was actually a collaboration between the G1 guys, and me and Tommy, who have our own blog called Versus Debating Was A Mistake. Thanks to Grand Blazer and the rest of them for letting us split the work on this one! Well, really, it was mostly Tommy. Due to extenuating circumstance, I was only able to do backstory this time.

But no one cares about that. Now, then, onto the fight!

Remember Batman VS Spider-Man? You do? Well, then you pretty much know how this one goes down. While Bane has one of the sharpest minds in the DC universe, and fighting skill on par with Batman, much of his prowess comes from his Venom intake. Which gets pumped into his body via very visible tubes. Tubes that can be removed. This has bitten Bane in the ass in almost literally every single one of his appearances, and that isn’t likely to change here.

Eddie and the symbiote have… almost literally everything else. An advantage in almost every single stat, and an enormous array of superpowers that can’t be removed. Sure, there’s the fire and sound weaknesses, but what are the chances that Bane will be able to figure them out? Or utilize them, for that matter?

Bane’s a big guy, but only for us. Unfortunately for him, Venom’s bigger.



Ok, a few things to get out of the way before we begin:
Firstly, hey, it’s a collab this time! Neat.
Thanks to this collab researching all this stuff was made much easier. Speaking of which:
Secondly, just so you know where I’m coming from knowledge-wise. I did research for all the 616 Venom comics and slightly over half of the Post-crisis Bane comics (with Grand Blazer doing the other half and new 52 Bane) and handled all the scaling dependent stuff. Reading a total 400+ comics…
Yeah, can we not have a comicbook character again for a very long while?
Please and thank you.
Anyway, onto the verdict:
While this fight is by no means a stomp (at least as far Deathbattle matchups go) it is decidedly clear cut:
As far as stats go, Venom has at least a noticeable advantage in all 3, as seen above, with one feat in particular being completely insane. Said gap could be even bigger if say, certain speed feats from weaker Marvel characters were to be considered. And in this case arbitrarily removing scaling makes Bane’s chances even worse, given that Venom’s own feats are far greater than anything Bane himself has shown.
As for other areas. Bane has a gun and regen while using his Venom, Venom on the other hand, has: more guns, better regeneration, poisonous fangs, basically invisibility, mind reading, low grade but high range mind screwing, possession which he can use offensively, webbing, shapeshifting and the ability to travel through the goddamn internet of all things and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something there. So yeah, Venom has more tricks up its sleeve.
Bane’s only real advantage is intelligence and it’s mostly applied for planning and strategy, things that would require prep time.
And lastly, let’s talk about weaknesses. Bane’s weakness is that if someone detaches some loose wires on the back of his head (something that could be done by accident) he’s basically either far weaker and no longer healing fast or outright completely useless. Venom’s weakness meanwhile is something that Bane has no way of knowing and that requires him to use the environment to exploit since he has no specialised weapons to exploit it. And in the department of guessing weaknesses, my bet is on the guy that can read minds. Also, Venom can straight up stand in fire so even if one does break out, It might still not be enough for Bane to notice that Venom is specially weak to it.
Even if Bane did know Venom’s weaknesses and had the needed prep time to make some new weapon. Spider-Man also knows said weaknesses, made a suit designed to specifically exploit said weaknesses and even with all that, still had troubling dealing with Venom.
Yeah, I’m not seeing it being a major factor.
So, in conclusion:
Toxin got caught by the CIA somehow (Bane > CIA, Toxin > Carnage > Venom)



Lemme get this out of the way: that Anarchy Reigns song (and probably the most important contribution I’ve made in this blog) above is too appropriate considering who’s trying to murder each other this time.

To get all of the obvious stuff out of the way and nearly echo the others up there, Venom has a handy stat trinity advantage, dominating Bane physically. He also boasts an advantage in attack variety: while Bane’s known for brute forcing his way through almost anything and complimented by his being the more skilled and intelligent combatant between the two, Venom has mind reading, tendrills, webs, stealth (thanks to the symbiote) and poison bites (which admittedly Bane can counter thanks to the Venom serum). Overall, Venom boasts more options to end Bane than the other way around.

One other main disadvantage for Bane is that he not only has no way to exploit Venom’s weaknesses to fire and sound attacks (which Venom has been shown to outright resist at times) but Venom has ways to exploit Bane’s own weaknesses - cutting off his own Venom supply either by deducing it or through mind reading. The only thing Bane can boast over Venom here is intelligence, and while it’s how Spider-Man’s been able to beat Venom at times, Venom has powered through most of Spidey’s attempts to abuse his weaknesses and intelligence can only go far against a foe who outclasses you in almost every other area.

So yeah… ummm… VENOM WEB!



So I was originally going to help out with feats for Bane but college was being a dick so I didn’t have the time. Thanks to Grand Blazer for letting me write my verdict here anyway.

As for my verdict? Venom. That’s pretty much it.


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