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Death Battle Predictions: Power Rangers VS Voltron



Oh boy, this one has been a long time coming. For the 75th episode of Death Battle, Screwattack has decided to do one of the most requested fights for the show, Power Rangers VS Voltron. As such, we will be compositing all versions of the Megazord and Voltron for this prediction blog. These two giant mechas, who have saved the universe from all sorts of supernatural threats and are piloted by 5 different individuals, are legendary, but it’s time to pair them off in a Death Battle to see who is the deadlier giant robot.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“We need Megazord power, now!”

The Megazord, also known as the Dino Megazord, is created from a combination of the Power Rangers Zords; Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger. As for the Power Rangers themselves...

One day in the solar system, the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa escaped from her 10,000 years of imprisonment after being sealed in a dumpster-like object. Of course, being an evil witch, her main plan was to conquer the planet Earth. An ancient known as Zordon and his robot sidekick,  Alpha 5, noticed that Rita had awakened. As he was unable to fight himself, in order to stop Rita, Zordon decided to recruit five "overbearing and overemotional humans", A.K.A teenagers, to become Earth's defenders.

These five teenagers were Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Jason, who were enjoying life at the Angel Grove Youth Center. But suddenly, an earthquake hit and the 5 of them were teleported out of the Youth Center by Zordon and Alpha 5.

The five were teleported to a very high-tech facility, much to the amazement of their resident tech genius, Billy. They were caught by surprise thanks to Zordon’s booming voice and he tells them of the situation: Rita had escaped and was planning on conquering Earth and he must rely on them to become Earth’s Defenders in his stead by becoming the Power Rangers. The five are naturally skeptical but despite this, they are given their Power Morphers which allow them to tap into the power known as the Morphing Grid.

They left the Command Center and the five of them are unable to comprehend what they had just seen, but suddenly Rita’s forces come to destroy them. After struggling against the foot soldiers, they realize that it’s best to put their faith in the Power Morphers. They morph for the first time, truly becoming Power Rangers and soon defeat Rita’s putties.

However, the fighting is not done yet as they are teleported to Angel Grove where Goldar and the putties are waiting. Goldar is transformed into a giant by Rita’s magic and for the first time, the Power Rangers summon their Zords and form the Dino Megazord to defeat Goldar.

Back in the Command Center, the teens have now agreed to stop Rita's evil as the Power Rangers. With Zordon and Alpha guiding them, they become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the might of the Megazord backing them.

Voltron Force

“Let’s go Voltron Force!”

Voltron is a giant guardian robot that is formed from 5 smaller robot lions. Each lion embodies an element: water (Blue Lion), land (Yellow Lion), fire (Red Lion), sky (Black Lion), and forest (Green Lion). Voltron defends the universe with the five Paladins piloting it.

One day, five earthborn space explorers approached Planet Arus which was under attack by Zarkon's forces. The crew wanted to help, but they were too late. As they surveyed the ruins, they are picked up by one of Zarkon's ships and arrested.

The group of five made of Sven, Keith, Lance, Hunk and Pidge were about to be put in an arena where they would have to fight to the death, but using each of their individual strengths, the explorers managed to break out of their cells and escape. The team then escaped Galra’s ship via a slave ship which eventually gets damaged, and they soon crashed on the planet Alrus near the Castle of Lions.

Keith quickly recounted the legend of how the formidable heroic robot known as Voltron was defeated and considered that they may have found where Voltron was sleeping all along. After gathering together, the team did some recon and they decided to go where the castle was supposedly located in the mountains. After dealing with space mice and cave people, they eventually came across the castle, and while exploring it they met an old man named Coran who was the castle diplomat. Coran explained what truly happened to Voltron and the group met another member of the castle, Princess Allura.

In order to stop the Galra Empire, Coran and Allura agreed with Sven and the others to reform the universe defending team with Voltron, but before they could, Keith asked where the lions were and Coran explained their location to the team. With that, the five explorers set out in order to find the five lions. The new team was formed as they were given new equipment to find the lions, and eventually after some time, they find the lions and defeat a robeast, a robot constructed by the Galra Empire, through forming Voltron for the first time.

After the robeast is defeated, they dedicated themselves to becoming the new defenders of the universe, the Voltron Force.


Powers Rangers

A team of five members. They all are connected to the Morphing Grid which gives them increased strength, speed and durability, as well as wrist communicators which they can use to speak with each other over long distances. They were also given Blade Blasters, small sticks that could turn into swords or ray guns. The five members of the original Power Rangers are:

Jason Lee Scott  - The Red Ranger and leader of the team. Jason is the most skilled martial artist of the group and uses the Power Sword, which can be charged up with devastating red energy.

Zack Taylor - The Black Ranger. Zack has the most unorthodox fighting style of the group, hiphop akedo. He uses the Power Axe which inflicts blunt damage. It can also be turned into a small cannon-like weapon.

Billy Cranston - The Blue Ranger. While not the best fighter on the team, he is the smartest of the group and is their tech expert and inventor. He uses the Power Lance which can be split into a pair of trident-like sai blades as well as charge itself with electricity

Trini Kwan - The Yellow Ranger. The most level-headed of the group and the second most skilled fighter other than Jason. She uses the Power Daggers, a pair of yellow short-bladed daggers, and she is the best at short-range fights.

Kimberly Hart - The Pink Ranger. The most athletic and balanced of the group. She uses the Power Bow which fires projectile in the form of pink arrows at enemies. She can use the Power Bow as a Melee weapon, though she doesn’t do it often. Best at long-range.

Voltron Force

A team consisting of five members. They all wear specialized high tech armor (which of course increases their strength, speed and durability) that has built in oxygen mask as well as mounted energy shields and jetpacks. They can also have communication devices as well as scanners to detect all lifeforms, small wrist-mounted blasters, grappling devices that can operate in space as well as magnetic boots. In the Netflix Reboot, they also have instant access to their Bayards. The members of the original Voltron Force are:

Princess Allura - The pink Voltron Force member and one of the last members of the Planet Arus, and is the last member of the royal family. She became the pilot of the Blue Lion after Sven is no longer able to do so. In the Netflix reboot, while she hasn’t been shown to be piloting a mech, she has used a bo staff that can electrify enemies. The most cool-headed of the group and often advises others.  

Keith - The red Voltron Force member who becomes the leader of the Voltron Force. The most skilled swordsman of the group. In the Netflix reboot, his Bayard can transform into a double-edged sword that can slice through steel with ease. In the reboot, he’s half-human, half-Galra and due to his bloodline, he can access Galra technology.

Lance - The blue Voltron Force member. Is the most skilled marksman in the group as well as the sharpshooter of the Voltron Force. In the Netflix reboot, his weapon can transform into an energy rifle that can fire long distance shots.

Pidge - The green Voltron Force member. The computer genius of the group as well as an expert hacker (he modified his armor to have clocking functions as well as duplication). In the Netflix reboot, his weapon is an angular katar which functions both as a short range weapon, but also as a grappling hook and shock prod, electrifying foes.

Hunk - The yellow Voltron Force member. The mechanical expert of the group and extremely adaptable to alien machinery. He’s physically the strongest member of the group as well as the most durable. In terms of fighting however, he can be rather slow. In the Netflix reboot, his weapon is an energy cannon which fires much stronger energy blasts than Lance’s rifle. It also functions as a welding torch.





The Red Ranger’s Zord. It is the strongest Dinozord and, like an actual Tyrannosaurus, it can use its teeth and tail as a weapon. It has the ability to fire energy blasts from its eyes as well as roar so strongly that it can create seismic blasts as shown by the gif. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is easily strong enough to clash with the Dragonzord (Tommy’s Zord) when the Green Ranger was under Rita's spell. Its speed has been reported to be 120 km/h.


The Black Ranger’s Zord. When it's on its own, it can use its trunk to fire blasts of cold air and mists at its enemy. With enough time, the enemy foe will be frozen solid. Its speed is reportedly 120 km/h.


The Blue Ranger’s Zord. It could shoot laser shots from its tail as well as shoot out power cables out of its horns in order to prevent foes from moving. Its speed is reportedly 140 km/h.


The Pink Ranger’s Zord. It can fire twin lasers which look like lightning. Unlike the other zords, it has the capability of flight and is the fastest zord being able to fly at Mach 2.5 in the air.

Sabertooth Tiger


The Yellow Ranger’s Zord. It can shoot a large yellow laser out of its tail cannon. It is the fastest Zord on land with a speed of 150 km/h.

Extra Zords

(These Zords may or may not be included in the DB)


The Zord of the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver. Initially brainwashed by Rita, he was later freed from her spell and joined the team as the 6th Ranger. The Dragonzord can be piloted remotely through the use of the Dragon Dagger. The Dragonzord is as strong as the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord as it was able to fight evenly with it. The Dragonzord can use its tail (which has a drill on the top of it) as a means of attack, especially against slower monsters and Rangers. It can also fire missiles from its fingertips.


This Zord is used as a carrier zord for the other Zords. It is usually piloted by the Red or Green Rangers and is not really meant for combat, but it can still fight back. It has two twin cannons on its back which can be deadly especially to slower monsters. It can also fire blasts out of its mouth. Its speed is 150 km/h.


Black Lion

The leader of the Lions and has been piloted by multiple people including Shiro in Voltron: Legendary Defender and Keith in Defenders of the Universe and Voltron Force. The Black Lion has multiple abilities including sentience so it can function without its pilot and even send messages to the pilot (such as the time the Black Lion showed an illusion to Shiro in Legendary Defender). Like all the lions, the Black Lion can also fly, even across space. In all versions, it has wings that can increase with size once the user has fully connected with it. The Black Lion also has a Jawblade which it uses in its mouth to effortlessly slice through metal ships.

In the 80s series, the Black Lion can materialize a gun from energy that appears in its shoulder bolt which can be used to fire at enemies. It also has a more powerful version which turns the gun into a cannon. It can fire a white energy from its chest as well as fire missiles. In Legendary Defender, it can fire a laser from its tail as well as fire a blast of energy from its mouth. It can temporarily get an increase in speed and phase through objects, as seen in the fight with Zarkon (16:18).

Red Lion


The Red Lion has been piloted by Lance in Defenders of the Universe and Voltron Force, while in Legendary Defender, it was piloted by Keith. Like the other lions, the Red Lion possesses flight and limited sentience. In Legendary Defender, the Red Lion can fire a laser from its mouth. Unlike the other lions, it can fire a beam of fire from its mouth in order to melt steel effortlessly (as shown when it melted down a Galra Tower).

In Legendary Defender and Defenders of the Universe, the Red Lion can also summon a small jaw knife for close range combat, as used in the first season fight against Zarkon. If the pilot is overcome with enough emotion, the Red Lion can summon a giant back railgun that is strong enough to almost overwhelm Zarkon. It is strong enough to completely destroy a section of the Niven Ring. In the original 80s show, its main weapon was a multi-barrel gun that can fire lasers and a cannon weapon which is shared between the other lions, as well as the ability to fire missiles.

Blue Lion


The Blue Lion was piloted by Sven (formerly) and Princess Allura in Defenders of the Universe, Princess Allura and Larmina in Voltron Force as well as Lance in Legendary Defender. Like the other Lions, it possesses flight and limited sentience.

In Defenders of the Universe, it can fire cryogenic missiles capable of releasing a compound that freezes foes on contact. DOTU Blue Lion can also summon a turret that fires laser darts as well as call forth a dagger in its mouth for close range combat. It also has the same cannon weapon that is shared by the other Lions. In LD, it can summon a sonic cannon which is capable of harming aquatic lifeforms, map out areas, direct sound waves at a location and then presumably receive them when they bounce back through echolocation. It can withstand the pressure of the depths and navigate through ice.

Green Lion


The green lion is piloted by Pidge in both DOTU and LD continuities. Like the other Lions, it possesses flight and limited sentience. In LD, it is the most upgraded of the lions and includes a shield on its back, can shoot lasers from its mouth, can sneak around areas with its cloaking ability, and can create a cannon capable of firing beams that can cause the spontaneous growth of plants on its target, thus binding it.

Yellow Lion


The Yellow lion is piloted by Hunk in both DOTU and LD continuities. It is fortified by superior armor and battlements. It is the strongest and most blast-resistant of all of the lions. Like the other Lions it possesses flight and limited sentience. In LD, it can fire lasers from its tail and mouth. It can manifest a rocket booster pack and massive claws to make it an effective battering ram. It has been shown capable of supporting the weight of immense objects all on its own.



Power Sword

The Power Sword is the signature weapon of the Megazord. Called upon by the Rangers during combat and sent by Zordon, its primary use is in increasing the attack power of the Megazord.  Usually appearing surrounded by energy, it acts as an amplifier for the Zord, as well as a secondary power supply when the Zord’s own energy is depleted. It can charge itself with energy and land one final strike on the enemy monster, usually the force of the attack kills them.

Mastodon Shield

The head of the Mastodon can be used as a shield in order to block attacks as shown in Fowl Play when Jason summoned the shield in order to protect the Megazord from Peckster's attack. It can also redirect energy blasts as shown with Green with Evil Part 2, where the Megazord’s Mastodon Shield blocked and redirected the Green Ranger’s attack.

Tank Mode

This is an alternate battle mode for the Megazord. It’s armed with two major cannons which it can fire at its enemy. It also has a secondary ability, in which all of the Zords while in this battle mode have the ability to fire lasers from their eyes (using the Ranger Power Crystals). The Tank Mode has two major major upsides: that being its relatively good defense and its firepower, but it is extremely limited in combat due to its slow maneuverability and speed. This mode was hardly used in the show and the Rangers preferred to go to the standard Battle Mode it’s most commonly seen it.

Mega Dragonzord

This form is a fusion of the Megazord and the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord acts like armor to the Megazord protecting its side as well as giving it extra firepower thanks to the shoulder cannons. It’s main attack is creating a sphere of energy (with a Z logo on it) that is strong enough to completely destroy monsters.

Dragonzord Battle Mode

The Dragonzord can combine with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozords to create the Dragonzord Battle Mode. The tail of the Dragonzord detaches and creates a Drill Staff that is easily able to defeat enemy monsters including Frankenstein. Yes, really. The Drill Staff can also charge itself up with energy in order to defeat foes like Spidertron.

Dino Ultrazord

This is a fusion of the Megazord, Titanus and Dragonzord. It may be slow, but it has an extremely high amount of firepower. When fighting a mech that Goldar was piloting, the firepower from the Dino Ultrazord was so powerful that it completely destroyed the mech. The lasers and rockets are shot out of the Dragonzord's fingers, Titanus' mouth, Titanus' shoulder cannons and Titanus' chest plate shown here. Here’s a link to the fight.


(Formations from Voltron Force will not be included)

Blazing Sword


This is Voltron’s signature weapon. The Blazing Sword is formed when the Red Lion head and Green Lion head joining together. This weapon is capable of slaying extremely large Robeasts and other giant robots with ease. Like a mirror, it can be used to deflect beam attacks back at its opponent. In addition, it can be used to store solar energy and once enough is collected, Voltron can direct the energy to its opponent, paralyzing it so it can go in for the kill. With the sword, it can unleash the Starfire attack, a move capable of cutting enemies into pieces and also create a tornado as well.

In Legendary Defender, this weapon works a little bit differently. Not only is it different in shape but in order to activate its Blazing ability (which sets the weapon on fire), both Bayards must be inserted into their respective lion’s (Black Lion and Red Lion) cockpits.


Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.52.05 pm.png

A secondary bladed weapon which Voltron can throw at its opponents or use to cut energy attacks.

Lion Saber

A secondary sword weapon that is not as strong as the Burning Sword.

Spinning Laser Blades


Voltron throws bladed disks at its opponent which can explode on contact.

Lion Lariat

A whip-like weapon that can be used for stringing up foes.

Neutron Needles


When caught in sticky situations, Voltron can fire needles from part of its head to blind the enemy.

Eye Beams


Voltron can fire eye beams at its opponent to distract or stun them momentarily.

Ice Ray

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.15.48 pm.png
In addition to the eye beams, Voltron can also fire an ice ray from a part of its head, freezing its opponents.

Proton/Sting Ray Missiles


Voltron can fire missiles from the blue and yellow lion heads situated at its feet.


From the mouths of the green and red lion, Voltron can fire beams of electricity at its opponent.

Lion Torches & Solar Wind


From the mouths of the lions, Voltron is capable of unleashing a barrage of fire and solar wind at its enemies.

Electro-Force Cross

From its chest, it can fire a cross-shaped beam at its opponents, shocking them.

Lion Hands & Feet


Due to Voltron’s hands and feet being the heads of the lions, it can use them to grab and lift enemies into the air or bite them to deal damage.

Lion Head Attack


The heads of the 4 lions that make up Voltron's limbs can launch at once, smashing through their target at the same time.

Argon Forcefield

Voltron can create an electrified force field around itself for protection.


In DOTU, Voltron can form a shield that looks very similar to a chakram. In LD, Voltron can form a shield using the wings on its back. This shield is very durable and can protect Voltron from attacks capable of destroying moons.




The Megazord is connected to the Morphing Grid, and thus if the mech gets inflicted with too much damage, its connection to the Morphing Grid will be lost and it will no longer be able to function, causing the Zords will separate. This is shown in Green with Evil Part 2 when the evil Green Ranger, Goldar and Scorpina were able to destroy the Megazord.

Another issue with the Megazord that it is rather clunky in combat and can be overpowered by beings who are faster, like the Super Powered Green Ranger (also in Green With Evil Part 2). Thirdly, in order for the Megazord to perform at its maximum efficiency, all the Power Rangers must be focused on the fight.

Finally, the Megazord is solar-powered, and prolonged separation from sunlight can result in loss of power during battle.


Voltron’s strength is dependent on the skills of its pilots as well as their bond with the lions and with each other. This is why in the earlier episodes, Voltron can be seen struggling with weaker opponents as the pilots were still learning.

If a strong opponent can knock out or force the pilots to despair and lose focus, Voltron will become significantly weaker, stop moving (5:15) and even separate back into the lions (13:38). In addition, Voltron can be overpowered (9:09) when facing stronger and faster opponents, though if Voltron is not taken out quickly, the pilots will tend to find a way to outsmart their superior opponents.





  • Defeated a large amount of Rita’s Monsters (All of which are easily capable of destroying  large buildings) during it’s run including the likes of:
And many, many more (at least 30 have been defeated by the Megazord)
  • Protected Angel Grove from multiple threats for at least a year
  • Defeated one of Rita’s most powerful minions, Goldar, on multiple occasions. One time he was giant-sized, and another time they defeated Goldar piloting a giant mech
  • The Power Rangers themselves have defeated at least 60+ Puddies by themselves though the Puddies are extremely weak



  • The Megazord is at the very least capable of flying to the moon considering that in the SNES PR Game and the Power Rangers Comics, the Megazord and Dragonzord are shown being able to reach the moon
  • The Megazord was able to react to attacks from the Dragonzord and a Super Powered Green Ranger (Green with Evil)
  • The Megazord was able to react to and dodge attacks from both Goldar and his superpowered mech.


  • Various times the Megazord has been tossed into and through mountains like with the fight against the Dragonzord (The Megazord scales to the Dragonzord and it’s easily capable of withstanding being thrown into a mountain)
  • The Megazord has survived blasts capable of destroying skyscrapers considering how most if not all giant monsters in MMPR ar capable of destroying buildings.
  • The Megazord has been hit into large buildings and yet still survived
  • Each Zord is capable of surviving in their various environments and enduring the stress of those environments, this durability extends to the Megazord.  
    • One particular to note is the Pterodactyl and its residence within a large volcano during non-operational hours
  • Tanked hits from a super powered Green Ranger
  • Tanked hits from a super powered Goldar





  • After being granted the power of 1000 suns from a goddess, Voltron, without the help or control of its pilots, was able to overpower the gravity of the Omega Comet which has the gravitational pull of a black hole. According to Lothar’s men, Voltron became twice as powerful after receiving this power from the goddess.
  • Has shown time and time again that it is able to match or even surpass (20:08) the strength of various different Robeasts
  • Can destroy entire Drule ships just by going through them
  • Strong enough to use its feet to lift Zarkon’s Robeast which weighs at least a few hundred tons
  • Has the strength to lift and push (19:59) the ark of Taujeer into space. The ark weighs at least a few thousand tons.



  • Voltron and the individual lions are capable of self-repair which helps to prolong their survivability in fights
  • Tanked a fully charged quintessence blast, a blast capable of draining the energy of entire planets, though Voltron was disabled for a small amount of time (3:14)
  • The lions and by extension Voltron, have tanked attacks capable of destroying entire moons and planets (11:12)
  • Strong enough to withstand the heat and force of atmospheric re-entry like it was nothing
  • Withstood the gravitational force of the Omega Comet
  • Tanked the attacks of the Galaxy Alliance fleet while stuck on the Omega Comet



  • Rangers: Stronger, faster, more durable than Paladins
  • Possesses teleportation tech
  • Eye beams capable of drawing in and altering various energy types
  • Secondary power source with the Power Sword
  • Could combine with other zords to gain an increase in power

  • Physically weaker
  • Slower
  • Less maneuverable
  • Less destructive
  • Could potentially be stunned or incapacitated by Voltron’s myriad of attacks
  • Additional forms are not enough to close the huge power gap and only serve to makes it a slower and bigger target
  • Individual zords are weaker and slower than the individual lions


  • Is faster, stronger and more durable
  • More maneuverable
  • Individual lions are stronger and faster than the individual zords
  • Has more variety and destructive force when it comes to its attacks
  • Its attacks can potentially stun or incapacitate the Megazord
  • Voltron’s sentience could come into play to protect the pilots if the worst happens

  • Paladins are not as powerful as the Rangers
  • Voltron’s power is dependent on the well-being of its pilots so if the pilots lose focus or are knocked out, Voltron will be weakened
  • Could potentially be affected by the Megazord’s energy-altering eye beams



Malcolm Belmont

Oh by the way I will be compositing all versions of Voltron for this fight.
Before I get into the nitty and gritty I will say this right now - I don’t agree with Planet Level Power Rangers especially if scaling them to Serpentera who yes was stated by Lord Zedd to being able to destroy planets at full charge and that’s the key thing - full charge. Yes, Serpentera can destroy planets at full charge but when it’s weaker it’s very clear that it can’t destroy planets - I mean if that was the case why didn’t Lord Zedd kill the Power Rangers. Scaling Serpentera is also extremely wonky because when Serpentera did fight the Thunderzord - the Thunderzord got its ass thoroughly kicked with little to no damage done to Serpentera. It would be like scaling Mr Satan to Cell or Buu just because he landed a few hits in. It just doesn’t not work. Even in Forever Red - the Red Rangers couldn’t beat Serpentera but rather a gift given to them to Animus to kill it and no this doesn’t make Cole planet level as the Wild Force Rider is what destroyed Serpentera not Cole.
As for scaling The Power Rangers to the Wave of Zordon that got rid of most of the universe - that simply doesn’t work as well for one easy - it’s hax. Zordon’s wave only infected beings that are evil (and even then, it didn’t work totally like with Rita and Zed). I will also say this now - while I personally that scaling other Rangers to each other is fine, I personally don’t agree with scaling other Zords to each other as Power Rangers makes it very clear that there is a difference in strength between the Zords such as the Dino Megazord and the Thunder Megazord, if there was no difference between the Zords in strength then why would Zordon agree to switch to the Turbo Powers at the start of Turbo. I won’t be scaling the Megazord to any of the Zords besides the Green Dragon Zord and allowing to go off on its own merits.
With that out of the way it’s time to look at this fight and see who is the better team. First, let’s tackle the Rangers and the members of Voltron Force. This one is a little tricky as if this was just the OG Series then I would say that the Rangers hands down take it but now thanks to Voltron Force and Legendary Defender it’s a little trickier. The reason is that the Voltron Force have gotten some upgrades even without their Lions and Giant Mech. First, they have brand new suits which are way more powerful than the outfits the Rangers have. Not only do they have heat/sonar/life detection but they also give the user's enhanced strength, speed and durability. They also have oxygen masks, small wrist-mounted blasters, grappling devices that can operate in space as well as magnetic boosts and jetpacks. It’s clear that if we were going in terms of just Armor then Voltron wins no problem. There’s also the fact that in the new series that Voltron Force have these things called Bayards (Besides Shiro) which function as weapons). Shiro and Keith are especially skilled at close range combatant (arguably more skilled than most of the Rangers) while Lance and Hunk are particularly good at a distance.
Pidge especially may be a wild card as not only his bayard extremely multi-functional not only being used as a grappling hook but also being used as a shock device as a short-range blade but he has upgraded his suit so that it can go invisible and produce holograms if he needs to. So, if this starts off as a ground fight then the Voltron Force are certainly not helpless. Though I do think the Power Rangers have two main factors that could help them win in terms of 6v6 team combat. The first factor is the fact that the Power Rangers are more skilled at hand to hand (besides Billy) and while especially in the new series the Voltron Force has been shown fighting hand to hand, the Power Rangers are still more experienced. The second is while the Voltron Force’s weapons are certainly strong I do think PR have the stronger weapons especially taking into consideration that they can combine to form one large blaster. While this is certainly a close one I would say that the Power Rangers would win.
Now let’s go to the 6 Lions and 6 Zords. Which group of robots is better. Well while they are debatably smaller I think that Team Voltron hands down - allow me to explain. The 1st major factor is flight - while it is true that Kimberly’s Zord does have flight abilities, the rest of the Zords clearly don’t which is a major factor in both of their maneuverability and their vulnerability as Team Voltron can easily fly out of the Zord’s range and attack them from a distance. Keith and Lance especially have long range beam attacks and missiles that could chip away at the Zords. Another factor as to why I think the Zords are outclassed her is that while a lot of the Zords have destructive weapons, the abilities and weapons of the Lions are simply better. First, we have Keith’s Red Fire Beam of Doom (I made that name up) that can fire a beam of Heat that can melt part of a Galra Ship and keep in mind those things have planet basting durability and destructive capability.
Plus, Keith’s Red Beam of Doom can easily counter Zack’s Ice Mist. Then we have Lance’s ice beam and missiles which allow him to freeze foes at a distance. This is especially useful against the faster Zords - Trini’s and Kimberly’s. Then we have Pidge’s Lion which may be the weakest but has far more tricks up its sleeve then you would expect. Pidge’s Lion not only has a cloaking device which makes me invisible to anyone who wants to find him but he can also fire a beam that causes the spontaneous growth of plants on whatever it hit that will bind and crush whatever they grew out of. This is perfect against Giant Robots as Pidge can simply hit them with the Plant Beam and crush the Zords. Hunk’s Lion is also great at dealing with the heavy hitters as it can reinforce itself with armour to protect itself and slam into the other Zords. Overall if we are going by just Lions/Zords then I think that Team Voltron has this in the bag.
Now we have gotten the starter out of the way, it’s time to look at the main course- Voltron vs Megazord itself.
Now in terms of weaponry and variety while the Megazord is certainly strong in that area with the extremely powerful Power Sword and Tank Mode, Voltron has the edge in this category as it has many more weapons which are not only powerful but extremely helpful with dealing with giant beasts such as the Electro Cross, Eye Beams, Ice Ray and many more. While Megazord does have some abilities that are extremely effective in dealing with giant robots - Voltron has more. As for which is more powerful - the Power Sword or the Burning Sword - both are extremely powerful as the Power Sword can electrify itself and do extremely damaging attacks to foes while the Burning Sword utilizes fire but it also can also absorb solar energy and use attacks such as Starfire to brutally finish foes. So, in terms of weaponry I would say that Voltron is superior.
As for feats, well this is a tricky one as if you scale from certain moments in the other Power Rangers shows then the Megazord is technically stronger than Voltron - however the scaling for that is a little wonky. Megazord is certainly powerful don’t get me wrong (personally I would put the Megazord at Planet Level) but Voltron has fought Large Planet Level threats like the Galra ships and Lord Zarkon’s Giant Badass Looking Mech and defeated them. Voltron also has the edge in speed considering that there is a clear FTL feat for the Lions and by extension Voltron. Voltron has also tanked way more than Megazord so in terms of strength, durability and speed - Voltron wins out.
At the end of the day I think that Voltron has the upper hand in most categories (Strength, Speed, Durability, Weaponry) plus that’s not even going into the fact that the Voltron Force have more experience Voltron then the Power Rangers do with the Megazord.
All in All - the Power Rangers are going to meet an unstoppable force in the Voltron Force and their power won’t be enough to stop them.


First of all, thanks for giving me the opportunity to help out with this G1 prediction blog, I have been wanting to work on one of these for quite a while now and it is only fitting that the main combatants for the fight are giant robots/mecha.

Anyway, Voltron should take this relatively easy. It has better feats, speed, strength, durability and weaponry when compared to the Dino Megazord. While the Dino Megazord is around city level in strength/durability and has shown supersonic speeds, Voltron has consistent feats to put it at planet level and MFTL. This is not counting the myriad of weapons in Voltron’s arsenal which it could utilize to blind, paralyze, burn, freeze or outright leave a hole in the Megazord’s body.

While the Dragonzord and Ultrazord may come into play to help support the Dino Megazord, their assistance is only delaying the inevitable as their combined powers still won’t be enough to put down Voltron. Heck, combining to form the Ultrazord would only make it slower and a bigger target.

Overall, what happens when you put a giant robot that fights city level threats, against another giant robot that consistently defends the universe from moon to planet level threats? You get a very dead Megazord. Winner is Voltron.



Ahh this one has been a long time coming, The OG Megazord vs Voltron. Two shows that influenced each other quite a bit.  Super Sentai influenced the design elements of combiner mechs.  And Daizyuzin was made in many ways as an homage to the design of Go-lion.  Leading to a lot of playground arguments where people kept calling Power Rangers a Voltron Ripoff when I was a kid.  

Followed both shows in their many incarnations, From OG Voltron, through the Vehicle show, as well as the crappy 3d one, but now we’ve got a new generation Voltron force to bring back quality to the kids.  

Power Ranger Has their new movie and with the marathon bringing a lot of people who skipped seasons. Back into the fold it’s time to once again bring this schoolyard argument back.

It all really boils down to scale and scope.  The DinoMegazord is designed to deal with terrestrial threats, to stop an evil witch bent on taking over a single planet, as well as stopping the individual monsters she sends for that purpose.  By its very nature it deals with only planetary threats and usually focused upon a single city.  This is not because the writers did not have the ability, desire, or budget to make the scope larger.  We’ve seen many times in shows during and even before this time that the could. It was simply the scope of the story they were telling.  Yeah The Zords can get to space, and fly to the moon, yet even in the comics, they’ve never gone farther than that. Zords have various mountain busting showings, yet not much more than that

Voltron on the other hand deals with vast intergalactic threats made by a galaxy spanning empire. With the resources and will to destroy worlds.  Voltron’s gotta be able to take those hits, dish them out, and at the very least be fast enough to get there.

The Megazord’s primary advantage resides not simply in its strength and power, but in the power of the Rangers themselves.  Each Ranger  has been able to take on creatures far more powerful than the Paladins have been able to fight as a group.  That combined with their teleportation technology could prevent the Paladins from reaching the Lions, if this were a fight between the teams, but this isn’t about putting the teams against each other it’s about their bots.  And the Rangers have been shown as unable to teleport through certain barriers such as when they were trapped in a cocoon  which would mean the lion force fields could stop them teleporting in.

There are Megazords that could pose a threat to Voltron  The OG one in the end just doesn’t have the Power.

Winner Voltron.


Hello everyone, fado here. Yeah you know that one guy that’s just kinda here, has limited knowledge of both series and nobody really knows...yeah that guy. So since kow only so much about both the PR and VT and because anything relevant was said already I’ll keep it short and sweet. Ok here we go:

*quickly* Based on the trailer for both voltron and megazord we can see that the battle will be divided into two phases - team fight and giant robot fight. Taking into account that the rangers still come out victorious in this phase (and i'm pretty sure they are) but only enough to force them into their lions *slows down* which can i just say look absolutely nothing like lions. Any way the *speeds up again* second phase starts. In this phase we actually have a very clear winner here - Voltron simply because at the end of the day stats prevail. That added with a fact that megazord has only very few abilities that could probably save his ass but these are a tad bit too shaky to give a concrete answer *inhales* and so just like that the winner is Voltron.


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