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Death Battle Prediction: Android 18 VS Captain Marvel

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These two blonde beauties have enough power behind their fists to face the world’s toughest, and for the next episode of Death Battle, they will collide to settle their score. Android 18, the robotic Z-Fighter, and Captain Marvel, the half-Kree Avenger.


Android 18

Don't get your feelings hurt, but I'm still a lot stronger than you are.
Originally an ordinary human by the name of Lazuli, Android 18 is one half of a pair of a notorious delinquent duo alongside her younger twin brother, Lapis. The pair would have the unfortunate fate of crossing the maniacal Dr. Gero’s path while on his search for test subjects for his artificial human experiments. Lapis and Lazuli were then captured, killed and rebuilt as cyborgs by Dr. Gero, using a combination of their original human physiology as a base, adding in machinery for various weapon and combat systems, cybernetically-enhanced parts and the rest of her body now being biomechanical as to allow her to be fused with Cell at the cellular level. Lazuli ultimately ended up being transformed into Artificial Human 18, the eighteenth creation in this line of experiments.

However, before being unleashed upon the world, disaster had befallen the Z-Warriors; Goku had died due to a heart disease, leaving none strong enough to truly oppose the new Android threat. With their amazing strength and retained delinquent nature, 18 and her younger brother, 17, unleashed havoc upon the earth and used it as their personal playground, doing, going, killing and/or destroying anyone or anything on a mere whim. In this future timeline, Son Gohan and Trunks Brief were the only ones capable of opposing them after most of the Z-Warriors had been mercilessly slaughtered, but ultimately fail. In their final stand against the Artificial Humans, Gohan was killed and Trunks escaped to the past with newfound power to warn the Z-warriors of the eventual threat.

In this new timeline created by Future Trunks’ interference, the Androids are once again unleashed upon the Earth and proceed to wreak havoc - this time joined by Androids 16, 19, 20 (Dr. Gero) and a version of Cell from an alternate future. After encountering the Z-Warriors in several instances and building up somewhat of a bond with Krillin, 18 is absorbed by Cell to reach his Perfect Form as Gero had intended. She’s eventually regurgitated during the final battle, and with Cell defeated, Krillin decides to make a wish to Shenron to return her to being fully human, but this wish cannot be granted. Shenron instead removes the self-destruct devices capable of wiping out planets from their bodies. Sometime later, Krillin and 18 somehow hooked up, got married and had a healthy daughter by the name of Marron. They live a happy life of caring for their daughter, squabbling over money and spending time training and hanging out with Goku and friends.

Captain Marvel

“I don't need a power-up to kick your ass, slimeball.”

Carol Danvers was born in Boston as the oldest of three siblings. She desired to become an astronaut and travel to distant planets due to her love of reading and space. Her father however, could not accept women as men's equals so despite Carol’s desire to go to college, her father ended up choosing the middle child Steve despite Carol's superior grades. After she turned 18, Carol decided to turn her back on her father and joined the Air Force, wanting to become a pilot and get a college degree via the military. She quickly rose to the top of her Air Force class, taking the codename/callsign, “Cheeseburger”. Due to an incident she eventually got recruited into Air Force Intelligence and worked with such people as Logan (a.k.a Wolverine), Nick Fury and Ben Grimm (a.k.a The Thing). She even came into contact with Black Widow and Sabertooth.

Due to Danvers’ skills, NASA eventually requested her for an open position as head of security, which she accepted. Becoming the youngest security captain in NASA's history, it was during this period in her life that things started to change. She befriended a Kree Soldier who had disguised herself as human called Mar-Vell, otherwise known as the original Captain Marvel. Her life took a drastic changed when an alien named Yon-Rogg kidnapped her, as when during a fight between Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg, Carol was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron: an extremely powerful device which could turn imagination into reality. Mar-Vell shield her from the blast and as a result, Carol's genetic structure was altered, making her a Human/Kree hybrid.

She left NASA on bad terms and started to experience blackouts where she would become a Kree/Human warrior, calling herself Ms. Marvel. Eventually, thanks to the help of Ronan, her two personalities became one. She also wound up joining the Avengers, but left because of Marcus, having an encounter with Rouge who drained her of her abilities, getting kidnapped by the Brood who turned into the Binary before losing that power (she did eventually regain it though). Sadly, due to all the traumatic events that happened to her since gaining her powers she fell into alcoholism and was kicked off the Avengers, though she managed to sober up and became a hero again. When Mar-Vell sacrificed himself to stop the Phoenix, Carol took up her friend’s alias in their honor, becoming the Captain Marvel we know today.


Android 18

Cyborg Physiology


As previously mentioned, Android 18 has natural, mechanical, cybernetic and bio-mechanical components comprising her newly-constructed body. So she’s not really an android but more of a cyborg but whatever. Thanks to these attributes, 18 has super strength, speed and durability, does not have to worry about stamina as she cannot tire out, does not need to eat (although she does still need to intake fluids), has drastically reduced aging, the ability to train and get stronger as well as breed, all due to her cells being biomechanical and using an unspecified type of energy for combat in place of ki. Being made with the purpose of defeating Super Saiyans, the strongest members of a warrior race whose lives revolve entirely around combat, Gero has programmed her with an excellent fighting sense and a mastery of hand-to-hand combat.

Energy Projection


  • Ki Blast: A small blast of (non-ki) energy that’s fired at the opponent. It can be fired and used in a variety of ways such as charging it up for more speed and power or being fired as a very slow moving projectile.
    • Rolling Bullet: An evasive maneuver where the user flies away while spinning firing ki blasts around them all the while in an effort to stop pursuers and cancel out incoming attacks.
  • Energy Attack: 18 fires a beam of energy many times more powerful than a simple ki blast
    • Super Energy Blast: The same technique but at maximum output.
    • High-Pressure Energy Wave: 18 charges a yellow ball of energy in her hand and fires a beam of energy.
      • Energy Cannon: A variation of the above technique but fired with both hands for more power. Has a stronger version called Super Energy Cannon.
  • Explosive Wave: 18 releases a destructive burst of energy in all directions from her body
  • Destructo Disc: Krillin’s signature technique. It’s an extremely powerful buzzsaw made of ki that can be guided by the user. 18 is capable of launching several of them in rapid succession or using them for melee attacks by making them hover above her hands.
    • Double Destructo Disc: 18 fires two Destructo Discs at once and has them target the opponent from opposite sides for a pincer attack.
  • Finger Beam: 18 shoots a bunch of thin lasers from her index finger.
  • Photon Strike: 18 charges up her energy and fires a barrage of powerful yellow energy waves
    • Dead End Rain: Future 18’s version of the attack, where it’s fired over a wide area instead of just at the opponent
  • Power Blitz: 18 forms a pink energy sphere in her hand and then fires a somewhat narrow beam of energy from it.
    • Infinity Bullet: A continuous, rapid-fire version of the above technique that fires balls of energy rather than beams.
      • Quick Blast: The same attack, it features less projectiles with higher power.
  • Energy Jet: 18 fires a ki blast along the ground towards the target.
    • Flash Beam: A stronger version of the aforementioned technique.
  • Energy Mine: 18 fires a number of concentrated energy spheres around the target, which she then detonates to inflict massive damage.
  • 2x Photon Buster: 18 generates two purple spheres of energy in the palms of her hands and brings them together to fire a massive laser at the opponent.
  • Photon Rain: A variation of infinity energy bullet where 18 knocks the opponent to the ground then fires a ton of purple energy spheres, each one being larger than the last. 18 then finishes by launching a massive energy sphere.
  • Super Electric Strike: 18 generates green electricity between her hands and fires off two powerful arching blasts at the opponent.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant


18 was designed by Dr. Gero using data from strong fighters to give the cyborgs androids the ability to easily dominate Super Saiyans (Goku in particular) in combat.

  • Sadistic 18: 18 rushes at her opponent and punches them into the air, flies into the air and elbows them in the face and follows up with a roundhouse kick to the arm with the intention of breaking it. She then sweep kicks them, grabs them by the leg, throws them into the ground, where she appears beside them and kicks them in the stomach. She finishes the technique off by shooting them with a finger beam.
    • Arm Breaker: 18 swings her leg at the enemy’s arm, breaking it.
    • Buster Swing: 18 grabs the enemy by the leg and then tosses them
  • So That’s How it Has to Be!: Android 18 performs a right knee strike on the enemy’s stomach before striking their head with a palm strike to the side of their head.
  • Back Dash: 18 quickly dashes away from her foe.
  • Deadly Dance: 18 generates energy spheres over her hands and attacks the opponent with a series of punches and kick that knocks them into the air.
  • Flying Head Grab: A flying headbutt attack used in the Butoden series
  • Flying Hip Attack: 18 jumps into the air, coming down at a 45 degree angle and hitting the opponent with her hip.
  • Graceful Orbit: Android 18 performs a crescent kick followed by a low spin kick
  • Graceful Revolution: Android 18 performs a low spin kick
  • Infinity Hold: Android 18 attacks the enemy and then flips them down in the ground
  • Meteo Bloody Drive: A desperation attack used when 18 is getting low on health.
  • Meteor Crash: An attack stolen from Goku. 18 rushes at her opponent and side kicks them up into the air. She then flies up and roundhouse punches the opponent away before flying and reappearing behind them to elbow them in the stomach as they turn around. She finishes the attack with a punching and kicking barrage and kicks them up into the air before kneeing them in their back and Double Axe Handle punching them down to the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.
  • Power Strike: 18 kicks the opponent into the air then punches and kicks them back down.
  • Savage Combo: A powerful kick combo
  • Slap Attack: 18 backhands the opponent and goes into a slapping frenzy before eventually slapping them away.
  • Triangular Kick: Android 18 hops at the enemy and then performs a 45 degree angle kick.
  • Violence Hold: An attack used by 18 in Super Dragonball Z.

Other Attacks/Moves

  • Afterimage Technique: 18 uses her speed to leave an image of herself behind to either escape or catch the enemy off guard.
  • Hikou: The technique by which 18 is able to fly. Her flight is granted via a device in her body.
  • Android Barrier: 18 creates a spherical barrier of energy around her that serves as a powerful shield, defends against projectiles and damages things that come into contact with it.
  • Energy Absorption: 18 can absorb various things through machines in the palms of her hands either through contact or sucking them in like a vacuum from nearby
    • Drain Charge: 18 absorbs energy and ki by sticking her hands out and sucking them in.
    • Super Drain: 18 grabs an opponent and drains their stamina.
    • Hyper Drain: 18 grabs an opponent and drains both their ki/energy and stamina.
  • Power Regen Kiss: 18 blows at a kiss at her opponent which stuns them.
  • Destructo Missiles: 18 launches three missiles out of her back which then home in on the target and detonate on contact.

Captain Marvel

Human/Kree Hybrid Physiology


Captain Marvel has increased strength, speed, and durability due to her nature as a Human/Kree Hybrid. This came about due to the genetic heritage of one of the Kree’s greatest warriors, with the race having denser skin with increased muscles flexibility to explain Carol’s newfound stat enhancements. Marvel can also use the latent psionic talents that all humans in the Marvel Universe have. With both the Kree’s denser skin and the ability to manipulate psionic and photonic energy, Carol is a new breed of being that is able to use many different abilities including:

Flight: Carol is able to propel herself through the air. Her flight speed should at least be three times the speed of sound considering she was able to fly fast enough to break the sound barrier and reach space.
Molecular Control: Carol is able to control her molecules, and she uses this ability to change from her regular outfit to her hero costume.

Photonic Manipulation/Blasts: Captain Marvel has the ability to manipulate photonic energy from her hands and fingertips.This power is strong enough to fry a human being as shown with her fight against Warbird. She can adjust this energy to create beams which are strong enough to damage Count Nefaria, who has been compared to the likes of Thor in power as well as Iron Man in a Hulkbuster-style armor. She can also make her beams curve which she demonstrated in a battle against Iron Man.

Marvel can create an energy field that is basically a large ball of photonic energy which can explode, she can increase the power of her blows to battle with the likes of Wonder Man and the Hulk, surround herself with photonic energy into order to protect her from blasts of energy (she can do this in both the comics and EMH), can transfer energy in the ground to create shockwaves, she can also electrify herself through photonic manipulation as shown with the fight against Count Nefaria.

Energy Absorption: One of Carol’s biggest trump cards is her ability to absorb different kinds of energy and use this to augment her strength, speed and durability. She is able to absorb every kind of energy including:

She can also use the energy that she absorbs to heal herself from attacks that would have crippled her, for example this large explosion. However, her healing factor does have limits considering her energy absorption ability has limits. While she did prevent the Earth’s Sun from dying and absorbed energy from the sun as well as the anti-matter (Quasar #34), which is very impressive considering that the amount of energy that the sun has been calculated to 400 trillion trillion watts, doing so taxed all her energy and she fell unconscious. Based on what Quasar says, absorbing the anti-matter as well as energy from the sun burned her out.

Flash Precognition/Cosmic Awareness: Captain Marvel has the ability to predict the moves of her opponents. In the early days, this power was unreliable as it would activate randomly and without warning, but in recent times it’s less random. Carol is able to easily predict and then dodge a blast that is stated to be faster than light. It is pretty much impossible to try and kill her before she notices as she can predict you are coming and then counterattack (Ms Marvel Vol 1 #1). In her Binary Form this ability is further increased (which will be talked about later).



This is a form that Marvel gained after being experimented on by the Brood, an alien species in the Marvel universe. This form is much more powerful than her base form and has been stated in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 that Carol has a power output of a star, which is pretty impressive to say the least. Her power comes from a White Hole (for those who are wondering, yes, she can access the power of the White Hole to become Binary as shown through her battle against the Phoenix Force) as of current canon.

And in case you’re wondering what a white hole is,l to explain it simply it’s is a region in space that is the exit-point of a point singularities’ inward collapse out of this universe and into another (yes this is a real thing). A point singularity is such an extreme distortion of the space/time fabric of our universe that it basically creates an interdimensional breach from one universe to another. This breach is the “weak” point of the universe which Binary is able to tap into small portions of cosmic energy from this breach to use.

Now what powers does this give her?

Increased strength, speed, durability and senses: In this form, Carol’s physical stats significantly increase. In her base form, she is able to lift trains (Captain Marvel #14) and toss meteors (Captain Marvel #1), but with Binary she is able to punch a person to the moon as well as hurt Sentry ,who is on Thor and Hulk. Her speed has been boosted being able to easily fly across the galaxy in matter of minutes, and she’s durable enough to be able to easily survive an attack from the Phoenix Force which can easily destroy stars. Her senses have also increased, allowing her to easily detects enemies from far away (for example an enemy spaceship (Quasar #54). Carol has stated during her fight against the Phoenix Force that she can see everything. She is also able to breath in space.

Increased energy output/absorption: In her Binary Form, due to the fact that she literally surrounds her entire body in cosmic energy, the amount of energy Captain Marvel can fire off is significantly increased as well as the amount of destruction it can cause. She once was able to destroy Broodworld which is the size of a planet (Ms. Marvel #23), as well as being strong enough to annihilate multiple Broodships at once during Uncanny X-Men. She is also able to absorb energy from one of the strongest aliens in the Marvel universe, the Mad Titan Thanos and fire that energy right back. Her most impressive absorption feat is when she absorbed part of a black hole

Control of the electromagnetic spectrum: As Binary, Carol has been stated to have control over the electromagnetic spectrum. This means she is able to produce different types of electromagnetic radiation such as gamma radiation, which can kill cells in the body and is responsible for turning Bruce Banner into the Hulk, X-Ray which allow her to see through the body’s flesh and into weak points, as well as manipulate ultraviolet radiation, which allows her to see in the dark, and microwaves which she can used to cook her enemies.

Gravity Manipulation: Binary also is able to manipulate gravity, pulling enemies towards her or pushing enemies away, preventing them from getting near her.


Android 18


  • Due to Goku not dying, both androids ended up being designed somewhat differently from their future counterparts, which resulted in them being much stronger than their future selves.
    • This means that present 18 upon just being made was superior to her future self who was in turn superior to:

As such she is superior to Mecha Frieza, a being superior to 100% Final Form Frieza, which is important because First Form Frieza was casually dwarf star level, with his final form being far above that.







Captain Marvel








Android 18


Android 18 has some faults and is not the perfect Android by any means (that title goes to our boy, Perfect Cell). While she does have limitless stamina, if her enemy is powerful enough to end her before they tire out or just can’t be harmed by her, then it really doesn’t matter much. Additionally, 18 tends to overestimate her odds against some of her opponents, being somewhat cocky at times, though that has lessened a bit over the years. What hasn’t lessened however, is her love of money. With a large enough wad of cash you can convince 18 to do damn near anything… Not like that though. Get your mind out of the gutter. Freaking pervert.

Captain Marvel

In terms of weaknesses, Marvel has plenty. The first major weaknesses is that she has a limit on her energy absorption abilities. If the thing she is absorbing is too powerful, it could lead to her not being able to absorb the energy and getting tired out. The second is that her Binary form operates under a time limit, meaning that she can’t use it forever and once the Binary form is gone she will be weakened, as it drains a lot of her energy.

Carol is also a bit of a hothead, and while her recklessness has helped her, it has also proven to be detrimental to her at times as she has been overpowered by far stronger foes. This also leads into another weaknesses of hers: she sometimes has difficulty thinking things through like a certain incident with a being named Marcus which we won’t go into. Her biggest weaknesses however, is her alcoholism which puts Tony Stark to shame. It had gotten so bad that at one point that she was kicked off the Avengers for it, though she did eventually get out of it.


Android 18


  • 18 has limitless stamina so if this battle comes down to that, she takes it handily
  • Is the better hand-to-hand combatant
  • Far stronger than Captain Marvel’s base form

  • Carol can absorb all the attacks fired by Android 18
  • Binary is too much for Android 18 to handle
  • Has no resistance to hax
  • Weaker than Marvel in Binary form
  • Slower than Carol in base and binary form
  • Less durable than Captain Marvel in base and binary form
  • Will have to rely on physical combat for the most part

Captain Marvel


  • Stronger than Android 18 when in Binary form
  • Faster in base and binary form
  • More durable than 18 in Binary form
  • Can absorb all of Android 18’s energy attacks
  • Has more combat experience under her belt

  • Weaker than Android 18 in base
  • In terms of stamina, Android 18 is superior
  • Binary will eventually run out and should it do so, Carol will be completely drained of energy
  • Not as good as a hand-to-hand combatant


18 Marvel Set.png

Malcolm Belmont

In the battle of these two blond energy using heroes - which one wins? Well i am going to structure my verdict a little bit different than i usually do. I am going to be answering various questions surrounding the fight and then give my short opinion on who i think is going to win this fight.

Does Android 18 beat Carol in Base? - Maybe. Carol without her Binary form should be no problem for Android 18 at best - Android 18 is strong enough to injure Super Saiyan Vegeta who at the time was Star Level easily considering what both Vegeta and Frieza was capable of in during the Frieza saga (being able to destroy planets with their strongest attacks). Android 18 scales off them so she should at least be Star Level at Base. Carol on the other hand is a bit tricky - she has fought Solar System foes at base - Wonder Man and the Hulk are good examples of this but her best striking feat besides from hurting foes such as Hulk,Wonder Man and Sentry at base is punching the meteor which isn’t that impressive (it’s been calced at Island level by VS Battle Wiki). So this all depends - do you say that base Carol is as strong as Wonder Man,Hulk and Sentry as she is certainly capable of damaging them or do you ignore scaling and go for the direct feat - the island level meteor one. Personally this all depends if you scale Carol to Wonder Man,Hulk and Sentry. If you do, then Carol beats Android 18 in base but if you don’t then Android 18 beats her.

Can Carol absorb Android 18’s energy and vice versa? - Also this is a tricky question considering it is really not specified what type of energy that Android 18 uses in battle, but all we do know is that it is used in the place for Ki. As for Carol she is able to absorb most of not all types of energy so i can definitely see her being able to absorb the energy that comes off from Android 18 considering with her fights against Iron Man in Civil War II she has been shown to be able to absorb Iron Man’s energy to get stronger and eventually defeat him despite the suit he was using being specifically designed to defeat her. I think it’s fairly likely that Carol would be able to absorb the energy fired off from Android 18 but not 100% definite. However, another thing that must also be kept in mind that Android 18 does have the ability to absorb energy though it was only used in the games. Overall i would say that it’s fairly likely that Carol would be able to absorb the energy from Android 18 considering it has been stated that she can absorb all types of energy but it’s not 100% definite.

Does Carol Danvers as Binary beat Android 18? - Yep, while it’s debatable if Carol would beat Android 18 in base this all changes when she becomes Binary. Binary is not only faster than Android 18 displaying FTL speed as she was as fast as teleporting (as shown in the Quasar issue) but she is also has a lot more destructive potential considering the Black Hole feat where she converted 81% of the black hole’s energy which puts her nicely at Solar System Level while at best due to scaling Android 18 can only reach Large Star Level. Binary is easily able of destroying planets as well as warships of the Badoon which have the destructive capability of destroying planets. Her Cosmic Awareness is also increased to the point that she is easily capable of predicting what her foe is going to do next and counter attack. The only saving grace for Android 18 is that if she manages to survive long enough for Carol to turn into her base form which can happen if she uses Binary for a long period time but with Binary’s destructive power and speed there is no way that Android 18 is going to survive long enough for Carol to revert back into her normal form. So all in all Carol is going to destroy Android 18 if she goes into Binary mode.

How this fight will go - This is very easy to explain, i think it will start with Android 18 throwing energy based attacks at range and Carol absorbing them. Android 18 realizes that she has to go close in and it starts as a close ranged fight with both of them trading blows but Android 18 has the clear winner of this stage of the fight due to being a better fighter than Carol. Carol is eventually going to go up into space and absorb enough energy to go into Binary and then outspeed A18 hitting her with blow after blow before finishing her off with one final beam.

Why i think Carol will win - Binary is going to be included and if it does A18 simply does not have the strength,speed or durability to truly match Carol in Binary as it will be very easy for Binary to kill her. She simply has the better feats in this matchup compared to Android 18 who really only has being a more skilled fighter as her advantage against Carol.

Overall Android 18 is going to lose to Carol Danvers as long as they include Binary.

Yuh Boi Tinnie

mudkip oran.png

Hi, I’m some fucker these guys enlisted for help on the blog because clearly there was no better option. I’m also not gonna write a thesis for my verdict like most guests here do because frankly, GB and co. aren’t worth my time (I kid).

Anywho, I think this fight is fairly straightforward and will go something like this.

18 and Carol are gonna start off shooting energy blasts with a few instances of hand-to-hand. As the fight goes on, 18 is gonna have to rely more and more on martial arts as she realizes she’s powering up Carol with her energy attacks. Seeing as 18’s a lot stronger than Carol is without Binary, she’ll force Carol to have to step up her game in kind since trying to wear 18 down with her vastly superior speed and energy absorption won’t actually do much thanks to 18’s limitless stamina. In comes Binary. Carol’s stats shoot up far above anything 18 can handle and she promptly gets sent to the scrapheap without much difficulty.

Without Binary I would totally give the win to 18 since she could outlast Carol and has DC and Dura far beyond hers and wearing 18 down won’t happen even with much better speed and playing a game of keep away.

With Binary however, 18 only has two advantages in this fight. The first is being the more skilled hand-to-hand fighter which doesn’t matter when your opponent is both fast and strong enough to blitz you and oneshot you effortlessly. The second advantage is being the better waifu but that unfortunately doesn’t help much in combat.

So yeah, if Carol didn’t have Binary I’d totally be Team 18 for this match, but that’s not the case so I’m gonna have to give the win to Captain Marvel.

HomestuckLover “RadioactiveCaffeine”

Recommended music choice: (like Mal's choice, it has an 80s action feel, and it reminds me of some of DBZ's strong power ballads)

Simply put here folks. 18 should win this fight. Carol has to start without Binary, and when she isn't Binary, Carol gets blitzed and one shot by 18. All of Carol's best feats (including crossing the galaxy and fighting the higher tier characters) have been done in Binary, which requires a FUCKTON of searching for a good enough power source (be it a black hole, white hole, supernova, etc…) Carol isn't going to be able to flicker on Binary whenever she wants and that's reason enough to say she should get her ass booted by 18.

We all know this isn't happening though.

I doubt Binary won't be considered in the animation and verdict explanation (which I don't think it shouldn't) but with how Mewtwo vs Shadow decided to bring in Super Shadow during the fight instead of Mewtwo brainwashing Shadow before that could happen and being done with it, I can't see Binary not being put in the fight and ultimately being the reason 18 gets turned into a scrap heap.

Because if Carol gets Binary before 18 one shots her, that's exactly what's going to happen. Binary is far too much for Android 18 to handle in every stat.

I'm going to hope and pray that DB realizes how much work it is for Carol to go Binary before she can get crushed by 18, but as it stands now, there's two ways I see this going.

  1. DB realizes that Binary requires too much luck and iffy situations, so 18 kills her non-Binary form
  2. Carol somehow goes Binary and fucks 18 up
Option 1 would be the best case scenario, but option 2 would also make some sense.

Overall however, I think Best DBZ girl “Lazuli” AKA Android 18 has the speed and strength necessary to take Carol down before she can absorb anything into her pinky. No Dragonballs necessary this time folks.


So here’s another crossover with the Versus Debating Was A Mistake blog, because I’ve been too busy with my new semester to research this match on my own, and Tommy had exams. Thanks a bunch to everyone here for letting me add my verdict!

No matter how silly a decision it might’ve been. It was the silliest. Because I don’t know shit. But that’s okay, because I can just base my verdict off of what everyone else is writing! INTEGRITY!


All right, let’s see here… kicks with triangles… NASA… Doc Green… Worlds full of much Brooding… 18 being the best Dragon Ball girl… Medd deciding to ruin everything… Okay! Think I’ve skimmed enough!

So basically, 18 is stronger than Captain Mahvel Baybee while the latter is in her regular state. But Super Binary God Super Binary mode wrecks the Android’s body harder than Krillin. Which probably isn’t saying that much, but you shouldn’t underestimate bald people in anime. I digress. Verdict time.

While 18 could take out Carol before she transforms, due to Binary mode taking a lot of resources and prep-time to get going… Death Battle’s almost certainly going to have Binary be a thing. From my stupid perspective, not having Binary would be like letting Sonic the Hedgehog get whupped before he can pull all 8 of those Chaos Emeralds out of his ass.

Magic 8-ball, will Android 18 take out Captain Marvel before Binary mode is activated?


Welp. I guess DBZ fans are going to forget Vegeta and Satan’s victories yet again.




  1. Welp DB isn't going for Naruto characters anymore.

  2. my verdict - salt will run rivers

  3. ScrewAttack wanted 18 to win so they took away a lot of feats. Probably because they wanted to prove that they aren't biased.

  4. Oh God, even you guys made up 18 having the ability to absorb energy.