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Death Battle Predictions: Metal Sonic VS Zero

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With every true blue hero to make his way in gaming, whether they be a blur or a bomber, there’s always an evil scientist bent on world domination in need of shutting down. And when that hero comes knocking at their door, any mad genius should have the best of their best prepared to take them out. Metal Sonic, Doctor Eggman’s havoc-harboring hedgehog hunter, and Zero, Doctor Wily’s Mega Man murdering machine. While their creators have previously fought in Death Battle, this time it will just be a 1-on-1 war of the robots to see who’s made of the stronger steel.


Metal Sonic


They usually say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that phrase never really describes the feelings of those who imitate.

After suffering defeat at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog multiple times, Dr. Ivo Robotnik decided that the way to beat a fast hedgehog, is to create another fast hedgehog. This had begun Robotnik’s line of robotic Sonic clones, including the likes of Silver Sonic, who was powered by an emerald, and Mecha Sonic, who could obtain a super form from contact with the Master Emerald. However, these two also turned out to be massive failures.

Robotnik then decided that just making fast robotic hedgehogs wasn't enough. He needed something that could adapt to Sonic’s street smarts and was always improving its speed and physicality. Eventually, when the time had come for the mad doctor to enact his plan of holding Little Planet hostage and mechanizing it, he had created the perfect answer to his hedgehog problem, a machine capable of adapting and improving.

This robotic clone of Sonic would be forever known as Metal Sonic.

Throughout Metal Sonic’s appearances in the series, we've seen him get better and better and gain new abilities, but ultimately fail to adapt better than Sonic can improve.

His reason for existing being to be a better version of Sonic, and that constantly not working out, combined with sentience, emotions, and the ability to learn has made Metal Sonic very aggressive, to the point that he will (and has) lashed out at his creator multiple times and attempted to carry out plans on his own (though he continues to fail).



In the year 20XX, Doctor Albert W. Wily had been facing defeat after defeat at the hands of his arch-nemesis, Mega Man, during each of his attempts to take over the world. But when the mad scientist was nearing the end of his life, he knew he had to create one final robot to carry out his plans. Using the same Bassnium energy he used to create his previous ultimate creation known as Bass (nice one Capcom), Wily got to work on creating a certain red-clad robot to carry out his plans of world domination. This was Zero, and he was an incredible success. While he was not only an incredibly powerful robot, Wily didn’t just create Zero at the time, as he had also created the Zero Virus, which would eventually evolve and become the Maverick Virus.

Unfortunately, this very virus also made Zero too aggressive to ever listen to Wily’s orders, so he had to be put in stasis for one hundred years in order to have tests run as Wily wouldn’t be around to give the orders. Zero awoke in the year 21XX, and with a century’s worth of his virus in his system, the ponytailed machine was completely psychotic, attacking and killing everything in its path. Eventually, Zero was tracked down to a warehouse and confronted by Sigma, the leader of a group of Reploids (robots that look like humans) known as Maverick Hunters, and the two have a large battle with each other. At one point, Zero gained the upperhand and almost murdered Sigma in cold blood, yet suddenly he experienced an inexplicably large amount of pain coursing through his systems, giving Sigma just the opportunity he needed to win back against Zero and knock him out.

Zero was then brought back to the Maverick Hunters’ base and cured of his own virus, but unfortunately for them, this same virus had infected Sigma during his fight with the red robot, and found him to be a far superior host. The virus shaped itself in Sigma’s image, turning him insane and becoming the Maverick Virus, which led to the former leader’s claim of war against all of humanity. But luckily for humans, they had two new Maverick Hunters of their own to take him on. Mega Man X, the successor to the original Mega Man, along with the newly reformed Zero. And these two were more than prepared to fight this war and win, a feat at which they never fail.


Metal Sonic


Metal Sonic has a pair of strong metal claws that he can use for slashing at opponents.

Lost Labyrinth Treasure

A treasure from the Lost Labyrinth Zone that Metal Sonic found and absorbed, which increased his power and speed.

Power Sneakers

A power-up that temporarily boosts Metal Sonic’s speed and jumping abilities.


An energy tether than can be used to latch onto and pull things for combat, puzzle solving, or exploration.

Particle Accelerator

A gadget that accelerates the user’s particles, making them move much faster. They can even keep up with Sonic using this. Plus, it shoots laser beams for good measure.

Power Gem

Regarded as the second most rare material in the Archie Sonic universe (with the most rare being the Chaos Emeralds), this stone gives Metal Sonic a major stat boost that allowed him to fight on par with Shard, who had previously been casually dealing with any attempts by Metal Sonic to strike him down. The version of Metal Sonic that had this gem self-destructed, and used up Eggman’s last power gem. Not to mention, the main point of adding it to the the design of this Metal Sonic was to give it some free will, something which tends is inconsistent with how Robotnik normally crafts it, so it's hard to say whether or not this should or would be included in a Death Battle.

Chaos Emerald

What would a Sonic fight be without these lovely macguffins? In Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic has been able to store one of these in his body as an energy source.


In Case You’re Wondering…

Those of you familiar with the Mega Man series will know that Zero was not only in the X era of the franchise, but was also the main protagonist of Mega Man Zero, where he had a new body and a ton of weapons and equipment that varied from his arsenal in the previous series. While we don’t know how exactly Death Battle plans on approaching this, we’ve decided that we will cover both eras of Zero’s arsenal in order to make sure we cover as many bases as possible, though focus will be going towards X as that appears to be what the show is primarily going with.


Zero’s own version of the Mega Buster, and much more powerful than X’s variant. Like the weapon it was based on, Zero can both fire numerous small bullets of energy in rapid succession, or he can charge up its shots to different levels to deal more damage, though obviously the more powerful the shot, the longer it takes to charge.


Zero’s main weapon as a Maverick Hunter; a green energy sword which allows him to quickly deal with enemies within melee range with a barrage of combos. Similar to X’s Variable Weapons System, the Z-Saber’s Learning System mimics attacks performed by Mavericks Zero fights and allow him to infuse it with different elemental properties. However, unlike X, these techniques (save for his more powerful ones) do not drain from a pool of ammunition, giving Zero more liberty to perform them.

In the MMZ series, the Z-Saber can be used to create all kinds of different weapons that we’ll cover in a bit, but it’s in configuration with his weapons from this era that the red robot can use Elemental Chips to imbue his charged shots with each of those weapons with fire, ice or electric properties.

Durga Glaive

A Naginata-styled weapon, the Durga Glaive extends Zero’s reach far beyond what the Z-Saber is capable of and can deflect projectiles, but sacrifices the saber’s speed in turn.


A pair of energy kunai. Equipping these allows Zero to perform quicker attacks, but at the cost of shorter range, though they can be used as throwing weapons that return to his hand.

Bashou Fan

A defensive weapon that creates shields when Zero is at a standstill. Also reflects back enemy projectile attacks.

Titan Breaker

An incredibly strong and large hammer that Zero can use to break through enemy barriers.

Kaiser Knuckle

A pair of brass knuckles that Zero uses for some Street Fighter-like attacks such as:
  • Ganzanha: Zero slams down on the ground to release a shockwave of energy
  • Senpuukyaku: A whirlwind kick imbued with dark elements
  • Raijinken: Zero slides forward and attacks with his target with a lightning-charged uppercut, then follows it up with a powerful lightning bolt
  • Enkoukyaku: A fiery kick in a downwards fashion
  • Shouryuuken: A rising uppercut with ice properties

Shield Boomerang

A shield transfiguration of the Z-Saber. When activated, the Shield Boomerang can reflect back most projectiles, all the while Zero charges up an attack. When fully charged, he can throw this weapon to cut through enemies and return to his hand so he can charge it up again, like one of those Australian throwie things, whatever they’re called. He just can’t use it to block a ton of stronger projectiles or melee attacks, nor is he capable of dashing with it.

While typically shown to only protect Zero’s upper body, he can enlarge the shield to block much bigger attacks.

Triple Rod

A lance transfiguration of the Z-Saber. This weapon can attack in all directions and extend to three times its normal length. The Triple Rod can be spun around like a helicopter blade, and it can be charged up to fire blasts that utilize elemental chips.

Chain Rod

A whip transfiguration of the Z-Saber. It acts as a long-range weapon that can impale opponents, latch onto them and pull them into Zero’s position for follow-up attacks a la Scorpion’s “Get Over Here!”. It can also be used as a tether rope so Zero can get around his environment more easily by digging it into walls or ceilings. It’s capable of being charged and using elemental chips as such, and will be swung around in a circular fashion when used that way.

Recoil Rod

A tonfa-esq configuration of the Z-Saber. They work as short-range stabbing weapons, though they can charged up for a blast that can push enemies several feet back, though it won’t damage them. It can also release its charged energy downward to create a force that launches Zero into the air like a pogo stick. It can also utilize elemental chips in its charge shots.

Buster Shot

The Buster Shot is Zero’s main projectile weapon in the Mega Man Zero series, though it still operates like your standard Mega Buster in that it can either fire a number of small energy bullets in rapid succession, or it can charge up for a bigger and more powerful shot. However, the Buster Shot can also use the Elemental Chips to add some status effects to his charged attacks. The Flame Chip launches a ball of fire that can set enemies ablaze and slowly take away their health, the Thunder Chip creates a ball of electricity that can stun targets for a short period of time, and the Ice Chip fires a ball of ice that can freeze enemies upon contact.

Zero Knuckle

A chip implant on Zero’s palm that allows him to rip out weapons from his opponent’s body and use them until they run out of ammo. Zero generally activates this move when punching at his target, and can charge the weapon to do a stronger punch that deals more damage to the enemy. However, the Zero Knuckle is not foolproof, and it does not always successfully steal a weapon on each attempt. Generally only enemies near death, who will actually be destroyed by the damage caused by the Zero Knuckle punch, will have their weapons stolen.

Cyber Elves

Cyber Elves are beings of pure energy that live in cyberspace, which is essentially a world constructed of data versions of everything existing in the real world. These sentient little buggers work as partners for Reploids in combat situations or any other kinds, and come in several types such as hacker, nurse and animal. Along with that, there are satellite elves that follow Reploids around to always grant them powers, or fusion elves that can only be used once, as they merge with the Reploid and kill themselves because of it. Some of the best and most useful ones for Zero to bring along, based off of their strengths and varying abilities are:

  • Tenite - Hacker Fusion Elf: Performs a stabbing attack with a lance on the enemy
  • Hanmarbo - Hacker Fusion Elf: Performs one strong attack on the target with a hammer
  • Stoposa - Hacker Fusion Elf: Stuns opponents for short periods of time
  • Stickoh - Hacker Satellite Elf: Assists in stunning some types of enemies
  • Clocpooh - Hacker Fusion Elf: Reduces charge time
  • Mulaq - Nurse Fusion Elf: Restores all of Zero’s health
  • Balette - Animal Satellite Elf: Boosts running speed
  • Shelter - Animal Fusion Elf: Boosts defense


Metal Sonic

V. Maximum Overdrive Attack

Metal Sonic overloads his circuits, which then forms a destructive energy field around him. He then charges at opponents to engulf them in the energy. It also temporarily boosts his speed, actually making him four times faster than Sonic. He can’t use this attack very long, however, as he could damage his circuits so badly that he might die. He’s also left wide open when he’s done with this attack. The “V.” probably stands for “Volt”.

Ring Spark Field

Metal Sonic uses an internal radioactive force within him to create a powerful electrical discharging field around his body to damage anyone that comes too close to him, and has enough power to tear metal foundations apart. The downside, however, is that it takes awhile to charge and that Metal Sonic has rerouted so much of his energy output from his other systems into the attack that his mobility decreases considerably and leaves him worn down for a few moments (though he has shown that he can charge it up fast and be fine with no negative effects right after using it). He can do a similar electrical attack that hits above him.


Metal Sonic has rocket-powered flight which lets him keep up with Sonic’s speed. He can boost at any point using the rockets (even to the point where he can create explosions to damage enemies).


By scanning and copying the data of others, be it either robots or organic creatures, Metal Sonic can immediately and flawlessly copy and mimic other people's skills and abilities. He has copied abilities such as Sonic’s Sonic Boom, Shadow’s Chaos Control, Silver’s ESP, Knuckles’s Hammer Punch and Knuckle Slam, Rouge’s Bat Guard, Espio’s Chroma Camo, and Tails’s Tail Copter. In Sonic Heroes, he successfully copied Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Chaos’s data.


Metal Sonic can grind on rails. He can also use a technique called Crouch in order to speed up while grinding.

Spin Attack

Metal Sonic can use the famous Spin Attack, which lets him use a variety of different techniques while rolled up into a ball.
  • Homing Attack: Metal Sonic slams into the opponent curled into a ball while homing in on them.
  • Spin Dash: Metal Sonic rolls himself along the ground at high speeds, crashing into anything in the way. He can also jump while doing this.
  • Spin Jump: Metal Sonic jumps into the air while curled into a ball, hitting enemies who are in the way.
  • Jump Dash: Metal Sonic curls into a ball while in midair and launches himself forward for a quick burst of speed. He also knows a variant of this called the Air Dash, where he dashes forward a short distance and has enough power to destroys blocks.

Chaos Control

Metal Sonic warps time and space using chaos energy to stop the opponent in place for at a max of ten seconds. While Chaos Control can also allow someone to teleport or travel through time, Metal Sonic has never shown to use Chaos Control in such ways.

Chaos Spear

Metal Sonic fires bolts of chaos energy that are shaped like spears at the opponent. These bolts also have electrical properties.


Metal Sonic has the ability to teleport.


Metal Sonic can control metallic objects using magnetism.

Light Speed Dash

Metal Sonic charges up before dashing forward at lightspeed on a trail of Rings.

Light Speed Attack

Metal Sonic charges up before dashing forward, performing a Homing Attack on all nearby enemies at lightspeed.

Color Powers

By grasping a Wisp’s Hyper-Go-On energy, Metal Sonic can perform certain techniques. While there are many different types of Color Powers, Metal Sonic has only been shown to use three.
  • Cyan Laser: By absorbing a Cyan Wisp, Metal Sonic can turn into a high-speed laser that can dash through multiple enemies. It also acts similarly to a real laser, where it bounces off walls. He can only use this for a few seconds, however.
  • Yellow Drill: By absorbing a Yellow Wisp, Metal Sonic can turn into a drill that digs through the ground at high speeds. He can also accelerate to move faster and dig through durable substances. He can only use this for a few seconds, however.
  • Indigo Asteroid: By absorbing an Indigo Wisp, Metal Sonic can turn into a miniature planet with a strong gravitational field. He can tear enemies that get sucked into the Asteroid Ring apart and levitate in the air. Anything sucked up also becomes part of the Asteroid Ring, making it bigger. He can only use this for a few seconds, however.


Metal Sonic has showcased the ability to change his structure in both Sonic Heroes and Sonic Free Riders, in order to get closer to others and copy their data. He's been able to perfectly replicate the structures of machinery, like pretending to be a broken Eggman dummy in order to trick Team Sonic into thinking Eggman was the mastermind behind the Ultimate Weapon, as well as disguising himself as E-10000B behind Eggman's back and performing so well that his creator couldn't see through his disguise. He's also been able to perfectly replicate the structure of organic beings like Eggman.

Combining his ability to shapeshift with his copying abilities, Metal Sonic can create new weapons or machines from his own body, such as a Gear Board.


Metal Sonic’s body is made up of a polymer alloy, making it extremely tough. It’s tougher than most of Eggman’s other robots, letting him be able to take multiple attacks from Sonic and sometimes even Super Sonic (depending on Metal’s own form) who can normally defeat Eggman’s robots in one hit. He also has a multitude of shields he can use to block attacks.
  • Shield: A power-up that allows Metal Sonic to take one bad hit.
  • Aqua Shield: Allows Metal Sonic to do a Bound Jump, a Spin Attack that slams him downwards, lets him breathe underwater, blocks projectiles, and he can step on the surface of water without sinking. Like the Shield, it also allows him to take one bad hit.
  • Thunder Shield: Allows Metal Sonic to be immune to electricity-based attacks, attract Rings to himself, and it grants him a Double Jump. Like the Shield, it also allows him to take one bad hit.
  • Black Shield: Metal Sonic crosses his arms and bends his legs slightly upward while hovering in the air, where he forms an octahedral energy shield with black outlines around him. The shield protects him from most attacks, but he has a hard time maneuvering while using it.
  • Burst Shield: Metal Sonic generates a fiery orange energy field around himself. Not only does this shield protect himself, but it also incinerates everything other than Metal Sonic that is caught within it.
  • Misc. Shield: Metal Sonic has created his own shield that isn’t like any of the other shields seen above.

Misc. Attacks

Metal Sonic has also shown some basic abilities, such as shooting multiple types of blasts from his chest like energy balls, laser beams, and a beam that erupts energy from the ground (he can do this with his body as well). He also has some other electrical attacks besides the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack, Ring Spark Field, and Chaos Spear, such as pillars of electricity (shown above) and a giant electrical ball that homes in on targets.



Zero isn’t just packing a load of weapons. His body is made of the Titanium-Z alloy, created by Wily to be specific to Zero’s build alone. While its exact makeup isn’t known, it is most likely an upgraded version of the Ceramic Titanium that both Light and Wily previously used for their machines, and as such is a tough, lightweight, yet also flexible metal that works well for Zero and his combat abilities.

After sacrificing himself to defeat Vile in the first game, Zero gets an upgrade to his body that includes the more advanced armor design we normally see him in. In addition to that, the Z-Saber he got along with the upgrade can also cut through projectile attacks, and the Reploid also has access to Sub-Tanks, which allow him to replenish his energy if he’s ever running low on it.

After defeating Shield Sheldon, Zero learned the Guard Shell technique. This move allows Zero to summon a small energy shield in front of him that reflects most energy projectiles back at the shooter, while still allowing Zero full freedom to use his Z-Saber and Z-Buster. And after defeating Soldier Stonekong, Zero learned the Gokumonken technique, which puts the Reploid in a defensive stance to deflect incoming projectiles with a protective barrier, as well as counter oncoming enemies with a melee attack when they come within reach of his saber. However, it can only be used when Zero is standing still and it can take a moment to actually enter the stance and let it take effect.

Finally, Zero gained several chips from the MMZ series to increase his abilities in this field such as:

  • A-Recover3 Chip: Lets Zero slowly recover energy/health whenever he stands still
  • Absorber Chip: Prevents staggering when hit by an attack
  • Reflect Chip: Allows Zero to reflect energy projectiles with his Z-Saber
  • Spike Type W Chip: Prevents Zero from being moved by strong magnets and winds


Zero can naturally leap high up into the air with his lightweight build, and can easily grip onto surfaces to wall-jump off of them. And thanks to how light his primary weapon is, the Reploid is able to move especially quickly in close-combat and deal out fast combos thanks to this.

Zero obtained the Kuuenbu technique from Split Mushroom, which allows him to perform a double jump in midair to reach even greater heights. Similar to his friend X, Zero is able to dash across the ground thanks to the jets built into his feet and can thus move across long distances without issue. And after defeating Jet Stingray, Zero gained the Hienkyaku move, which allows him to dash through the air either straightforward or straight upwards.

And just like with his defenses, Zero has several chips from the Zero-era to grant him some new abilities in this department, some of which include:

  • Light Chip: Reduces body weight (in-game it prevents him from breaking through fragile floors)
  • Ultima Chip: Actually grants several new abilities which include
    • Increased running speed
    • Prevents slipping
    • Gives him the ability to dash through enemies and projectiles
    • Slide down walls at a slower speed
    • Jump on the surface of water


One of the key differences between X and Zero comes with how they fight. While X has a large arsenal of ranged weapons taken from bosses that have a limited ammo pool, Zero has a wide variety of melee techniques which his Z-Saber copies and thus, does not limit his usage. Over the course of his career as a Maverick Hunter, he’s acquired the following moves:

  • Raijingeki: A lightning-infused thrust with the Z-Saber.
  • Kuuenbu: Allows Zero to double jump.
  • Kuuenzan: A spinning mid-air slash attack.
  • Tenkuuha: An upgrade allowing the Z-Saber to destroy energy projectiles.
  • Ryuenjin: A Shoryuken-styled rising slash, with the Z-Saber covered in fire.
  • Hyoretsuzan: A downward-thrust with the Z-Saber taking the form of a giant icicle.
  • Hienkyaku: A dash that grants Zero more mobility options.
  • Shippuuga: A dashing attack where Zero twirls around with the Z-Saber.
  • Mikazukizan: An earth-element crescent slash similar to the Kuuenzan.
  • Hisuishou: A variant of Hienkyaku where Zero dashes while covered in ice.
  • Denjin: An electric version of the Ryuenjin that shoots out lightning projectiles downwards.
  • Shippu: Similar to Shippuuga, Zero dashes forward but has an afterimage deal damage.
  • Danchien: A downward thrust attack infused with fire that creates an explosion upon making contact.
  • Yammar Option: Allows Zero to summon three robot dragonflies to fight alongside him
  • Sentsuizan: A mid-air dashing attack where Zero dives with his Z-Saber.
  • Shoenzan: Similar to Ryuenjin, Zero performs a ground-based upper slash that creates a wall of fire.
  • Hyoroga: Allows Zero to climb on walls and drop icicles.
  • Ensuizan: A water-infused version of Kuuenzan.
  • Rakukojin: Has Zero perform a falling attack which creates anchors as projectiles, although they consume weapon energy.
  • Guard Shell: A barrier that reflects energy projectiles.
  • Raijinshou: A rising attack where Zero surrounds himself with electricity in a tornado-style attack.
  • Suiretsusen: Dashes forward with water energy.
  • Zankourin: A light-infused wheel that slices enemies independently.
  • Hieienjin: An energy-based homing missile Zero fires mid-air.
  • Souenbu: Zero tosses a V Hangar like a boomerang.
  • Hadangeki: A wave of energy fired from the Z-Saber.
  • Gokumonken: A defensive stance which blocks projectiles and gives Zero a counter enemies who touch him.
  • Youdantotsu: A wood-element dash attack which breaks enemy shields.
  • Rasetsusen: A darkness-infused rolling slash.
  • Juuhazan: With the power of gravity, Zero performs a charged overhead slash that can shatter guards.
  • Rekkyoudan: With the element of earth, Zero can deflect enemy projectiles.
  • Raikousen: A dashing attack where Zero leaves a trail of electricity behind him.
  • Hyouryuushou: A spinning attack which can freeze enemies.
  • Enkoujin: A move quite similar to the Danchien.
  • Renyoudan: Zero performs six quick thrusts with the D Glaive.
  • Zekkyoudan: Zero uses the B Fan to deflect enemy fire.
  • Dairettsui: Zero slams the T Breaker on the ground, creating an earthquake that can break defenses.
  • Ganzanha: With the K Knuckle, Zero performs a ground-based energy projectiles that break through guards.
  • Senpuukyaku: A darkness-infused spinning kick which Zero can redirect.
  • Raijinken: A rushing electric uppercut with the K Knuckle.
  • Enkoukyaku: A dive kick infused with fire.
  • Shoryuken: Zero performs a spiraling uppercut that can freeze targets.

Giga Attacks

Unlike many of his regular attacks, Zero’s Giga Attacks drain a set portion of the techniques’ respective weapon energy. Thus, while powerful and capable of destroying multiple enemies and even bosses, they can only be used sparingly.

  • Rakuhouha: Zero pounds the ground, sending out energy projectiles around him in a fan-style wave.
  • Messenkou: A Giga Attack similar to Rakukouha.
  • Dark Hold: Zero stops time around him, freezing all movement and allowing him to attack helpless foes.
  • Sougenmu: Creates an after-image which mimics Zero’s movements and damages enemies for a short period.
  • Rekkoha: Has Zero summon eleven light projectiles to fire down on enemies.
  • Bakuenjin: Zero creates a large explosion around him.
  • Tenshouha: Zero summons a pillar of light to strike enemies above him.


Metal Sonic

Titan Metal Sonic

An alternate, more powerful form of Metal Sonic. He attacks by using his hands and the Plasma Pulse Attack, a huge laser that comes out of his chest.

Neo Metal Sonic

An upgraded form of Metal Sonic, obtained by Chaos energy from kidnapping and absorbing Chocola and Froggy. In this form, he becomes slightly bigger, can capture small creatures inside his body when he liquefies, and use lightning. However, he never actually combats anyone in this form, so how much more powerful he is in his Neo form (if he even is) is unknown.

Metal Madness

After copying Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Chaos’s data through Chocola and Froggy, as well as adding on large amounts of scrap metal to his body, Metal Sonic attempted to turn into his ultimate form, Metal Overlord. He, however, first turned into the incomplete Metal Madness. In this form, he becomes gigantic and looks like a dragon. He also has new attacks. He is able to launch the spines on his back as missiles that can track the opponent, and when they hit the ground, they will sprout into indestructible sharp spike formations which will shatter automatically after some time, use his right hand to produce a powerful and large column of fire, shoot his claws as missiles which traps his enemies in crystal cages (his claws will automatically regenerate afterwards) with his left hand, and swipe opponents with his large tail. His weak spots in this form are the glowing markers on the left, right, and front side of his lower body.

Metal Overlord

Metal Sonic’s ultimate form after copying the data of Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Chaos. In this form, he can keep up with Super Sonic and an empowered Tails and Knuckles, with Eggman still thinking there would be a slim chance of them being able to defeat this mecha dragon. With his massive wings, Metal Overlord can fly. He can ram into enemies, use Crystal Attack, where he forms large chunks of blue crystal and fires them at enemies from his mouth, fire the spikes on his back as homing missiles, like his previous form but he does so at a much higher rate, use his left claws has as missiles that trap enemies in a crystal cage, which is strong enough to hold even Super Sonic, and even use Chaos Control to stop time. Being that it’s Metal Madness’s perfect form, he should also have the same attacks as it.


Black Zero

An upgrade created by Dr. Light (yes, Light) for Zero, this buffs up all of his stats beyond his maximum. During its first couple of appearances, Black Zero would increase the Reploid's attack, defense, and speed, though it wasn’t necessarily a form back then as Zero always had it on after getting it. However, for some reason it actually weakened Zero’s defenses in some appearances afterwards, but we’ll be ignoring that for the sake of giving his maximum possible potential with this form. These boosts include a 100% increase in attack power, a 50% increase in speed, doubling his defenses, his weapon energy replenishes automatically over time, and he has a bonus extra resistance to fire-based attacks along with the already boosted defenses.

Eventually, Zero recieved a way to access his Black form without the need to stick with the armor or access a capsule to equip them. This transformation was called "Hyper Mode", and it allows Zero to turn into Black Zero form at will, though Hyper Mode protects Zero's body by limiting how often he can use it, as well as how long he can use it once it is activated. Black Zero also has complete access to the Z-Saber and Z-Buster, along with all of his other special abilities and sword techniques he would be able to use normally.

Absolute Zero

Obtained in Command Mission, Absolute Zero is another Hyper Mode transformation in which all of Zero’s attributes are increased. Zero’s attack power goes up by 100%, his speed by 50%, his life energy is boosted by 50%, his weapon energy is drastically increased, and it allows Zero to only take 50% damage from water-based attacks. Zero’s Z-Buster and Z-Saber are also replaced with a pair of claws and some wings for flight capabilities. Absolute Zero also unlocks two sub-weapons called Killer Left and Brutal Right, and it replaces Zero's Combat Arts with the more powerful Calamity Arts, with the ability to do more damage.

However, the drawback to this form is that it replaces Zero's weapons with claws, which limits his attack options to melee only. Though it’s possible that even without the Z-Saber, Zero could still be perform a number of his combat techniques through his claws, as he has done so under similar circumstances while using the Kaiser Knuckle, a weapon that also limits Zero's attacks to short-ranged hand-to-hand.

The name is also totally misleading and doesn’t give him any kind of ice powers.

Awakened Zero

As the source of the Maverick Virus, Zero actually gains a few benefits from being exposed to it; however, should he fully succumb and go full-on Maverick by suffering enough damage, he “awakens” to his true mission and becomes a mindless killing machine. Awakened Zero can regenerate from all sorts of damage, while dealing more in return, and can eventually grow powerful enough to become invincible. He also gains a few new moves while in this state.
  • Shingetsurin: Zero fires two homing shots which stay in front of the target, before hitting them.
  • Shin Messenkou: An enhanced version of Messenkou.
  • Denharei: A homing projectile from the Z-Saber.
  • Ittoryudan: Genmu Zero: Awakened Zero’s most powerful attack; a massive energy projectile from the Z-Saber which can kill almost anything in one-hit. If for any reason his target survives or dodges it, Zero can rapid-fire the move endlessly until they die.


Metal Sonic






Credit to Alpha 13 and 12Cheeper for their blogs here




  • Has defeated various Mavericks and obtained new attacks based on their moves.
  • Stopped the Repliforce coup by defeating their leader, Colonel, and his sister, Iris.
  • Repeatedly defeated Sigma.
  • Halted the Reploid Rebellion alongside X.
  • Supposedly, Zero is the one who killed the entire Classic cast of Mega Man, including the original Blue Bomber himself. However, this is only implied and never directly confirmed. Though Keiji Inafune, Mega Man's creator, said that Zero isn't the reason for their disappearances.
  • Using his new body, he defeated Omega and his various forms, which culminated with Zero defeating him while he possessed Zero’s original body and by extension, all of the skills he had during the Mega Man X series.
  • Defeated Lumine, who can destroy stars
  • Defeated Copy X, a weaker clone of X.
  • Defeated Dr. Weil, while sacrificing himself in the process.





Credit to Vivi Ornitier for all of his calcs here.


Metal Sonic

While Metal Sonic is a powerful robot more than capable of taking Sonic on, this exact purpose is also his greatest weakness. Metal being designed specifically to take the hedgehog down makes it difficult for him to battle foes who aren’t the blue blur himself or bare similarities to him. While he can still fare well against certain opponents (such as Mega Man in the Worlds Collide crossover), this weakness still comes back to bite him eventually. And even then, Sonic has defeated his robotic doppleganger plenty of times before. Not to mention, Metal Sonic isn’t a perfect A.I., with his coding being preset with every buildup, and thus isn’t capable of improvising on the spot with each fight. Anything too unsimilar to the foes he faces should reasonably mess him up. And though he usually plans against this by shapeshifting into something else to observe and copy from a distance without being caught, this would be akin to prep-time in Death Battle, which of course wouldn’t be too fair on Zero.

Some of his attacks, like the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack and the Ring Spark Field, leave him wide open after use, and if he uses them for too long, he will die.

Metal also isn't afraid to go full Kamikaze and risk life and limb in a fight because he's nigh instantly brought back anytime he's destroyed, no matter what level of destruction has been brought upon him. Of course this does not mean he doesn't plan his actions, but rather, he's just willing to do whatever ensures victory in the end.



Zero has a bad case of dying a lot. In total he’s died about three to seven times throughout the entire main Mega Man timeline, depending on what you want to count as Zero “dying”. Much of the blame there lies on his recklessness in battle; while he isn’t careless to a fault, he doesn’t tend to think his actions through and can bite him in the end.

Outside of that, he is also powered by sunlight, so fighting in dark or shaded areas will lock him out of ways he can replenish his stamina. While he isn’t reliant on weapon energy as much as X, Zero’s Giga Attacks and some of his best techniques still need them to use, and he can only carry a finite supply of it.


Metal Sonic

  • Copy ability that allows Metal to replicate both Zero’s weaponry and abilities
  • Flight and teleportation offer superior mobility in their base forms
  • Can get up to Zero’s level as Metal Overlord (depending on what you accept)
  • Larger number of forms
  • Is more than willing to disguise himself and hide for as long as need be to copy Zero’s data
  • Time stop options
  • Other forms have no set time limit
  • Due to having copied Silver, has slight mind hax (not enough to cause mind rape however)
  • Didn't get awful voice acting

  • Weaker
  • Slower
  • Less durable
  • Younger and less experienced
  • Not as big a movepool
  • No healing options
  • Zero can resist his magnetism
  • While neither is a strategist by any stretch, Zero can still think on his feet a lot better than Metal can
  • Disguising himself and hiding away is something akin to prep-time, which Death Battle doesn’t tend to allow
  • Lost his ability to voice act in later games, while Zero got Lucas Gilbertson and Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Not a robo-husbando


  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • More durable
  • More experienced
  • Superior A.I.
  • A larger variety of attacking moves and weapons
  • Has superior options for both short and long-range combat
  • Sub-tanks heal him up, and Awakened Zero automatically regenerates health
  • A lot of options to reflect projectiles
  • Better time stop abilities
  • If given the Buster Shot and Elemental Chips, can burn, stun and freeze Metal
  • Has dealt with just about everything Metal Sonic has in his arsenal
  • Stronger powered-up forms (since Metal’s don’t give us any clear upgrades outside of Overlord)
  • Even without the forms, he’s got numerous ways of boosting his stats such as Chips and Cyber Elves
  • Has resistance to magnetism with the Spike Type W Chip
  • Flight options in Absolute and Awakened forms
  • Weapon energy replenishes over time in Black Zero form
  • Can become invincible in Awakened Zero form (relative to what X can dish at least, though based off their numerous battles, their stats are comparable)
  • Really fucking cool (- Grand Blazer, supported by ramonzer0)
  • Isn’t a Sonic character

  • Metal Sonic can copy his abilities and weapons
  • Not as mobile in base form
  • Forms have time limits
  • Limited weapon energy in reserves
  • Mindless and extremely aggressive as Awakened Zero
  • Would not be willing to go into his Awakened Form


Metal Sonic Zero Set 2.png

Grand Blazer


Y’all better back the fuck up because this verdict is even longer than my one for Natsu VS Ace.

So first off, WOOOOO ZERO! MUH BOI! Rooting hard for ya, man! Keep my win streak of the season after Venom and Natsu going!

Secondly, should've been Meta Knight. I don't want to see the Star Warrior going up against that Sparkster guy, since I know I'm not getting my backup fight in the form of Yoda. Maybe the Maverick Hunter can come back someday please possibly hopefully? And I would also like to give a shout out to Ultraguy since his blog on Mega Man Zero proved useful for some of Zero’s weapons from that era, along with one to PokeSEGA64’s analysis of the Reploid on Deviantart that helped us out with some of his 3D X era weapons, so many thanks for that to the both of you.

Anyways, time to verdict.

So going into this fight with it being one of the rare occasions where I actually know a good amount on both fighters and not just the one, I wasn't really sure who to expect to take the win since I hadn’t actually dug into their feats in quite a while. Stats seemed a bit controversial on this episode to certain extents with both fighters, but I came to form some opinions on them fairly quickly that I’ll cover later. For now, I’ll just stick to saying that they’re both city level, and Metal Sonic takes movement speed while Zero has reactions.

And bare with me here if you're already raising eyebrows or rolling eyes at those stats, folks. I don’t agree with them myself, and I'm mainly just equalizing out the stats to make it a bit more interesting for myself and not “dis one blew up a thing that is bigger so they win yeah ok”. I can actually talk more than who's stronger, faster and tougher this way, just to drive home some extra points. If you don’t want that, I suggest you just skip to the last three paragraphs or so of this thing.

So with their stats equalized out like that, the fight would come down to what they've got packed in their coding to me. And in that case, Zero has a toooon more going for him. For starters, going at even their basic purpose, Metal Sonic was designed solely to outclass Sonic, and we've seen before that he can't handle characters too different from him. Heck, they've used this exact strategy numerous times in the comics. Is Zero similar to Sonic in any way?

I mean they're both pretty fast dudes I guess, but that's about where the comparison stops. Sonic has his hand-to-hand fighting, spin attacks, spin dashes, homing attacks, boosts, and all that stuff. Meanwhile, Zero has an arm cannon for projectiles, a sword for melee attacks, and PLENTY of different techniques for each of those. And even with the fast dudes thing, Zero's fighting style isn't the "run around at a blinding speed" thing Metal normally deals with when fighting Sonic. So I think it's safe to say the Badnik here isn't gonna have a clue how to deal with the Maverick Hunter, and that's gonna mess him up a lot.

And yeah, I know, he could take on the teams from Sonic Heroes, but that’s because he hid away from them and copied their abilities in secrecy without them knowing it, which is something he’s definitely not going to be allowed in Death Battle. Also if we’re being completely honest here, there isn’t a ton of differences between all the characters. Sonic and Shadow basically have the exact same moves and share plenty of similarities with Amy and Espio. Tails, Rouge, Cream and Charmy are all packing flight and maybe one unique ability (except maybe on Cream’s part since all she does is throw her Chao at bad guys), and even with the power-types, you have Omega and Vector both using fire attacks and Big and Vector both having something akin to a ground pound technique, so it’s not as big great as an accomplishment as it may sound. And again, there isn’t even like a swordsman in that group.

On the flip side, Zero was designed to kill Mega Man, sure, but also carry out Wily's plan for world conquest. And he's fought PLENTY of different kinds of robots over his career as a Maverick Hunter, not to mention won a lot more against that variety than Metal has against his one plus a few different peeps here and there. It helps that Zero is a lot more capable of thinking beyond a couple hundred parameters and all that techno babble stuff, unlike his foe here, so the red robot isn't gonna struggle too much with Metal Sonic's stuff.

And before anyone pulls it up on me, I know about Metal Sonic being able to beat Mega Man without too much trouble, but that can mostly just be chalked up to writers not knowing about VS. Most of them are going to think that Metal Sonic can go at speeds faster than Mega Man can track just because he's known for those high levels of speed. And even if you counted that anyways, Zero is a more advanced bot than Rock is, especially considering the fact that the saber-wielding Reploid (supposedly) killed the entire Classic cast of the series, plus he's fought on-par with X, Mega Man's successor who should be a lot stronger than the OG Blue Bomber too. So yeah, Zero should be able to track Metal and not get blitzed, so there's that argument gone.

And as far as abilities go, Zero has a load more of those in arsenal than Metal Sonic does, and that variety is only going to fuck the Badnik up a lot more. That Z-Buster is charging up, but who knows what's gonna come out of it if there isn't anything to indicate what it may be. Plus he’s got a lightsaber that can catch on fire, catch on lightning, catch on ice, catch on purple, you name it, along with all the other weapons we mentioned up there. And it's not like Metal Sonic has a ton of stuff Zero needs to be concerned over either. Flight? Dealt with it. Energy blasts? Cut them in half, put up a shield. Bigger energy blasts? Teleport out of the way. Magnetism? Dat sick chip boi. Time stop? Ten seconds isn't really enough for Metal Sonic to do anything super serious to Zero, plus the red robot has that move himself, and it can be activated for a bit longer.

Honestly, the only thing I really see that Zero might get concerned with is Metal Sonic's copy system, but that's not an automatic win. While I do think Metal can definitely copy Z-Buster techniques, since he’s got his own chest-blaster and everything, replicating some of Zero’s Z-Saber attacks seems a bit less doable. To an extent at least. If he copied information from Amy, he could maybe form hammers out of his hands, but I’m not so sure if he could form an actual hammer out of thin air, and the same thing applies here. He could maybe give himself some lightsaber hands, but I can’t see him getting his very own Z-Saber to use, which would also make the Shield Boomerang and all those other MMZ weapons not super possible. And that’s if he’s even able to pull it off, since Zero’s the type of guy who’s gonna be putting a lot of pressure on in the fight 24/7. And in the context of a Death Battle, Metal Sonic really doesn’t seem likely to pull the strategy of running away to hide and copy his abilities when he’s also the kind to put a lot of pressure into a fight.

But either way, whether or not he can do it, like I said, I don’t think it’s an automatic win. All I really think it would do is make Zero a bit more cautious of his robotic enemy, something along the lines of “Ok, this thing can copy my abilities, so I can’t underestimate it and need to be careful now”. He’s got all three Cs of calm, cool and collected down pat, so I can’t see Zero getting thrown off his game a ton just because Metal Sonic suddenly has some new things to shoot out of his chest, especially when he got most of things by defeating enemies who used those exact things. Plus he hangs out with X so it’s not really something new and all that good stuff.

In terms of defenses, I'd say Metal Sonic's options definitely fit the bill for being "defensive" better, with the Black Shield and Burst Shield being fairly useful, but Zero's got the reflective and counterattack attributes added to his, which could prove a lot more useful in my opinion. Plus, sub-tanks could be a huge help for getting back lost energy, especially when Metal doesn't have anyway of getting his own back.

Another thing Zero has going for him? Experience. He's fought in WAAAY more battles and even entire wars than Metal Sonic has, plus like I said before, the stuff he's faced has a lot more variety to it than Sonic the Hedgehog 37 times plus a couple other Mobians once or twice who all still have a lot similarities. It helps that Zero has also just been around longer than Metal Sonic has too. Sonic's age at the moment is only around 15-17 years old, and Eggman hasn't been fighting him for all of that time, so Metal shouldn't be any older than that, while Zero handily is with the combination of his experiences in the X series and the Zero series.

Then you have the super forms, and this is where it starts to look like Metal may have a better shot at taking the lead over the Maverick Hunter, but not really for the first bit.

Neo Metal Sonic can shape-shift and use lightning powers now, and probably has a stat boost but we never see it actually attack to know how much stronger it is. Black Zero has stat boosts in spades, and sure it's got a time limit, but with that boost he can definitely do some damage and make the most of it.

Metal Madness is a huge monster with a few cool abilities like shooting fire, missiles, some crystal things and swinging a big tail, and some fairly obvious weak points, meanwhile Absolute Zero gets another huge stat boost, flight, and while he may not have his Saber or Buster anymore plus the new stuff limits him to just melee moves, his claws still do pretty good at getting the job done in a fight with the increase in strength he gains.

Metal Overlord may actually be a good challenge, since he fought Super Sonic and some kind of juiced up Tails and Knuckles, WHO WERE NOT Super Tails and Hyper Knuckles by the way. Tails didn't have birds flying around him, Knuckles wasn't pink. They had shiny glowing spheres around them and that’s it. Anyways, to stick with the shindig of trying to keep these stats as objective as possible, I’ll pin that at about island level-ish or so, since current Metal is city in base meaning Overlord should be a fair bit stronger, so let’s go island level for now. So then we put it up against Awakened Zero, who using the current stats I’m working with would also be about island level, and at that point you got a blue MechaGodzilla flying around with the abilities of Metal Madness on him, and then you've got this superpowered, bloodlusted and crazy as hell Maverick also flying around with regeneration while his power increases over time.

And I see you typing there VS debaters about how that's an NLF, and sure, maybe it is. But that doesn't change the fact that after two minutes of fighting, Zero becomes invincible and can one-shot the likes of Mega Man X, who’s a pretty powerful dude himself, so we have to say he gets up to that point at the very least. And if they’re both on the same level of DC and durability, once that invincibility shows up, Overlord isn’t gonna be able to scratch him. While Zero may have lost tactical abilities due to aggression picking up, that doesn't mean he isn't going to stop trying to avoid hits in the first place. Maybe not use his defensive moves, but the cutting projectiles in half and MFTL reactions are still existent, and should work for avoiding taking damage as well. Add in that healing factor, and the fact that he's a lot smaller and harder target to hit at this point, plus he still has superior reaction speeds than even Overlord’s speed, and he can probably stick around long enough to get that invincibility up and running, along with the power to take out the bot.

And if you're still skeptical on that part of the verdict, well, that's assuming he even gets up there. Zero's already got plenty going for him to take Metal Sonic out before he goes Overlord. Even against all the characters in Sonic Heroes, he still didn't use it right off the bat, and stuck to just Metal Madness at first, and it would be suuuper out-of-character for Metal to just hide away and not fight when it’s just the one robot and not teams of three. That's enough time for Zero to take him out, since he's still packing more power than most of those teams did at the time.

What’s that? Still skeptical? Well then we’ve reached a point now, folks. Equalization of stats is off, and if you for some reason thought Zero still didn’t have what it took to win before, he undoubtedly does now. While that means that I’m going with my personal belief that Metal Overlord is planet level, which is probably wrong, but who cares when it really doesn’t matter in the end. I had Zero at city level before, but the saber-wielding robot still has both feats and scaling to put him at planet level in his base form that I am more than willing to buy into, and even the Lumine feat which gets up to star level last I checked. Heck, his country level feat alone is more than enough to take his foe right out.

And if we really want to drive home a point, let’s remove scaling altogether. That gives Metal Sonic some multi-city block or something DC via destroying a large portion of a pretty big mountain that then crashed into a city, meanwhile Zero survived a city-busting explosion plus has the Eurasia colony crashing that he lived through, and that was another planet level feat for him. And again, base form. It really does pay to be a protagonist rather than an antagonist.

Looks like Metal Sonic is the real zero of this match. My vote goes to the Maverick Hunter.



So this fight’s a thing. Well, at least my boy isn’t going to obviously be hacked into tiny pieces by Meta Knight and will hopefully be sending Metal Sonic into the scrapheap. Zero should take this comfortably. Why?

First, there’s overall stat comparison. By virtue of feats and scaling, the Maverick Hunter boasts a lot more in his resume than evil robot Sanic - surviving the destruction of a space colony falling, defeating star-busting robot overlords and outrunning black holes should give him the tools needed to outmatch Metal Sonic. Even giving Metal the benefit of the doubt and saying he’s faster, he’s still outmatched by Zero’s showings.

Second, there’s Metal’s copying. Nothing in his arsenal is going to faze Zero at all. All of the stuff he’s copied from past opponents isn’t anything Zero’s faced before, and even copying the Z-Saber techniques won’t do him much good since Zero’s beaten Omega, who used his original body and all of his X-series moves. He’s well-equipped and prepared to battle Metal’s imitations, and the difference in stats makes copying his moves a small hindrance if anything else.

What else? There’s experience: Zero’s spent a good amount of time defeating Mavericks to get his shiny new moves and is on par with his good buddy X (who let’s not forget is a robot whose entire arsenal , in addition to being built to surpass the original Mega Man. While Metal was built to defeat Sonic, and is no doubt well-equipped to do so, he’s never been able to succeed in his mission, and has even found himself on the losing end against Sonic’s friends, despite having copied their powers. Obviously, Zero edges out due to a higher success rate and more variety in the enemies he’s taken down. His career as a Maverick Hunter and his later adventures in Neo Arcadia is much longer than Metal has been active, regardless of incarnation.

Also, consider that this experience advantage means that Zero will be able to strategize and plan ways to take out Metal during the fight. While he has his directives, Metal won’t be deviating much from them, and considering how a lot of his moves puts him in a situation where he’s open to being hurt, it only serves to Zero’s benefit.

Factor in Zero’s awakening when pushed to the brink, and it’s all over. Metal Sonic, even as Metal Overlord, isn’t putting a dent in Zero’s armor and nothing is stopping Zero from spamming Genmu Zero repeatedly - even if you say that Metal can dodge or take one, he can only do so for so long before one or multiple hits end him. Zero won’t have his strategic mind to help him out at this point, but with the power to end Metal Overlord, he won’t need it. (While the other forms are going to play a part, we all know it’s going to end with Metal Overlord and Awakened Zero.)

By the end of this ep, the world is going to be rid of one more evil robot. (Okay technically neither side can die for real since they can be rebuilt, so nobody really loses in the end)



Tfw you made a huge theory that this would be Lucario VS Renamon and it wasn’t.
Tfw it could still be Torrian’s next fight but you lost a bet in the process of your master theory.

Oh, also should have been Meta Knight but that’s okay.

Metal Sonic is gonna get his blue steel ass kicked, shredded, burnt, and disintegrated in this fight. There’s not really many advantages he has in this fight, and even then those that he does really don’t matter when Zero is many times stronger, faster, and tougher than him.

I’ll try to go for a decent length with my reasoning, but Grand nailed it pretty hard soooooo...

For strength, Metal’s best feat comes from scaling to Sonic, who took down city level Perfect Chaos in base. When he’s Metal Overlord, he can keep up with Super Sonic, who is about planet from defeating Perfect Dark Gaia. However, since Metal Overlord’s fight with Super Sonic was before that, and the Sonic series has proven that the characters get stronger over time, it’s questionable if Metal Overlord would even be planet. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt anyway and just call him planet.

Meanwhile, Zero fought that Lumineon guy who was star level. So Zero in base is star level while Metal is city. Now to speed.

Metal Sonic is questionably faster than light. Multiple sources same Sonic is faster than light but they are all unofficial so it’s confusing if he is that fast. While Sonic was also outrunning a black hole for a bit, it hadn’t fully expanded yet, and when it was, Sonic was unable to outrun it. So. in my opinion at least, Metal isn’t faster than light.

And then Zero has fully outrun black holes, making him easily faster than the speed of light. And since durability scales to strength, realistically, Zero should be able to kill Metal Sonic before he goes Metal Overlord. Even then Zero in base is still stronger than Metal Overlord. Zero’s more powerful forms just make this fight even more in his favor.

Metal has superior copying skills, but Zero’s fought copying robots before, being X, and has been fighting longers. Add that with a much superior arsenal and hax abilities and Metal Sonic is as good as doomed.

Zero is gonna steel this victory from Metal. Absolutely Zero chance of him winning.


I want to start of by saying thank you G1 Death Battle Fan Blog for letting me assist with this blog and for letting me make a prediction. Before I make my prediction lemme just say that this is a hype match for me, but it’s still the wrong person whose name starts with “Meta” vs. the wrong Megaman. Now that that’s out of the way, unto the prediction!

Even though Metal Sonic is one of my favorite Sonic villains, I honestly do not see him walking away from the fight in one piece honestly, and it kind of pains me to say that.

I remember when I did a match-up similar to this, Metal Sonic vs Classic Megaman, and remembered saying that Metal wins for speed, copying, and Metal Overlord, though that doesn’t seem to hold up against someone like Zero.

On a base level, Zero is much stronger, tougher, and has a crap ton more experienced in fighting than Metal Sonic does. True, Metal Sonic did fight Mega Man and proved to be fast for him lock on (and people will try to compare Mega Man to Zero in this match), but that’s a bad comparison for this match because Zero is nothing like Classic Mega Man. Zero is far superior to Classic Mega Man and has more weapons, a different fighting style, etc. so I wouldn’t want to fall back “Metal Sonic fought Classic Megaman who is similar to Zero” argument.

Speaking of similar, the main argument I see for Metal Sonic is “he can copy Zero’s stuff and is faster,” which I kind of scratch my head on. While I do see Metal Sonic copying Zero’s ability and weapon Zero can show off (he copied Rouge’s artificial bats, who’s to say he can’t copy Zero’s weapons?) but that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

Since the Classic Megaman era, characters have been able to move and react to things moving at FTL speeds, speeds that are similar to the Sonic series when it comes to speed, and the series has done nothing but get stronger and faster as time went on. Heck, apparently Zero has fought someone with his own abilities and other copying machines in the past. Technically, this only gives Metal Sonic the advantage in versatility, but just because you can copy someone doesn’t guarantee an instant win. If Metal Sonic copied Superman’s abilities, does he beat Superman? Not to mention he’s copied the entire Sonic cast’s abilities but still constantly loses to Sonic in his base form.

The only shot I see Metal winning this is with Metal Overlord, but even then Zero has his own forms that can help him hold his own against the machine itself.

All in all, it appears with that Zero has the advantage in what truly matters and unless I’m missing something from the Archie series, underestimating Metal, or you scale Metal Sonic to those OP days of Archie Sonic, it’s safe to say that Zero will more than likely win….thoughIhopeI’mwrong.

HomestuckLover AKA “RadioactiveCaffeine”

My favorite Sonic character finally has a DEATH BATTLE of his own. This is exciting for me, though I could have never imagined he would be fighting Zero over Classic Mega Man, and that Zero wouldn't fight Meta Knight. Oh well.

So onto the fight itself, I think this fight is extremely situational and actually depends on the strategies of both characters. Metal Sonic does not play fair and will not play fair. It seems most likely that Metal will attempt to disguise himself and hide at some point in the fight if not early on, in order to copy Zero’s data and give himself time to attract enough metal to become Metal Overlord. He's done this exact strategy twice in both Sonic Heroes and Sonic Free Riders, and it's the strategy that's always put him closest to winning, so it makes sense for him to do so. This is extremely helpful for Metal Sonic to do since Zero one shots him in base form.

Zero would start the fight normally by engaging head on, and making a strategy after assessing the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. This puts a real damper on Metal Sonic’s main strategy since Zero won't give him much opportunity to run away and hide.

So do I think Metal has what it takes to get away from Zero and hide long enough to get on his level? Ehhhhh, maybe. He's definitely more versatile than Zero in many aspects, and Metal can disorient Zero with ESP for a short enough period of time to teleport and hide.

So in the ideal situation of Metal Sonic being able to copy Zero’s data and becoming Metal Overlord, what happens then? Well, at that point, Metal is definitely setting Zero up to rely on his transformations, but those come with a time limit, and Metal still has a lot of stat boost options outside of transformations that are more permanent, not to mention that by that point Metal will have been adapting to Zero’s abilities and using them for himself. So in this ideal situation, Metal Sonic just barely edges out.

...Admittedly though, this is straw grasping on my end. While I do think this scenario is entirely possible, the idea of Metal being able to think well and fast enough to immediately give himself a perfect escape routine requires less “ifs” than Zero just shooting Metal down before he can hide.

As much as it pains me to say this, this fight is essentially Captain Marvel vs Android 18 2. Zero has what it takes to one shot Metal Sonic before he can run away and give himself a very circumstantial win.

On the bright side, Metal Sonic is a persistent fuck and will just end up haunting him by repeatedly coming back stronger than before, but as it stands for their first time meeting one another, Zero is going to make Metal Sonic question what he's fighting for.

Kirby Kid


Not what I expected to become a battle after all my hope went into Metaknight being the opponent, but this'll do. So after taking into account each characters stats, Zero comes out on top simply by speed alone. With his his reactions being FTL without the use of other power increasing forms like black or awakened, Zero can keep up and fight at said speeds. Metal, while fast on foot, has no means of overcoming that reaction, especially considering that both have a similar time stop ability. Put simply: The one who can stop first wins, and that goes to Zero. Also, with the amount of experience Zero has gathered from fighting another blue character with the ability to copy other abilities, it'll be no surprise that Zero will come out on top with his experience with foes just like Metal. Metals ability to copy abilities is impressive, and may allow him to last longer, but in the end I see Zero taking this the moment colors become inverted by the Dark Hold.


  1. Just pointing this out, Sonic does have a massive speed feat that puts him at much faster than FTL. In Sonic Generations, he is able to move fast enough to restore the space-time continuum (effectively destroying the laws of physics) putting him at Flash of speed. This is actually used as a plot point but there's two problems with this. 1) Its a MASSIVE outlier and I would only ever use it if we were giving Sonic's opponent outliers such as Mario's MSS feats from Galaxy. 2) Metal Sonic doesn't scale to this. While he does appear in the game, he only fights Classic Sonic and still gets his arse kicked so there's no reason to assume he would do any better against Modern Sonic.
    Oh well, looks like I'm going to watch my favourite video game robot die though DB has had a couple iffy results as of late so maybe they'll get this one wrong.

  2. you're adding Archie Metal Sonic?

    And Metal Overlord?

    Then I think Metal Sonic could win. The thing is, in the Archie Comics, Metal Overlord is canon as Sonic references him at one point in the Worlds Unite Arc. And since Metal Overlord fought Super Sonic and Tails/Knuckles in both the Archie comics and the games, that means Archie Metal Overlord should at least be equivalent to Archie Super Sonic, if not higher. And since Archie Super Sonic are Archie Super Megaman were about to reset the continuity back to the pre genesis wave, that should make Archie Sonic like multi universal in tiers. And not only was Archie Metal Overlord able to stand up to that, but he would have won if not for Sonic having help. That's like...multi-universal metal overlord.


  3. Ugh why do all of you want the match up that makes. no. sense?! Meta Knight should be fighting some kind of space knight like Tekkaman or Yoda. Not a robot samurai from a post apocalyptic future!

    ::groan:: Sometimes fans' DB match ups make my brain hurt.

    1. This was a big request ever since Eggman vs. Wily episode. I really was hoping they would not do it. Mostly because so many thought wait shouldn't Zero be in that fight for Dr. Wily lol. I think you can see my point.

    2. +Jackred89 Just because it's a big request doesn't mean it's a good idea. Meta Knight and Zero really have very little in common. One's a ball shaped knight creature from another planet. The other's a super robot samurai-esque police officer essentially.