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Death Battle Predictions: Thor VS Wonder Woman

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The term “divine intervention” refers to any instance where a god directly interacts with the mortal plane, often to create a miracle of sorts. In the case of fiction’s greatest superhero factions, the Avengers and the Justice League, that term can be meant literally thanks to these two heavenly heroes, who have descended down from otherworldly realms to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Thor, Prince of Asgard and God of Thunder. Wonder Woman, Princess of Themyscira and Goddess of Truth. We may have been missing from the last episode, but now we’re back to see which of these mighty warriors has what it takes to win their return to Death Battle.




Born as the half-Asgardian, half-Elder God son of Odin, the All-Father and King of Asgard, and as the Norse God of Thunder, Thor was an adventurous yet ill-tempered deity, often travelling to other realms to do battle with Asgard’s foes. He spent much of his time in Midgard in particular, or our Earth, fighting as the mythic Germanic hero Siegfried and battling the ancient mutant, Apocalypse. As he became more arrogant, it became apparent to Odin that his son needed to learn the value of humility. To do so, he stripped Thor of his powers and memories, rendering him human and stranding him on Earth.

Under the guise of Dr. Donald Blake, Thor grew to care for his fellow man, and eventually regained his old identity with Odin’s blessing. To this end, he opted to split his time between Asgard and Midgard, and helped found the Avengers, dedicating himself to the protection of Earth alongside the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Spider-Man and many other heroes, while upholding his responsibilities as a prince.

Wonder Woman


Princess Diana of Themyscira was born into the race of Amazons, warrior women led by their queen, and her mother, Hippolyta. Her birth was special amongst her people: after Hippolyta molded a baby girl from clay, they were visited by members of the Greek Pantheon, who endowed the infant with various gifts, such as great strength, agility, wisdom and beauty. As she grew up, Diana trained hard in the ways of combat under great Amazon warriors, and with her gifts, she won a tournament to be sent as an ambassador to Man’s World: the world outside Themyscira’s borders.

As the champion of the Amazons, Diana was tasked with spreading her people’s message of peace and unity, but would be ready to take up arms in defense of the innocent. After stopping a plan by the God of War, Ares, to plunge the world into chaos, she became known by another moniker: Wonder Woman. Not long after, she became one of the founding members of the Justice League, fighting alongside other great heroes like Superman, Batman, the Flash and the Green Lantern Corps among others.




Known as the enchanted Belt of Strength, Megingjord doubles Thor’s strength beyond his maximum limits. In conjunction with other Norse relics, the power gained from it has allowed him to destroy Celestial armor and defeat Thanos one-on-one.

Wonder Woman

Bracelets of Submission

Enchanted bracelets strapped to Wonder Woman’s wrists, the Bracelets of Submission were forged from pure Amazonium, a metal created from Zeus’ supposedly unbreakable Aegis. Pure Amazonium is one of, if not the, toughest metal in the DC Universe. Diana wears the bracelets as the symbol of her submission to the laws of humankind, rather than existing above it like a god. The bracelets are strong enough to:

Diana can use the Bracelets of Submission to create a giant shockwave by banging them together, and she can also use them to heal herself and those in her presence

Lansinarian Morphing Disk

Given to Wonder Woman by the Lansinarians, the Morphing Disk has multiple different functions that make it an extremely versatile tool both in and out of combat, obeying her and her alone.

The Morphing Disk also has vast psychic power, enough that it was able to hide the presence of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman from Martian Manhunter, and caused him pain when he tried to probe it. It has also psychically probed the entire universe before. The interiors change to match Diana’s own mind, and with it Diana can read the minds of an entire planet at once and fight on the mental plane.

Invisible Jet


One of the weirder things that Wonder Woman owns is the invisible jet. It serves as a good mode of undetected transportation, and like your usual jet, it can fire missiles.  




Thor’s signature weapon, Mjolnir is an enchanted hammer which can only be picked up by Thor and others it deems worthy to wield its immense power. It is forged out of Uru, a rare Asgardian metal which is nigh-indestructible, and its durability is further enhanced thanks to Odin’s power. With Mjolnir, the Asgardian can utilize different types of energy for offensive or defensive purposes, such as thermal, electromagnetic and Anti-Force, though the one that Mjolnir typically utilizes is Godly Energy, which is powerful enough to damage cosmic-level entities such as the Sentry and Galactus.

The Godly Force in Mjolnir is strong enough that it can easily annihilate planets with ease. It can also detect the energy signatures of others and is able to dispel illusions in addition to negating the mystic energies of enemies. Mjolnir is also capable of absorbing energy-based attacks from some of the strongest beings in the Marvel universe such as Silver Surfer and Galactus and redirect it back. It also has a direct mystic link to its master; Thor can recall it from anywhere and it will pass through any obstacle in its way to return to him, regardless of distance or plane of existence.

Mjolnir can also be used as a method of flight in that he can hurl the hammer up into the sky and hold onto it, allowing him to fly at extremely fast speeds.


This battleaxe once served as Thor’s weapon of choice long before he became worthy of Mjolnir, and he’s continued to use it on occasion even after proving his worth. Forged by the greatest Dwarven blacksmiths, it is stronger than any metal on Earth and can cut through almost anything with ease. Thor used Jarnbjorn in battle against many mystic creatures, and was further enhanced with his own blood, which allowed it to cut through celestial beings such as Apocalypse. But unlike Mjolnir, Jarnbjorn can be used against Thor himself, such as when the Dark Elf Malekith used it to cut Thor’s right arm off.

Odinsword: Ragnarok


As a general rule of thumb, there are many different Odinswords, and the term generally refers to any weapon owned by the All-Father himself. One such weapon was Ragnarok, named after the event in Norse mythology in which the universe is destroyed and recreated. Ragnarok was used in battle by Odin in the Destroyer’s armor to do battle with an army of Celestials, and Thor later took it to kill his uncle, Cul Borson - the Serpent.

Wonder Woman

Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth is Wonder Woman’s main weapon. It is an extension of Wonder Woman’s soul and the focus of truth in the Universe. Should it break, then the very concept of truth will also break ,which has a lot of consequences. You only need to touch it to fall under its effects. With the Lasso of Truth, Diana can force her opponents, or those on the receiving end, to obey her every command and tell the truth. The lasso can cut demon lords as she can use it as a whip, allows Wonder Woman to regenerate from injury, free people from mind control, dispel magical abilities and summon fire. Under extreme circumstances, the Lasso of Truth can force someone’s soul from their body.


Wonder Woman’s bracelets aren’t the only pure Amazonium item in her gear, and her tiara is also made of the substance. She can throw her tiara with enough force to decapitate a god and enough velocity to hit The Cheetah, who is consistently stated to be nearly as fast as The Flash, along with being accurate enough to hit numerous projectiles with one throw.

Gauntlets of Atlas
Wonder Woman has magical gauntlets that traditionally multiplies her strength by 10

Sandals of Hermes

The Sandals of Hermes gives Diana increased speed as well as flight.

Godwave Sword

Amazionan Shield

This is the shield she usually uses. It is virtually indestructible and can be used to block attacks from extremely tough foes such as Superman. It can also easily be used as an offensive weapon, knocking out foes with a shield bash.

Hephaestus Sword

Wonder Woman can summon a sword made for her by the smith god, Hephaestus. This sword can split an atom, causing a nuclear explosion. It has also penetrated the skin of Darkseid and a young Doomsday.



(Note: We will not be including Rune King Thor nor Odin Force Thor, mainly due to the amounts of outside help needed for Thor to attain these forms.)

Weather Manipulation


As the God of Thunder and Lightning, Thor has immense control over the elements. He can conjure storms that can cover entire moons, manipulate solarwinds and channel lightning from his body. He can also easily create tornadoes and blizzards at a moment’s notice. Thor can even betray the rules of rainstorms by creating rain in space where there is no atmosphere. As the son of the Elder Earth Goddess, Gaea, Thor has also displayed the ability to manipulate the earth in the forms of massive earthquakes. Thor’s weather manipulation is so powerful that he can easily create massive storms in just a few minutes.

Master Combatant

Having hundreds of years of combat experience under his belt (he is known as the God of War along with Thunder for a reason), he is one of the more skilled fighters in the Marvel universe. He is Asgard’s finest warrior and has learned numerous combat styles both from Asgard and from Earth. His skills are on par with some of the best martial artists in Marvel such as Iron Fist and Captain America. He is not only extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat but he is also an expert in both sword and hammer combat (duh). His preferred method of fighting outside of using his hammer is likely Glima, a Viking wrestling style that uses quick throws, chokes and locks. He has been shown wrestling both the Hulk and Marvel!Hercules.

Asgardian/Elder God Hybrid Physiology

Being an Asgardian, Thor has superhuman attributes including immense strength, stamina, speed, durability, and senses. He is able to tank attacks from godly beings and is completely immune to human ailments as diseases, poisons and electrocution as well as the heat and cold. His unique physiology also gives him an extremely potent healing factor which allows him to easily heal from most injuries. As such, he is extremely difficult to kill in a battle.

His physiologically also gives him an extend lifespan. While he is not immortal, he is easily able to life for thousands of years without visibly aging, allowing him to live well beyond the boundaries of normal humans. His physiology also allows him to easily survive without food or water and in the vacuum of space.

Godforce/God Blast

Also known as the Life-Form. This is what fuels all of Thor’s powers and makes him as powerful as he is. While he can use his hammer as a conduit for his power, he’s still plenty powerful without it. He can even use his Godforce as an attack, weaponizing it into a Godblast.

The Godblast is Thor’s strongest attack, performed by harnessing his own life force through Mjolnir for an attack which far exceeds his normal offensive capabilities and allows him to wound Celestials.

Energy/Element Manipulation


Due to his godly powers, Thor is able to to manipulate multiple kinds of energy even without his hammer. He uses electrokinesis the most, as while he can use his hammer to manipulate the weather and control the lightning, he’s still plenty able to shoot thunder from his own body. He is also capable of manipulating water and the earth to create rain and earthquakes.



Thor is capable of flying even without his hammer.

Intelligence/Mind-Based Skills

Thor is able to read minds and manipulate the minds/memories of people. He can read and speak all the different languages of the 9 Realms (this is called Allspeak), and while he isn’t Donald Blake anymore, he still retains his 375 IQ intelligence and has great knowledge on machines and the inner workings of Earth and its people. He has also trained his mind so he’s resistant to having his mind manipulated by extremely powerful beings such as Morgan le Fey, and is a skilled diplomat and negotiator.

Wonder Woman

Master Swordsman/Hand-to-Hand Combat


In terms of combat skill, Wonder Woman is the finest warrior ever born amongst the Amazons of Themyscira. When she lost her powers for a time, she was taught human martial arts by the master I-Ching. She’s a master at both armed and unarmed combat, making her totally capable of fighting with either a weapon or just her fists. It has been stated that she’s proficient in every weapon and that she is the best melee fighter in the world, once said by Batman himself. Her swordsmanship has been called “unparalleled”.



One of Wonder Woman’s key abilities is that she is able to fly. This was given to her by Hermes, the messenger god. She flies by gliding on air currents.

Healing Factor

Diana possesses an extensive healing factor that was granted to her by Demeter, the Goddess of Earth, which will heal her injuries at an extremely fast rate. For example in the Odyssey storyline, she was able to heal from injuries that include massive head trauma, compound fractures and multiple organ failure. She was barely alive and yet she managed to heal herself in just three hours.

Wisdom of Athena

Granted to her by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, Diana is easily one of the smartest heroes in the DC universe and possesses great wisdom and intelligence. She is also multilingual, capable of speaking Themysciran, ancient and modern Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Hindi. She is supposedly versed in “all” languages. She is also able to mimic other people's voices, though she has trouble with mimicking a man’s voice.

Wonder Woman is also a master strategist and leader, having led the Amazons into battle numerous times. She has been extensively trained in leadership, war strategy and diplomacy, and is arguably the Justice League’s greatest strategist aside from Batman. She also possesses a photographic memory from her Amazon training.

The princess also possesses knowledge on the occult, as well as magic as she knows how to use it quite effectively, capable opening magical portals, but she doesn’t really use it for combat.

Enhanced Senses

Wonder Woman has been blessed with enhanced hearing, and can hear from people a pretty fair distance away from herself and has defeated her Amazonian sisters at lasso-ing while blindfolded by using this skill. She also possesses the Hunter’s Eye, which was given to her by Artemis, which allows her to always hit her mark. She can see far greater distances than any normal person, and she can see things as small as plankton with the naked eye. Her mystical sight also allows her to see in the dark and through illusions, and all her other senses of touch, smell and taste are enhanced to superhuman levels too.


Due to being blessed by Athena and Artemis, Wonder Woman is easily able to detect people and their emotions. She can also use this to easily communicate with animals, and she calm down angry beats with just a few words, such as the time she once managed to command an entire group of dinosaurs. (Yes. Really.)




Warrior’s Madness

In the heat of battle, Thor can succumb to the Warrior’s Madness, a state in which he gives in to his most basic and primal instincts of battle. Known as the Sin Unpardonable due to its usage being outlawed by Odin, his strength and stamina are increased tenfold at the cost of whatever rationality he once possessed, turning him into a raging beast not unlike Wolverine’s Berserker Rage or World Breaker Hulk.

Under its effects, Thor has beaten the likes of Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer, Thanos and members of the Infinity Watch armed with their respective Infinity Gems such as Drax the Destroyer, Adam Warlock and Moondragon.

It is worth noting that Thor, as with all Asgardians, can still access this even after being labeled unworthy by Mjolnir.

Wonder Woman

True Divine Nature

Due to the amount of divinity infused into her to bring her life, Diana is technically a goddess, and if Wonder Woman removes her bracelets, she will release her true divine nature.

In this state, Wondie has vastly increased stats. She is one of the strongest beings to ever walk the Earth, including the Age of Myth, able to outperform Hercules and was able to physically beat Firstborn, a monstrous being able to destroy the Underworld, an infinite plane of reality.

As the God of War after slaying Ares, Diana has control of Ares’ abilities, which she primarily uses for summoning purposes. She can summon lightning, an energy spear, or energy-projectiles capable of one-shotting Metallo. She can also summon up the spirit of every soldier who has ever lived to fight alongside her.













Wonder Woman














Although Thor’s time on Earth has humbled him, shades of his old arrogant self still remain. He is likely to hold back against foes he perceives to be weaker than himself, to prevent unnecessary collateral damage or to act as a self-imposed challenge, at least at first.

Even when operating at near-peak condition, stripping away his belt will partially rob him of his access to the Odin Force, and while entering the Warrior’s Madness greatly increases his power, it will also turn him into a mindless berserker.

He can also lose access to Mjolnir and its powers should it or Odin believe him to be unworthy; such is Thor’s case in the current 616 Marvel canon. However, this has rarely, if ever, been weaponized against him in a fight.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s powers are derived from the favor of the gods and her own divine nature, and so she is always limiting herself from going full-out and releasing her god powers in order to retain her humanity. Should the gods abandon her, her divine powers will be lost as well.

Wonder Woman also practices the Amazonian code of fairness, and so she lacks significant long-ranged attacks. She is also rather impulsive, prone to listening to what she feels rather than thinking things through.




  • Better ranged attacks via lightning and Mjolnir
  • Possesses more hax than Diana
  • Likely has more combat experience

  • Forms such as the Rune King which would give him a much easier time fighting entail outside circumstances which Death Battle will not allow him, and doing so would mean Wonder Woman would have access to her own overpowered forms as well.
  • Warrior’s Madness, despite its buffs to strength and stamina, is still below Wonder Woman’s goddess state and God Wave Channeling, and Thor loses his sanity while Diana keeps hers.
  • The speed difference is so great that almost none of Thor’s weapons or abilities will be of any use to him.
  • His hax are nothing new and many of them will not work on Diana.

Wonder Woman


  • Benefits from a larger and more diverse arsenal.
  • By feats alone, Diana is leagues above anything Thor can do
  • Likely possesses better hand-to-hand prowess.
  • Can resist Thor’s matter manipulation
  • Can overcome the Godblast with True Divinity, Godwave, or the Bracelets of Submission
  • The Lasso of Truth can counteract Mjolnir’s life force draining
  • True Goddess form put her way above Thor, even with Warrior’s Madness involved.
  • Feat of breaking Cronus Scepter likely gives her an edge in strength, though this feat can be given outlier status.
  • With feats like blind fighting the Justice League, and claiming victory, and stalemating immortal gods, is likely more skilled than Thor.

  • Lacking in ranged attacks by comparison.
  • Likely less experienced in combat
  • Possibly could be slain by Thor’s God Blast
  • Highly unlikely that she could be able to use Mjolnir against Thor.


Thor Wondie Set.png



Wow, holy heck, I'm doing a Prediction Blog. Didn't expect to see myself here, but I'm happy to be helping out anyway. Let's move on to the Verdict! So like zer0 said, this match would seem close to the untrained eye. But putting them both side by side in a comparison makes the result somewhat obvious, strange as that is. Let's go over the advantages Thor has over Diana.

For one, he barely edges out in the physical category. I say barely, because a lot of their feats are so close together that it makes it hard to really see who actually comes out on top. But, I'm gonna side barely with the guy who’s wrestling matches tear planets out of orbit, and rush Galactus multiple times. I know we said earlier that Diana can tow suns and moons to other dimensions, but those are Pre Crisis feats that I’m somewhat iffy on using, Pre Crisis being canon again or not. Cronus Scepter Breaking is also a heavy thing to consider, but it’s still difficult to fully grasp as legitimate or outlierish. Secondly, Mjolnir is going to gobble up Diana’s energy based attacks like a Snorlax who just found a cornucopia. Meaning her Hephaestus Blade and energy weapons, alongside her thunderbolts, would be nearly useless when facing such a weapon. Third, for what it is worth, Thor has a longer range than Diana. Her Tiara is deadly, but Thor simply has a larger array of ranged tools to work with. It's not a big advantage, but it is an advantage nonetheless.

Fourth, God Blast or/and Warriors Madness have a very high chance of killing Diana if given the opportunity to do so. I have no doubt that if Diana didn't have answers to these advantages she would lose.Are Thor’s advantages enough to rope him a win? No. And here's why I think so. Yes Thor is possibly stronger than Diana. But it's such a minor advantage that it wouldn't be enough to turn the fight in his favor. Diana is hot on his heels as far as physical power goes, and some of her feats definitely have a chance of outclassing Thor’s. So while Thor is stronger, Diana could still effectively meet his strength with her own and not be overwhelmed, making for an advantage that doesn't really matter.But what about Thor’s various Hax and general fuckery? Could that grant him a win? Well, Thor’s Matter Manipulation wouldn't work nearly as well on a woman who has resisted Reality Warping on a planetary scale, multiple times. Life Essence Draining? The last time a demon tried to do that, Diana used The Lasso of Truth to effectively restore her to full power.

God Blast? Warriors Madness? Meet The Bracelets of Submission, Diana’s God Wave, and Diana’s True Divinity. The Bracelets of Submission didn't break even under the attacks from Dark Lord Necron, a multiversal entity. The Godblast itself can topple a starved Galactus, but a starved Galactus is not an equivalent to a fed Galactus. If Thor BFRs Diana by forcing her to another dimension? Speed of Hermes can let her travel back to her plane of existence to continue the fight.

And it’s not like Thor can overpower and outlast Diana, because the difference in speed between them is so great that if we’re being accurate, Thor can’t hope to ever land a direct hit on Diana, even if he wanted to. And it’s not like Diana is horrifically behind in strength, or durability. In fact, some her feats might even be ABOVE Thor’s, but i’ve yet to actually get calcs on some of these, so i’m not positive. Either way, Thor can’t overpower or outlast Diana because of her near equal strength, durability, and greatly higher speed. olidly says so. But, undoubtedly what puts Diana ahead is her True Divine Form. Firstborn could destroy a completely infinite plane of reality, and Diana managed to best him while in this form.

A solid Universal+ Feat for Diana. Above Thor’s usual output by a good metric fuckton, lest we factor in the prep-based Rune King Thor...and if we were to factor in THAT we would have to let Diana have the full backing of Olympus, in which she slays Multiversal Entities above Rune King Thor.

Ultimately you have to consider that these two might be dead equals in strength, durability, and endurance- at least in their base forms. And when the stats are close like that, it gets way more complicated. You have to look to their weaponry, their skills, and their other physical stats. Who holds a way to counter all of Thor’s skills with her own? Who has the power to utterly blitz Thor? Who has a larger, and just as powerful set of Weaponry? Who can match Thor’s overwhelming strength with her own? Who can ultimately increase her power above Thor’s?

For these reasons and more, I can safely say that the winner of this bout is Diana of Themyscira, AKA, Wonder Woman.

Malcolm Belmont

Well, this is an extremely interesting fight for a multitude of reasons - i definitely thought that good old Wonder Woman would come back into DEATH BATTLE has Wonder Woman vs Rouge was grossly inaccurate and a really questionable matchup but i am less harsh on it compared to other wrong DBs mainly because it was the third episode of the show and Ben was still finding his groove when it comes to the show. Still i have always wanted Wonder Woman to get the justice she deserves in a DEATH BATTLE and with 3D Animation by Torrian - i am sure unlike Wonder Woman vs Rogue - this matchup will do the character justice.

Now as for the matchup - hmm, this is an interesting close one. I think both characters are in the same ballpark but they trump each other in certain attributes - for example Thor beats Wonder Woman in Strength and Fighting Experience while Wonder Woman beats Thor in speed and intelligence. As for who i think will win overall - hmm originally i was going to go with Wondy but thinking back on their abilities and skills. I am actually going to go with Wonder Woman in this matchup.

I am going to take a bit of a different approach when it comes to this match. I am going to describe how i think the fight will play out and why i think the match will end up playing out like this.

First at the start of the fight i feel that Thor is going to have the advantage in the opening stages of this fight since Diana has not learned or studied Thor’s attack method and Thor’s admittedly superior strength may trip her up when she has not learned and adapted to Thor’s fighting style. Wonder Woman will then end up studying how Thor fights as she fights him using her superior speed to dodged and outmaneuver his attacks.Even for his thunder based attacks she has the Bracelets and Indestructible Shield which shouldn’t be too much for her to handle. As they fight - Wonder Woman will use her weaponry to wear Thor down.

Thor while being extremely strong is also extremely predictable in terms of his fighting style which is basically overpowering the enemy with brute force,flying at them or shooting lightning at them. WW will adapt to Thor’s methods of attack and counter attacking especially with her sword that are able to cut through atoms.

Thor then will likely resort to Warriors Madness in order to overpower her which he will since it increases his strength and stamina. But then it will be all over once Wonder Woman accesses her godly strength considering she beat First Born who is Universal DC. Wonder Woman will likely lasso him and then chop his head off.

That’s what i think will happen in this fight. While at first Thor may have the advantage -i think over time Diana will study his attacks,counterattack and then overpower him when both characters pull out their powerups. Overall i think this is a matchup that Wonder Woman will end up winning - plus she can pick up Thor’s weapon which is also a plus. Looks like Wonder Woman is the true god of war.


Okay… ummm…. Don’t have much to say considering how close the fight is - I’ve seen arguments for both Thor and Diana taking this but I personally can’t call it confidently enough.

Would totally love it though if the thunder boy took this for Asgard, and for the most part he does have a decent shot at winning, but then again, Diana has too. Both have their advantages going in here: Thor’s stronger, but Diana’s faster. Diana’s arsenal with the Godwave sword and the Lasso of Truth is impressive, and her Bracelets contribute to her defense, but Mjolnir grants Thor a fair amount of hax and broken abilities to match that versatility.

Could Diana wield Mjolnir? It’d help, and Diana does match most of the qualities needed - being noble and pure of heart and all that - but I doubt that she’d be in the position to turn it against Thor given that the rules of the fight mean that in a first time battle, it’d be highly unlikely that Thor would suddenly do something that’d make him unworthy in the middle of the fight or just have the hammer decide that Diana was suddenly worthier and shift allegiances.

The fight could go either way, and as much as I’d want Thor to win and as such am going with him as the winner - strength, hax and Godblasts being key to victory, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he didn’t.

Imperator 100

So I am perhaps a little bit biased in this matchup. I have nothing against Thor as a character but I’m a big WW fan. That said I will do my best to remove biases.

In terms of physical capacities they seem roughly comparable, Thor apparently has some level of physical strength/durability advantage over Diana, though I am not convinced on that. Regardless even if with a strength/durability advantage, Diana has a very notable speed advantage with or without using the actual Speed of Hermes. If she does use it, she can actually access the very speedforce, which would put her a significant league above Thor’s speed.

If we compare their weaponry, Thor’s Mjolnir is an insanely dangerous weapon. I am convinced the Lasso of Truth can be it’s equivalent in terms of versatility and potency. However while both have extremely dangerous primary offensive weapons, I think Diana’s weaponry on a secondary status has a far greater degree of versatility than Thor’s. The Bracelets would be difficult to get around in any way then a very close range fight, which would be difficult to trap Diana in.  While Thor’s other equipment focuses on alternative forms of offense, Diana’s other equipment can be more easily used for defense against Thor’s primary offense at the same time as Diana can use her own primary offense.

This brings up another important point, whether Diana can actually use Mjolnir. If she can, it’s an IMMENSE advantage, as the first tactic she would think is to snatch it from the air with her Lasso, though I don’t recommend relying on such a hard to determine factor as being a crucial debating point

From there I would like to say it seems more likely Diana would get an advantage based on their personality. Diana is supernaturally wise and perceptive as per her gifts while Thor’s brashness is not so compensated for, and if he actually uses his power-up it reduces his composure further while Diana’s Goddess Form does not have any similar weakness. It seems like Diana would be far more likely to outmaneuver and outwit Thor.

Despite all this, let me say I think this is perhaps a bit more arguable then presented. Diana’s primary enemy is generally Ares (when it’s not Circe or Cheetah, though Ares is most common). Who is Ares? Ares is a powerful War God, with powerful haxes and destructive energies, who is arrogant and proud. And the truth is while Diana usually gets the win on Ares, it’s generally not through raw powers or weapons. It’s through her wit and her love that brings people together that defeats War, both literally and symbolically.

Thor could play a very similar game to Ares and probably do better than people expect. If he maintains a long-game, relies on just throwing out giant bursts of energy and haxes to keep her away while he bombards her, then yes he could very well win. Ares exploits Diana’s code of honor by forcing a long-range battle, which she can’t engage well at, except by using her Goddess powers. And yet at the same time by not immediately endangering civilians Ares prevents Diana from using her full strength, which is what allows her to get overcome. It’s not inconceivable Thor COULD do something similar. I can easily see him pulling something like the famous Ares vs Diana fight in 1987 Wonder Woman #6 where Ares pulled Diana into his own dimension and just started blasting her with the godwave (here to be replaced with godblast). He is far more likely it seems to go all-out then Diana, and for him going all-out does mean a powerful range game that could keep Diana at back.

The two big differences between Thor and Ares that keep me from saying this would happen however are that Thor does not have prior knowledge of Diana and that Thor’s personality is different from Ares. Thor does not know that playing the long-range game is a good strategy here and even if he did, his warrior mentality would probably chafe at using it. And that’s a problem because at a closer range, he can get lasso-ed, his attacks reflected, and just blitzed from WW using her immense speed.

I think, putting aside my personal preference for the character, I do still think Wonder Woman would win, and it’s because while both have a theoretical strategy to win, Thor’s relies more on a very specific strategy, it relies on it being lucky, and Diana is simply a better strategist in my view and would better see the options available to both of them. And so, while I don’t believe it’s as much of a closed case as some, I do think Wonder Woman wins this.

Grand Blazer



GG Wondie.


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