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Death Battle Predictions: Naruto VS Ichigo

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Anime has been a massive part of pop culture within the past couple of decades, with many looking to it for hundreds of hours, be it for escapism or sheer entertainment. And of all those that we have seen come and go, none have made quite the same impact as that of the Holy Shonen Trinity: a trio of shows which dominated the scenes of localized Japanese media thanks to their immense popularity, following the stories of three young men as they and their companions battle increasingly powerful odds with hefty amounts of humor and drama interjected.

Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage. Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Shinigami. While Luffy won’t be joining us today, we still have two of these heroes taking center stage for Death Battle’s next episode to settle one of fiction’s long-standing rivalries.


Naruto Uzumaki

On the night of October 10th, the Nine-Tailed Fox known as Kurama was unleashed onto the Hidden Leaf Village by Obito Uchiha. Through the sacrifice of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, half of the Tailed Beast's chakra was sealed into their son, making him a Jinchuriki. Due to this, Naruto Uzumaki grew up as an orphan in the Hidden Leaf Village and was subjected to loneliness and prejudice for the entirety of his childhood without ever knowing why.

Eventually enrolling in the resident Ninja Academy and pulling pranks throughout the village in an effort to get attention, Naruto strived to become Hokage, the leader of his village, so that he could be acknowledged. After failing his graduation exam for the 3rd time, Naruto was tricked into stealing the forbidden scroll by one of his teachers, Mizuki. However, Mizuki revealed his true intentions and tried to kill Naruto's other teacher, Iruka. Despite being told of the truth that he contains the Nine Tailed fox within himself, Naruto risked his life to save Iruka and used the Shadow Clone technique to defeat Mizuki. After which, Naruto officially graduated and joined Team 7 with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno under Kakashi Hatake while simultaneously learning about the evil that was locked inside of him. The young ninja carried out his missions, getting stronger and eventually making friends, but became the target of the Akatsuki, a group of some of the strongest ninja in the world, and was unable to prevent Sasuke, his closest friend, from abandoning the village for his own evil purposes.

After leaving the village for two and a half years to train with the self-proclaimed super pervert Jiraiya, one of the Three Legendary Sannin, Naruto returned to the Leaf Village, determined to foil the Akatsuki's plans, bring back his friend, and claim the title of Hokage. The Akatsuki were gradually whittled down, but not enough to stop the group from just barely managing to achieve their goal and start the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, forcing all of the countries who once hated each other to band together to protect the world and Uzumaki.

Naturally, Naruto joined the battle too, now in control of the Kurama and armed with a new ability granted to him by the Sage of Six Paths due to him being the reincarnation of said Sage’s younger son, and played a pivotal role in defeating the opposing army led by Madara and Obito Uchiha, defeating Kagura Ōtsutsuki, battling Sasuke to a standstill and later defeating Toneri. He eventually achieved his dream and became the Seventh Hokage, and later would marry Hinata Hyuga and have two kids: Boruto and Himawari.

Ichigo Kurosaki


The circumstances of Ichigo’s birth are quite complicated. Sousuke Aizen was working on a way to fuse the souls of Shinigami and Hollow together in secret to create a new kind of species, and the creature born from his experiments took the lives of many Shinigami. So, a Captain of the Gotei 13 by the name of Isshin Shiba decided to put a stop to the slaughter. He found the creature in the human world, but due to Aizen’s intervention, Shiba was unable to fight at his full power. He would’ve been done for had a young Quincy girl, Masaki Kurosaki, not intervened. Using a reckless strategy, she killed the monster and saved Isshin, but she had been injured during the fight and her soul was infected by the Hollow side of the monster.

That’s when Kisuke Urahara, former Gotei 13 Captain and genius scientist, showed up and offered to save Masaki. But the only way to do so was to have a strong soul be connected to hers at all times, but the only candidate was Isshin and the procedure would take away all his Shinigami powers, which would make him a simple human. Yet without hesitation, he agreed to give up his life as a Shinigami to save the life of the one who saved his. Isshin and Masaki soon fell in love, got married and had a child who they named Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo was certainly a weird child, being able to see Pluses (ghosts) for as long as he could remember. He could see them so clearly, as a child, he was not able to tell the living from the dead. This caused people to say that he could see ghosts but he denied it.

On June 17th, when Ichigo was nine years old, he and his mother were walking home alongside one of Karakura Town's rivers which had heavy rain. Seeing a girl near the river, Ichigo thought she was about to jump into it. Unable to tell the difference between ghosts and living people, Ichigo ran towards her to stop her, unaware the girl was the lure of the Hollow Grand Fisher. After failing to grab hold of the girl, Ichigo lost consciousness for, and when he awoke, Masaki was lying on top of him, dead. Naturally, this kind of thing had quite an effect on the nine-year old.

Attending Karakura High School, Ichigo had a fairly standard life as a teenager, minus the ghosts thing. Then one evening, everything changed. He met a Shinigami named Rukia Kuchiki, who was tracking down a Hollow. When that same Hollow attacked his family, Ichigo fought back, but Rukia got injured by the Hollow. Seeing Ichigo's determination, Rukia offered to temporarily turn him into a Shinigami by piercing his chest with her Zanpakutō and transferring half of her power to him. The transfer of power worked, but it stripped Rukia of almost all of her power, and thus Ichigo became a Substitute Shinigami.

Ichigo would have many adventures after this point: going to the Soul Society to rescue Rukia from execution, fighting off Arrancar’s forces as well as the Shinigami Traitor, Aizen after learning how to control his hollow side, and dealing with Yhwach along with his army of Quincies after discovering that he himself was half-Quincy. After all of these crazy events, Ichigo finally managed to settle down and have a kid named Kazui with his fellow teammate, Orihime Inoue.




Chakra is the physical and spiritual energy located in every cell of the body and gained through exercise and experience. Basically, if you put chi and stamina in a blender and hit the mix button, you would get chakra. The main method that ninjas in the Naruto verse can channel their chakra is through the use of hand seals, and they can channel it through 361 different points of the body. Ninjas can also use chakra to perform a variety of different moves including walking on water, creating element-based attacks and even defying the laws of physics.

Naruto has an extremely high vitality that comes with being an Uzumaki, and this doesn’t just grant him a healing factor and longer lifespan, but it also affects his chakra. Logically, with a strong life force comes mass amounts of life energy, or in other words, chakra. Even as a child, Naruto had staggering amounts of chakra, but at the time couldn’t really control it that well when compared to Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto being a Jinchuriki also multiples his chakra reserves several times over and even allows him to directly pull chakra from Kurama himself, and the Nine-Tailed Beast was shown capable of giving a good amount of chakra to 5000 soldiers after he had already used a lot of his reserves on Naruto, who had been fighting in the Third Great Ninja War in his Tailed Beast Modes while fighting extremely strong foes such as the Eight-Tailed Beast and both Obito and Madara. Even after this impressive feat, he still had enough Chakra to fight off Kagura, and then Sasuke with virtually no breaks in between, and only ever needed to focus to build up his chakra reserves once. And this was when Kurama had a maximum of half of his total chakra to work with.

This huge reserve of energy is what allows the Knuckleheaded Ninja to fight for days on end without any rest and show no signs of slowing down. And even then, he can still create more chakra for himself by using his toad summons, shadow clones, and even the Nine-Tails can transfer nature chakra to Naruto.

Nature Chakra

Nature chakra is a type of chakra containing the essence of nature itself. It is needed for Naruto to access Sage Mode and use Senjutsu, which we’ll cover later. It is an extremely powerful form of energy that increases a person's physical capabilities to many times their normal limits and increases their chakra capacity. Gathering nature chakra requires Naruto to be completely still, making it difficult to accumulate during combat, but Naruto uses his clones to gather up nature chakra so it’s not too bad of a problem.

Six Paths Chakra (Yang)


When Naruto was on the verge of death, he met the Sage of the Six Paths, who gave Naruto some of his own chakra. Specifically, the Yang-natured portion of it, which is defined as the physical energy that controls vitality and gives form to life. As such, it triggers growth in living things, making plant cells become giant trees within seconds.

Naruto also gains an extremely powerful healing ability due to his Yang chakra. With this chakra, a sun-shaped mark appeared on the palm of Naruto's hand that allowed him to completely revitalize people and presumably himself. This healing power was so strong that he was able to prevent Might Guy from dying after he had his bones were shattered, was subjected to pain that few in the world could imagine, exhausted and used a technique that kills you by essentially burning out your life. However, Guy was still bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, meaning the healing could not completely undo the "you die when you use this" part of the technique.


Shadow Clone Technique

A high ranking ninjutsu and one of Naruto's signature jutsu. The user creates a few physical copies of themselves, each copy with an equal amount of the user's chakra. They usually disperse into a puff of smoke after one or two hits, but Naruto's clones have shown to be able to take a few heavy blows before dispersing. The clones are capable of acting on their own accord and can disobey the original if they want, but the Narutos never argue amongst themselves in battle. They are also capable of performing any technique that Naruto can (minus Shadow Clone itself), and can even access Sage Mode on their own as well.

The shadow clones are capable of learning, training and gathering chakra on their own as well, and should the clones learn or experience anything, that info is sent instantly and directly to Naruto himself when the clone is dispersed. However, getting too much info at once can lead to a potentially fatal effect by overloading him. Nevertheless, this makes the clones good for training or gathering info quickly.

Naruto also uses his clones for aerial mobility by using them as stepping stones or having his clones throw him in a certain direction while in mid-air. Naruto also learned how to use the jutsu with just one hand after he lost his arm during the Fourth Shinobi World War.


Multiple Shadow Clone Technique: Unlike the the regular Shadow Clone Technique, the multiple shadow clone technique allows the user to creates few hundred clones instead of a few. However, the technique is considered a kinjutsu, or forbidden jutsu, because it can potentially be dangerous to the person performing it, seeing as how all of the clones are given an equal amount of chakra directly from the user.

Naruto Uzumaki Combo: Using the Shadow Clone technique, Naruto creates four clones for a combination attack against his opponent. While one of the clones punches the target in the face, Naruto jumps into the air. Then the other three clones kick the target up towards Naruto, who comes down at them with a somersaulting heel drop.

Naruto Uzumaki Two Thousand Combo: Using the multiple Shadow Clone technique this time, Naruto creates 999 more clones for another combination attack against his opponent. To start with, the opponent is kicked high into the air, while Naruto yells "U-ZU-MA-KI" ("NA-RU-TO" in English translations). Naruto and his clones then pummel the opponent with both their left and right fists, equaling two thousand punches total. Finally, the attack is finished with a final simultaneous blow from both a left and right hand uppercut.

Naruto Uzumaki Region Combo: Using the Multiple Shadow Clone technique while in Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto creates an army of clones. He assaults his opponent, overwhelming them by attacking on all sides while yelling "U-ZU-MA-KI". The rest of the clones then follow up with a direct attack to finish the combo.

Uzumaki Formation: A defensive strategy that Naruto uses with his shadow clones. He creates twelve clones to form a circle with himself in the middle, each of the clones armed with a kunai and ready for the enemy to strike. When they do, the clones defend by throwing their weapons.

Clone Body Blow: A powerful combination technique in which Naruto creates four clones, and then all five of them try to distract the enemy by using a variety of moves and combinations. This leaves the opponent wide open for Naruto to strike a weak spot. By using clones, the technique’s offensive power is much higher than a normal body blow.

Parachute: Naruto would punch his opponent into the air before creating two to four shadow clones that jump into the air, followed by Naruto jumping after them. The clones would hold onto the enemy as they fall, with Naruto landing on top of them knee-first.

All Directions Shuriken: Naruto creates an army of shadow clones, attacking the enemy from all directions by throwing their shuriken all at once. This is meant to overwhelm the enemy and create a blindspot to be exploited.

Sexy Technique

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Naruto Uzumaki is a pervert. There’s no secret to that. Hell, he even trains under perverted senseis in Kakashi and Jiraiya. So there’s no reason he wouldn’t do anything perverted. For some reason though, he decided to invent a jutsu in which he turn into a naked girl. Hence, the name “Sexy Jutsu”.

Naruto uses this technique to distract or win over men with the power of sex appeal, successful at nearly every attempt. Typically the more perverted the victim, the greater their reaction will be. According to the blonde himself, the more powerful an opponent is, the more effective this jutsu would be as a distraction since the opponent would be expecting an actual technique. Therefore, they would be confused for the moment, leaving themselves for an opening. Kaguya has been proof of that statement, since she found herself distracted when Naruto used the technique.


Harem Technique: An advance variation of the Sexy Jutsu, which Naruto combines the Shadow Clone technique and the Sexy technique to create a dozen or more clones, then transform themselves into the same naked woman. Naruto uses this technique when he either wants a better chance of his target falling victim, or when the Sexy Jutsu fails to fulfill its purpose.
Sexy Reverse Harem Technique: When Naruto is tired of transforming into a group of naked women, he transforms into a group of naked guys, which serves as a good distraction against female opponents. It was used once against Kaguya and worked successfully.
New Sexy Technique: An advanced, improved version of the Sexy Jutsu, in which Naruto transforms into a beautiful woman wearing a revealing devil's outfit while posing seductively. Naruto finds that presenting a woman wearing this kind of outfit is more effective than presenting a woman fully nude because the outfit is cut and shaped to make the victim obsess over wanting to see more of the woman's body, combined with the "bad girl" look.
Sexy Technique - Pole Dance and Nice Body: Another variation of the Sexy Jutsu, Naruto transform himself and a staff into a bikini-wearing woman with an attractive body on a pole. As a woman, Naruto would wink, blow kisses, and speak seductively to the victim as a way to add the effectiveness of the technique.


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Just like his Shadow Clone Jutsu, the Rasengan is one of Naruto’s iconic Jutsu, and one of the few he knows. Despite it being a small orb of energy, this technique packs quite a sufficient amount of power. It was created by Naruto’s father and the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and was intended to be the highest form of shape transformation.

Once the Rasengan is formed, it also does not require any additional chakra to be sustained. Meaning, there is no definite limit to how long the Rasengan can be used. The technique can vary in size but can grow larger with more experience.

On contact, the Rasengan grinds into its target and propels them along the technique’s trajectory. That trajectory can be either away from the user or into the ground beneath them. At some point, the Rasengan will burst which causes severe damage at the point of contact. Just like with the Shadow Clone and Sexy techniques, Naruto created more variations of the Rasengan.


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Twin Rasengan: It’s easy to guess what this variant does. It’s basically Naruto using two rasengan at once, one in both hands.

Big Ball Rasengan: This variation is basically a bigger version of the regular Rasengan, but more powerful. With more chakra, this version of the Rasengan has higher density due to the compressed energy. Therefore, it creates a more destructive impact due to the energy released.

Rasengan Barrage: In Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto uses a chakra arm to create multiple Rasengans above his head. After that, he creates more chakra arms to hold them and attack multiple opponents at once.
Big Ball Rasengan Barrage Line: After creating an army of clones with the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, Naruto and his clones create several Big Ball Rasengans. Naruto and his clones would then charge towards the target in a horizontal line formation, or rather just attack from the same direction, and slam their Rasengan into the target, causing a massive amount of damage.
Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan: What’s bigger than the Big Ball Rasengan? The Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan. This version of the Rasengan a bigger version of the previous Rasengan variant, larger than Naruto’s body. With more chakra added and compressed into it, this variant unleashes more power. Upon impact, the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan unleashes a shockwave that sends unsuspecting shinobi flying.
Sage Art - Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan Barrage Line: Just like with the Big Ball Rasengan, Naruto can use this technique with an army of shadow clones. However, this is only possible when the ninja enters Sage Mode and uses senjutsu energy to expand the Rasengan. Using the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan, Naruto and his clones attack an opponent all at once which results in an enormous amount of damage. This attack was powerful enough to help take down the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama.
Planetary Rasengan: Out of all the Rasengan variations, this is the most creative one. While in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto creates a Big Ball Rasengan, and that giant orb of blue energy has three smaller ones orbiting it like moons around a planet, hence the name Planetary Rasengan. Once on contact, the disordered rotations of the individual Rasengan, created by the central and smaller ones spinning in different directions. They interact with each other to form a massive and turbulent wave-like vortex. Zombie ninjas have to take a long time regenerating after getting hit by that technique.
Absorption Rasengan: While in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto uses his chakra arms to create a Big Ball Rasengan and throws it above his back. He would use extra chakra arms to grab and smash enemies into the sphere, simulating an “absorption” of the victims into the Rasengan.
Wind Release - Rasengan: Interesting fact, the Rasengan is an incomplete technique. Minato wanted it to be able to combine with different chakra natures. While the wind-style Rasengan appears to be identical to the standard Rasengan, it’s stronger. When used in combination with other jutsu, its wind nature can expand the other jutsu's coverage area.
Tailed Beast Rasengan: The mother of all the Rasengan variants; the Tailed Beast Rasengan. At just one look, you can tell it’s not an ordinary Rasengan. For one thing, it’s purple instead of blue. Another thing is that unlike all the other variants, it isn’t made from Naruto’s chakra. Instead, it’s made from the chakra of the Nine-Tails fox. So of course, it has a lot of destructive capability.
Sage Art - Magnet Release Rasengan: And last but not least, Naruto is capable of using the Magnet Release Rasengan. Using the powers given to him by the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto combined his Rasengan with the Magnet Release of the One-Tailed Tanuki, Shukaku, who was Gaara’s former Tailed Beast, as a way to reinforce its suction power. In doing so, he forms a Rasengan covered with Shukaku’s cursed seal markings. When Naruto hits an opponent with this technique, the markings spread over to the person’s body and immobilizes them.


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Before his (brief) fight with Kakuzu and Hidan of the Akatsuki, Naruto was training the wind nature of the Rasengan. While figuring out the principles of the technique, he created a large shuriken made out of wind energy. Its functions? In simple terms, it acts like Krillin’s Destructo Disk. But let’s go into more detail, shall we?

When the Rasenshuriken is formed, it releases a loud screeching noise. Its four points are sharp enough to cut through solid rock and disintegrate an entire human being. After traveling a certain distance or coming into contact with something it can’t cut, the central sphere of the technique detonates and releases a vortex of wind in the immediate area. Inside the vortex, thousands of microscopic blades are created and are capable of cutting anything that’s in the vortex on a cellular level.

Initially, the jutsu had two drawbacks. It was prone to sporadically dissipating after being formed and can damage the arm of the user to the point of permanent damage. Because of those drawbacks, Naruto had to only use it as a melee weapon and couldn’t perform the move too frequently. However, those flaws were fixed when Naruto learned senjutsu.

Coated with senjutsu chakra, the Rasenshuriken can be maintained after being formed. Therefore, Naruto can use it as a projectile and can’t be damaged by it. The Rasenshuriken travels at a fast speed, once able to travel across a crater in under a second. Naruto can also expand the projectile in case of imprecise aim or opponents dodging. There has been different modifications and variations of the Rasenshuriken made.
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Big Ball Rasenshuriken: Just like the Rasengan, Naruto can create a bigger version of the Rasenshuriken. Larger in every proportion, this technique has a lot more power than the standard version. It can also shine brightly in the dark! When the Rasenshuriken is thrown, it causes a tremendous wind sphere upon detonation that can be seen several kilometers away. It was powerful enough to neutralize zombie Madara in enough time for him to be restrained while destroying the First Hokage’s wood dragons at the same time.
Wind Release - Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken: Remember hpw Naruto has the Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan? Well, he has the Rasenshuriken version of that technique. While in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto uses his chakra arms and expands his standard Rasenshuriken to the point that it’s as large as one of his giant toad summons. Therefore, he needs four hands instead of three. This technique can be thrown and is powerful enough to break through a giant barrier.
Mini-Rasenshuriken: Seeing all the giant variations of both the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken, it’s surprising to see Naruto to use a tiny version of a technique. Don’t let its size fool you though, as this technique is still just as powerful. While in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto creates two tiny chakra arms at his index finger to form the Mini-Rasenshuriken. It can slice through limbs with little to no effort.
Wind Release - Repeated Rasenshuriken: Just by looking at its name alone, you think this technique is about Naruto spamming the Rasenshuriken? Nope. Instead, Naruto goes into Nine-Tails Chakra mode or Sage Mode and creates two human-sized Rasenshurikens to duel wield them at the same time. After creating them, he can either chuck them as far as he can or use them as melee weapons. Still, their cutting power is sharp enough to cut off one of the tails of the Ten Tails.
Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken: Thanks to Kurama, Naruto has been able to convert his Truth Seeking Ball into a Tailed Beast Ball while adding his wind-natured chakra to transform it into a giant shuriken of death. Capable of being thrown, its resulting destruction dwarfs the regular Tailed Beast Ball and can destroy multiple planetoid-like objects (not like actual planets though) in one blast.
Sage Art - Lava Release Rasenshuriken: Accessing the power of the Four-Tailed Monkey, Son Goku (not the DBZ character), Naruto creates a massive Rasenshuriken with a lava-infused nucleus in which the heat causes the blades themselves to emit them. On command, the sphere and blades can greatly expand and lacerate the target. The attack is powerful enough to cut through the Ten Tail’s tree form completely.
Sage Art - Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken: After receiving power from the Sage of Six Paths, Naruto created eight shadow clones and nine Rasenshuriken. Each Rasenshuriken is infused with the special chakra properties of a specific Tailed Beast. After throwing all of them, it causes many huge explosions which devastates any opponent it meets contact with.
  • Shukaku (One-Tailed Tanuki): Magnet Release, Sand
  • Matatabi (Two-Tailed Cat): Blue Flames
  • Isobu (Three-Tailed Turtle): Water Release, Coral
  • Son Goku (Four-Tailed Monkey): Lava Release
  • Kokuo (Five-Tailed Horse Dolphin): Boil Release
  • Saiken (Six-Tailed Slug): Acid, Soap Bubbles
  • Chomei (Seven-Tailed Beetle): Scale Powder
  • Gyuki (Eight-Tailed Octopus Ox): Ink
  • Kurama (Nine-Tailed Fox): Wind Release



Naruto has learned the art of summoning from Jiraiya, his godfather.

Gamakichi: Naruto’s signature toad. Gamakichi uses a tanto similar to his father and is rather skilled at using it, capable of deflecting projectiles from the Ten-Tails’ minions, and he can easily leap enormous distances in a short amount of time. As a toad of Mount Myōboku, Gamakichi is also well-versed in the art of senjutsu. He can also use Senjutsu with his Water Release to create the Starch Syrup Gun. Gamakichi fires a blanket of water. Gamakichi has also shown the ability to use Fire Release techniques, which includes the Fire Release: Flame Bullet and the cooperation attack with his brother which Naruto called the Wind Release: Toad Oil Flame Bullet.

Gamabunta: A large toad and Jiraiya’s signature toad that towers over forests and uses a tanto to fight in combat. He’s capable of using water and fire ninjutsu and spewing oil which he can ignite. Decades of combat has turned this toad into a hardened warrior that is able to hold Kurama down for a while and fight a not-fully awakened Shukaku and win.

Gamahiro: A toad about Gamabunta’s size. He uses twin swords and a variety of kicks to fight.

Gamaken - A Gamabunta-sized Toad who uses a cracked plate as a shield and sasumata to fight with.

Gamatatsu: Gamatatsu is not really for physical attacks, being fat, but he pulls his weight in his nature release skills. Like most toads, he is able to spew oil from his mouth which can be used in conjunction with Naruto’s Wind Natured Chakra to create Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet. He can amplify this attack through his brother’s fire-based attacks to create a more potent attack. He can also use some water-based attacks such as Water Release: Water Gun and the Wind Release: Toad Gun, the latter of which he uses in collaboration with Naruto's wind nature to create a more devastating effect.

Scroll Toad: A toad whose only purpose is to help Naruto regulate his seal on Kurama. Completely useless in combat.

Two Great Sage Toads - Shima & Fukasaku: These two toads that are capable of gathering Nature Chakra for Naruto, entering Sage Mode, lifting and tossing larger toads such as Gamabunta despite being as large as poodles, and using a variety of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Summoning - Food Cart Destroyer: Naruto summons a toad in midair to crush whatever it falls on.

Chakra Nature/Elemental Ninjutsu

Image result
In the Ninja World, shinobi are capable of controlling the elements and performed ninja techniques based off of them. This is known as nature transformation, which is an advanced form of chakra control that involves molding and refining the nature of a shinobi’s chakra, altering its properties characteristics to be used in ninjutsu. It’s a necessary component when it comes to creating and modifying a technique, with the other component being shape transformation. Nature transformation changes the properties of chakra, and shape transformation changes the actual form and movement which alters its abilities.

There are five basic chakra natures that shinobi are born with: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water. Just like a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors or Pokemon, each chakra nature has an advantage over the other. Fire beats Wind. Wind beats Lightning. Lightning beats Earth. Earth beats Water. Water beats Fire.

Some ninja clans are born with rare chakra natures that are basically the combination of two or three of the five basic natures. These rare natures are:
  • Ice (Combo of Water & Wind)
  • Wood (Combo of Earth & Water)
  • Lava (Combo of Fire & Earth)
  • Storm (Combo of Lightning & Water)
  • Boil (Combo of Water & Fire)
  • Dust (Combo of Fire, Earth & Wind)
  • Explosion (Combo of Earth & Lightning)
  • Scorch (Combo of Fire & Wind)
  • Magnet (Combo of Wind & Earth).

There are two final nature transformations that are the source of all non-elemental techniques: Yin & Yang. Yin is based on the imagination and spiritual energy of a shinobi while Yang is based on the vitality and physical energy of a shinobi. These two together can form the Yin-Yang nature. The transformation of these two natures involves altering the balance between spiritual and physical nature in chakra.

Wind Release

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Naruto’s main chakra nature affinity is Wind Release, which allows him to perform ninja techniques that can control the element of wind. There are many ways Wind Release can be utilized, with most offensive techniques being sharp and thin as possible for keen precision to do cutting and slashing damage or generating large concussive force to overwhelm opponents.
While Naruto’s main Wind Style techniques, the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken, have already been discussed, the blonde ninja does have more wind based techniques up his sleeve.
Image result for Rasengan and Rasenshuriken gifs

Wind Release - Toad Gun: A cooperation technique with his toad summon Gamatatsu, a wind-infused version of the Water Gun jutsu. Naruto will either stand behind or get on top of the toad summon, molding his Wind chakra while Gamatatsu molds his chakra within the large amount of water inside its mouth. The toad summon would exhale a powerful and fast stream of water, which is able to spread to cover a large area but maintains a powerful striking force due to the Wind chakra. This technique is powerful enough to shatter through a crystal prison that covered an entire section of a forest and can withstand the Rasengan.

Wind Release - Toad Oil Bullet: Another cooperation technique with Gamatatsu that’s similar to the Toad Gun but uses Toad Oil instead of water. The process and results are just as similar as well.

Wind Release - Toad Oil Flame Bullet: A three-way cooperation technique between Naruto, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu. Once Naruto and Gamatatsu use their Toad Oil Bullet, Gamakichi uses his Fire Release: Flame Bullet to ignite the oil. The wind not only improves the oil's coverage and distance, but also adds power to the flame. It was strong enough to knock out the Three-Tails.

Earth Release

Image result for earth style wall

Another one of the basic chakra natures that Naruto has an affinity to is Earth Release, which allows him to manipulate the surrounding earth for offensive or defensive purposes, or rather, create it. Known sources for Earth Release include dirt, mud, and rock.

Techniques of this style have the ability to change the strength and composition of the earth from being as hard as metal to be as soft as clay. These techniques can also change their density, making them either heavier or lighter. Versatile, this chakra nature allows shinobi to travel through the ground and rock in various ways. Unfortunately for the blonde ninja, he has been shown to only know one Earth style jutsu.

Earth Release - Earth-Style Wall: As seen in the image above, Naruto can create a solid wall of earth as a form of defense. There are two methods to using this technique. Either chakra is converted to earth within the body and is spat out to form a wall, or the shinobi manipulates pre-existing earth to form the wall. Either way, a pile of earth instantly rises up and takes form of a wall. The barrier is coated with chakra, making it far stronger than a regular mud wall and highly resistant to fire and water.

Boil Release

Image result

During the horrendously long Fourth Shinobi World War (which was actually only two days long), Naruto permanently gained chakra from all the other Tailed Beasts. Because of this, he has access to their chakra natures and techniques. One of those Tailed Beasts is Kokuo, the Six-Tailed Dolphin Horse. This Tailed Beast has the Boil Release, a Kekkei Genkai (unique bloodline limit) that combines Water and Fire-based chakra to create gaseous materials with different properties and usage.
Boil Release - Unrivaled Strength: Kokuo increases the temperature of Naruto’s chakra to the boiling point, generating large amounts of steam to evaporate any water or ice in direction contact with his body. This pressure is used to increase the force behind physical attacks, giving Naruto immense strength. The exact amount of force produced is proportional to the quantity of steam that is released. The greater the volume of the steam is utilised, the larger the pressure can be build up. On the release of that pressure, not only is Naruto’s strength enhanced, but also his speed.

Erupting Propulsion Fist: Using Kokuo’s power, Naruto brings his chakra to a boiling point, releases a ton of steam from his body and delivers an extremely powerful steam-enhanced punch that launches foes.

Other Abilities


Image result

Thanks to being the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto’s natural healing factor as a member of the Uzumaki clan is enhanced. He can regenerate from stabbing wounds, such as his stomach being impaled by a sword or his chest being impaled by Sasuke’s Chidori.

However, Naruto’s healing factor isn’t that strong. While he can regenerate stab wounds and some impalements, he can’t regenerate from anything major like lost limbs. Therefore, he can still be killed.

Chakra Transfer Technique

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Naruto has the ability to transfer his chakra to others, allowing it to be adapted to their chakra as well and gives them a boost in power.

However, it can also be used as a deadly technique which Naruto does by transferring nature chakra into his opponents. Only a selected few shinobi has been trained enough to handle nature chakra within their bodies. If someone hasn’t been trained, they’ll turn into a petrified frog.

One Thousand Years of Death

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Another technique that Naruto knows that’s fucking weird and whether or not it’s sexual is widely debatable. It can only be used on conscious opponents, inserting the index and middle fingers into the person’s bottom and causes constipation, pain, and/or embarrassment (unless you’re into that sort of stuff). It’s purpose is to find the enemy’s blind spot and Naruto has a variant of the technique where he uses a kunai with an explosive tag instead of his fingers, making for a lethal technique.

Shadow Shuriken Technique

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There are two methods to using this technique. One method is throwing two shurikens, usually Fuma Shurikens, piled onto each other simultaneously. The opponent would usually focus the top shuriken but will fail to notice the bottom one.

The second method is throwing a single small shuriken and use hand seals to create multiple copies of it, overwhelming the target with a larger amount of weaponry.

Kurama Arm Attack

Image result for Naruto kurama arm strike gif

Naruto channels Kurama’s chakra into his arm, greatly enhancing his punching capabilities. The punch was powerful enough to create a shockwave on the moon’s ground, creating a large crater.

Talk no Jutsu

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The Talk no Jutsu is one of Naruto’s strongest techniques that he has kept in his sleeve. He can use it against the most evil, twisted and depressed people to change their ideology in a matter of minutes.

Interesting fact, Naruto himself never invented the jutsu. It was taught to him by his sensei, mentor, and father figure, Iruka Umino. This jutsu had made quite an impact in the Naruto world as other characters have used similar variations of the technique. However, Naruto’s version has been the most successful and well-known due to him being the reincarnation of the inventor of the jutsu, Ashura Otsutsuki. Naruto has used this technique against many opponents, almost succeeding with every one of them.

  • Against Zabuza Momochi: Naruto first used this technique against Zabuza, a deadly mercenary shinobi and a former member of the Hidden Mist Seven Swordsmen. The blond gave a speech to Zabuza, telling him how his subordinate Haku shouldn’t be treated like a tool. While it did end up working, Zabuza cried right after and went on a murderous rampage that got himself killed.

  • Against Gaara of the Sand: During his battle against Gaara, Naruto used the Talk no Jutsu on the jinchuriki of Shukaku. Naruto told Gaara that he had the same tragic backstory like him, knowing what’s like to be alone. Gaara also realized that Naruto became strong due to companionship with his friends. However, Naruto used this technique after he headbutted and punched Gaara to the ground.

  • Against Obito Uchiha: During the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Force were on the ropes. Desperate, Naruto decided to use Talk no Jutsu in order to turn Obito against Madara while he was taking Obito’s source of power. Naruto tried to reason with him, reminding him about his childhood dream of becoming Hokage, what he was like as a kid, and his childhood crush, Rin. At first, Obito tried to strangle Naruto, but the Talk no Jutsu has taken effect once he was defeated. Naruto probably forgot that Obito was the reason why he was an orphan and had a shitty childhood but hey, he probably knew what he was doing.

  • Against Sasuke Uchiha: Sasuke proved to be a difficult person to convert when Naruto tried using his Talk no Jutsu on him. It took Naruto three tries, telling Sasuke how they have unbreakable bonds and how they're like brothers. The first time when they were pre-teens during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. The second time was when Sasuke did that weird evil laugh. Third time’s the charm took place during their final battle at the Valley of the End.

While the people listed are the notable ones Naruto used Talk no Jutsu on, the blonde did use this technique on other people. They include Tsunade Senju, Killer B, Sarada Uchiha, and numerous Shin Uchiha clone children.

The only person not affected by Naruto's Talk no Jutsu was Madara Uchiha. This is due to him being the classy OP mofo that he is.




Reiryoku is power that is related to the willpower and spiritual sensitivity of the user. Every single spiritual being, including humans, have a certain amount of Reiryoku grants the user superhuman abilities if over a certain level. Those like Shinigami have trained to honed their abilities using Reiryoku and learned to control theirs. Usually Shinigami’s will use their Reiryoku to cast a Kidō spell, increase their speed (Hohō), use the special abilities of their Zanpakutō, increase their physical strength and power, so what about Ichigo? Well, out of the Reiryoku ranks, Ichigo has immense spiritual power, even greater than a captain and thus makes him an extremely powerful fighter when he channels that spiritual power into his attacks. Those who have high Reiryoku will have high Reiatsu.

In terms of how Ichigo uses his power, his Reiatsu is a special case, considering that it’s so great that it constantly leaks out, though with training he has learned to control his Reiryoku and Reiatsu. Ichigo utilizes his Reiatsu in various ways, often to enhance the strength of his attacks as well as to create a defensive barrier and reduce the impact of attacks. He can also sense other Reiatsu users in the area. He becomes better and better at controlling his Reiatsu, so much so that at the end of the series, his Reiatsu becomes so powerful that it becomes visible.

Spiritual Awareness


Even when he was a child, Ichigo was able to see spirits. After becoming a Shinigami, this ability was improved significantly. He can detect and sense beings with higher spiritual power more easily such as the time he fought Kenpachi and sensed Chad who was not near him.

Master Swordsman


When it comes to combat, Ichigo relies mainly on swordplay to do damage. He was trained by Urahara, a former captain of the Soul Society, but aside from that he has had no real formal sword training, essentially choosing to learn as he went. Despite this unorthodox style of fighting, he is still an extremely skilled swordsman capable of easily fighting against sword masters such as Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki despite both of them being much more skilled and having much more experience in sword combat. He can fight with both hands too, though uses Zangetsu in his left hand. He is capable of using a variety of sword styles including a great sword for his Shikai, a katana for his Bankai, dual blades for his true Shikai and he is proficient in all of them.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant


Ichigo has a considerable amount of hand-to-hand experience, considering he has been training in that style of combat ever since he was a child. Usually he will focus on powerful strikes, throws and lockdowns which he developed after routinely dealing with bullies and punks. He is a skilled enough martial artist that he has defeated Tatsuki, who is ranked the second strongest girl in Japan. He is also able to to effortlessly knock out three lieutenant Shinigami with little effort just by using hand-to-hand combat as shown above.

Advanced Growth Rate

Urahara believes that Ichigo's most astounding ability is his growth rate and ability to get stronger much faster than your average Shinigami. He is able to grasp advanced techniques that would take most Shinigami years to do within days. While most Shinigami take at least 10 years to get to the stage of Bankai, Ichigo only took two days to reach the form. He analyses his foes techniques and can easily learn and adapt from that, which happened when Ichigo was incapacitated by one Cero: he adapted and eventually became much better at tanking ceros. This gives him a leg up on the battlefield as he can learn and adapt to attacks and then counterattack.

Getsuga Tenshou


Ichigo’s signature attack. He concentrates his Reiatsu into the tip of his blade and then slashes, releasing a powerful crescent--shaped energy blade that flies forward. Like most Zanpakuto techniques, Getsuga Tenshou is made more powerful by the fact that Ichigo knows the name of the technique. Ichigo can utilize the technique in a variety of ways. There’s the standard firing the crescent-shape energy slash, striking the ground to create an omnidirectional burst of energy used to blast away both foes and attacks, and slashing the ground to overturn it and crush things in its path.



Also known as the Flash Step, it is a basic Shinigami movement technique. It allows the user to increase their speed and move short or long distances if used in quick succession. While he is not as skilled as Byakuya Kuchiki, Ichigo is still capable of easily crossing short distances in a matter of seconds. After his time at the Soul King’s palace, Ichigo became proficient enough in using shunpo to be able to cross several miles in a single jump while being undetected by multiple high level enemies.


Blut is a technique that allows the user to make reishi to flow directly into their blood cells in order to increase their attack and defense power to significantly higher levels than they were before. However, there is one major flaw with this technique. Ichigo and other Quincies can’t use the attack and defense versions of this technique at the same time due to the attack variant operating under a different Reishi system from the defense variant.



Blut Arterie: The offensive version of this technique that allows the user to can increase their strength, allowing them to take on Shinigami and Hollows with ease.

Blut Vene: The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability. This is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, and it is only visible on the affected area when struck. It is so potent that even an attack from a Shinigami's Bankai will have a hard time getting through. It is not an absolute defense however, as sufficient enough power can break it. It can also stop severe loss of blood as well as be used as a slight healing factor.




Basic, four-pronged, throwing stars used by virtually every ninja in the world. They can be used to inflict damage, pin down opponents, cancel out other projectiles of similar strength and, if used well enough, kill.

He also has Fuma Shuriken, much larger Shuriken that are made up of four single-edged blades. It can be folded up for easy transportation, and when opened it can be thrown at high speeds for a lot of damage.

Kunai Knives

One of the most basic and common ninja tools in the series. It's designed for thrusting and stabbing at enemies but can be thrown as well, allowing them to be a versatile weapon. In order to access it quickly, Naruto has a spring-loaded wire running through the sleeve of his jacket giving him quick access to one whenever necessary.

Smoke Bombs

Another basic ninja tool. When thrown it releases a large cloud of smoke, blocking the enemy's vision and allowing the user to launch a sneak attack or make a get away.

Explosive Tags

A chakra-infused scrap of paper with the kanji for "explode" written on it. After a set amount of time, being remotely activated, triggered if they're a part of a trap or ignited, the tag will explode. They can also be attached to kunai, allowing for strategic attacks like throwing the kunai near the enemy just to let the explosion from the tag take them out.​​​​

Shadow Clone Summoning Scroll

A large scroll Naruto keeps with him that he uses to summon pre-made shadow clones to the scroll. The shadow clones he summons are always in some remote place gathering nature chakra for Sage Mode.

Prosthetic Arm

After Naruto lost his arm during his battle with Sasuke, Tsunade created a new arm for him out of Hashirama’s cells. Hashirama was a member of the same clan as Naruto, blessed with monstrously high vitality and was a prominent user of senjutsu and wood style techniques. It’s main benefit is that Naruto’s recoil attacks (like Rasenshuriken) don’t affect it.

Mechanical Arm

During the recent Boruto chapters, it was revealed that Naruto had a mechanical arm developed for himself. It has two main abilities. The first is being able to absorb Chakra, which was developed after a battle with a recent foe. He asked it to be detachable as well, meaning he can easily take it off for a surprise attack.




Ichigo’s signature Zanpakuto which all Shinigami have. It is the main weapon that the soul reaper uses throughout the series and it has taken on many different forms, such as a big khyber knife, a large blade and a small blade, a katana, and a big sword. Ichigo usually channels his spiritual power/Reiatsu in order to perform numerous techniques.

The Shinigami is capable of easily wielding Zangetsu in whatever form it ends up taking. It is easily one of the most powerful Zanpakuto in the series and with it, Ichigo can take on numerous Hollows, Arrancar, Quincy and Shinigami. It is one impressive blade and the things that Ichigo can do with it is even more so.

Substitute Shinigami Badge

This badge signifies Ichigo’s position as a Substitute Shinigami, allowing him to remain active in the Human World without any interference from other Shinigamis. This pendant also gives Ichigo the ability to separate his soul from his body in case he needs to go from human form to Shinigami form. It also acts like a Hollow locater, being able to alert Ichigo that Hollows are nearby.

It’s true purpose is to restrict the owner’s abilities as it can absorb, analyze, and control the user's Reiatsu, preventing them from potentially damaging the human realm. It is also a device for communicating with the Soul Society, as Ichigo could hear Rukia's voice coming from it. In the Fullbringer Arc, Ichigo is able to manipulate the “soul” of the badge to utilize Fullbringer abilities that have since seemingly been lost.

Protective Charm

A Kidō-based charm given to him by Ichigo’s father, Isshin. If the owner of this charm is attacked by hostile forces, it acts as a defense by forming a barrier and protecting them. For example, there was the time when Kon in Ichigo’s body was attacked by a Hollow, and this charm protected him.

Oken Clothing

After training with the Royal Guard, Ichigo wears special clothing called Oken Clothing. They possess defensive power, being capable of withstanding the 72 barriers between the Soul Society and the Soul King Palace without suffering any damage to himself. However, they can be destroyed by a big enough blast.



Sage Mode


This is the form Naruto attains when he gathers a sufficient amount of Nature Chakra and perfectly combines it with his own. In this form, all of Naruto's abilities are drastically increased, including his physical strength, both movement and reaction speeds, perception, reflexes, stamina, chakra and durability. His physical strength in particular gets quite a boost, as he has been shown to be able to easily lift and throw a rhinoceros. The typical size of a rhino is between 800-2100 Kg/1764-4630 Lbs, however due to its size, it can be assumed that the mass of this rhino exceeds that of 2100 kg, and Naruto was still able to throw it several meters into the air.

Naruto's ninjutsu and taijutsu also receive a power boost as well. His physical attacks become a lot stronger and he can make his Rasengan even bigger and more destructive. Naruto can also use precognition, and he can easily predict attacks before they hit and use an appropriate counter, as shown in his battle with Pain.

Naruto gains the ability to sense energy around him too. This ability is so potent and precise that he could sense the chakra of every single person in his village and specifically sense that one person's chakra in particular (Kakashi who had just been killed) was missing. The ninja was also able to sense Hinata’s chakra even though it was faint. Not only that, but Naruto is easily able to sense Pain as well as sense where the true Pain is.

However, Sage mode also has its disadvantages. Originally, Naruto had to stay completely still to accumulate nature chakra, though now he can accumulate it while on the move or in the midst of combat. Additionally, he could originally only use three Rasenshurikens before forcibly using up the transformation, but this is no longer the case. Though if he gathers too much energy or lets it go out of control, he'll turn into a frog and then a stone statue, the process of which is irreversible.

Frog Kata

This is a Sage Mode-exclusive fighting style that Naruto used during his battle against Pain. Naruto uses nature energy as an extension of his body, which increases the reach and power of his physical attacks. For instance, if he were to punch someone but miss by three feet, the punch would still connect.

Frog Strike/Slap

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Version 1

Image result for Version 1 Naruto gif

Version 1 is when a dense shroud of chakra that looks somewhat like boiling water forms around the Jinchuriki and includes the 0-3 tailed chakra shrouds. Usually, the shroud of chakra will vaguely resemble the Tailed Beast that is inside of the Jinchuuriki. For example, Naruto has fox ears and a tail. In terms of power, Version 1 is a double-edged sword in that while it does provide the Jinchuuriki with added protection, it also physically harms them due to the intensity of the Tailed Beast’s Chakra. Those who come into contact with the chakra will be burned by it. While it does give Naruto an increase in power, as well as altering his Rasengan, it also forces the ninja to become a lot more animalistic and aggressive. Though after befriending Kurama, this rage is no longer an issue.

Chakra Arms

Image result for chakra arms naruto gif

First appearing in Version 1, Naruto and other jinchuriki can produce multiple extra arms made from the raw chakra of their Tailed Beast. They can freely manipulate these arms to attack their enemies, but Naruto mostly uses them to help create stronger Rasengans and Rasenshurikens. Naruto would continue to use this method while in Version 2, Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Tailed Beast Mode, and Six Paths Sage Mode. During his time as Hokage, Naruto has learned to produce chakra arms while in his base state.

Version 2

Image result for Version 2 Naruto gif

Coming in at a total of 4-8 tails but not quite hitting that lucky number 9, Version 2 is the Tailed Beast's chakra being converted into a humanoid shape and a dark red layer of chakra enveloping the user, making it much more powerful than Version 1, though not as powerful as a complete Tailed Beast form. Version 2 destroys all restraints that the jinchuuriki originally had and makes them unable to distinguish between friend and foe, but it also gives them a huge increase in strength, speed and durability, as well as the utilization of chakra-like arms. But like Version 1, it’s still a double-edged sword as while it does increase his stats, it also shortens his lifespan as his cells get destroyed while in this state. The more tails that appear, the stronger Naruto gets.

Tailed Beast Bomb

Image result for tailed beast bomb gif

For the previous jutsus, you must’ve read the name Tailed Beast Bomb or Tailed Beast Ball. Well, time to learn about it. These giant balls of destruction and death are made out of an 8:2 ratio of positive black ratio and negative white ratio. For Bijuu (Tailed Beasts), this is their equivalent of vomit. For jinchuriki, this is their most powerful offensive attack.

There are usually two methods to perform this technique. Either firing the Tailed Beast Bomb as it is or consuming the ball and then firing it from their mouth as a beam. Whichever method you choose, always expect some mass destruction from this attack.

Despite these projectiles being incredibly dense, they move at an incredibly fast rate once they’re fired. As said before, they’re very destructive and can create explosions that are visible far away while capable of vaporizing almost everything in the blast area. The amount of damage of the technique does depend on how it’s fired and how much chakra is put into it. A standard version is powerful enough to destroy entire mountains. Naruto can also add nature chakra into the Tailed Beast Bomb to make it even more powerful.


Image result for Bijuu Bomb Barrade gif
Tailed Beast Bomb Barrage: Naruto and Kurama would fire multiple, yet uncompressed, Tailed Beast Bombs in rapid succession. Due to the attacks not being compressed, they’re slightly weaker than the standard and compressed Tailed Beast Bomb.
Super Mini-Tailed Beast Bomb: While in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto can create a miniature and condensed Tailed Beast Bomb. Despite being small though, it can still be powerful. Upon impact, the ball explodes in the result of a very sizeable blast radius.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode

This is a form that’s unique and exclusive only to jinchurikis of the Nine-Tails. Naruto received this form after having an internal battle with the Nine-Tailed Fox in order to take the beast’s chakra for his own during his training at the Waterfall of Truth. It was during this battle that Naruto meet his mother and learned the fox’s name was Kurama, leading Naruto to befriend the beast and thus getting full access to his powers.

When this mode is activated, Naruto’s physical abilities are enhanced much more compared to his previous forms, much of which can be attributed to Kurama’s chakra. With this, Naruto is strong enough to defeat members of the White Zetsu army with a single kick and fast enough to dodge the Fourth Raikage while he’s using his Lightning Release - Body Flicker Technique. Keep in mind that this technique allowed the Raikage to be fast enough to dodge Sasuke’s Amaterasu and Jugo’s Multiple Lotus Nonself Connected Cannons at point blank range.

Kurama’s coat of chakra that’s surrounding Naruto keeps him protected from damage, allowing him to tank Lava and Boil Release attacks while only receiving minor injuries. The Nine-Tails cloak was also able to protect Naruto from the Ten-Tails’ Tenpenchii, which caused a variety of natural disasters in the surrounding area and created a blast akin to a nuclear explosion.

Unique to Naruto and Naruto alone, he can use Sage Mode while in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. This is due to the form being able to gather natural energy at an extremely fast rate to the point that Naruto just needs to stand for a few seconds to obtain the form.

Negative Emotion Sensing

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After gaining control of Kurama’s Chakra, Naruto was able to access his ability to sense negative emotions and hostile intent, which Kurama had used to influence Naruto and weaken his seal when enraged. Naruto’s ability to sense negative emotions is so potent that he can sense presences hiding in objects or disguised as others despite not being visible and having identical chakra signatures.

Tailed Beast Mode

Tailed Beast Mode is when a jinchuriki becomes their Tailed Beast while also having access to the beast’s natural strength and abilities. It is a form that all jinchuuriki have access to, only by either subjugating their Tailed Beast or working in unison with it. After befriending Kurama in the Waterfall of Truth and gaining Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Naruto gained the ability to transform into a different version of Tailed Beast Mode. He can transform into a full-scale replica of Kurama.
At first, Naruto could only retain this form for five minutes due to his bond with Kurama not being perfect at first. However, this limit was extended to eight minutes after some practice and more bonding. Eventually, they extended the limit to an unspecified amount of time. No matter the amount of time Naruto could use the form in, it’s devastatingly powerful and can cause a whole lot of collateral damage.
While in Tailed Beast Mode, Naruto can hover within the head of the form and can also allow others inside as a form of protection while healing their wounds and replenishing their chakra. Kurama can speak through the form and can even gain control of it if Naruto lets him. Since Naruto’s version of the form isn’t a proper transformation, he can use his other jutsu such as the Rasengan, the Rasenshuriken, and the Shadow Clone Technique. In the battle against Toneri, Naruto created the form as a separate being outside his body and had Kurama take control of it.

Six Paths Sage Mode

When all hope seemed lost during their battle against the fully revived Madara Uchiha in the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were visited by the spirit of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Known throughout history as the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo spoke to Naruto and Sasuke separately at the same time, telling them the history of his family and that they are the reincarnations of his deceased sons. After which, he asked the two of their goals once they defeat Madara. Satisfied with their answers, he transferred his chakra evenly between the two.
Upon receiving the chakra, Naruto awakened the Six Paths Sage Mode. This form is arguably Naruto’s strongest form, empowering his abilities to a far greater extent by utilising the Six Paths Sage Chakra which includes his sensing ability. It’s a divine state (therefore making him a godlike being for his universe) given only to those with an iron faith and the guts to never give up. In this form, he can still retain Tailed Beast Mode, though it’s greatly enhanced, and create Chakra Arms. Thanks to the use of the Shadow Clone Technique, he can combine three replicas of Kurama into a single construct with three faces and six arms.

Thanks to this power, Naruto can use all five basic nature transformations and make use of perfect Yin-Yang Release. With Yin-Yang Release, he can rekindle a dying person’s life force and restore lost organs. Naruto can also levitate, sense invisible shadows in the world of Limbo, and kick Truth-Seeking Balls.
However, it should be noted that Naruto no longer has access to this form as his Six Paths Chakra was taken back by Hagoromo after Naruto and Sasuke sealed away Kaguya.

Truth-Seeking Balls

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Truth-Seeking Balls are small black orbs that Naruto gained when he activated Six Paths Sage Mode. These orbs are made out of black chakra, and Naruto can alter their shape to serve for a variety of purposes. Naruto gains nine orbs at his disposal, though they will disappear once the form cancels out and more can’t be additionally gained.

The orbs are composed of all five chakra natures and are stronger than all bloodline limits. If used alongside Yin-Yang Release, the orbs will be able to neutralise ninjutsu and become impervious to it. Even immortal or regenerative beings and shinobi revived through the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, or the Reanimation Jutsu, can be killed by the Truth-Seeking Orbs. The only way to counter the Truth-Seeking Balls is through Senjutsu since natural energy works against itself.

These orbs are extremely destructive, capable of turning opponents into dust. Because they are similar to Tailed Beast Balls, Naruto uses them to create his Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken. When kept in their default sphere form, the Truth-Seeking Balls can be used as high speed projectiles, as explosives by making them rapidly expand, or to heal the user's injuries through physical contact. Whatever shape is taken, users can only control them within 70 meters of their location, allowing opponents to combat them by transporting the orbs elsewhere.

Naruto usually uses the orbs to create bo staffs to use as weapons or platforms to travel on.

Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken


This is Naruto’s single most powerful Jutsu. Naruto enters his Asura Chakra Construct mode (the three-faced thing seen above) and creates two of his most powerful jutsu at once: one in either hand. In one hand, he creates Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, whilst he forms Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken in the other. Naruto then infuses both jutsu with as much nature chakra as he can gather and hurls both attacks simultaneously at the opponent. This attack is so powerful that Naruto was able to counter Sasuke’s strongest Jutsu, Indra’s Arrow, despite Sasuke having stolen the chakra from every other Tailed Beast.



The original form of Zangetsu looks like a big khyber knife. It is extremely tall and big, making it a Zanpakuto that focuses on power over speed. Using this form of Zangetsu, the Shinigami can use it as a giant sword for easily chopping down Hollows as well as use it to store spiritual energy and unleash it - usually as a Getsuga Tenshou.

When fighting with his Shikai, Ichigo usually focuses on big but powerful swings that, while slow, are able to do significant damage to enemy Shinigami and the area around it . When Ichigo first unlocked his Shikai, Zangetsu was strong enough to slice through the ground as well as split a wall in half. Also, the original form of Zangetsu is powerful enough that it can do damage to the Shinigami-like Kenpachi. The main reason why Zangetsu is always in its Shikai form is because of Ichigo's vast but uncontrollable spiritual energy upon generation of it, implying it is simply a type of Zanpakutō which, without proper control of his spiritual energy, remains in Shikai form once in said state.

Once Ichigo accepts both halves of himself, his true Zanpakuto emerges and takes the form of two black blades. One blade is basically like his original Shikai, other than the fact that there is a thin, hollowed-out portion running along the back edge of the blade from the base to the middle of the blade. The second blade is more like a trench knife.

Both of the blades represent both Ichigo’s inner Hollow and his inner Quincy. His true Zanpakuto is more powerful than his original one. He can perform Getsuga Tensho by simply making a small slash. His Getsuga Tensho is also a lot more powerful, being able to perform feats that are well beyond those of his original Shikai and Bankai. His Zanpakuto reverts to its original Shikai form when Yhwach takes away his Hollow and Quincy powers.

Getsuga Juujishou

Ichigo uses Tensa Zangetsu to fire two Getsuga Tenshou at once - one from both swords - forming a cross-shaped energy slash that is much more powerful than his base Getsuga Tenshou.


When Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, his spiritual Reiatsu and power increase by a considerable amount, with an outfit change to a black cloak accompanying it. His Zanpakuto also changes a lot, as it’s no longer a big Khyber Knife, but instead a daitō (Japanese long sword) with a manji cross hilt. While in Bankai mode, Ichigo gets numerous benefits, including increased stats in strength, speed and durability, as well as increased spiritual levels/Reiatsu. It also has other benefits such as...

Hyper-Speed Combat


While in his Bankai form, Ichigo gets much faster, and due to the Shinigami having become so skilled at using his speed to take down enemies, he can reach a point to his speed where he can create afterimages and trip up enemies.

Enchanced Getsuga Tensho


Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho changes considerably. No longer a blueish colour, it is now black with a red outline. The Enhanced Getsuga Tensho is much more powerful than the regular one, proving to be trouble for Captains such as Byakuya Kuchiki. During Byakuya Kuchiki's fight with Ichigo, he refers to this attack as a "Kuroi Getsuga". He can also use Getsuga to amplify his sword strikes or fire it from his blade.

This is Ichigo’s true Bankai. It is activated when his two Shikai Blades are placed side-to-side, which ends up merging the two together and vastly increasing his spiritual energy and power. It is very similar to his very first Shikai, looking like a khyber knife with a chain attached to it. It’s true potential is not really known due to his Hollow and Quincy powers being absorbed by Yhwach. However, is at the very least more powerful than his original Bankai, and it reverted back to the very first Shikai had and was powerful enough to cut down Yhwach.

Final Getsuga Tenshou

This is a last resort that is one of the Shinigami’s most powerful forms. Ichigo’s appearance changes drastically with his hair becoming long and black, with smokey black Reiatsu floating all around him. This form is so powerful that not even Aizen can’t even comprehend its power, despite being an extremely powerful Shinigami.

However, it also has the biggest downside. Once this form runs out, Ichigo will be hit with excruciating pain and he will lose most of his Shinigami powers.



Otherwise known as Moonless Sky. It basically creates a giant veil of black spiritual energy (basically one giant spiritual slash), heavily damaging anything that gets caught in its blast. It’s power enough to damage Aizen’s final form and force him to use all of his power, which would lead to his final defeat.

Original Hollow Mask Form


Ichigo inherited Hollow powers through his mother, Masaki, whose soul was infected by a Hollow, thus he is able to tap into this Hollow Reiatsu to get a massive boost to all of his stats. For example, when he first unlocked this transformation, he didn’t stand a chance while untransformed against Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (without Resurrección and an arm), but Ichigo could knock him around once he activated it. This form has a time limit, but this was extended over longer and longer periods of time as Ichigo got stronger. Originally, to activate his Hollow powers he would materialize a Hollow mask. As he got stronger the design on the mask changed.



A Hollow technique that Ichigo is able to access thanks to his Hollow Mode. Basically, the user fires a blast of concentrated spiritual energy at itss target. The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength, spiritual power, and sometimes skill of the user. Luckily for Ichigo, his strength in his Hollow form gives him a Cero that can destroy large buildings and city blocks with ease.

Vasto Lorde Form

During his fight against the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer, Ichigo was mortally wounded, but his determination to protect Orihime and Uryuu from the Espada caused the entirety of his inner Hollow power to come to the surface. He transformed into what you see in the picture above and he went berserk. The power boost he received in this form was so great that he managed to effortlessly overpowered Ulquiorra in his most powerful form while he stood barely any chance against him in his lesser form.

The name “Vasto Lorde Form” is a fan name, as the form was never given a proper name and nothing suggests that Ichigo turned into an actual Vasto Lorde. This name was most likely given as a reference to his strength, as a Vasto Lorde is the strongest form a Hollow can attain without becoming an Arrancar.

Merged Hollow Form

After realizing and accepting his Hollow side as a part of himself, Ichigo gained full control over his Hollow powers. This resulted in a completely new form, manifesting as black markings on his body and a singular horn on the left side of his head (also his bangs are gone for some reason). This form likely gives the same amount of power boost as his Vasto Lorde form without going berserk.

Gran Rey Cero

A far more powerful version of the Cero made by mixing the user’s own blood into it. The Gran Rey Cero undergoes a change in color and spins like a razor due to being constantly compressed and decompressed from its own raw speed and power. On top of all this, it distorts space as it travels.


After losing his powers due to using Final Getsuga, Ichigo was recruited by a group of spiritually-aware humans called the ‘Fullbringers’. Human beings can become Fullbringers if their mother has survived a Hollow attack before they were born and traces of the Hollow’s power remain in the mother’s body. Fullbringers have the power to manipulate the souls of physical objects and can develop special abilities if they have a strong connection to an object.

Ichigo may have lost his Shinigami powers, but since his mother was a Quincy who fought many Hollows (not to mention the Hollow infection in her soul), he had the potential to become a Fullbringer as well. Ichigo’s Fullbring was his Substitute Shinigami Badge. While still learning it, Ichigo’s Fullbring went through multiple forms.

The first one resembled his old Bankai’s handguard (it was censored in the anime). It was mainly a defensive tool, but it could also launch chargeable black projectiles. The second form resembled his Shinigami clothes and gave him a black blade. The third and final form of his Fullbring is what you see above. It turned his Substitute Badge into a short blade with the badge becoming its handguard. He could call upon his first Fullbring’s powers and could launch fast blue energy slashes not unlike his Getsuga Tenshou. It was weaker than an actual Getsuga, but it was considerably fast. He also gained enhanced strength and speed.

These powers were stolen to power up the bad guys of the arc. However, since developing a Fullbring came with intense physical training, Ichigo’s physical powers were boosted so much that after regaining his Shinigami powers the main villain of the arc mistook the air pressure of his normal sword slash for a Getsuga Tenshou.














  • Defeated Yhwach but did not kill him
  • Defeated several skilled Shinigami in battle during the Soul Society Arc, including Byakuya Kuchiki, Renji Abarai, and Kenpachi.
  • Defeated Aizen even when he was at his most powerful form using Mugetsu.
  • Has defeated Countless extremely strong Hollows during his life as a Substitute Shinigami, including a Menos Grande
  • Defeated several strong Quincy during the Hundred War Blood Arc
  • Helped end the 100 years blood war between the Quincy and the Shinigami
  • Stopped Aizen’s plan from happening
  • Has mastered Shinigami techniques in just a few short days that it would take people years to master.
    • For example, he mastered Bankai which would take a normal Shinigami ten years to master
  • Defeated several Arrancar including Rank 6 - Grimmjow and Rank 4 - Ulquiorra
  • Second member of the HST to get a big titty waifu










Naruto’s Chakra is not infinite. While he does have a lot of chakra that allows him to fight for several days straight without much rest, he can still very much run out of it as shown against his final battle where he had to rely on his fists and one last Rasengan to end the fight after running himself dry.

His chakra points can also be sealed, which prevent him from using chakra. The biggest problem with Naruto though is that he can be a bit of a dumbass at times. Like Goku, while he has incredible combat intellect, he doesn’t do too well in terms of book smarts, like the time he used chakra against one of the Pains that Naruto knew could absorb Chakra. It’s not uncommon for Kurama or someone else to outright tell Naruto something plainly obvious to everyone else around him.



Ichigo doesn’t really have many things that can be directly considered a weakness, however he does have some quirks about him that can lead to problems in battle. For starters, Ichigo has very limited means of attack and all of his moves are extremely straightforward. He can’t even use certain techniques outside of specific forms and all of his attack are basically just blasts or slashes launched at the enemy, so he really doesn’t have a lot of variety between just going in for melee or shooting stuff from afar.

Another notable weakness of Ichigo is that he’s extremely reckless, a result of his aforementioned straightforward fighting style and moveset in addition to his desire to protect others. Ichigo is the type of person who would jump in front of an attack in a heartbeat to save someone else or rush headlong into an uneven fight if he or a friend were in danger. A good example of this is when after getting his Zanpakuto reforged after someone broke it, he rushed headlong into the guy who had the same power as the person who broke it but was far stronger, which - you guessed it - resulted in it being broken a second time. Ichigo then does this again in their final fight, resulting in his Zanpakuto getting cracked and crumbling down to its original, weakest state.

Another problem that Ichigo tends to have is being merciful on his opponents, which often results in them getting in a sneak attack or escaping. This is especially the case when fighting people he knows or cares for as his hesitation can cost him dearly. Finally, the power of a Zanpakuto and its attacks are boosted by the wielder knowing their true name, so if Ichigo were to ever forget them somehow, his attacks and weapon would be weaker.





  • Naruto is superior to Ichigo in all three stats of strength, speed and durability
  • When it comes to attacks, Naruto has much greater versatility than Ichigo
  • More stamina
  • Greater range with his attacks
  • Superior in hand-to-hand combat
  • Naruto can resist Ichigo’s soul fuckery
  • Is more intelligent in terms of combat
  • Has much more experience than Ichigo
  • His series had the better ending
  • More...interesting sex life


  • Potentially not as book smart as Ichigo
  • Can’t sense Ichigo besides when in Sage Mode/Kurama Mode/Six Paths Mode
  • Besides Six Paths, Ichigo has flight advantage
  • Chakra reserves are finite
  • Skill with and quality of weaponry pales in comparison to Ichigo
  • Identifies as “Boruto’s dad” nowadays
  • His first kiss was with Sasuke Uchiha




  • Is smarter in terms of book smarts
  • Naruto may have trouble detecting him in his base forms
  • Ichigo has the flight advantage, assuming Naruto doesn’t have Six Paths Sage Mode for the fight
  • Ichigo’s Reiatsu/Spiritual Pressure doesn’t have a limit
  • Ichigo is superior with weapons when compared to Naruto


  • Ichigo can get very tired if he uses too much of his Reiatsu
  • Ichigo is weaker, slower, and less durable
  • Little variety in his attacks
  • Has less stamina than Naruto
  • Pretty much relies on close-ranged combat with a few ranged attacks
  • Not as good in hand-to-hand combat
  • Naruto can resist Ichigo’s soul fuckery
  • Is less intelligent in combat, and pretty much always relies on brute force and asspulls
  • Has less experience than Naruto


Naruto Ichigo Set.png



That’s a shitty Google translation of Grand Blazer above the best girl Yui avatar btw.

First off, the guys working on this blog deserve major praise for making the biggest one we’ve ever had to do, in even less time than usual, due to Thor VS Wonder Woman being delayed two days. Like, 1300 chapters total worth of work in here, plus movies and maybe some filler. I forget if they threw that in here. I myself started reading Naruto in anticipation for this match, and got up to about 150 chapters in a week before I fell off for a single day and completely lost the mojo for it. My biggest contributions wound up being grammar checking this fucking 94 page long blog and just doing shit like this for three weeks. But all the same, I still wanted to give my two cents on the ultimate weeb battle. At least until we see Naruto and Ichigo return for a four-way fight against Goku and Luffy, that is.

Anyways, being the person with the least “experience” with these anime bois on here, I figured I’d make my verdict serve as a quick and simple, straightforward approach as to why Naruto should win, and I’d go first so the guys following me can hopefully expand on this with some reasons that are actually good.

So! To start off, it seems to me like Naruto’s got a pretty clear DC advantage over Ichigo, scaling him to the moon/small planet level Toneri via punching the shit out of him in a relatively casual blow, while I hear the ginger gets up to country level max or something like that? Well hey, you’ll never guess which one of those is bigger and thus makes Naruto better. That comes back around into durability too. And speed-wise, the Naruto run has been scientifically proven to make you faster than when you do that fucking loser run that Ichigo does. It’s true. Google it.
Also he’s just been calculated and scaled to better shit like Madara and Kakashi’s lightning shit but nyeh

So the Leaf Ninja takes the stat triangle pretty good, and by a pretty decent margin, but I’ll be the first guy to tell you that while stats may be the most important thing to consider, there’s a lot more to consider for VS matches than just that. So does Ichigo have anything good enough to really turn things back around?


You can look at practically everything else, and Naruto still comes out on top. He’s been fighting a lot longer, he’s got resistance to Ichigo’s soul fucking hax, and while the soul reaper dude may be smarter in one sense, that sense is the one of taking a math test. If that’s what this fight was, then Strawberry boy might have it in the bag, but it’s not. And they have to rely on the combat sense where Naruto’s better instead, oh nooo Strawberry boy.

Even right down to abilities, Ichigo’s extremely limited in terms of options when you compare him to Naruto, with way more moves to fight with, both physically and specially, than just a few sword slashes and beams. And Ichigo may have a few different swords, but throw them against like a thousand Shadow Clone Naruto’s with just as much power as the OG on his own, with all those different Rasengans, Rasenshurikens, summoning jutsus, kunai, explosive tags, and more? I don’t think there’s much that the Shinigami can do against all that at once. And even assuming he somehow miraculously beat all of them, he’s still gonna be way lower on stamina than Naruto will be at that point, leaving him wide open for a good ol’ Rasengan to finish it off.

So yeah. With almost everything going in his favor, I’m gonna have to say that this battle will end with one soul reaper Ichigoing to Hell, and one Leaf Ninja will have a nice bowl of ramen waiting for him when he gets back home. Believe it!

Za Gamingu Nyuuzu Gai


(Malcolm Belmont here. I am using a different title and picture for reasons….since Naruto and Bleach came out/was extremely popular in the early 2000s and Bleach is the definition of well..edge here is the most fitting music i could find..enjoy)

Oh boy, Naruto vs Ichigo - that DEATH BATTLE is totally not going to get any controversy. In all seriousness this has been a highly requested that honestly i am extremely glad to see happen since both Naruto and Bleach were my childhood memories and i have fond memories of both of them despite both dipping in quality a bit. So let’s tackle this fight one bit at a time.

Strength/Destructive Capability - Who has the better destructive feats and strength feats? Well if you haven’t been reading the blog allow me to explain - in terms of this category - Naruto beats out Ichigo. In terms of Destructive Capability feats - i would argue that the best one is that Ichigo managed to destroy a Mountain by just clashing with Aizen. At first i thought that was a rather impressive feat but looking back - i really don’t think so. First - it is an extremely small mountain - if the mountain was a lot bigger then it is then i would say it’s an extremely impressive feat but it would still not be comparable to Naruto’s destructive feats. Well first of all - Naruto’s Tailed Beast Bomb is already more impressive considering it completely destroyed an island. Plus when clashing with his eternal rival (and gay love interest) Sasuke - he managed to create Water Explosions that are far more powerful than mountains (also shown in the feats section). Naruto’s most deadly ranged attacks are pretty much extremely powerful nukes compared to Ichigo whose feats who aren’t nearly as destructive as Naruto’s. For this area i am giving this to Naruto.

Speed - This one is a lot tricker since speed is one of the few categories when Naruto and Ichigo are fairly even in. Both have Massively Hypersonic Speed with Ichigo being able to take and reacting to lightning based attacks as well as being able to keep up with Arrancar and Captains who have shown Massively Hypersonic Feats. Mind you Naruto also has some lighting dodging feats as shown during his fight with Madara as well as keeping up with Madara who has a Mach 3277 feat. Overall - extremely close and i was about to give the point to Ichigo but a certain feat came up that made me think that Naruto had the speed advantage - Naruto has a Mach 4000+ feat which is more impressive then Ichigo. Plus Naruto is overall a much faster fighter often relying on his quick speed and many many Shadow Clones to get the advantage. While this is close - i do think Naruto is the faster fighter.

Durability - This one is a no brainer - those who know the infamous feat from Naruto: The Last should quickly figure out why Naruto wins this category. In terms of Ichigo - his two best durability feats are being punched through several buildings as well as taking hits from both Captains and Arrancar as well as taking a barrage of Quincy Arrows which leveled a city block. Admitally both feats are rather impressive but that’s nothing on the level of Naruto who has tanked Sasuke’s Perfect Susanoo.Tanks a hit from Sasuke’s Bijuu enhanced Perfect Susanoo which destroys several mountains. The amount of TNT required to destroy large mountains is about 1 Gigaton to 4.3 Gigatons and the resulting explosion destroyed multiple mountains. And then that infamous moon cutting feat from Naruto: The Last - while you could very well low ball it - it’s still impressive he managed to tank it. Plus he has tanked attacks from Kaguya, Sasuke, Momoshiki and Toneri who are all capable of destroying Moons and yet is still able to tank hits from all 4 of them. I have no doubt in my mind that Naruto wins in durability.

Experience - I am going to definitely have to give this to the Orange NInja. While Ichigo has fought in some impressive battles including the 100 Blood Quincy War and the battle against Aizen and his forces, Naruto has faced a lot more dangerous foes and had several years worth of training from a multitude of sources. He has fought the Top Tiers of his Universe and from his experiences has learned and adapted. He was a bit rusty in the Boruto Movie but even still - he has had more experience in combat when compared to Ichigo.

Forms/Transformations - Both Naruto and Ichigo have a considerable amount of transformations, each with their own downsides. If you are going by early Bleach and Naruto then Ichigo wins this considerably - Naruto’s Chakra isn’t nearly as powerful as Ichigo’s bankai plus it makes him overly aggressive like a beast. However, as we get into Sage Mode and onwards then it tips into Naruto’s favor. Naruto’s Sage Mode gives him a significant increase in power and allows him to utilize nature chakra - Ichigo’s Bankai does give him a significant speed boost but the two are relatively equal in terms of transformations. As for Hollow vs Demon Cloak - of course Hollow Ichigo is much powerful than Naruto’s Demon Cloak 2 so Ichigo wins in that area. Final Getsuga is tricky since he only uses it once but it is extremely powerful - being able to drain Aizen’s power considerably but it also has the biggest downside out of any form - as Ichigo loses his powers if he uses it so while it is extremely powerful - it’s downside makes it more a burden to use then a positive. Ichigo while he has the advantage in Naruto’s early forms - gets completely trumped with the Tailed Beast Mode, Kurama Mode and Sage of the Six Paths forms - each of them giving a significant increase in power for Naruto and give him new access to techniques that far outclasses his new shikai, bankai and merged Hollow Form. While they do increase Ichigo’s power significantly - they don’t give the sheer amount of power that Naruto’s forms give as well as the size increase with Tailed Beast. Overall in terms of forms - Ichigo is better at first but it shifts into Naruto’s favor.

Techniques/Versatility - Yeah Ichigo is not winning this category, Ichigo has the versatility of a Gen 2 no Technical Machines Typhlosion - aka very little. In terms of combat - he mostly relies on his signature Getsuga Tenshou move which while powerful is also basically your typical large slash attack that while causes a lot of damage is not really that impressive when you compare it to Naruto. His best technique is definitely Mugetsu though i really don’t think it’s that impressive when compared to Naruto’s massive amounts of techniques including so many variations of his Rasengan and Rasenshuriken as well as the different elements he uses. Naruto is a swiss army knife of techniques able to pull out the close combat techniques as well as go for long range. Though Naruto’s Shadow Clones are really what pushes the edge over for me. Naruto by the end of the series is easily able to create - Hundreds of Shadow Clones at once that are easily capable of wearing down a foe. Naruto doesn’t really need to fight - he can just rely on his Shadow Clones to wear Ichigo down and go for the finishing blow. Overall Naruto just has the advantage here.


When it comes to who would win in a fight between Naruto and Ichigo - i am squarely in the Naruto camp and i feel i have explained the reasons why. While i don’t believe this is an outright stomp like some people feel i definitely think that Naruto wins in most if not all of the key areas - he has more destructive capability, is faster, is more durable, has better options for long range and short range and his different forms give him more benefits than Ichigo’s Forms. While at first i definitely can see Ichigo getting the upper hand on him due to surprise - eventually Naruto is going to figure out how to effectively counterattack anything that Ichigo throws at him as well as use his Shadow Clones to tire him out or just simply go to Tailed Beast Form and completely annihilate him with one of his massive Tailed Beast Bombs which can destroy Large Mountains easily without little effort. Naruto has definitely the superior character and the superior fighter as i feel that in this massive anime showdown - Naruto has the advantage. Looks like Ichigo is going to get Rasenowned.

Vu~anpaia Nōmoa / ヴァンパイア・ノーモア

Related image

This is Vampyre Nevermore here, using an Engrish and Japanese version of my name. Man, this blog was fucking exhausting to work on. Do you have any idea how many different variations of the Shadow Clone Technique, the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken Naruto has?! A lot! It was still fun working on this blog though. Anyway, let’s get this verdict underway! (But first, there’s a little backstory involving me and this matchup. Specifically, one of the characters fighting).

Ever since I discovered Death Battle through Spider-Man vs Batman, I instantly became hooked and wanted ScrewAttack to have a Death Battle involving a character from the Naruto franchise. The reason why was because during that time, Naruto was the only manga and anime that I was majorly invested in. I’ve seen other anime such as DBZ, Bobobo, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh but I didn’t know what anime or manga was. After learning about what they are, the first manga I turned to was Naruto. And after watching more Death Battle episodes, I wanted to see Ben and Chad have Naruto Uzumaki fight someone to the death, though young me foolishly wanted the blonde shinobi to fight Son Goku and was completely unaware that the Super Saiyan shitstomps the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails.

At the end of their Ragna vs Sol Badguy Death Battle episode, ScrewAttack announced that Gaara of the Sand would be the first Naruto character to enter the web series and would fight against Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was instantly excited as I viewed Gaara as a cool character. And on February 7th, 2015, they released the episode after delays, and let’s just say that it’s not a Death Battle I would ever watch again for numerous reasons and that it’s only accomplishment was starting a salt war by Naruto fans that we haven’t seen since the ending of the Naruto manga. And finally after two years, we finally get to have another Naruto character in the web series and it’s going to be the main character himself.

Let’s start this verdict for real!

Naruto Uzumaki and Ichigo Kurosaki, going head to head against each other in a fight to the death. It’s a matchup anime fans has wanted for decades along with Luffy vs Naruto. I would have preferred a 3-Way Battle Royale among the Shonen Protagonists, but simply Naruto vs Ichigo is still fine by me. Now then, who do I think is going to win this highly anticipated Death Battle? Naruto Uzumaki of course!

Let’s be real here folks, the Fourth Shinobi World War arc made Naruto and Sasuke stupidly OP in their universe. The only Naruto characters worth giving them a challenge other than each other are aliens from different dimensions. And between Luffy and Ichigo, the Shinigami can provide more of a fight than the future Pirate King could. So then, let’s me give you all reasons why Naruto will win.

For one thing, Naruto has higher stats than Ichigo. He’s stronger, faster, more durable, and more destructive. This blonde knucklehead can spam Tailed Beast Bombs, which can literally destroy islands. Ichigo’s strongest capabilities are destroying mountains, but a mountain is small compared to an island. It wouldn’t help in Ichigo’s favor that Naruto has been training to become a shinobi while the Shinigami started his adventure when he started in high school. Hell, 12/13 year old Naruto took down two giant snakes by himself once.

While Naruto doesn’t wear the best clothings for stealth like an actual ninja, he can still fight like one… whenever he’s in his base form. Therefore, he’s a tricky combatant and uses his Shadow Clones and smoke bombs to confuse his opponent. And that’s what leads to the real reason why Naruto win’s. His techniques and abilities and how he uses them.

Naruto has been known to overwhelm his opponents with his Shadow Clones, switching places to trick enemies into attacking them. He even knows different variations and combos using the technique, which are quite a lot considering I researched them all. Let’s not forget his trademark Rasengan and Rasenshuriken, both capable of creating a devastating amount of damage. They come in different sizes, therefore making them even stronger as well as being able to fuse with elements. Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu will serve as a great distraction to Ichigo, since he is a male teenager after all. If it’s enough to beat a Moon Goddess, then it’s enough against a Shinigami.

Naruto’s healing factor will make it tough for him to be killed thanks to being the jinchuriki of Kurama. Of course in order to get him to use his healing factor, Ichigo would have to break through Naruto’s durability which is higher than the Shinigami’s. The blonde once took an attack that sliced the moon in half and come out fine. Ichigo doesn’t have any attack in his arsenal that’ll deal more damage.

A big problem for Ichigo are Naruto’s transformations, each boosting his stats as well as giving him different abilities. Sage Mode boosts Naruto’s strength, speed, and durability and allows him to use the Frog Kata, a fighting style capable of landing damage even if Naruto hasn’t made any physical contact. Heck, the blonde can even transfer Nature Chakra to turn Ichigo into a frog statue.

Nine-Tails Chakra Mode already allows Naruto to use the Tailed Beast Bombs, but this form also allows him to sense any negative emotions and other hostile feelings. Since this is a battle to the death, this will prove handy for the blonde shinobi. Tailed Beast Mode lets Naruto turn into a giant fox and amp up his attacks, making them much more destructive.

And lastly, there’s Six Paths Sage Mode. Should ScrewAttack give Naruto this form, then Ichigo is more dead than he already is. When Naruto was in this form against Madara Uchiha (one of the most OP mofo in the Naruto universe), he had a special ability that’ll be useful against the Shinigami. You see, Madara used a jutsu known as Limbo: Border Jail which allowed him to project shadows of himself in an invisible world known as Limbo. This world coexists with the real world but is impossible to be detected or visually perceived. However, Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode was able to sense those shadows. Shinigamis in the Bleach universe are unable to be seen by humans. Should this rule and Naruto’s strongest form be used in this Death Battle, then Ichigo truly has nothing that’ll help win.

In the end, Naruto is stronger than Ichigo. He is faster than him. More durable and destructive as well. He has better techniques with tons of variety to them. His abilities and transformations gives him a higher advantage, giving him more power. This has been a stomp for the blonde shinobi since the beginning.

You know, researching for this matchup in the blog made me remember about my time reading the Naruto manga and both its anime adaptations. Despite its flaws (especially in the latter half of Shippuden), I still wholeheartedly enjoy this series and will continue to look forward to the future of the franchise. Alongside with Son Goku, Naruto is a Shonen Protagonist that I looked up to and grew up with. He’ll get his deserved win, and I’ll be watching along with other Naruto fans. From Dead Last to Konoha’s Orange Hokage, the Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja known as Naruto Uzumaki will win this Death Battle and Ichigo better believe it!

Joukaake Juuni


Eyy yo its ya boi Joukaake Juuni. Back wit an other DB blog stuff an shit. Here too anwser the question Why does Ichigo stomp that fucboi nerd Naruto.

Alright, Weeb name: Check
Weeb picture: Check
Weeb opinion: Check
Weeb intro: Check
Weeb music: ???
Can I stop now?

But seriously, it’s good to be back. Hello, it’s me, Jokerke12. I haven’t done one of these since Natsu vs Ace, but since I know a lot about Bleach I helped with Ichigo’s analysis. Also, don’t take that beginning paragraph seriously. Now, onto the verdict!

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room: Can Naruto see or touch Ichigo? Short answer: Yes, kinda. Long answer: Naruto has so many options to keep track of Ichigo that having a fight against him wouldn’t be much of a problem. Sure, it would make the fight harder, but not hard enough to tip the scales in Ichigo’s favour. And regarding the “touching” thing, I must have missed something, because I don’t remember if it was ever stated or shown that beings with spiritual bodies cannot be touched by normal things. In the first arc Chad even swats a Hollow with a telephone pole way before he even awakens to his powers. Not to mention that spiritual beings like Hollows and Shinigami constantly interact with physical objects and people. So yes, Naruto’s sensory abilities allow him to keep track of Ichigo and he can attack him no problem. Although in my opinion it would be easier if they just allowed Naruto see Ichigo. People just want a normal fight between the two. It’d be weird if Naruto has to fight Ichigo based on sensing alone.

Now, let’s compare the two combatants.

Destructive Capability:
A single Bijuu Bomb from Naruto is around Large Island level. Ichigo’s strongest attack (Mugetsu) is also about this strong. What’s the difference? Naruto can launch multiple of these without any problems. Ichigo loses all his powers by using one Mugetsu. Naruto takes this category.

Ichigo held Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relámpago in his hand and crushed it while in Vasto Lorde Form, but let’s be generous and assume that in his so-called “Dangai Form” (or Final Getsuga, whichever you prefer) he could take as much as he can dish out. Let’s say he could take the full force of a Mugetsu and keep fighting. So, about Large Island level. Naruto took a Moon splitting attack and was relatively unharmed. Even if we take into consideration the fact that the Moon in the Narutoverse is hollow, that’s still a lot more impressive than Ichigo. Naruto takes this category as well.

Naruto has consistently been shown to be able to fight people with Mach 700 speeds or above. The best speed feat is easily reacting to lightning. Lightning travels at speeds around Mach 287. Since Ichigo was still in Shikai, we can assume his top speed is much bigger, but even if we say that his speed in Dangai Form is double of that that still isn’t anywhere near Naruto’s speed. Sure, at first glance it might seem like it’s kinda close, but Mach 600 and Mach 700 still has a Mach 100 difference. In car races a few km/hs can mean whether you win or lose, then 100 Mach difference in a battle to the death basically means the slower one wouldn’t even be able to touch the other. So, again, Naruto takes this one as well.

Naruto takes the stat trio. But what about everything else? Surely there must be something Ichigo can do to turn the tides. Nope. Naruto has Ichigo beat in hax, strategy and experience.
Ichigo might be skilled with a sword, but that doesn’t save him from Naruto’s overwhelming power and speed. Ichigo isn’t stupid, heck, he might even be smarter than Naruto in most fields, but Naruto is smarter than Ichigo in the one field that counts: strategy. Naruto has shown time and time again that he’s a pretty good strategist, while Ichigo has always used the same strategy in every battle he ever fought. Brute force.
Naruto has a buttload of abilities some of which are considered hax, while Ichigo is just a straight up fighter with few abilities.
And lastly, Naruto has years of formal training under his belt with equal amount of experience. Ichigo might be a fast learner, but the best that could accomplish is that he MIGHT be his equal in this field specifically, but again Naruto has experience with actual strategies, and even if Ichigo somehow had Naruto beat in this category it still couldn’t close the gap between their stats.

No matter how you look at it Ichigo is simply outclassed. Even if you say that “Oh, Mugetsu could probably cut the Moon in half like that Momo-whatever guy” or “Ichigo’s speed with his True Bankai with Dangai Form is Mach 1000” Naruto still has enough feats to keep him ahead. Heck, if you equalized their DC, Durability and Speed Naruto would still win. He has a lot more varied arsenal, is a better strategist and Kurama inside him can help him tremendously.

So, my final verdict should come as no surprise to anyone: Naruto wins this Death Battle.


Verdict Music
(If you understood that I chose these two songs because they had the same name then you’re a filthy weeb too)

Okay so before we get to the verdict, I should apologize for causing everyone else to turn into cancerous weebs for this blog and the past few weeks. That being said, while I should apologize, I won’t. We were having a good time so fuck all y’all and deal with the weebery. Also, super props on Joker for doing like 90% of Ichigo’s analysis. That boi put in work.

So before we go into stats and all that, let’s talk about something that a lot of people don’t when talking about this matchup: Can Naruto see and interact with Ichigo in his Shinigami form? Personally, I don’t think Naruto would be able to see Ichigo. However, that’s really not a problem. Naruto can feel the pressure of Ichigo’s reiatsu in base and Sage Mode gives him stupidly good sensory abilities that are potent enough to be able to detect and single out even faint presences from among thousands of people (like with Kakashi and Boruto) and can let him track someone’s location (Like with Pain aka Nagato). Beyond that, Kurama possesses the ability to sense hostility and negative emotions which would come naturally from someone trying who’s not only out to kill you, but is part Hollow. And Naruto gains access to this ability himself upon activating Kurama mode. If you still don’t buy that Naruto could just sense Ichigo, then know that Six Paths Sage Mode not only gives Naruto precognition, but literally lets him sense multiple spiritual entities in another plane of existence. And interacting with Ichigo isn’t at all a problem either. Naruto has literally physically grabbed onto his soul on two separate occasions (Meaning if Ichigo tries to soul fuck him Naruto could just grab his soul and plop it back into his body) and has been able to grab others’ (Kurama) souls as well, so he clearly has the ability to physically interact with spirits. And this is all ignoring the filler where he’s the only one in Konoha that can perceive and interact with a ghost.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to beat a dead horse and reiterate what everyone else has said. Naruto kinda just shits on Ichigo in every category that matters. Naruto’s fought and beaten more powerful beings. He’s been fighting longer (he’s like 32ish and has been training as a ninja since 5 or 6) and against more varied and versatile opponents. He’s around a similar level of speed but still has the edge. He has far more tools and abilities at his disposal. He resists Ichigo’s potential soul fuckery but Ichigo has no defence against sealing or Genjutsu. Naruto’s Uzumaki bloodline lets him fight longer via having more stamina and chakra alongside constant regeneration. He’s by leaps and bounds the more intelligent fighter and is superior at close, mid and long range. He’s also debatably not even worse when it comes to book smarts considering academy students do high level physics around the ages of 10-12 for basic ninja training and Naruto had to go far beyond that in his studies to become Hokage. For fuck’s sake, he’s even got the better wife. Honestly, Ichigo’s not even as weak as people make him out to be. Ichigo’s Country+ in destructive capability and durability at the very least and is able to very casually react to lightning (and should also be able to react to meteors via Kenpachi scaling). But that’s just not enough to stand up to someone who literally has everything he does and more.

It gets more unfair when we look at forms and certain jutsu. We’ve seen what a Tailed Beast Mode and Sage Mode can do and they stack with each other. Meanwhile, Ichigo’s two strongest forms have barely seen any use thanks to his new Bankai never being given the chance to engage in actual combat, and Final Getsuga Tenshou only being shown when Ichigo was at a far weaker state than he was at the end of the series on top of it completely taking away his powers once it ends making Ichigo unwilling to use it. Then Naruto has a legion of Shadow Clones - over a thousand strong according to Sasuke and 5000 going by the Ultimate Ninja Storm Series - That costs him very little chakra to use. And they’re all on par with Naruto in stats and can access all of his jutsu and gather chakra, experience and intel for him.

On top of all this, Naruto really isn’t going to be tiring out any time soon. He’s got a massive reserve of chakra and stamina thanks to being an Uzumaki which is amped considerably thanks to being a Jinchuuriki, can use Kurama’s chakra instead of his own to let his reserves recover, can opt for nature chakra that he, Kurama, his clones or his summons can gather and transfer to him and if he’s feeling mentally exhausted Kurama can take over his body and act for him. And of course, there’s his sealing tags and Jutsu which literally only requires contact to work. Ichigo on the other hand has a very limited arsenal with a lot of attacks being usable only in certain forms.

We’re about to have another chapter of Death and Strawberry on our hands, because Naruto should definitely take this. It’s not all bad, though. No matter who lives or dies in this Death Battle, Boruto and Himawari still don’t get to have a father around and Ichigo was dead to begin with.



That is the face of a man who is lucky to be alive… for the time being.

Also: stat trinity + larger moveset + better versatility = Boruto’s dad wins. Look above for reasons.


  1. I really was looking forward to this prediction blog, since I know both characters and was interested who you guys think would win. I also didn't expect to see all of you giving your vote to Naruto. But honestly I have fun reading these predictions and to me they are more informative and helpful than some predictions on YouTube or other sides. Personally rooting for Naruto but I still fear that he might loose (hopefully not for some stupid reason if he looses)

    @Malcolm Belmont: You said that Naruto has a Mach 4000+ feat. Which feat was this since I couldn't find it.

    1. It was when he dodged one of Madara's attacks, which was confirmed by Kishimoto to be the speed of light.

    2. Naruto doges this jutsu

    3. - Here is the Mach 4000 feat

    4. I should have included it in the feats section

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  3. You forgot the Transformation justu which is super important to Naruto's tricks.

  4. Fair point - we kinda represented it with the Sexy Jutsu - the supremio transfomation justsu

  5. Yea but, you don't talk about him turning to terrain or weapons which sexy justu does not tell you about it.

  6. I think you guys are more naruto fans lol, not saying Ichigo would win, but I think you are underestimating Ichigo’s power, people scale the tale beasts under 8 bijuu bomb to nuke/montain level and 8 and 9 tails to small island and in all fairness that isn’t all that impressive to Ichigo if you take into consideration his fight with ulquiorra where it was stated that any espada level 4 or under could destroy las noches just by using there resurreccion which has been calculated in several videos to be size of the state of Victoria in Australia, and Ichigo in vasto lorde form was tanking these destruction level attacks by ulquiorra segunda etapa without even being scratched and may I add, ulquiorra is the only arrancar to aquire a second release so could technically be stronger than coyote starrk number 1 espada which means these attacks could be even more destructive. Ichigo trained for 3 months non stop to achieve his final getsuga tenshoy 3 MONTH OF NON STOP TRAINING his stamina is insane. If you remember dangai Ichigo was massively more powerful than vasto lorde Ichigo and he was casually crushing mountains, even if they were samll, he still didn't even lay contact upon them just the sock waves from half arsed swings with his sword. Also he casually broke through hado 90 with a singly flick of his wrist which is the black coffin and it was used by a trancended aizen who's power was so overwhelming that regular humans would disintegrate from being near him and hado 90 basicaly warps space and time, not saying it's a black hole, but ichigo broke out of Yukio fulbring power which after claiming a portion of ichigo's fulbring he is able to create his own separate pocket dimension. In the 1000 year blood war arc Ichigo re aquired his mugetsu power just in Base shikai, and now had the power boost from his quincy and hollowfied form and now on top of that with his bankai. Ichigo is far faster than speed of light if you think about back in the soul society ichigo is stated to be as fast as lighting, and now adding all his countless battles and obviously improving and getting stronger from these experiences/also his transformation boost so be fair ichigo in the end of the arancar arc should be at least the speed of light if not more, also in the final arc Lilotto evades the ashwalen which is a ray light, Shunsui Evades Lille Barro's Light Ray, and Ichigo destroyed Lilotto and her friends and is obviously far stronger than Shunsui. Literally Ichigo was fighting on par with a being capable of destroying all the world’s in the bleach verse until he used his all mighty to break Ichigo’s bankai which he even said was so powerful he couldn’t take any risks or make any errors. Not saying Ichigo is stronger but many people down play ichigo let's hope screw attack do these shonen legends justice and give us an epic fight.

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    1. Naruto still has six paths sage mode he used to fight Momoshiki in the boruto manga as well as the movie.