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Death Battle Predictions: Sephiroth VS Vergil

Power. All men crave it. Some fight for it tooth and nail, never understanding the struggle to hold it only leads to it slipping through the fingers. Others desire it to the point of obsession, willing to destroy any who stand in their path in a vicious cycle of enforcing their wills as stronger than the common man’s. That drive to obtain power is what binds these silver-haired swordsmen to do battle:

Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel. Vergil, the Son of Sparda. The fourth season of Death Battle will end with this long-awaited clash between two of gaming’s most well-known final bosses to determine whose blade will cut deeper. Will the Imaginary Champion of Final Fantasy deliver his gifts of despair, or shall Devil May Cry’s Dark Slayer prove that his might controls all?



2000 years ago, an extraterrestrial being known as Jenova crash-landed on the planet Gaia, and was responsible for the near extinction of the ancient Cetra race. After being sealed away by the survivors, who had come to be known as Ancients, its remains were excavated by the Shinra Electric Power Company in modern times. Shinra had heard of legends detailing the Cetra’s ability to talk to the Lifestream and lead them to the Promised Land - an infinite source of Mako energy which they had hoped to harness. Mistaking Jenova as a Cetra, Shinra began performing genetic experiments, intent on creating a specimen which could breed them a new generation of Cetra to travel to the Promised Land.

Two major divisions were set up for this venture: Project G and Project S. As the latter’s head, Professor Hojo injected Jenova’s cells into his unborn child, carried by his wife and fellow scientist Lucrecia Crescent, leading to the birth of their “chosen savior” and the most successful of all the Project’s experiments: Sephiroth. The Jenova Project had imbued him with superhuman capabilities, and thus he was raised and trained to join their private army, SOLDIER, while Shinra “waited” for his abilities as an Ancient to manifest.  All the while he remained unaware of his true heritage.

Sephiroth faithfully served SOLDIER for many years and became an established war hero, but his fate would take a twisted turn when he discovered the truth behind his birth on a mission to the mountain village of Nibelheim. Mentally broken, he had come to believe that humanity was responsible for the Cetra’s extinction and destroyed the town to enact his vengeance. Although he was stopped by SOLDIER operatives Zack Fair and Cloud Strife, Sephiroth’s willpower prevented him from being assimilated into the Lifestream after his death. With his power and knowledge expanded in stasis, he had a new mission in mind: to merge himself fully into the Lifestream and harness its power to become a god.


Millennia ago, war was waged between humanity and demons from the Underworld. The Demon King Mundus had his sights set on conquest, intending to subjugate the human realm to his rule. With his massive army capable of wiping out almost any being who dared oppose him, his downfall came at the hands of one of his own kind; the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda rebelled against the demons to prevent mankind from suffering under Mundus’ tyranny. With the use of his sword, his blood and a mystic amulet, he managed to seal away the entrance to the Underworld through the unholy tower called the Temen-ni-gru, at the cost of the greater portion of his power.

After benevolently ruling over mankind, Sparda vanished and descended into legend before passing away, but not before marrying a human woman named Eva. Their union would lead to the birth of half-human, half-demonic twins named Dante and Vergil, who were each entrusted with weapons and halves of Sparda’s amulet. Eva cared for their children as a single mother, but their happiness would end when the twins turned 8 years old. Mundus’ forces had caught wind of Sparda’s death and attacked the family, leaving the brothers as orphans and separating their paths for the next several years.

Distraught over this traumatic incident, Vergil began to believe that his human side was the source of his weakness, and embraced his demonic heritage. He travelled the world to find whatever remained of Sparda’s power, and soon learned of the Temen-ni-gru’s legend by way of a mysterious individual named Arkham, who explained that it can only be restored by one who bears Sparda’s blood and possessed the same artifacts used to seal it in the first place. Later on, Vergil learned of Dante’s survival and existence as a demon hunter, leading to the sons of Sparda eventually battling each other and clashing both their blades and philosophies together.

Fighting Styles


Trained since childhood in the SOLDIER program, Sephiroth earned a legendary reputation as one of Shinra’s most effective field operatives. With Jenova’s cells in his system, he was gifted with superhuman capabilities and indomitable willpower. He can swing the Masamune at high speeds with just one hand, his strikes can cut through metal and other types of armor, and he can move around the battlefield via flight and teleportation.

Since falling into the Lifestream and assimilating Jenova into his being, Sephiroth can exert his willpower over other individuals with Jenova and Sephiroth cells by influencing their thoughts or outright controlling their bodies; this can be affected by how well the target’s will opposes his. He can also utilize illusions to catch enemies off-guard, and manifest copies of the Masamune at any time.


As a descendant of Sparda, Vergil’s physical capabilities dwarf that of any ordinary swordsman. He is more than capable enough to battle hordes of demons at once, survive fatal injuries via near-instant regeneration, dodge and reflect point-blank gunfire and use almost any weapon he can acquire, much like his younger brother.

Akin to Dante’s Trickster, this specializes in various teleports called Tricks which allow Vergil to reposition himself to follow up combos or put himself out of harm’s way. Much of this style runs in contrast to how Dante does battle: where his brother is wild and forceful, Vergil is more agile and precise with his movements. He maintains a calm and focused attitude while fighting (reflected in Devil May Cry 4’s gameplay as the Concentration Gauge as well as his various boss fights), utilizing iaijutsu to perform swift counter attacks that allow him to slay opponents in a quick flash.

Equipment and Move List



A recurring mainstay of the Final Fantasy series, the Masamune is a large odachi blade which serves as Sephiroth’s signature weapon and has followed him in almost every appearance he has made. Not much is known about its origins save for the fact that Sephiroth himself is said to be the only one capable of wielding it effectively, moreso given that real-life odachi are greatswords which often require the user to use two hands to perform bulky, slow swings.

Since his initial death and rebirth in the Lifestream, Sephiroth can create a copy of the Masamune out of thin air should he need to do battle. Despite the blade’s large size, his attacks are swift and deadly, often performing a barrage of strikes faster than the eye can see.

  • Reaper: A series of three slashes which hit multiple times. 
  • Shadow Flare: A group of four dark orbs which converge on an enemy’s position. 
  • Transience: A single slash which hits several times before knocking the foe backwards. 
  • Fervent Blow: A burst of energy projectiles fired from the Masamune. If they connect, Sephiroth follows with a dashing lunge to launch the target upwards. 
  • Sudden Cruelty: Two sword swings that deal multiple hits. 
  • Oblivion: Sephiroth dashes forward and performs a single slice which hits multiple times if it connects. 
  • Godspeed: A mid-air variant of Fervent Blow, modified such that Sephiroth sends the target downwards with an overhead strike. 
  • Gust: A charged-up horizontal strike followed with a crushing overhead blow. 
  • Trembling Earth: A quick and clean four-hit combo. 
  • Surging Sky: The aerial version of Trembling Earth. 
  • Zanshin: A barrage of slash projectiles which allow Sephiroth to float in mid-air. 
  • Octaslash: A multi-hitting sword combo. 
  • Scintilla: Sephiroth creates a forcefield which parries enemy attacks. He follows up with a thrusting attack to stun the opponent before knocking them away. 
  • Hell’s Gate: A diving impale attack which is strong enough to cause fissures in the ground or shockwaves in mid-air. 
  • Heaven’s Light: An upwards rising slash which covers a great amount of vertical distance. 
  • Heartless Angel: An attack with long charge time; if successful, Sephiroth reduces the target’s HP count to 1, forcing them into a near-death state in an instant.


Materia are orbs made of crystallized Mako, the energy which sustains the planet. In-game, equipping them on characters allows them to perform magic spells, call upon the help of Summons and enhance physical capabilities.

While previous Final Fantasy VII combatants had a relatively unclear Materia loadout - Cloud and Tifa only getting a single elemental Materia based on their appearances in Dissidia, Sephiroth has a more straightforward arsenal which is based on his non-customizable flashback to the Nibelheim Incident in addition to the unique one he alone possesses:

  • Green: Allows the user to cast magic attacks from different elements. Sephiroth has the ability to use Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth magic, along with Revive to call back fallen allies. 
  • Black: A one-of-a-kind Materia color which allows those who possess the needed strength to summon the ultimate destructive black magic known as Meteor. Sephiroth had intended to drop it onto the Northern Crater to damage the planet enough to successfully merge with the Lifestream. When the people of Gaia saw Meteor falling, they believed it would be the end of the world.
The Materia Sephiroth possesses are embedded into his accessories: a Tough Ring and Gold Armlet, which provide boosts to his in-game stats.



A katana once wielded by Sparda to seal the true Hell Gate, it became Vergil’s signature weapon after it was passed on to him as a heirloom.

The sword is imbued with dark magic, allowing it to cut through almost anything. Its signature move, the Judgement Cut, demonstrates this by having Vergil cut through the fabric of reality itself. Outside of it, Vergil practices a form of Iaido in direct combat, sheathing the sword when not in use and pulling it out for quick blitzing attacks.

  • Upper Slash: An upwards strike which launches enemies and allows Vergil to follow up with an aerial combo. 
  • Rapid Slash: A dashing attack which hits multiple times. This can be follow-up with a launcher called Rising Star. 
  • Judgement Cut: A fast slash attack which tears open a hole in space which shreds captured opponents to pieces. 
  • Dimension Slash: Vergil dashes around the battlefield in quick succession, performing multiple Judgement Cuts in the process. This attack is also known as Judgement Cut End.


A pair of flash gauntlets and greaves which Vergil uses for different martial arts techniques. This Devil Arm contains the soul of the Lightbeast Beowulf, one of the guardians of the Temen-ni-gru.  After being weakened in battle against Dante, he attacked Vergil and was slain; his soul being reforged into a new weapon.

Said to be blessed by the power of the sacred light, attacks with Beowulf emit large bursts of energy which compliment its hard-hitting strikes. Vergil can charge it up further to increase their attack potency.

  • Starfall: A dive kick from mid-air. 
  • Lunar Phase: Vergil launches himself into the air and performs a rotating windmill kick that juggles foes and sends them crashing downwards. 
  • Rising Sun: A quick combo that sends Vergil and his opponent upwards. 
  • Beast Uppercut: A powerful uppercut that launches foes into the air. This can be charged further into two more attacks: at half charge, it becomes the more powerful Rising Dragon, while a full charge yields the two-hit Dragon Breaker. 
  • Kick 13: A barrage of kicks that finishes with a launcher.

Force Edge

The unawakened form of the sword once wielded by the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda; the Force Edge contained the remnants of his power after it was used to seal the Temen-ni-gru’s gateway to Hell. Its true form can only be reawakened with the aid of the Perfect Amulet, which was split into two halves and given to Dante and Vergil as keepsakes.

With Force Edge, Vergil can perform his own versions of Dante’s signature attacks, such as High Time, Helm Breaker and Stinger. He can also dual-wield it alongside the Yamato for certain combination attacks.

  • Helm Breaker: A powerful overhead slash. 
  • Stinger: A dashing thrust that can send foes flying backwards. This can be followed with Million Stab, where Vergil repeatedly pierces the target before finishing with one more thrust. Unlike Dante, Vergil can perform this move in mid-air at the cost of reduced knockback. 
  • High Time: A launcher attack meant to be followed-up with aerial combos. 
  • Round Trip: Vergil tosses the Force Edge like a boomerang, sucking enemies into a vortex where they are skewered repeatedly. 
  • Drive: A wave of energy fired from the Force Edge. Can be followed with a second projectile as Overdrive.

Summoned Swords

These spectral copies of Force Edge are Vergil’s primary form of ranged attack, due to his distaste towards firearms. Vergil can fire these during his combos, and warp towards any foe or surface these land on with Trick. He can also detonate blades embedded into enemies for extra damage.

  • Spiral Swords: A group of Summoned Swords surround Vergil in a circle formation, damaging nearby foes and defending him from ranged attacks. 
  • Sword Storm: Swords form around a target, and proceed to impale it after a brief pause. 
  • Blistering Swords: Swords are formed behind Vergil, which he can fire one at a time. Heavy 
  • Rain Swords: Vergil summons multiple swords to fall on a target, stunning them momentarily.



Bizarro Sephiroth

While attempting to stop the white magic Holy from halting Meteor’s fall, Sephiroth’s true body hibernated inside a cocoon deep in the Northern Cave at the planet’s core as he utilized various clones to do his bidding. When confronted by Cloud and his party, Sephiroth emerges from his slumber in this grotesque form. He does not use the Masamune while transformed, but does gain a few new powers in its stead such as the ability to rejuvenate itself with Bizarro Energy.

Bizarro Sephiroth’s more offensive options include:

  • Sephiroth Shock: Creates a shockwave to damage one opponent. 
  • Fire3/Ice3/Bolt3/Quake3: Magic spells that blast the opponent with fire, ice, lightning and earth respectively. These are the most powerful forms of these elemental magics.
  • Demi3: Gravity-based magic that crushes an opponent’s health down to a quarter of its current strength. 
  • Slow: A time magic spell that causes the target’s actions to slow to a crawl. Stop: Another time spell that freezes the opponent in time. 
  • Stigma: Poisons and slows (as per the aforementioned Slow spell) the target. Can affect multiple targets in close proximity at the same time.
Bizarro Sephiroth can also make use of the previously mentioned Heartless Angel technique.

Safer Sephiroth

Upon his defeat in his Bizarro form, Sephiroth assumes this newer angelic transformation by further tapping into the Lifestream, remaking himself into a form he believes is more fitting for a god. Safer Sephiroth is capable of flight and numerous new moves while keeping some old ones like Shadow Flare and Heartless Angel.  New abilities exclusive to this form include:

  • His ordinary strikes cause foes to be stricken with paralysis and blindness.
  • Deen: Blasts foes with raw magical energy.
  • Wall: A protective ability that provides a barrier around Sephiroth, reducing the impact of physical and magical attacks.
  • DeSpell: Removes helpful (and potentially harmful) magical spells on the target such as magic barriers and time magic. In gamer terms, it gets rid of buffs and debuffs.
  • Pale Horse: A crippling curse that damages an opponent and can shrink them so small that rats look big (lowering their physical strength proportionally), turn them into a frog or even give them depression. We're not kidding.
  • Break: A magic spell that harms and petrifies the target, turning them to stone.
In this form, Sephiroth’s most well known Limit Break makes an appearance: Supernova - a massive explosion capable of wiping out an entire solar system. Those who survive will find themselves crippled in multiple ways including slowed in time as per the Slow spell, unable to speak and have their minds muddled with a haze of confusion.


Sephiroth’s EX Mode from Dissidia, based on his appearance in Advent Children in which he grows a single black wing and named after the event in which Jenova is resurrected. He acquires this form by exerting his influence over Jenova Cells by transforming Kadaj, one of his Remnants, into a copy of himself; he uses this to do battle with Cloud one more time.

Sephiroth here mainly fights as he did before the Bizarro and Safer transformations, although Dissidia has granted him the ability to perform those forms’ signature attacks in Heartless Angel and Supernova.


Devil Trigger

When Vergil gets serious, he awakens the demon half of himself, allowing it to take over his body and assume his true devil form. This is known as the Devil Trigger, a latent ability that demons and demonic hybrids can tap into for an extra boost of power.

Under its effects, Vergil’s speed and power are boosted tremendously, and his innate healing factor allows him to regenerate from serious wounds quicker. Many of his moves are also enhanced when performed in this state, such as Summoned Swords being fired at the end of Yamato combos or extra kicks while performing Lunar Phase.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Vergil can also perform one more additional Hyper Combo called Dark Angel, wherein he repeatedly slashes his opponent while placing Summoned Swords all around them which are launched when he finishes his assault.

Corrupted Vergil/Nelo Angelo

After the events of Devil May Cry 3, Vergil was trapped in the Demon World when he encountered Mundus himself, and battled him to follow in Sparda’s footsteps. However, he lost and was corrupted under the Demon King’s influence, becoming the mysterious enforcer known as Nelo Angelo; it is under this guise that Vergil encounters Dante during the latter’s investigation into Mallet Island and does battle with him over the course of 3 fights.

As Nelo Angelo, Vergil wields a mysterious broadsword similar to Force Edge, and copies most of its attacks while in combat. He can also use infuse it and his gauntlets with fire and lightning magic, which he can launch as large fireball-like projectiles towards his opponents. He also retains the use of Summoned Swords, albeit on a greater scale than he once did originally.






Sephiroth’s god complex has made him extremely arrogant in battle. He often does not battle to the fullest of his potential, believing that most of his opponents are beneath him and unworthy of his strength.

Aside from that, he cannot perform any magic-based attacks with his Materia should he run out of MP (though Bizarro and Safer Sephiroth forms do not rely on Materia and effectively have limitless MP, constantly replenishing it to full). His use of Black Materia is impractical given the rules of a Death Battle as a first-time random encounter; as it took more than several hours and even days for Meteor to land on the planet. Heartless Angel also leaves him open to attack if he activates it.


Unlike his brother, who deals with his cockiness, Vergil’s greatest weakness is his own arrogance. He has a tendency to underestimate his opponents, and is highly overconfident in his own abilities. Along with this, he also has a bit of PTSD towards his rough past, as seeing any sort of reminder or figment of those times will significantly harm him mentally.

Vergil adheres tightly to his code of honor, never breaking it even when in death. He holds what he feels as the rightful way of battle in high regard, much higher than his brother Dante. Vergil’s healing factor is also limited. Though he has been able to survive being stabbed and cut in half, things like limbs and his head seem unable to regenerate. His Devil Trigger is also limited by his amount of demonic energy, which depletes as Vergil fights, forcing him to run on a time limit when in this mode. This demonic energy limit also applies to his powers, though not on a time limit. Instead it depletes as he takes damage, needing him to be incredibly careful in battles.

Yamato’s ability to cut through anything is also seemingly limited, unable to cut through things like Lady’s Kalina Ann rocket launcher despite lore stating otherwise.



“Sephiroth's strength is unreal. He is far stronger in reality than any story you might have heard about him.” - Cloud Strife


  • Statstomps 
  • Possesses more hax 
  • More experience 
  • Safer Sephiroth is superior to anything in Vergil’s arsenal 
  • Stronger forms have unlimited magical energy to power their abilities


  • World of Final Fantasy


“I shall restore it… open the demon world… and all Earth shall tremble at my name!”


  • Vergil tier in Ultimate MVC3 exists for a reason
  • Probably smarter


  • See weakness image Inferior in most stats 
  • Devil Trigger and Nelo Angelo don’t hold a candle to Safer Sephiroth 
  • Regeneration has no defense against losing limbs 
  • Has no actual documented formal training and thus is less experienced 
  • Has a limited stockpile of demonic energy to power his special abilities



Cloud said it best: hoo boy. Been an awful long time since I've written one of these, usually I'm more behind the scenes doing editing/proofreading. But with Final Fantasy (and VII of all things) back at bat, I knew I had to dust off the pen. Anybody who knows me knows I'm hugely biased here, I love FF like crazy. I thank them for being too polite to say it. But the most bias can do is blind you to the facts, it can't stop those facts from existing. And as biased as it sounds coming from me, the facts say Sephiroth takes this one handily. If the stats were equal, this would actually be a really interesting and close fight in my opinion. Both sides have some really cool options available and seeing them all go into play would be a dream come true. That's the main reason I'm looking forward to this Death Battle, the animation part of the episode has so much potential. Unfortunately, there's a big gap in stats here and that's what I'm gonna focus on in this verdict.

First, let's talk speed. Vergil's got some nice, clear cut stuff. Everybody knows the raindrop feat by now, and that places him safely in the massively hypersonic range. Sephy's not so simple. FFVII and Sephiroth himself seem to be lacking in speed feats outside people dodging gunfire, which is very basic stuff for DMC. One good calc'd feat is Cloud, Tifa and the gang running around dodging high speed winds in the aptly named Whirlwind Maze. That clocks in at about Mach 100, and Sephiroth is consistently portrayed as faster than Cloud in their fights. The other speed feat Sephiroth can scale to is much higher. In Crisis Core, Zack faces off with Bahamut Fury, which can move much faster than light and doesn't have a reason to hold back on that speed while facing the late SOLDIER 1st Class. By the end of FFVII, Cloud is certainly more capable than Zack and we've seen Sephiroth outspeed Zack before. So then it's a question of whether you scale Sephiroth to Zack's speed, Cloud's speed in the Whirlwind Maze, or try to compromise and put it somewhere in between. This means that as far as speed is concerned, Sephiroth is at worst slower than Vergil but in the same ballpark or much, much faster to the point where a blitz is a real possibility.

Things really split wide open when we get into durability and destructive capacity. To find Sephiroth's limits, let's put him up against the most powerful display of force in FFVII: Ultimate End, the signature attack of the summon Knights of the Round. As explained in the Ultimania (specifically The Compilation of FFVII Ultimania, an encyclopedia covering various terms in the sub series), summons usually draw their targets into a separate dimension to carry out their attacks. It can be seen more clearly in game in Crisis Core when Zack fights summoned beasts and it's why the planet Gaia is still there when summons blow up moons or planets with their attacks. Knights of the Round finishes things off by destroying the entire dimension. We can't see the exact dimensions of the, uh, dimension but it contains a bunch of stars. Because we can't see more, I can't say it's as big as a galaxy, but it definitely includes a lot of star systems. Considering other summons far weaker than KotR create dimensions with planets, moons and other realistically sized celestial bodies, it's fair to say there isn't a reason to believe the stars we see in Ultimate End are sparkles glued on black construction paper. Sephiroth in his Safer Sephiroth form can survive multiple Ultimate Ends before keeling over, which would put his durability somewhere in the solar system to multi-solar system range at least. I can't think of anything Vergil has that can touch that other than maybe the hax of Yamato, and it may be worth mentioning that KotR and a few other powerful summons have something that could be interpreted as piercing hax that bypasses defenses against physical and magical attacks. Now, some may say that Cloud's party didn't spam Ultimate End against Sephiroth to beat him in the story but if that's the case, they would've had to equal it with their combined might (actually, they'd need to exceed it since they don't have the same piercing defenses hax on their side). If they're putting out that kind of energy, the bodies of the more melee focused party members would need to be able to hold up under it so that'd put their durability somewhere in the star/solar system/multi solar system range. And since Sephiroth posed a dire threat to their lives, he'd have to have a similar DC to that too.

The biggest issue is we can't get a specific number here; the most I can say is that the power levels are somewhere in this broad range and that makes this sort of thing hard for people to buy. Wherever it lands in that range in actuality, it's far above Vergil's DC and durability; but people usually want a number they can point to. If you disregard Knights of the Round, then there are other, weaker summons that have been calc'd with hard numbers like Typhon being large planet level and Bahamut Fury being moon level. Tossing summon scaling out the window, one example is that Sephiroth was a much tougher foe for the main characters than Ultimate Weapon, which could push out continent busting levels of energy. Stats aside, there are other factors in Sephiroth's favor such as the various hax of his magical abilities (I don't think Vergil has resistance to being turned into a toad or frozen in time, at least not as strong as the level of Sephy's magic) and that he can keep spamming his best stuff while Vergil's on a clock.

Another potential issue is, will Sephiroth get his other forms like Bizarro and Safer? I really hope he does, I want to see them present and rendered in the fight. It seems fair since Vergil should get his Devil Trigger form at the very least. And if he needed to use them to win, Sephiroth can easily enter these forms with a thought. So in the end, who wins this Death Battle is gonna depend on what DB is aware of and what they choose to use but if they've got it all on the table in front of 'em, the One Winged Angel is gonna look like a clear winner. My gil is on Sephiroth.


That episode with the ponies and the cancer was a year ago. Time flies.


I’ve been a fan of this fight for a long time for a pretty simple reason: I like Vergil, I like Sephiroth; ergo, I’d pay top dollar to see them violently murder the other in a spectacular fashion. Without gushing over it for far too long, I cannot begin to express how happy I am we’re getting this, and as the season finale no less.

Oh, and Sephiroth stomps via better hax and stats, and that’s with both better feats and scaling on his side… that’s all I have for this time. Pretty sure everyone else here has explained their stances better than I could for this fight, but here’s my quick take:

The only things that Vergil have which give him anything remotely resembling a chance here are his dimension-cutting hax via Yamato and near-broken healing factor, but all of those pale in comparison to the different spells, negative status effects/transformations and overall raw strength Sephiroth possesses. Vergil may potentially be faster, but he’s ill-equipped or prepared otherwise to deal with Sephiroth’s best feats like the Junon Cannon or even scaling to the dimension-busting Summons and people who have fought them, like Zack and Cloud.

Truth of the matter here is that Vergil is sort of screwed on the grounds that his stuff primarily comes from scaling to the youngest and weakest version of Dante in the Devil May Cry canon since he doesn’t have access to higher-end stuff like defeating Mundus or stopping the Savior’s punch, and even if we took into account Nelo Angelo, he’d still be far lacking compared to the more complete and dangerous portrayal Sephiroth has throughout the Final Fantasy VII Compilation.

So yeah, again… ummm… Sephiroth wins, Merry Christmas to all.

Call Me Knuckles

Woooooooaaaaah. I actually made it into a prediction blog! It's been crazy working on this, big thanks to the G1 guys who let me help out!

But anyway, Vergil VS Sephiroth. We started Season 3 with Dante, and now his brother's closing out Season 4. Let's face it, as much as Vergil VS Seeshomaru or Sephiroth VS Griffith was requested, we all knew this was fated to happen. And it’s cool. But enough beating around the bush. Who actually wins?’s really not too hard to see, sadly. Pretty much everything Vergil can do, Sephiroth can do better. Sure, Yamato can compete with Rebellion and “cut through dimensions”, but in terms of actual feats it doesn’t hold a candle to the immense strength behind Masamune.

One of Vergil’s most valued advantages in this battle is his healing factor. But while Dante’s healing factor was able to push through Bayonetta (which is still debatable, but let’s not get off topic) simple regeneration isn’t enough. Sure, having your stomach and important organs sliced apart is quite impressive - but come on. What’s Vergil gonna do against a supernova destroying the entire planet he’s standing on? One thing I can tell you is that he isn’t healing back from an explosion like that.

Sephiroth easily trumps Vergil in almost all categories. Vergil really doesn’t stand much of a chance. In destructive capability and raw power alone, there’s almost no comparison. Sorry, Vergil, but you just Spardon’t pick a fight with The One Winged Angel. So vote’s on Sephy here.

Because it’s Christmas and Sephiroth is the Santa we all deserve.

The Black Shulk

First off I’d like to thank the G1 team for letting me give a helping hand. As for Vergin vs Sepirothot? This fight is pretty is pretty simple once you get to the crunch of things. Vergil pretty much has nothing going into to this fight, especially against FF7’s main antagonist. DMC’s best feat would be the collapse of the Mallet Island which reached Small City. Meanwhile FF7’s best feat would be Knights of the Round shattering the dimension which contains a crapton of stars within. A Turk in Before Crisis, who are generally at the low end of the FF7 totem pole could kill Zirconiade, the strongest summon in the series with a limit break. With that alone there’s nothing in DMC that could hurt even the lower ends of the FF7 food chain. To make matters worse for Vergil, due to being dead by the time of the first game which takes place after DMC3 he wouldn’t realistically get any of the good feats that Dante would get since he’s dead. Even giving Vergil the benefit of all doubts and giving him said feats wouldn’t benefit him in the end considering lower tier feats in FF7 still eclipse anything DMC could hold a stick to such as Bahamut nuking the moon, or Typhoon flipping the planet. Heck even some random kid buying materia has enough to walk through DMC. Even going by on screen feats, Sephiroth destroying the Juno Cannon eclipses any on screen feats Vergil has shown.

If we’re talking abilities and hax that’s still in Sephiroth’s edge. Vergil’s only real form of “hax” would be the Yamato’s ability to “cut dimensional barriers.” which isn’t going to be much help in the grand scheme of things. Sephiroth on the other hand can utilize various spells which can screw over Vergil in many ways such as turning him into a frog, turning him into stone, mind hax, time shenanigans etc. Vergil’s regen while pretty fast has no defense against losing entire limbs. Even Sparda himself had to manually reattach limbs in order for them to properly heal. Experience wise Vergil doesn’t have much recorded training and while he and his brother duel a lot, this was against a much less experienced and weaker Dante. It's even more apparent when Vergil went to fight Mundas only to get babyshaked. Sephiroth on the other hand was part of SOLDIER for a good amount of time and was heavily regarded as being the best, and has participated in a good couple of wars to boot.

As a whole Vergil just doesn’t have the tools to win this. Stats? Sephiroth. Abilities? Sephiroth. Training and experience? Sephiroth. At the end of it all momma’s boy Sephy has everything to seal a win.


And that'll do it for us here, folks. It's been a wild ride of a year and a season, with a lot of things changing for us throughout it. This was the first year where we were covering the entire Death Battle season (barring one exception), with our team both gaining and losing members along the way, along with a relocation to Discord and making our own private server there. We'd also like to thank all of you for reading our content, and give special shout-outs to all the guests we've had over the year such as:
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  1. Eyy, we agree this time. #TeamSephiroth

  2. So, if Sephiroth wins, can we all sing "Hark! The One-Winged Angel Sings?" It's like Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, only about Sephiroth instead of literal angels.

  3. You think death battle will retcon Planet Buster Seph?

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  5. Despite the fact who obviously won, can we at least agree that that was a seriously epic fight worth being the finale of DB?