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Death Battle Predictions: Raven VS Twilight Sparkle

When fighting the forces of evil, it’s never a bad thing to call upon any allies you have when the going gets tough, especially if they just so happen to be your best friends. The Teen Titans and the Mane Six know this all too well, as bands of heroic misfits full of varied personalities who end up protecting each other as family and battling evil wherever it may lurk. Two such misfits are set to take center stage for the next episode of Death Battle, and conveniently, they’re both voiced by Tara Strong:

Raven, the Daughter of Trigon. Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship. These purple-clad powerhouse empaths once shed away from companionship but soon learned to harness their great magical abilities to help their friends, and now, both are set to clash to determine whose sorcery reigns supreme.



“My mind is a battleground, whipped and ripped asunder, torn from the very fabric of reality.”

The demonic overlord known as Trigon the Terrible only knew how to conquer and destroy all he saw fit since his birth. As one of the greatest threats the universe has ever seen, heroes who have combated him in the past have turned to the mystic arts to prevent their world from utter destruction. By a twist of fate, one of these magically-inclined warriors best tasked with battling Trigon turned out to be his own kin, the Teen Titan and Justice League member known as Raven.

Raven was born as the only child of Angela Roth, a Gotham City native who in her aimless youth joined a group of occultists that worshiped Trigon and other demonic entities. She was later married to Trigon’s human avatar, having been seduced by his appearance and supposedly genuine personality. Angela soon saw Trigon’s true demonic form and returned to Earth; upon learning she was pregnant with their child, she attempted suicide by drug overdose but was rescued by monks from the Temple Azarath, who helped her give birth to her daughter.

While in Azarath, Angela took on the name Arella and was taught the virtues of pacifism, which were also taught to Raven as well. She soon left the realm, leaving Raven in the care of the monks who helped her to control her powers as an empath; Azarath’s leader Azar believed that if Raven could not keep her emotions in check, her inner demonic self could take over and carry out Trigon’s will. Raven resided in Azarath until Azar’s death, at which point she followed her mother back to Gotham and was subsequently raised by her. By the time she turned 18, she caught wind of Trigon’s return to the mortal realm, and sought help to combat him.

Raven met with the Justice League to warn them, but was rejected when the wizard Zatanna sensed her demonic energies. In desperation, she reformed the Teen Titans alongside other teenage heroes like Dick Grayson - the then-current Robin, the shapeshifter Beast Boy, the alien princess Starfire and the half-human half-machine Cyborg to fight her father before he could take over the Earth. Since then, the Titans have remained a closely-knit unit as Raven continued to tame the demonic blood within her for the sake of her new family.

Despite their victory, Trigon could not be destroyed; he and his sons have attempted to sway Raven back to his side on multiple occasions to complete his plan of ruling all the realms by using her capacity to love and feel emotion, which he cannot do. Raven’s remembrance of her teachings in Azarath and her connections have allowed her to rise above her evil heritage time and time again, making her one of her universe’s most powerful forces for good.

Twilight Sparkle

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The world of Equestria is a land filled to the brim with adventure, virtue and friendship as ponies and other creatures from all walks of life help maintain the harmony between each other. In the past, it was formed when the three pony tribes - the pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies - fought back the threat of windingos who threatened eternal winter. Since then, Equestria has enjoyed an era of peace led by the various princes and princesses from different parts of the land, such as Princess Celestia, the alicorn princess who helps the sun rise.

Celestia’s example as a kind-hearted princess inspired a young mare from Canterlot named Twilight Sparkle to become her apprentice. As a filly, she witnessed Celestia raise the sun during the Summer Sun Celebration and was inspired to study magic and become just like her. Her parents Night Light and Twilight Velvet eventually enrolled her into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, but to enter it, she would need to hatch a dragon’s egg using magic. Although nervous and unsuccessful at first, a distant Sonic Rainboom - caused by a future teammate - allowed her to complete the test, but she soon went haywire, unable to control herself from casting spells rapidly.

It was not until Celestia herself personally intervened that order was restored, and offered Twilight to become her apprentice, due to her abilities and untapped potential. An eager Twilight accepted, leading to the appearance of her Cutie Mark: a symbol on her body representing her personality and talents; in this case, her love for magic. Over the years, Twilight learned to control and hone her magic under Celestia’s guidance and with the aid of Spike, the dragon she hatched from her entrance exam. As a mare, she was later tasked by Celestia to learn more about the magic of friendship and bonds, and interact with the residents of Ponyville despite her reservations.

Ponyville soon bore witness to the return of Nightmare Moon, the corrupted sister of Celestia who promised to bring endless night upon Equestria over her jealousy towards her sibling. To stop her required the use of the artifacts known as the Elements of Harmony, which Twilight sought out with the aid of her newfound friends: the speedy Rainbow Dash, the party pony Pinkie Pie, the fashionable Rarity, the quiet and nature-loving Fluttershy and the hardworking Applejack.

The newly-dubbed Mane Six succeeded in stopping Nightmare Moon, restoring her to her former state as Princess Luna, who soon made amends with Celestia. Since then, the Six have embarked on numerous adventures to help the other citizens of Equestria and battling other evildoers who threaten its safety. Twilight soon learned to harness her powers of friendship and magic to become the Princess of Friendship, putting her in a better position to accomplish her goals and a far cry away from the ascotial scholar she once was before meeting her friends.




Otherwise known as “emotional control” or “rapport”. Empathy is the ability to perceive other people's emotions as well as replicate emotions. This ability of empathy was taught to her by the Monks of Azarath, allowing her to use multiple emotional based abilities, including:

Consumption of Emotions: Raven has the ability to feed off of someone’s emotions, both good and bad. She’s been able to calm people down with this ability, or even feed off good or bad dreams. If she steals too much of their emotions though, it can lead to them being unable to feel any emotion.

Sensing of Emotions: Raven is able to sense emotions from miles away. Her senses are especially good when that emotion is fear.

Empathic Healing: She can also absorb the pain of a person to ease them and induce rapid healing. However, this ability does have limits, as she can’t heal any major injuries.

Transference of Emotions: Raven can transfer her emotions to another person. She did this with her own anger during her fight against Brother Blood.

Astral/Soul Form

This is an ability Raven learned through the teachings of the Azarath Monks.

Astral Projection: Through using her soul-self, Raven is able to enter another person’s conscious or herself which she does for calming purposes. She can also use astral projection as an offensive attack, sending it into another person’s head to render them unconscious.  

Soul-Self Manifestation: Raven can manifest her soul-self through astral projection. Usually taking the form of herself or a giant raven (this includes a giant claw of the raven). She can manipulate her soul self to block incoming attacks, wrap around herself to teleport, or get a better view by seeing through the soul-self’s vision. Even if her soul-self is damaged, Raven will live.

Soul-Seeing/Soul-Showing: Raven is able to see another person’s soul as well as allow people to see their own soul. And like the vast majority of people, she’s able to tell if someone is alive or dead.

Darkness-Based Abilities

Telekinesis: Raven can use telekinesis to pick up and throw objects or enemies. She can use it to manipulate the environment around her opponent, and make things surrounded by her dark magic disintegrate.

Darkness Blast: Raven can fire blasts of darkness from her fingertips. She can control the size of her darkness blasts, from large beams to lasers. She can also make her blasts sharp enough to cut through things and turn her dark magic into a wave that surrounds her (clip also shows she can shoot her magic out of the gemstone on her forehead).

Darkness Ball: Raven can create a ball made out darkness in order to trap her enemies so they can’t escape. She’s also able to move this ball with her victim inside of it.

Force Field: Using her dark powers, Raven can construct a forcefield to protect herself from attacks. She can create force fields so large that they cover multiple buildings in a town and quick small force fields to block minor attacks. While not exactly a force field, she can also create platforms using her dark magic.

Misc. Abilities

Teleportation: Raven can teleport to another person’s location or to entirely different dimensions, including dreams. She can even access her father’s dimension.

Levitation: Raven is able to fly, believe it or not.

Healing: Raven is able to heal injuries as long as they are not fatal, as was the case of Dove and Cyborg. She is also able to heal curses, such as when Trigon put one on someone and Raven she saved the day. Raven is also able to calm people or animal’s emotions and heal herself (although doing so leaves her wide open).

Clairvoyance: Raven has the ability to sense danger as well as get visions of what is going to happen in the future. Her clairvoyance ability is so great she is able to see what is happening in other dimensions. When she is meditating, she is able to look into multiple dimensions.

Cryokinesis - Raven is able to utilize the element of ice. She can transform her soul form into an ice bird and use it to freeze opponents over.

Amplification: Raven can boost the abilities of other people, like when she boosted Superboy’s natural regenerative abilities.

Illusions: Raven is able to create illusions in order to trick her enemies as well as show her allies something.


Telepathy: Raven is able to telepathically communicate with others resist mental attacks However, her telepathy can be countered as shown during Brother Blood’s fight with the Titans - he countered Raven’s telepathy with a blast wave. Her telepathy also allows her to see through other people’s eyes.

Twilight Sparkle

Combat Spells

Huge thanks to m3Atl0afman/Ray Nuñez for letting his research be used! He's a cool guy btw, you should see the stuff he works on, like Crossover X and his written Death Battles.

Magical Blasts: A laser-like stream of magical energy that can also be fired in spurts. Its power can be varied to stun or hurt targets. It can vaporize walls, large crystals, and solid rock. It can also hurt multiple opponents at once. The spell has variations that can revert a false disguise (such as that of a Changeling’s), encase a target in crystal, or dissipate opposing energy
blasts of equal or lesser power.

Force Fields: Protective magical barriers. They can also take the form of a round shield or crystal barrier (with edges sharp enough to dig into a floor). These shields can be expanded to generate a shockwave that blows away anything in the general vicinity. The size of these barriers can also be increased to the size of a large building, or in some cases, a large town.

Additionally, these barriers can remain active for hours or even days without needing to be maintained by the caster, allowing Twilight to concentrate on other goals. These force fields protect anything within them from the effects of magic or offensive attacks such as opposing energy blasts. They can also reflect projectiles, and the caster can allow anyone or thing to phase through on command. She can also use a similar spell that acts as a Bubble of Silence, containing all sound within the force field.

Teleportation: Twilight can rapidly teleport herself, other beings or inanimate objects to and from just about any location, even while prone or sprinting. She can use this to summon other beings or objects to her, regardless of location.

Telekinesis: Twilight can utilize this as a stasis spell to lift, move around or even freeze multiple people or objects in the general vicinity, even if they're in motion. She could allow her targets to speak or move their eyes while in stasis, or seal their mouth and eyes shut completely. It can also be used to lift liquid matter as well as stand on water.

Transmutation: Twilight is capable of transforming anyone or anything into a different form, object, or species entirely, and can revert them back to their original form if she chooses to. This includes a wide-variety of plants, fruits, inanimate objects, a small flying creature called a Breezy, or even a vampire pony. (In regards to the latter two, she has additionally demonstrated that she can use another species in the area as a template for transformation.) She once transmuted an apple into a nest of bird eggs, one of whom hatched instantly.

Phasing: Twilight can utilize magic to phase herself or other targets through any solid material, including barriers created by high-level magic users.

Gravity Manipulation: Twilight can use a spell that changes her own gravity polarity. This is stated to be capable of being town-wide in its range.

Brainwashing: Twilight has been able to brainwash other beings. Her Want-It, Need-It Spell causes anyone, excluding the caster, to become obsessed with a target object upon eye contact. The effects of the spell escalates to the point where anyone affected will resort to physical violence over the target object. She can also reprogram a creature’s dietary nature. It is worth noting that Twilight has also been able to break free of being brainwashed from the likes of Discord, the Nightmare Forces and King Sombra, and has also broken her friends free out of a high-level hypnosis spell.

Speed Enhancement: Using magic acceleration, Twilight can increase her own speed exponentially. This allowed her to perform a technique similar to that of Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, the shock wave of which produced a strong enough push to knock someone off their feet. It also increases her destructive power, allowing her break through barriers. With witnessing Accelero from Starlight, Twilight can further increase her speed to blur levels. Starlight demonstrated her use of this to restock a library in seconds. Twilight also witnessed Luna using magic to accelerate her speed in the comics.

Invisibility: While not performed by her on-screen, Twilight has stated (in the episode It's About Time) that she has been reading up on invisibility spells. When her student Starlight Glimmer used an invisibility spell, it was shown to be able to render her and at least one other target completely invisible, apparently even masking scent.

Cloning/Duplication: Twilight has witnessed Starlight Glimmer perform multiple forms of cloning and duplication. Using Similo Duplexus, Starlight can create a clone of herself. In another instance, Starlight was shown to be able to duplicate other targets a multitudinous amount of times. With this, she, Twilight and their friends were able to produce enough fresh, crisp copies of their previously old and worn-out Friendship Journal across all of Equestria's bookstores and newsstands. On the subject of clones, Twilight can use magic to permanently banish multiple targets (namely clones of an individual) directly to the Mirror Pool, a location hidden in a cave in Equestria. While doing so, Twilight also runs the risk of banishing the original being as well.

Elemental Manipulation: Twilight has access to various forms of elemental magic, such as
She can also create smoke, generate heat and emit light.

King Sombra’s Dark Magic: A dark form of magic she learned from watching Princess Celestia perform it upfront. It alters the appearance of particular places and people, sprouting razor sharp crystals from the ground. Twilight can also reverse its alteration effects.

Weather Manipulation: As she is an alicorn, Twilight is technically capable of manipulating the weather the same way a pegasus like Rainbow Dash can. This includes using clouds to create rain, strike lightning, making tornadoes, etc. Twilight also witnessed Rarity using magic to manipulate the weather while her cutie mark was switched with Rainbow Dash’s.

Magic Absorption/Transfer: Twilight is able to absorb magic from any supernatural source. Twilight is able to sense what kind of magic it is, even tracing it back to those involved with its creation (including high-level magic users such as Celestia and Nightmare Moon). If the target is full of a considerably massive amount of magic, Twilight will still be able to absorb a lot but not too much of the energy. She also cannot destroy this energy, but she could transform it into a different kind of energy. The pony can also transfer it to another individual as a form of effect stacking, increasing their strength/attack potency.

Magic Sealing: Twilight can take a target's ability to cast magic completely away, though the effect is temporary. While the exact length of the seal is unknown, Twilight has implied it to be long term, meaning it's possible that she could modify how long a subject's magic is sealed away. She will only use this as an ultimate last resort.

Non-Combat Spells

Object Possession/Surveillance Communication: While apparently still in Ponyville, Twilight used a spell to see and communicate with Starlight Glimmer in Canterlot in the form of a music box ballerina.

Sentience Inducement: With her Come-to-Life spell, she can automate simple machines to move on their own.

Book Jumping: Twilight can manifest herself within a book for several minutes as an illustration. This illustration can communicate with the outside world. The spell was originally used to speed up the process of information gathering from a book.

Mind Delving: With the Magical Mindscape Manifestation spell, Twilight can enter the mind of a subject. The resulting mindscape reflects a person’s life and personality and even contains beings that reflect a person’s multiple moods and “sides” of themselves.

Mind Melding: A spell that combines the consciousness of a subject into the caster's own body. This allows both beings to act as one in this single body and utilize their now shared abilities, or even allow one being to act while the other focuses on other matters during the situation. The two beings can even communicate with each other through their consciousness, allowing for silent strategy.

Traumalocation: A form of locality tracking. When cast on someone who has recently been the victim of some form of attack, Twilight can use this spell to locate and view the person or persons who committed the act.

Time Travel: Twilight can go back in time, but can only stay in the past for about a minute before she is brought back to the present.

Camouflage: The Don't-Notice-Me-Field spell changes the user's appearance to blend in with the environment. The closer you get to a viewer, however, the less effective it is.

Voice Manipulation: Twilight can increase the volume of her own voice to be heard by a large crowd or the opposite ends of a valley.

Cloudwalking: Twilight can cast a spell that allows the user or target to walk on clouds, an ability that only comes naturally to winged creatures such as pegasi or alicorn ponies. As Twilight is now an alicorn, she no longer needs to use this spell on herself, though she could still use it on others in any case.

Wing Generation: Twilight can grant a target a pair of butterfly-like wings for flight, made from gossamer & morning dew. As a bonus, the target is given the ability to walk on clouds. The individual using the wings must be cautious, as they dissolve when closely exposed to sunlight rays for a brief period of time. As Twilight is now an alicorn, she no longer has a need for this spell, though she could still use it on others in any case.

Gill Generation: Twilight can grant herself or others gills, allowing the targets to breathe underwater and swim faster.

Fail-Safe Spell: A spell intended to return any abnormalities in the general area to normal. It doesn’t work when trying to clear magic by stronger casters.

Dowsing: Twilight can locate many different jewels and gemstones in multiple areas nearby. Learned from Rarity.

Mustache Spell: Grants the user or target facial hair.

Zipper Generation: Twilight can generate zippers on any surface, perfect for turning a target’s mouth into a shut zipper. Would likely come in handy as either a distraction or to silence someone, especially if the user relies on incantations.

Dissolving Magic: Twilight can dissolve objects.

Size Manipulation: A spell Twilight witnessed Starlight perform. With it, she can manipulate the size of herself or other targets to take on larger opponents. This also increases the targets' strength accordingly.

Effect Stacking: Twilight can use an incantation to focus the magic within herself and her allies. Doing this blends and equalizes the combined strength and attack potency of Twilight and whomever is fighting alongside her all within themselves.

Mental Projection: Twilight can magically project perfectly life-like mental images and animated simulations of whatever happens to be on her mind, allowing her to display many potential outcomes of a particular scenario. These simulations are so realistic, she herself almost assumed that a visualization of Starlight falling into a black hole was real.

Personal Environment: Witnessed Cadence generating a Magic Health Bubble, which prevents those underneath it from contracting illnesses or infections.

Memory Restoration: Twilight can restore the memories of those whose memories have been altered or erased.

Object Repairing: Twilight can use magic to repair objects, such as a broken dam.

Object Possession/Surveillance Communication: While apparently still in Ponyville, Twilight used a spell to see and communicate with Starlight Glimmer in Canterlot in the form of a music box ballerina.

Parasprite Summoning: Twilight can summon Parasprites, creatures capable of infinite asexual reproduction, so long as they eat matter.



Demon Raven

When Raven fully embraces her demon side and becomes the herald of Trigon, she becomes Demon Raven. While in this form she becomes much more ruthless and is stronger than her base form.


White Raven

White Raven is Raven at her purest form, freed from the influence of her father Trigon, with her abilities being much stronger than her base and even demon form. However this form does seem to lack the extra abilities that Raven’s demonic form gets, but it does get one extra ability the Demon Form doesn't have, which is reality warping.

Golden Raven

Raven’s Golden Form is basically Raven manifesting her soul without a physical body.

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Power

After unlocking a chest that was hidden near the tree of harmony, Twilight and her friends unlocked what is known as “Rainbow Power”, which gave them all the ability to beat Tirek, a massive centaur who had the power to drain magic from ponies (including flight from Pegasi like Rainbow Dash and strength from Earth Ponies like Pinkie Pie). However, this form has never been used again outside of that one time, so we don’t know its true power.




Embedded into her forehead, it is used by Raven as a limiter in order to prevent her soul-self from going too out of control.

Twilight Sparkle


A personal book of spells that Twilight can reference at any point using teleportation magic. She refers to it as a “condensed version” of her regular spellbooks, meaning there must be hundreds of different spells Twilight could refer to depending on the situation. Evidently, she’s also a fast reader, as she skimmed through half of the book in only a few seconds.

(Note: Twilight does not always refer to this book when she needs to reference a commonly-used spell. The ones featured on this document are spells she knows by heart.)

Golden Battle Spear

A spear equipped to the Armor of Friendship (see Armor). It holds no known special properties, though it can be utilized for combat.

Element of Magic Tiara

This crown, more specifically the gemstone that rests upon it, represents Twilight’s Element of Harmony: magic. The Elements of Harmony are six supernatural artifacts representing subjective aspects of harmony. These elements were found and taken from the Tree of Harmony by Celestia & Luna thousands of years ago. Each element can only be activated if the wielder possesses their corresponding trait, and if all six elements are used in conjunction. They are only used on rare occasions (often as a last resort) during events of danger or anarchy, in order to restore balance and peace. They are capable of imprisonment (such as when Discord was imprisoned in stone), or banishment (used to banish various villains to other planes of existence, such as the moon, Tartarus, or limbo).

In addition, they can summon a rainbow tornado that engulfs the target; should they be evil or in opposition of harmony, this tornado will alter their morality completely and they will show remorse for their actions. Additionally, if the target is taking on an alternate form/personality, they will be reverted to their original form, vanquishing the evil within them. The elements have also shown to be capable of generating a magic whip, used notably to pull a pony out from within the Pony of Shadows.

Friendship Armor

An equippable artifact discovered by Twilight within her castle. It utilizes a combination of reality perception and illusion awareness magic, allowing Twilight to see through deception. When approaching an individual who is clearly disguising their appearance, the armor reverts the culprits back to their original form. From there, Twilight can use the armor's horizontal grasping claw to scoop up her enemies and trap them securely within her grasp. Upon capture, it appears her victims do not bother to resist, attempt escape or even using their powers, implying their magical abilities are likely disabled while captured. The armor is also equipped with a golden battle spear.







Twilight Sparkle


  • Twilight has resolved many issues throughout all of Equestria and beyond, either on her own or alongside others.
  • Can repel mind hax
  • Has overcome and defeated Nightmare Moon
  • Has defeated Discord - a being of chaos
  • Has defeated the queen of Changelings - Chrysalis
  • Has defeated the Dark King Sombra
  • Has defeated Lord Tirek with Rainbow Power along with her allies
  • She's outsmarted and beat Trixie, who was using the Alicorn Amulet 
  • Defeated singing sirens known as the Dazzlings in an alternate universe
  • Defeated Sunset Shimmer with the help of alternate universe version of the Mane 6
  • Defeated Starlight Glimmer by reforming her
  • Stopped an angry Ursa Minor by herself
  • Helped stop a giant Bug-Bear monster from destroying Ponyville
  • With some assistance from Pinkie & Fluttershy, tamed Cerberus, the guardian of Tartarus
  • Held her own against an evil Celestia & Luna from an alternate dimension, even hurting and stunning them
  • Escaped multiple bad futures & saved her main timeline from disappearing
  • Helped save the multiverse on multiple occasions
  • Twilight and her friends were able to finally bring Star Swirl the Bearded 
  • Banished the shadow responsible for the Pony of Shadows back to limbo thanks to Twilight's newly developed spell (but not before saving Stygian)
  • Reformed Tempest Shadows
  • Overthrew the Storm King before he could reign over Equestria






Raven, despite being an extremely powerful magic user, is far from perfect. While her soul-self is indeed strong, it can also be disrupted through pain, meaning the more damage she takes, the less control she has over her soul self. Her soul form also transfers any damage back to Raven when she brings it back to her body. Ultrasonics are also extremely effective against her soul-self. And if Raven gets sick, she will have less control over her soul-self.

She also has a particular weaknesses against light-based abilities as Solstice's techniques repels Raven’s own shadow-based abilities and eventually drive her into her more demonic state. Raven also is not a frontal fighter combatant and prefers to stay at a distance from her enemies, meaning she has trouble deal with those that get in close. Her soul form can also only have a limited usage time of about 5 minutes, otherwise it either kills her, explodes then kills her, or causes severe mental trauma depending on the incarnation. So it stands to say that completely destroying the soul form is a surefire death for Raven. Also, she can’t bowl to save her life.

Twilight Sparkle

Despite being the “Princess of Friendship”, Twilight has her less-than-stellar moments. For one, she doesn’t have much direct combat experience, and while she has been in fights before, they’re usually against opponents that are far too powerful for her to handle. In fact, most of her best victories come from outside help, such as needing her friends along with the powers of the Elements of Harmony to stop Nightmare Moon and Discord or needing the combined powers of Luna, Celestia, and Cadence in order to battle the centaur Tirek after he had absorbed the powers of both Discord and every other pony in Equestria.

She’s also a mild bit OCD and obsessed with logic. If something doesn’t make sense or goes wrong, she will focus on it until either it goes her way or she goes nuts.



“You may have created me, but you were never my father. I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. They are my family. This is my home. And you are not welcome here.
  • Much faster than Twilight in every form comparison
  • Boasts much better stats than Twilight upon transforming into White Raven and Demon Raven, which in theory should lead to a win
  • Is by far the more experienced fighter.
  • Has superior offensive abilities than Twilight
  • Can learn info about Twilight through mind traveling

  • Not as intelligent as Twilight
  • Has inferior defensive magic
  • Has less versatility in terms of magic
  • Arguably, has far less DC and durability in base
  • Time stop is limited in that she can't access it normally and anything she makes contact with is pulled out of the time stasis
  • Can have all her magic deactivated by Twilight, which is basically an immediate death sentence, since she gets her stats from her magic
  • Can only obtain her stronger forms via a situation that threatens far more than just her life 
  • While she can choose to go full demonic whenever she wants, she doesn't want to in-character unless the stakes are very high
  • Soul form has a limited time to be out of her body before it kills her

Twilight Sparkle

"As princess, I believe I have the power to spread the magic of friendship across Equestria! That is the role I am meant to have in our world! The role I choose to have!"

  • Likely more intelligent.
  • Has far more versatility in terms of her magic spells
  • Has better defensive magic
  • Arguably, has far better DC and durability in base
  • Has many ways to completely destroy or incapacitate Raven’s soul form, which puts Raven in mortal danger
  • Has a far more massive range (that can extend anywhere from across a continent to across the solar system)
  • Has somewhat of an edge in numbers of hax
  • Can learn info about Raven through mind traveling 
  • Can see through and resist any amount of mental torture Raven tries via Friendship Armor or just mind hax resistance
  • Can completely deactivate all magic usage of Raven for an unknown period of time (implied to be a while)
  • Volume amplification can actually work wonders against Raven’s soul form
  • Her emotions could be too strong for Raven to consume or take like they were for the Changelings
  • Element of Harmony Tiara can revert Raven’s Demonic Form and possibly even White Form by bringing mental unbalance
  • Slower than Raven in every form comparison
  • Statstomped by White Raven and Demon Raven
  • Lacks combat experience in comparison
  • Time stop could potentially screw Twilight over


The Gaming News Guy

Oh boy, this fight is a toughie for a multitude of reasons - i am going to predict that a lot of people are going to go into this fight pretty cut and dry - thinking that Raven is going to win because she defeated a being such as Trigon - while it’s a fair point, one i would like to address in this verdict.”Does Twilight Sparkle scale to Celestia and Luna?”. This has been a topic that has been discussed when debating this fight considering Celestia/Luna have feats that put them at Solar System Level in terms of Destructive Potential and Twilight would get the same destructive potential if she scaling her to those two is legitimate.Regarding what i personally think about this controversial question - i would absolutely say that Twilight scales to both Celestia and Luna so let’s determine her stats from that

In terms of Destructive Potential, Twilight is considered by the Pony of Shadows to be almost as strong as Star Swirl the Bearded, upon taking a full-powered magic blast from her and this was without any other power ups from Alicorn Magic.According to The Journal of the Two Sisters, at one point, Star Swirl was once in charge of moving the sun and moon on his own (The movement of the sun and moon is through telekinesis - not through an ability).In My Little Pony: The Movie, Twilight states that she can move the sun and moon on her own for a particular task, but she doesn’t have Celestia & Luna's magic (aka x4 Alicorn magic increase - which gave her to the power to move the sun and moon easily) it is reasonable to assume that Twilight’s maximum potential in her base form definitely would be  Solar System Level based on Celestia’s calculations. Considering she’s matched characters such as Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra who gave her trouble .

In terms of Durability- Twilight has been shown to be equal to Queen Crhrysalis - the Queen of the Challenges who during the Canterlot Wedding - was able to damage and injured her significantly - however, in the comics - Twilight fought Chrysalis as an Alicorn and was able to very easily tank her blasts and beat her. This shows that Alicorn Twilight scales to Celestia considering she was able to tank hints that Celestia herself tanked (and was far more affected than her). This should put her durability at Solar System Level.

In terms of speed - this one is a lot more obvious - Twilight once travelled back in time to the battle between Celestia vs Nightmare Moon and considering that she was able to pretty easily keep up with them while they were fighting - it is pretty clear that Twilight is able to keep up with both of them. Considering that Luna  was able to use magic to get from the moon to the Earth in only a few second (no it wasn’t teleportation). According to Ray Nuñez who is an expert on MLP in VS Debates: “Lowballing her travel time to ten seconds, this would require Luna to be moving at 86,000,000 mph (a little over 12.8 percent the speed of light, aka Relativistic speed). Midballing her travel time to five seconds would require her to be moving at 172,008,000 mph (25.6% the speed of light, still Relativistic). Highballing to one second would require 860,040,000 mph (1.28% Light Speed).”

Considering that Twilight was able to keep with Celestia and Nightmare Moon who is a more powerful Luna - it it fair to assume that Twilight Sparkle’s speed is Relativistic is 10-50% the speed of light.

So now i have taken a look at Twilight Sparkle’s Stats, what about Raven’s. Well Raven is surprisingly a lot tricker to figure out for a multitude of reasons.

Figuring out what Raven’s Destructive Potential/Capability in base form is tricky. In terms of what is Raven’s best destructive feat - it would definitely be the fact that she destroyed a Black Hole). That would put her at least star level - but if we go to scaling Raven her to other characters she has matched and fought with then it is higher - Raven has defeated and knocked out several of the Titans including Donna Troy who has been shown to be as strong as Wonder Woman and has been shown tanking planet level blasts as well as blasts from solar system level characters such as Bob the Monitor (yes really),Etrigan and Monarch who are both solar system level. So it’s fair to conclude that base Raven should at the very least scale to Donna Troy. But if we go by her later forms - than it becomes a lot simpler - Trigon is a threat to the entire universe and has been shown to be fully capable of destroying a universe, yet Raven has been shown completely destroying Trigon in her White Raven form. White Raven has also been described as being powerful enough to destroy a universe. Even in Demon Raven - her power is equal to her father so overall i would put Raven’s Destructive Potential at Solar System Level at Base and Universal with White/Demon Raven.

In terms of speed - this is a lot easier, even in base form - Raven have kept up with characters such as the Green Lantern,Donna Troy,Superboy (who is a clone of Superman) and Kid Flash as well as being able to easily dodge lighting. Through scaling to those characters - it can be determined that her speed is Faster than Light

In terms of her durability - it’s basically the same has her Destructive Potential/Capability with Raven being able to tank attacks from Solar System Level characters such as Donna Troy and Superboy. In her Demon/White Forms - her Durability is Universal Level for being able to tank hits from her father Trigon who as shown previously could destroy the multiverse.

In conclusion in terms of Stats it goes like this

So from this diagram - it is clear that Raven is superior to Twilight Sparkle in terms of stats (though Base Raven vs Twilight is debatable - with her other forms which they will likely include - nope). Now what about other aspects of a fight - most importantly abilities and equipment. Twilight Sparkle is superior to Raven in terms of the sheer about spells she has learned over the years. However, a lot of those spells she has not learned are not for a combat situation - while she does have some spells that are useful for combat such as her such as her beam spells, her telekinesis spells and her barrier skills, a majority of them are for utility purposes. Raven on the other hand - while having less when compared to Twilight has attacks/abilities that are extremely useful for her. Her Soul Self will easily allow her to protect herself from any of Twilight’s long ranged beam attacks and then counter back by using her Soul Self form or through any of her darkness based abilities as well as her Cyrokinesis. She could even user her emotion based powers to make Twilight feel numb or disorientate her. Her abilities are just more fight orientated than Twilight with Twilight having very little way of getting past her Soul Self as well as Raven’s telekinesis.So in terms of magical techniques and abilities - Twilight may have the verity but it’s clear Raven has the offensive power.

Now let’s talk forms - i doubt for many reasons that Twilight will get 4X Alicorn Boost for obvious reasons (it requires the other 3 Alicorns giving her their powers. But Rainbow Power could end up being used - in terms of Rainbow Power - it is powerful enough to defeat Tirek but it was never really used after this. Compare that to Demon Raven/White Raven who have been used multiple times throughout the series and with both of them giving significant boosts to Raven’s abilities. In Demon Raven she gains multiple magical abilities as well as becomes almost as powerful as her father being one of the most powerful enemies that the Titans have ever faced and that’s no small achievement as well as being able to use pyrokinesis in combat. In White Raven - not only is her abilities like her telekinesis increased to absurd levels but she was able to defeat her father Trigon and had enough power to destroy a universe.Clear in terms of forms - Raven wins no problem.

Overall, while i do think this could be a relatively close fight if we go into base forms (though it would be tricky for Twilight to deal with the significant speed difference). Once we get into their later forms (such as Rainbow and White/Demon) there’s simply no contest - Raven simply surpasses Twilight in terms of Destructive Capability, Speed and Durability. Couple with the fact that Raven simply has more destructive tools to work with and is generally more experienced when it comes to combat than Twilight and this fight tips into Raven’s favor. Quoth the Raven because Twilight Sparkle will be “Nevermore”


Ugh this fight. We went from Batman’s third fight to another pony. Now, while I can’t speak for any of the other people I’ve worked with for this blog, I personally feel like this didn’t need to happen and I really don’t want another pony in this show. Out of all potential matchups for Raven, such as Scarlet Witch and the Phoenix, they decided “You know what? Screw that. Let’s get another pony in this show.” And while I’m glad Twilight isn’t fighting Optimus Prime, that doesn’t mean this matchup is any good.

Now for my prediction. If I’m gonna be honest, this whole thing might be a bit biased as I’ve only worked on one character. Oh well, gotta do this anyway.

Let’s talk strength. Raven has destroyed black holes, ripped people’s arms off with her telekinesis, and has lifted several people off the ground at once. Twilight has lifted a boulder, carried Pinkie Pie on her back, and could move over a ton with her wings. And while yes, one of the feats listed for her is moving the sun and moon, there’s two things about this that still lead me to believe Raven has the edge her. 1.) It’s with an extreme power boost that I’m not sure would be done naturally, and 2.) I feel as though moving a star isn’t as impressive as destroying something created by a destroyed star. So, while I honestly feel like this category doesn’t truly matter in this fight, I’m gonna give this one to Raven.

Now for speed. Raven has kept up with Lanterns, dodged lightning, and resisted a black hole’s pull. For context of how impressive the Lanterns are, their job is to move between galaxies in a very short amount of time. As for Twilight, she can keep up with Rainbow Dash, create sonic booms when taking off, and moved too fast for anyone to notice her. Impressive stuff, but nothing compared to Raven. So I’m saying Raven wins speed by speedblitzing.

Next is durability. Raven has dealt with things that Superboy and Wonder Girl couldn’t handle, her Soul Self blocked an attack that knocked out someone on Wonder Woman’s level, and again, has dealt with black holes. Man, Raven just hates black holes, doesn’t she? As for Twilight, she can get tackled through a mountain, tanked attacks from Celestia, and was capable of holding all the other Alicorn’s magic, which would kill anyone else who tried. To show off Celestia’s power, she’s the one who moves the sun everyday. Tough stuff, but I’m pretty sure Wondie’s durability is better than Celestia’s power. Since I’m not confident on that, I’ll call it a draw.

Now for their abilities and who can counter what. Raven has the ability to consume emotions(regardless of what emotion) and use it for her own power, can sense people from states away, and can live on through her Soul Self. If her physical body is destroyed, she can still fight on. Twilight has transmutation abilities, can create force fields, and steal others magic. Now to see how each would be able to get past these abilities if they can. Most of Twilight’s abilities can be countered by simply dodging them, and the force field can be countered by simply hitting it hard enough. Saying the Force field can block anything is an NLF, and if a force is strong enough, it doesn’t matter. As for how Twilight can counter Raven, the sensing ability probably won’t be a factor unless Twilight tries a sneak attack(though I don’t see why she would), and the rest simply can’t be countered. MLP characters are filled to the brink with emotion, so Raven would have a lot of emotion to consume, and unless Twilight has soul hax we never found, Raven living on in her Soul will be a good trump card.

So with superior stats and the ability to counter Twilight’s best abilities, while Twilight not having much to counter Raven’s, and even without going into the fact that Raven has Trigon’s power, I can’t see Twilight winning this match. So yeah, I’m saying Raven.


Oh boy, I’m a guest on the blog talking about yet another MLP character being in Death Battle. Joy. -_-’ This is the third time in less than two years talking on this blog, and I was right both times, so let’s see if I’m right again.

So here we have Raven, who while not my personal favorite member of the Titans (that was and still is Cyborg) is still one of the best members of the team going up against Twilight, my personal favorite MLP character. Quite an odd matchup since I think both have better opponents, but you know what? I can see this working. What I don’t see, however, is MLP getting another win out of this. Sorry fellow fans of the show, but it just isn’t happening.

First of all, Twilight is not much of a fighter. She CAN fight, yes, but that doesn’t mean she really does. Hell, technically any character in MLP CAN fight, but there’s a difference between being able to fight and being a fighter. I CAN fight, but I’m pathetically weak, not very fast, and don’t really strategize to well, and this is the case with any character in fiction. Being able to fight doesn’t automatically make you a fighter. This is evident when you look at Twilight’s track record compared to pretty much every non-MLP character Death Battle has had. Outside of maybe Zelda, Peach, Goomba, Koopa, Justin Bieber, or Rebecca Black, the three MLP characters are probably the least qualified “combatants” on the show, and the last four on that list are from joke fights while Peach at least has athleticism from the sports games and some games where she does fight while Zelda got Hyrule Warriors after her fight and Super Smash Bros. (in a moveset she borrowed from some of Link’s spells, but that’s not the point here). Meanwhile, Raven is definitely a fighter, whether it be with or against the Titans. Now, Twilight HAS fought very strong opponents before, such as Discord and Tirek, but the former was only really able to be beaten via the elements of harmony and the latter was only able to be defeated thanks to the combined magical abilities of Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, and even then that fight was more of a standstill than an actual victory for Twilight. So Raven has the edge in combat

Second, Twilight is, statistically speaking, out of her league against Raven. I can buy Rainbow Dash beating Starsceam because of Rainbow’s speed and Starscream...well, being Starscream. And I could maybe buy Pinkie Pie dueling with Deadpool until it’s a draw from the two becoming friends. But I honestly cannot buy Twilight beating Raven, whether Raven’s in base form or in almost all of her super forms. Yeah, once those come into play, that Rainbow Power that Twilight has (if she could even get it in the first place, which I don’t believe she would, but Death Battle’s granted stuff like that to characters before) won’t hold up. Even if you wanted to try and scale her to Celestia and Luna, it wouldn’t work because, as was shown by Malcolm above, Raven’s are just that much higher. And if you want to REALLY be an a-hole and call upon everything, future Raven in Teen Titans Go (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little for even acknowledging that thing’s existence) pretty much is omnipotent, which means Twilight might as well just give up at that point. Hell, you can’t even scale Twilight speed-wise to Rainbow Dash due to the Sonic Rainboom, because not only has Twilight not kept up with that, but Raven still outpaces her thanks to the Green Lantern scaling.

And then there’s their hax. Now, maybe, just maybe, Raven might empathically gain Twilight’s “everything can be solved with friendship” idea that she has for everything except major supervillains, but considering that Twilight and Raven would basically be trying to kill each other in this fight, I doubt that would happen or that it would even matter. Twilight could resist Raven’s mind hax, so she could try and stall with defensive abilities, but that would just prolong the inevitable, especially since she would basically be turtling i.e. playing on the defensive until your opponent is wide-open or until they just give up or tire out, but that strategy very rarely, if ever, works out and is usually only used in desperation, and even then, Raven could still break through, especially with White Raven. And even then, Twilight doesn’t have her own hax that she could really use in this fight to help beat Raven unless she were to target Raven’s chakra. But that’s a very small target for her to have to hit, and it might just end up causing wherever they’re fighting (probably Ponyville if the preview looks correct) to just end up destroyed. I could keep going with a list of other possible ways Twilight could try to stop Raven, but we’d be here all day, and most of them just end in the same way: Twilight could try it, but it either wouldn’t do anything or would possibly backfire on her.

Again, sorry fellow MLP fans, but Twilight is screwed, purpled, and tattooed on this one. And sadly, I’m pretty sure Twilight’s the last MLP character that really should be in Death Battle outside of Discord. It’s cruel to say that, but it’s the way I feel. In this battle of mages, I see victory going to Raven


Welp, guess it's that time.

(Personal music choice for this fight, from the amazing PrinceWhateverer & Milkymomo.)

So firstly, I wanna give an extended thanks to the G1DBFB for having me on for this, as well as for approaching me to utilize my information on the character, which I was pleased to share. Thankfully, it's all being put to good use somewhere. I used to love reading the original DB Research Team's prediction blogs, as they allow me to get some insight into the character and form my own thoughts before diving into an episode. Never thought one day I'd contribute to the successor of the blog. Pretty cool and very much appreciative.

Most of you guys who know who I am already know I feel about the episode itself, and if not, I put a post together on Tumblr a few weeks ago detailing why, specifically for the CX audience and to give a little insight on what it's like behind the scenes when creating an episode of our show. Though I didn't go into too much specifics regarding who I think is going to win. So let's do that.

Now a couple of my buds above already put in their two cents and brought up some interesting points. Twilight most certainly holds a good advantage in terms of magical expertise, intelligence and versatility. Her hax abilities would definitely allow her to conquer many foes who hold no resistance to them. If I may be honest, this is the only way I can see Twilight POSSIBLY winning. Had this been a battle between Teen Titans!Raven (aka the arguably most well-known version and the one Tara Strong is remembered for voicing, and is also a radically different character than her other counterparts), then this would quite literally be a WAY CLOSER match. Unfortunately, the decision was made to composite Raven with her other incarnations, and with that, it's difficult for me to see poor Twi pulling of any sort of win. As noted above, and from some colleagues of mine who did their own homework, Raven has done some rather ludicrous things and has overpowered or kept up with some of DC's big name heroes. Considering some of those heroes have appeared on Death Battle with Wiz & Boomstick's established statistics, and things become abundantly clear.

I also have to wonder how Twilight will deal with the soul self, if she even could. It can be affected physically, though she'd have to think of something good in order to stop it altogether. I'm conflicted as to whether or not Twilight would be affected by Raven's emotional manipulation, though some people have brought some interesting points and moments where characters like Discord, Sombra, the changelings and Dazzlings have played with the mane cast's emotions before, though they have still managed to deal with them in time. And Twilight on numerous occasions has shown she can protect her mind when given access to her magic. And while I don't think they'll include it physically, Twilight technically can't be deceived by illusions so long as she has the Armor of Friendship. Trying to take away Raven's magic probably won't work as we don't know the extent of how the magic disabling can work (she only used it once on some unicorns who should be inferior to her, making it hard to pinpoint a limit), and Raven has more than just magic for Twi to deal with.

Granted, what does make this more interesting is the fact that no mention to either characters’ super forms actually being included has been brought up (though I won't be shocked if I thought wrong and they show up in the episode anyway), and Death Battle doesn't always utilize scaling for debates. So it could make this a closer match up in the Death Battle-perspective than we know. Does this mean Twilight has a chance? Maybe. But I'm not flat-out suggesting or expecting a victory either. (If she somehow does, I'd be interested in knowing how they reach that conclusion.)

(Also side-note, I don't imagine things like Teen Titans Go being brought up or factoring into the result in terms of feats. For stock footage yes, if they do end up doing that, I imagine that would be ridiculous and not sit well with some.)

If Twilight loses, I imagine the results will probably bring up similar factors as to why Batman or Pokemon have lost on the show before, that being that because of the standards Death Battle sets, some of their best abilities or talents are locked off due to a lack of preparation, access to certain resources or having to rely on a third-party (which I don't always agree with depending on the circumstances as Twilight can hold her own when she needs to), while Raven's stuff is all hers. Really I'm having trouble wondering what they would say if Raven loses, which says a lot.

Overall, while I obviously want to root for my favorite alicorn, I ultimately fear the dark Titan may claim victory. Though I won't complain if the opposite somehow happens.

Maybe I'm being too harsh or blunt, and perhaps there's a bit of bias in me. (There is bias in any person really, it's unavoidable.) But I do feel that this probably wasn't the best choice of a match-up. I want to be excited for it, and honestly I should, but in truth, I'm not looking forward to seeing a character I hold close to heart portrayed as dying a horrible death, even if it's non-canon. Especially since I know that's what most non-bronies are looking forward to seeing.

Still, I can't harm or insult the creative process of others' works if no disrespect was intended with its creation. I hope all who wanted this episode (the non-sadistic people) enjoy how it came out, and I look forward to what the show has in store afterward. And on a final note to my bronies, if this episode ends up having a downer ending for you guys, just remember: life goes on, we have a new season and more to look forward to where Twilight is still around, and don't forget who currently has the objectively better (and not as frequently aired) show on TV right now. /)

Thanks again to everyone for having me on here and best wishes with the blog!


(The timing of this game and Death Battle is hilariously impeccable. Here’s a song for a character inspired by both Raven and Twilight)

Wow, I finally get Twilight in Death Battle, but she is not fighting who I expected her to lol. RIP Twilight vs Robin.

Ok so first things first, yes it's another pony fight. I know that must make people angry, but really, I don't care if it does. I only care when people try to ruin the fun for others by saying shit like pony cancer and instead of having any peaceful discussion, making some long rant as to why you don't want ponies in Death Battle.

In the end, Ben and Chad choose what happens on their show and as the consumers, while we’re allowed to get annoyed by it, getting rude with other consumers is pointless and doesn't get you anywhere. You just have to wait 3 more weeks for another episode like everyone else.

Now, with that out of the way, here's why I think Twilight Sparkle undoubtedly wins this fight.

Let's start simple with stats then work our way into abilities and tactics.

Twilight easily wins in base. I haven't seen anything at this point to make me think otherwise. I've only seen scans of Raven knocking people away but not even harming them, and iffy scaling to Lanterns, who have extremely varying stats based on their specific motivation. Meanwhile it makes sense to say that the strongest Titan is at least as strong as an emotional Starfire, who is in fact planet level.

I could go into the whole situation as to why multi solar system level MLP is a thing, but that would take way too much space and I know people wouldn't want to read a large wall of text on it. I do go over it in Pinkie vs Deadpool’s blog if you're really curious. But basically moving the sun isn't an ability based thing. It's a stat thing. And Twilight scales to Celestia who has been able to move the sun and moon simultaneously, for reasons Js250476 will go over in his verdict.

The one thing Raven has going for her in base is speed. Then as Raven gets to her Demon Form or White Form, she stomps in every single stat. So it would seem like Raven wins and that's the end.

However, Twilight Sparkle has abilities to counter all of these, and Raven doesn't get these advantages without glaring weaknesses.

First, Raven’s speed advantage is counteracted by her fighting tactics. Raven’s magic isn't as simple as run and gun. In fact, it's almost all stationary magic, especially any involving her soul self. This leaves her incredibly open to attacks and whatnot.

And as for her Demon and White Form, she can't access them with a simple thought. Her Demonic Form is an ultimate last resort and she wouldn't even use it to save her life in most circumstances. It usually requires something as big as the planet or universe being in danger for her to give into her demonic heritage. Her white form also requires an intense amount of stress and complete handling of all her emotions so as to clear all emotional imbalance and desire. This also takes time and effort, since Raven is always in a battle with her demonic side.

And assuming she did manage to pull either off before Twilight kills her, Twilight has the Element of Harmony, which can control and change the targets emotions to make them remorseful and self aware. This means that Twilight can cause imbalance in White Raven and even snap Demonic Raven back into her original form in both cases. (She can in fact activate the Element of Harmony on her own, given that Celestia and Luna have been shown to activate the Elements of Harmony on their own despite only being two people, as well as the fact that an alternate human version of Rainbow Dash who doesn't even understand magic could activate one of the Elements on her own)

This brings me into weapons and abilities.

Simply put, Twilight has a counter for almost everything Raven can toss at her and more.

Like, I could name everything Raven can do that Twilight can resist well, but I'm sure it's already become kind of obvious which stuff I'm talking about as you've read this blog. That and it just takes too much space. But basically, the only arguable thing Twilight has no resistance to is emotional manipulation.

However, MLP lore has been so lovely as to make strong emotions impossible to consume, even by creatures who need to eat them to survive. This comes from the Changelings, beings who eat love for power and sustenance being unable to deal with the strong feelings of love between Shining Armor and Princess Cadence and were even repelled by it.

Every other hax Raven has, Twilight has countered in her own experiences, from mind attacks to BFR. It even goes as far as Raven’s unique form of torture in making people experience their worst pain they've ever known, has been a mental attack that even Twilight Sparkle has been able to counter, and immediately gets solved with the Element or Friendship Armor.

The one ability Raven has that Twilight can’t counter is time stopping, which has fatal flaws in that Raven couldn't even cause it normally, and any amount of contact with her opponent would pull them out of the time stasis.

Meanwhile, Twilight has so many options that act as immediate death sentences for Raven should she get hit by them. Raven has no resistance to transmutation, matter erasure, magic stealing, the ability to just deactivate all of a target’s ability to use magic, or surprisingly, even attacks on her mind.

Going back to the possibility that Twilight’s magic can be easily dodged by Raven, Twilight has a solar system sized range for her magic, some of which, like telekinesis and barrier creation can be spawned at any point Twilight wants, making it essentially unavoidable by Raven, and being able to restrain or trap her well enough to land any of her multiple one hit kills.

Then finally we just have the fact that Raven has multiple exploitable weaknesses. Her soul self has a time limit of around 5 minutes at most before needing to return to her body lest she die. Not to mention using her soul self is an almost stationary attack, as I mentioned earlier. Also, Raven’s soul self is in fact material and can be physically attacked. And its damage is linked with Raven’s as it returns to her body. Though the soul self can regenerate pretty well. Shattering it, which many have done, leaves her writhing on the floor in pain. And if the soul self is completely destroyed (which Twilight is capable of doing) then Raven will just die.

There's also other minor weaknesses like the weak point she has blatantly lying on her forehead which is the one thing keeping her magic in check. There's also Raven’s weakness to ultrasonic attacks which Twilight can provide by volume manipulation as well as learn about by mind diving.

So by this point it should be clear that Friendship is Magic, and Magic is Bullshit, therefore Twilight wins. Here's to hoping she comes out a winner. Also I just wanna say thank you to Brobuscus, M3atloaf, Wolf, Animator, Imp, and Js250476 for helping with the blog and the friends who've made this whole thing a lot more bearable for me (you know who you are)

Js250476 (some beautiful music that fits Twilight and the theme of this battle very well, RIP Melodic you and your amazing work will never be forgotten)

So yeah Twilight vs Raven battle of the magic users voiced by Tara Strong certainly interesting I guess. Well right off the bat I will say if White Raven is included Twi’s doomed, being able to defeat her dad Trigon ( who with just a 10th of his power can destroy a universe) making it a solid universal form. I’ll strictly be discussing base Raven vs Alicorn Twilight.

Well for starters Twilight is packing a big power advantage in Base ( scaling to a Casual Celestia who raises and Lowers the sun itself every day for over 1000 years) and since she does this at Relativistic speeds the energy comes to MSS Level ( 4.08 KiloFOE to be exact)  there’s another instance of Celestia doing this that also came to 1.45 KiloFOE  and she’s been doing this same feat casually for over 1000 years, in addition the canon Journal of Two Sisters book states that Luna as a filly (basically a kid pony) was able to move the stars themselves so it’s definitely consistent.

Why does Twilight scale exactly? Well besides being an Alicorn the highest level of pony in FIM she has several feats that further suggest she scales to a casual Celestia and Luna’s TK, including here and here.Twilight matches Chrysalis later in the same issue Chrysalis matches Luna(edited) Imgur Twilight matches Chrysalis.She also hurt Evil Luna who should be comparable to normal Luna and is comparable to RD Who hurt Evil Celestia with a physical attack Imgur Mane 6 vs Evil Celestia and Luna

And of course POS says Twilight is almost as strong as Starswirl ( guy often called the most powerful unicorn who ever lived and is comparable to the 2 sisters).Well there’s also this implication that Twilight is able to hurt Sombra if given the chance ( same Sombra who fought both princess in the past and turned them both to stone at once in this same arc) and like the other princess her power can help power Storm King’s staff which can move the sun. And lastly, here's this (actually accurate) profile for Twilight:

So yeah Twi’s a solid MSS Level character which gives her a solid power and durability advantage over Raven ( who depending oh how generous you are with scaling can be large star to lowish solar system level scaling to feats of numerous DC teen heroes like Supergirl and Blue lanterns).

Of course Twilight’s biggest disadvantage against Raven is speed, feats and scaling wise the highest the show gives her is Relativistic ( her reacting to natural sunlight in the movie) and scaling to Celestia who’s able to dodge Nightmare moon’s beams from a close range Which was equal in speed to the EOH beam which can reach the moon in seconds. Raven mean while is at least comparable to numerous DC teen heroes, so she should at least scale to Karate Kid hurling Mon-El into another solar system putting her a little over a billion times FTL.Which is definitely faster then any of Twi’s feats only one that’s MFTL is Discord’s horsehead nebula feat from the comics but whether Twilight would scale to it is uncertain  but either way Raven certainly takes speed.

Last major thing to consider is hax both have a ton of magic abilities and powers and Twi is certainly not lacking. She’s shown Intangibility, Transmutation, teleportation, mind manipulation ( most notably the want it need it speed which when casted on a person or object causes anyone who looks at it minus the caster to become uncontrollable and obsessed with it (2:06) she also has a spell which Freezes everything moving in the area in purple aura halting there movements completely ala Dio Brando (ZA WARUDO), another important thing to note is she’s even shown the ability to take temporarily take someone's magic away, while it’s not specified exactly how long it lasts the comic implies it to be long term (since Twi used it as a punishment on some unicorns for taking Rainbow’s wings for themselves) so needless to say If Raven is hit by this she’ll be hendred powerless giving Twilight an easy win.

So overall I can see this going either way in Base but with Twi’s massive DC and durability advantage in addition to having hax that can screw Raven over I’d give it to her more often than not. So I predict the princess of friendship will be the winner of this DB.


Hey guys. GB here. Just wanted to say sorry for any fucked up formatting you may have come across in the blog, particularly with the bullet points and varying text sizes like you're probably seeing right now. Blogger doesn't seem to want to co-operate as much as it used to with copy-pasting from Google Docs, and it sure as hell ain't letting me fix any of those problems either. So yeah, just wanted to apologize if you've been coming across that stuff in our recent stuff. Hope you enjoyed this one anyways, here's to the match coming out on Monday and whatever match we're tackling next.


  1. How come you guys didn't mention Twilight teleportation into other dimensions (4th wall).
    or Twilight surviving a 4th wall breaking Pinkie Pie scream

    1. They are mostly gag scenes - plus they don't really give anything new to Twilight

    2. Should that still count. Ok hoping to the 4th Dimension might not mean as much as it did for Boo but being able to survive a sonic blast that causes the hills and trees to move is a notable feat, indicating Raven would have to apply huge amounts of force just to harm twilight.

  2. "In My Little Pony: The Movie, Twilight states that she can move the sun and moon on her own for a particular task, but she doesn’t have Celestia & Luna's magic"

    Hi. Could I ask what scene in the film this can be found or the exact quote used for this?

  3. Good prediction all around! While I'm not really sure on who to bet on myself, I definitely know that I'm rooting for Twilight Sparkle.

  4. Twilight stomps all but demon and white Raven. Ravebs black hole feats are low end SS level. Moving the Sun at ftl casually is also SS level, only higher end, and much mire casually.

    And depending on how you view EqG, Twilight with 5 of the EoH was gonna destroy the human world (world is commonly synonymous with universe in MLP). So she actually could fight Raven's strongest forms.