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Death Battle Predictions: Batman VS Black Panther

Not all heroes are born or created equal. Some are born with their talents and powers, and others are forced to push themselves to their physical, mental and emotional limits to become the warriors they were meant to be.

The premier of Death Battle’s fifth season is set to focus on two such individuals who have fought their way to become part of their universes’ greatest superhero factions through hard work, determination and perseverance, plus money - lots and lots of it:

Batman, the Dark Knight. Black Panther, the Orphan-King of Wakanda. In this continuation of the long-standing rivalry between DC and Marvel, the Caped Crusader makes his return to the show after going up against a wall-crawling web-slinger and a star-spangled super-soldier with a loss and win to his name, respectively. Will he stand triumphant in this third round, or shall the King of the Dead successfully slaughter his newest prey?



(You already know how this goes, but we’ll play super nice and recap the tragic and convoluted story of why Bruce Wayne is Batman again beyond “DARKNESS NO PARENTS”.)

Bruce Wayne was born as the only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne, owners of the large Wayne Enterprises business conglomerate. As the heads of a multi-billion dollar empire, the couple had a responsibility to not only raise their son properly and provide him with anything he wanted and needed, but to also take care of their home - Gotham City. Despite their lavish life, the Waynes took it upon themselves to rally efforts to combat the rampant crime and corruption which plagued the streets, and often reminded Bruce of the responsibility he would soon bear.

Whatever happiness the Wayne family enjoyed together came to an end when Bruce was 8 years old. On a night out after watching a play together, a common mugger held them up and shot Thomas and Martha in cold blood; the traumatized Bruce was left an orphan in the care of his family valet Alfred Pennyworth. Haunted with guilt over his inability to save his parents, Bruce swore vengeance and vowed to eliminate the evils that were responsible for their deaths by taking on the criminal element in Gotham.

Although he had the money to fund this venture thanks to his inheritance, Bruce believed that his mission could not be completed as the spoiled billionaire the public knew him as. He left Gotham as a teenager to travel and educate himself with the greatest professors and mentors on Earth, becoming a master in martial arts, detective work, various fields of science and strategic planning, just to name a few. Upon his homecoming, Bruce was ready to do battle, but questioned himself, wondering what he lacked beyond his skills and resources.

The answer came to him when he recalled his childhood fear of bats. Remembering how fear had crippled him as a boy, Bruce opted to use that very emotion to fight criminals and fashioned a bat-themed arsenal to do so. By operating at night and exploiting the fear he saw in others, he came to be known in time as the costumed vigilante known as the Batman. Regardless of whether he fights alone or with the aid of his numerous sidekicks and allies from the Justice League, Batman continues to wage his own personal war against the forces of evil, pushing himself beyond the limits of any normal man and honoring his family’s wishes.

Black Panther

(Oh, wait - we’re covering new ground here. Nice. Please read this, especially if you need to brush up on your lore before the movie comes out.)

Millennia ago, a meteorite made of the indestructible metal Vibranium crash-landed in the north-eastern corner of Africa, or to be more specific, the Kingdom of Wakanda. Although the natives appropriated the material for use as weapons and tools, radiation from the crash mutated them into rampaging beasts mistaken as demonic spirits. To protect his people, a local chieftain by the name of Bashenga prayed to Bast - the Panther Goddess; by becoming her Totem in the mortal realm, she would bestow upon him various superhuman abilities. Bashenga used these gifts to unite the tribes as one and drive back the dangers which threatened them, becoming their leader and protector, having been bestowed the title of the Black Panther.

Since then, the title of Black Panther and King of Wakanda was passed on through Bashenga’s descendants, but it was not just a simple matter of inheritance. To become the kingdom’s protector involved completing numerous rites of passage to prove one’s resolve and gain Bast’s blessing, and all members of the royal bloodline have followed it without fail. As the years went by, the rulers of Wakanda opted to keep their country hidden away in the dark for fear of outsiders misusing the Vibranium for their own ends. All of this would change with the rise of the modern Black Panther: a young prince by the name of T’Challa.

After his father T’Chaka was murdered by arms dealer Ulysses Klaw over the Vibranium mound, T’Challa prepared himself for the responsibilities he needed to accept as his uncle S’yan assumed the role of king for the time being. After receiving further training and education abroad to hone his skills as a warrior and leader, he returned home to challenge and defeat the other chieftains of Wakanda’s tribes and S'yan himself, allowing him to consume the Heart-Shaped Herb and earn the title of Black Panther, along with the powers it possessed.

His tests finally complete, T’Challa ascended to the throne and became king, but he came to the realization that he needed to do more than his predecessors as protector, and began taking a more active role as his masked alter-ego. He started slowly re-integrating his country with the international community, all while he allied himself with superheroes such as the Avengers and battling villainous forces who threaten not only Wakanda’s safety, but the rest of the world as well. In his dual roles as king and warrior, one thing is certain: the Black Panther will rise to defend his people at all costs until his dying breath.




Knowing that criminals are superstitious and cowardly, Bruce Wayne dons a costume meant to exploit those weaknesses. Deciding to draw inspiration from his fear, he decided to become something that strikes that same fear into the criminal underworld. Enter the Batsuit.

Composed of Kevlar and a small percentage of Titanium, the Batsuit is bullet-proof and resistant to most forms of attacks (explosions, blunt trauma, falls, etc.) and is also flame-retardant and insulated. The Batsuit is one of, if not, the most popular piece of equipment in Batman’s HUGE arsenal. From his gauntlets to his cowl, the Batsuit contains a piece of equipment and gadget in numerous assorted areas useful to the Dark Knight.


Utility Belt

Image result for utility belt batman

Batman’s Utility Belt is the Dark Knight’s most iconic storage device used to house most of his gadgets, including the famous Batarang. The exact contents of this belt are not known because Batman usually changes it to suit his needs, but his uncanny ability to carry unusually appropriate tools is legendary. While his enemies believe that obtaining the belt would give them an advantage over him, Batman usually have the belt pockets locked with him being the only one able to open them. The utility belt also possesses some defense mechanisms, such as electric shocks or stun gas to prevent tampering. The array of devices Batman carries over time became more complex over time, but here’s the devices that he has carried over time with his utility belt that are not Batarangs and explosives. They’ll have their own section.


One of the most well-known weapons owned by the Dark Knight are his trusty Batarangs. These things are small shurikens kept in his utility belt and are used for a variety of jobs. For that reason, they come in several different versions:


Image result for bat bomb batman

What would Batman be if he doesn’t have his explosives, used to either distract his enemies or hurt them in the most painful, non-lethal way possible. That or destroy giant monsters without having to break his moral code. The Dark Knight keeps a variety of explosives and grenades inside his utility belt, using them when the situation demands it. Here are the types of explosives Batman kept and used during the course of his career.

Collapsible Bat-Sword

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One of Batman’s many weapons that he keeps within his utility belt is his Collapsible Bat-Sword. Basically a lightsaber, this weapon is can cut through steel and giant robots but can still be considered lethal.

Black Panther

Vibranium Suit

Black Panther’s Habit is more than just a symbol of his role as Wakanda’s defender, as it also doubles as a nearly indestructible tool of vengeance which T’Challa is always seen wearing in combat, and can summon remotely in any situation. The suit and its claws are made of the same alloy: the nearly indestructible metal known as Vibranium.

Vibranium has been stated by many to be the strongest metal in the world. The Panther Habit is primarily made of the Wakanda variant, which tends to be its most well-known portrayal. Wakandan Vibranium absorbs nearly vibrations and kinetic energy sources to reinforce its molecular bonds; if an object made of this metal were to absorb a large amount, it would become nearly impossible to destroy. That said, it can be destroyed if enough force were to be applied, causing the store energy to be released in a large explosion, although what those limits are have not been determined.

The Vibranium woven into the Panther Habit can also rob the momentum of any object it makes contact with, allowing Black Panther to walk silently and on different surfaces (like water) as well as giving him immense resistance against gunfire and piercing attacks.

The Habit’s claws on the other hand are made of Antarctic Vibranium, a variant exclusive to the Savage Land in Antarctica which acts in the opposite fashion of its African counterpart. It instead creates vibrations which are strong enough to liquefy and destroy almost any metal, including other indestructible alloys like Adamantium.

Should Black Panther need weapons for armed combat, he can use his Vibranium Energy Daggers to cut through other materials much like his claws and stun or kill his foes depending on his needs. The daggers’ length can be adjusted and fused together to form different weapons like longswords, scythes, lances, and axes, and the hilts which store their energy have large enough storage capacities to ensure it never runs out in the heat of battle. Its energy is also noted for their ability to scramble electronics, including technology made by Iron Man himself and even highly advanced A.I.s like Ultron.

Other assorted gadgets and tools included in the Habit include flashbangs, cloaking devices, EMPs (including a forcefield that prevents Black Panther’s tools from being affected by enemy EMP attacks), a built-in electric field to shock enemies, an air filter to prevent gas attacks, a shield made of hardened light, and the Kimoyo Card - a PDA linked to satellites surrounding the Earth which keep track of Black Panther’s movements and objectives, hack into almost anything, pull up required information for missions, jam frequencies, and track down targets hit by his energy daggers.

Other equipment:

Ebony Blade

The Ebony Blade is the signature weapon of the Black Knights, first bestowed upon their originator by the wizard Merlin, who had wanted to forge an equal to King Arthur’s Excalibur. In time, other individuals such as Ares, Valkyrie, Namor and eventually T’Challa himself came to wield this mystic sword.

Wielders of the Ebony Blade can deflect and absorb energy-based attacks, and is immune to effects caused by other sources of magic. The sword itself is indestructible, and can cut through almost anything, barring other materials - man-made or magical - of similar strengths; Black Panther had once used it to cut through Iron Man's Extremis suit with little effort. Wielders can summon it remotely or can choose to transport themselves instead to the sword’s location, and Merlin’s enchantments prevent them from dying, although they can still be injured or otherwise incapacitated.



Martial Artist

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Bruce Wayne is one of the finest human combatants Earth has ever known, a master of every fighting arts known to man and virtually all forms of combat. He mastered 127 styles of martial arts, even making a CD about it. He learned his skills from different masters, moving to different ones after perfecting their fighting styles. Batman has taken on numerous pupils, most of them being the known as the Robins, teaching them his techniques, so they’ll be able to fight crime.

His primary form of combat is an harmonious mixture of Jui-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Judo, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Savante, Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, Aikido, and Ninjutsu. He can recognize rare fighting styles and can even counter an opponent’s. One type of martial arts that Batman is familiar with is known as Dim Mak, an ancient form of martial arts where he can strike vital points of an opponent’s body which causes paralysis, intense and prolonged pain, and even death.

Pressure Point

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Along with martial arts, Bruce Wayne has trained in exploiting enemy pressure points and nervous systems. Batman can knock out people with techniques that simply requires touching their nerves using two fingers or sometimes three. With a simple nerve pinch, Bruce can either disable a limb or erase a person’s short term memory. Bruce is even capable of stopping a man from breathing with a simple technique.

Batman has used his knowledge of pressure points to win against numerous opponents, defeating super steroid enhanced weightlifter whose impervious to pain, a cybernetic gorilla, a magically boosted Eddie Hurst, and Solomon Grundy. Bruce can identify different rare techniques such as the Chest Penetration technique and the Falling Leaf technique. Batman also modified lethal techniques to make them non-lethal in order to knock out opponents.


Image result for Batman marksman

Considering that he uses bat-shaped shurikens as his preferred choice of weapon, Batman needs to know how to use them well. That’s why being an expert marksman is on his resume list. However, Batarangs aren’t the only tools that he’s an expert marksman with. Batman has disarmed and knocked out opponents using a bow and arrow, a telephone, a flashlight and a coin. Heck, he even taken out a gunman with a bottle cap!

When it comes to being an expert marksman, it requires the use of accuracy and timing. With a single dagger, Batman used it to take down a helicopter by jamming its tail rator. Taking down a helicopter with a dagger is one thing, but Bruce did it again with a ski racket. With skilled precision, Batman has stopped a foe from using their guns such as Deadshot and the Joker with a single Batarang. He splitted arrows shot at him in half and even the bows that they’re shot from. He intercepted midair projectiles such as shurikens and coins with his batarangs. Batman can even use his marksmanship skills without even looking.

Distance is another requirement of a marksman, being able to hit a light switch with a Batarang from afar and knocking out a sniper with a golf ball. Being an expert marksman, Batman is able to perform a number of trick shots to either save his allies, disarm opponents, damage their equipment, or knock out multiple people at once.

Master Detective

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Nicknamed the “World’s Greatest Detective” by the likes of many, Batman is no doubt known for his detective work. The character first appeared in Detective Comics, having to solve a murder mystery. Even as a child, Bruce did some detective work such as discovering the location of the mysterious Court of Owls. He has been trained by numerous detectives such as Harry Harvey, Dan Mallory, and Henri Duncard.

Deduction and detective work is based on observation and perception skills, which Batman has used during his career. He can recognize which location of Gotham he’s at based on the water despite being drugged and exhausted. He can make deductions about his opponents while fighting them, doing so against Cassandra Cain, an alternate version of the Riddler, and an imposter of the Wraith. Batman can identify people by detecting their presence without having to look at them. He does so against an android assassin, a sniper, Cassandra Cain, Cheetah, Superman, an invisible man, Invisible Kid, and Martian Manhunter. He made many deduction skills, including during fights. He made deductions on Justice League opponents, allowing his fellow teammates to gain the upper hand.

Batman has used his detective skills to solve numerous crimes in his career. A member of his rogue gallery, the Riddler, would constantly create riddles in his crimes for Batman to solve. Bruce would solve them to piece together Riddler’s grand scheme. Riddler isn’t the only villain Batman would use his skills against. He would also piece together other supervillains’ evil plans. Batman would also find out the identities of other people. He has made analyzations at crime scenes to solve them.

Escape Artist

Image result for batman escapes coffin

Described as the “World’s Greatest Escape Artist”, Bruce Wayne has trained under many mentors such as Zatara and Max Dodge in escape artistry. He practices thousands of scenarios, doing each death trap ten times. He escaped from being chained up in an underwater vault, being tied up in a straightjacket on a chair while evading a microwave detector, and from being in a buried coffin while fatigued and drugged with Joker’s toxin while in a straightjacket. There were incidents when Batman had to use insane methods of escape, such as bombs, lowering his body temperature, and dislocating his arm to move it out of his sleeve.

Many of his rogues place Batman into numerous death traps. However, the Dark Knight would always escape them. He escaped Riddler’s “inescapable” death trap, Two-Face’s death trap, Ra’s al Ghul’s by using a breathing technique, Scarecrow’s death trap, and a death trap for Superboy while disguised as Hawkman.


Image result for batman stealth

Before he became the Batman, Bruce Wayne went on a training journey for many years and took the teachings of many masters. At one point however, Bruce trained within the League of Assassins. The League of Assassins is an evil organization of ninjas and martial artists, teaching Bruce many forms of combat. One of those fighting styles is ninjutsu, allowing Bruce to perfect the art of stealth.

Due to most of his activity taking place in the night, stealth is the perfect ally for Batman and it has been proven correct throughout his career as a crimefighter. He used stealth against common thugs and henchmen of his rogues gallery almost always, successfully taking them down. Bruce successfully used stealth in combat against the people who trained him, Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Batman even used stealth against meta-humans and supernatural creatures, such as Andrew Bennett the I, Vampire.

Bruce doesn’t use stealth just for combat. He even used it to infiltrate enemy bases and locations. Batman has snuck into the lair of Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins, in disguise and fooled him and Talia. Batman has broken into a Lexcorp building to steal all its data, Cadmus’ top secret laboratory to steal information, Areas 51 and 52, the DEO and FBI, and military security for the Justice League while Superman and Martian Manhunter couldn’t see him do it. Batman even infiltrated the base of the Spectre, a feat that is considered to be impossible.

A famous trait of the Dark Knight is him disappearing on people, especially on his best friend and trusty ally, Jim Gordon. However, he done the same thing to other people. Batman disappeared on Superman numerous times, even while in midair in one incident, and placed a tracker on the Man of Steel without him noticing on another. Batman disappeared on Martian Manhunter after turning off the lights and disappeared on the speedster Jay Garrick, who couldn’t find him afterwards with his superspeed.

Willpower/Telepathy Resistance

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In the DC Universe, willpower can be weaponized and used to fight crime. With Batman, his type of willpower is different. Using his willpower, he warded a yellow lantern ring away from him when it tried to recruit him. He broke off a magical sleeping spell casted onto him by Manitou Raven. For several years on the dreaded planet Apokalypse, Batman was tortured nonstop by Desaad but never gave in. These feats are a general description of how strong Bruce’s willpower is.

Willpower comes in different forms, and Batman has been shown to have a strong willpower when it comes to his physiology. He is capable of slowing down his bleeding after being shot, doing so unconsciously by his sheer force of will. Batman resisted the villain Anchoresses’ quantum manipulation of his brain. A metahuman even tried to turn him into a mind controlled zombie, but he resisted it.

Some members of his Rogues Gallery are experts with chemicals, toxins, and poisons, which Batman has been exposed to. However, the Dark Knight’s extraordinary willpower always helped him through. As a rookie, Bruce resisted the pheromones of the beautiful and deadly Poison Ivy. He has fought off the effects of Scarecrow’s fear toxin and a super version of it. Batman has fought off a hallucinogenic drug of the Mad Hatter and willed his way through the Joker venom after being exposed to it. Batman has even overcame a paralytic chemical through just his will alone and resisted the “world’s most potent truth serum”.

Throughout his career, Batman has shown to be a powerful resistor to mind control and telepathy. It’s been stated that hypnotic powers can’t affect Batman, which is why many characters with mind control powers or telepathy couldn’t manipulate him. Thinker and The Cheat found that out, unable to hypnotize him and couldn’t sense any fear from him either. Powerful psychics such as Manchester Black, Nudge, and the demon goddess Mistos couldn’t enter Batman’s mind or psychically manipulate or imprison him, especially impressive on the latter two who were able to do so against Superman earlier. Batman is able to resist psychic assaults from Saturn Queen, Lump, Black Mask, and other lunatic telepaths capable of mind controlling masses of people. He can even resist mind control from high tech military machines, up to 26 hours straight. Bruce is always one of the last members to the Justice League to resist mind control and the first to break free from it. Even telepaths who successfully enter his mind are quickly forced into comas by him. Just ask the Synaptic Kid.

There are times when villains such as Phobos, Antithesis, and Anger tried to possess Batman’s body, but he would break out of them with the help and motivation of his allies. However, there are instances where villains fail to possess Bruce or he successfully resists. Yurrd, the Horseman of Hunger, failed to possess him while his counterparts successfully did so against Wonder Woman and Superman. Batman even usurps control of Tharuk, a robot from the 30th Century that tried to assimilate him.

Black Panther

Divine Empowerment

T’Challa’s powers were bestowed by the Goddess Bast upon his ascension as king, when he consumed the mysterious Heart-Shaped Herb. Said to have been mutated by Vibranium radiation during Bashenga’s time, those who are tasked with becoming the Black Panther must defeat their predecessor in combat, as well as the champions of Wakanda’s tribes. After gaining the favor of the gods, the Herb’s juices are applied to their body, granting them the superhuman capabilities associated with their new role.

With his new enhancements, Black Panther now has the physical prowess of a super-soldier on par with, if not greater than, the likes of Captain America. He can lift up to 800 tons, reach speeds up to 40 mph, track movements faster than a normal eye can see, fight for days on end without fatigue and heal from wounds faster, although not to the extent of superior healing factors like Wolverine’s and Deadpool’s. His senses have also been finely-tuned, allowing him to see in total darkness - even infrared or ultraviolet light, identify targets through scents, detect lies through body movement and hear past the limits of a normal man.

In recent years, T’Challa lost the Heart-Shaped Herb’s powers after he was forced to vacate the throne for his half-sister Shuri, but eventually forged a new pact with Bast to become the King of the Dead and ruler of Necropolis - the Wakandan equivalent of the underworld. Not only were T’Challa’s powers restored to the previous levels he once possessed as Black Panther, but he became linked with the spirits of previous Black Panthers as well, allowing him to channel their strength, memories and experiences in combat. In addition, his link to Bast allows him to request her to teleport himself and others to locations of his choosing.

In most cases, Black Panther can tap into his powers as King of the Dead further should the situation call for it. At his strongest, he is strong enough to take on foes like the Hulk, the Phoenix Force, Mindless Ones, and the generals of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Master Martial Artist and Hunter

Black Panther is one of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel universe. Initially trained in various Wakandan disciplines as a child, his travels around the world saw him master every single form of unarmed and armed combat, ranging from traditional fighting styles such as boxing, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kenpo, Sambo and the like, to ones which have been kept secret from the outside world.

Combined with his superhuman capabilities and mental fortitude, this has allowed him to battle entire hordes of enemies at once, and can roughly considered to be on par with other great superhero martial artists (if not better), like Iron Fist, Daredevil, Wolverine and Captain America.

Black Panther is also a talented hunter, capable of memorizing the scents of his prey and using ranged weapons like throwing knives and bows to kill targets from afar. He can also disguise himself and make use of stealth tactics to avoid detection.

Intellect and Magic

Before becoming the Black Panther, T’Challa embarked on several trips to influential universities in the United States and Europe. He acquired a Ph. D in Physics from Oxford, but also attended classes and lectures in Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and others, endowing with him the knowledge to succeed not just as a leader, but as a fighter and a scientist.

With his intellect, Black Panther earned a reputation as one of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, considered to be on par - if not superior on occasion than - with the likes of Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and Doctor Doom. Combined with Wakanda’s vast Vibranium supply and the massive funds made from selling small quantities of it, he has invented many of the devices he uses on the field and used the support of Wakandan mystics and scientists to further refine their technology, resulting in Wakanda being the most technologically advanced country on Earth.

T’Challa has used magic in the past to increase his strength and resistance against similarly-powered foes. His current state as King of the Dead has granted him knowledge in necromancy, allowing him to resurrect the dead and command them into battle.

He has also married his use of science and magic to create Shadow Physics, which only a select few in the Marvel Universe have managed to be proficient in, but not to the extent of T’Challa himself. Shadow Physics allow Black Panther to summon Shadow weapons on command, and track Vibranium sources on a quantum level. The weapons he can conjure simultaneously exist on a plane of existence and non-existence.





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Black Panther








Although Batman’s accomplishments and feats stand alongside god-like beings such as Superman and Wonder Woman, he is still by and large human. Fighting opponents who boast superior strength, speed and durability against him can be tricky, often forcing him to rely on his gadgets, stealth and hand-to-hand prowess to hold out.

While he does have equipment that allows him to fight on par with tougher metahuman enemies and the like, such tools tend to only work when he has time to prepare and study future targets. Given the rules of Death Battle mean that Bruce will have no working knowledge on his opponent, it is unlikely that he will have access to his higher-grade tools or the time to prepare them.

Black Panther

Despite the Black Panther Habit’s Vibranium composition, it is not entirely invincible; small linings along the grains of the suit that can be cut through can allow observant opponents to exploit these openings and bypass much of T’Challa’s defenses.

His enhanced senses can also be abused to an extent through radically strong stimuli like flashbangs and the Hulk’s thunder claps, although he has found ways to work around them.



“People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I’m flesh and blood. I can be ignored. I can be destroyed. But as a symbol -- as a symbol, I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting."

  • Has more tech
  • Could take advantage of T’Challa’s sensitive senses
  • As smart as Black Panther
  • Kevin Conroy solos 

  • In spite of his arsenal’s impressive range and versatility, he has no way past Black Panther’s Vibranium armor.
  • Batsuit is inferior in terms of defense, and can be torn apart by Black Panther’s claws.
  • Despite his huge amount of tech, they’re not as good as T’Challa’s
  • George Clooney

Black Panther

“The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior. And now because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?”


  • Vibranium armor’s superior durability means that Batman will have a difficult time trying to directly hurt him.
  • Antarctic Vibranium claws can easily tear through the Batsuit.
  • Basic stat advantage
  • Just as smart, if not smarter
  • Has better tech
  • Durability bypassing weaponry
  • Chadwick Boseman solos


  • Lacks the amount of tech Batman has
  • Sensitive eyesight might be taken advantage of



Don’t you just love how the Marvel and DC blood feud just never ends? (*cough*Darkseid*cough*Thanos*cough*Aquaman*cough*Namor*cough*Doctor Strange*cough*Doctor Fate*)

...I’m going to need some medicine for that, hold on. (*cough*Daredevil*cough*Nightwing*cough*)

(*cough*Winter Soldier*cough*Re--)... that’s better.

Anyway, ol’ Brucie boy’s back to face off against His Highness T’Challa, and although I’d prefer that we didn’t get another return and see some fresh faces on the show - which to be fair Black Panther is, I can’t deny the match-up’s popularity, so here we are: a fight which looks close initially and is undoubtedly broken in half thanks to one category, which I’ll get to way down the line.

First off, let’s start with where both Batman and Black Panther are relatively even in. Bruce and T’Challa are two of the smartest minds of their respective universes, in addition to being master martial artists. Trying to compare them and nitpick which one of them is better than the other in these fields is a bit of a moot point, regardless of trying to say that Bats has more degrees or T’Challa mastering other martial arts which Bruce may not know of. They’re both generally in the same skill level as each other here, so none of those are going to be enough for one to get an edge over the other.

Time to move on to other areas which will slowly reveal how one-sided the fight is. In terms of arsenals, one could say that Batman has that area locked down, and true enough he has a larger variety of tools which he could use to get the drop in on T’Challa. However, many of Black Panther’s own gadgets hard-counter Bruce’s attempts at stealth with a cloaking device and immunity to EMPs. With T’Challa also well-versed enough in hiding from the shadows and sneaking around, it nullifies one of Bruce’s trademark areas, and although the Vibranium energy daggers aren’t as versatile as the different Batarang variants, it’s still serviceable enough for use in ranged combat and can easily cut Batman up by going through the Batsuit.

Hell, even one of the supposed major weaknesses we brought up for Black Panther - that being his increased sensitivity towards loud noises, bright lights, etc; all things Batman could exploit - doesn’t play into it much considering that part of T’Challa’s suit is equipped to reduce their effectiveness. Even if we tried using the same “flashbang spam” argument from Batman Beyond vs. Spider-Man 2099, that still doesn’t factor in how Bruce could possibly bypass the Black Panther Habit, which I’ll get into later.

If anything, the fact that he can see and hear to a greater degree with his own superhuman prowess gives him a leg up of Bruce still needing gadgets to accomplish those tasks. One good distraction could put him on the defensive as T’Challa, who was trained as a hunter since he was a boy, could outmatch Bruce in stealth.

Now, we come to physical attributes, aka “(almost) anything you can do, I can do better.” To give the benefit of the doubt to Bats, his speed feats could roughly be considered on par with Black Panther, but that’s all I could reasonably see him matching. Black Panther has better showings of strength and can certainly lift and strike harder than his opponent. Even if you claim that Bruce could work around it given his track record of fighting foes more physically capable than him such as Bane, the biggest hurdle he has to face here is T’Challa’s near-indestructible defense.

With the Black Panther Habit, nearly every possibility of Batman winning is thrown straight out of the window. Vibranium is tough enough to the point where godlike beings way above either characters’ power level like Thor and the Hulk fail to shatter it, so Bruce is ill-equipped to find a way to get past it. Even if he were perceptive enough to slash along the suit’s grains and make an opening, he’d still need to contend with getting a clean enough hit while Black Panther uses his superior strength to make things extremely difficult.

By comparison, the Batsuit is relatively fragile with its Kevlar composition, and while Batman has suffered his fair share of beatdowns, he’s going to literally be left naked and near-defenseless thanks to Black Panther’s Antarctic Vibranium claws - let’s not forget that said substance is the same anti-metal which can destroy any metal, including Adamantium. Again, there’s also the energy daggers which can hurt Bruce directly, so there goes most of his defensive options.

If you still need a bit more convincing, let’s look back at Batman’s previous fights on the show against Spider-Man and Captain America - heroes which we can compare Black Panther to easily. I try not to do this in the case of returning combatants because of any possible changes made between fights, but since Batman hasn’t really gotten that many new feats from 2014 (the Cap fight) until now, plus Spidey, Cap and Black Panther all being from the same universe, the comparisons here should be easier to make and understand.

To quick give a summary of how those fights went down: Bats beat Cap because of his superior master of every martial art in existence in addition to pressure points, and his stealth and gadgets weren’t things Steve had counters for despite his enhanced physical capabilities and reflexes. He lost to Spidey because Peter had counters for everything Bruce had; the all-purpose Way of the Spider matched Batman’s martial arts, Spidey had the better stats, and if Bats had time to prep, so would a fellow genius like Spidey.

Now, look at it this way. Unlike Cap, T’Challa has mastered every martial art in the world, so there’s no issue in regards to skill. Like Spidey, T’Challa has better stats and senses than Bruce, making him well-equipped to stop Bats’ stealth attempts and possibly use his own in return. He also possesses genius-level intellect to a far greater degree than Spidey, which could make things a lot trickier if we gave them time to prepare. (I’m not entering that madhouse, no.)

Anyway, long story short, here’s your tl;dr: Batman may be Black Panther’s equal in skill and smarts, and could match his speed, but when he can’t overcome the large strength and durability advantage set out in front of him in addition to their respective arsenals, well… let’s put it this way:

(I just really need that Black Panther soundtrack to come out soon though. Then, the movie. Then, the Post-Wakanda Sadness.)

Oh right, Black Panther wins.


First off, I’d just like to thank the G1DBFB for inviting me on here, it’s a huge honor to help out here.

Hoo boy, this matchup. While I agree that Batman being in Death Battle for a 3rd time is kind of annoying, if anyone was going to fight Black Panther, it was going to be Batman, so in that regard, I’m actually kinda glad this is happening. It’s Batman’s best matchup by far, in my opinion, because while Spider-Man and Captain America were not necessarily bad matchups, they don’t have as many similarities as Batman and Black Panther do. There were also possibilities of Iron Man, Moon Knight, Solid Snake, and the Punisher, but this just seems more fitting in my opinion. Plus Bio’s animating it, so it has the potential to be a fun fight.

Oh btw, stop requesting Black Manta or Blake Belladonna for Black Panther. They have awful connections, little of said connections, and they’re such big stomps, it’s not even funny.

That being said, Bats is screwed here. There’s way too many things working against him, that it’s actually hard to figure out what works in his favor here. Let’s get into this.

First off is strength. Batman can bench press over a thousand pounds and can shatter bulletproof material with sheer strength. That’s pretty impressive. Black Panther, on the other hand, can fight on par with the likes of Spider-Man and Captain America. If you recall, Spidey can support the weight of the Daily Bugle and Cap can bench press over twelve hundred pounds. If that wasn’t enough, Black Panther’s claws can pierce Iron Man’s suit, a suit that ScrewAttack themselves stated can survive several nukes at once. So yeah, Black Panther wins in strength.

Next up is speed. Batman can react before Sentry guns can fire the first shot and can dodge Dr. Light’s light beams. Sentry guns can locate human beings that are about 3 kilometers away, and can shoot roughly 400-600 rounds per minute at a muzzle velocity of 2,910 f/s(I’m a nerd and I’m proud). Black Panther, on the other hand, can catch Spider-Man, outrace Wolverine, and catch Sabretooth despite a head start. Spider-Man has the famous Spider Sense, Sabretooth is about as fast as Wolverine, and I think this video I made on another matchup involving Wolverine shows how impressive outracing the guy is(shameless plug). So in the speed regard, Black Panther takes it once again.

Next is durability, and this is not a contest at all. The Kevlar Batsuit is bulletproof and can take explosions that can wipe out buildings, but Vibranium is on a whole different level. This is the same material that Captain America’s shield is made of, and this is a shield that can block a hit from freaking Mjolnir. This metal is also tougher than Adamantium, a metal that can take hits from Thor, the Hulkbuster, and other Herald Level beings in the Marvel universe. Yeah, Cap’s shield couldn’t save him from victory against the Dark Knight(I disagree with it, but bear with me), but one shield over an entire suit of armor is pretty clear. So yeah, Black Panther stomps in this regard.

Versatility, experience, and intelligence are good to go over, but mean almost nothing if the stats aren’t even, which it’s pretty clear that they’re not. But regardless, Batman has more tech, Black Panther has the experience of other Black Panthers, and they’re both equally smart, if Black Panther isn’t smarter. But while Batman has more tech, Black Panther has better tech. Batman’s tech is basic freezing, piercing, explosive, and heat seeking equipment. Not a bad set to have, but comparing it to Black Panther, who has durability bypassing weaponry, other piercing weapons, and armor that also has a bunch of tools on it.

People may try to argue that Bats could sneak attack T’Challa, but not only is Panther too tough for Bats to do any sort of damage, but Panther also has advanced senses, so stealth may not be very helpful here.

On the topic of advanced senses, people will then argue the exact same thing they argued for Batman Beyond in the past, and this annoyed me to no end. The argument of flashbangs can affect advanced eyesight. This isn’t wrong per say, but it’s not like it turns off physical durability. Besides, T’Challa’s only going to be out for a few seconds anyway, and it’s not enough of a time frame for Bats to get the kill.

Overall, there is literally no argument to be made for Batman to win. He may be the brooding Dark Knight, but getting past Vibranium armor is impossible for him. With all of this said, I am 100% confident that the King of Wakanda will be the winner of this battle.

So you can imagine how pissed off I’d be if he loses.


Related image

I always figured that Batman would come back for another Death Battle. I mean, seriously, the guy has more requested matchups than the amount of money Dragon Ball FighterZ will make on release day. It would’ve been only a matter of time until ScrewAttack finds the perfect opportunity to do so. And with the Black Panther movie coming out around the season opener, they have found that opportunity with the King of Wakanda making his much needed debut. (Don’t know why my colleagues want him to fight Black Manta though. Makes no sense to me.) Anyway, let’s start this verdict.

Both Bruce and T’Challa are intelligent superheroes who mastered every form of martial arts. On paper, they appear to be even. However, let’s delve deeper to see of it’s actually true.

For Black Panther, his biggest advantage is his vibranium suit. Made of one of the toughest metals in the Marvel universe, this suit automatically gives T’Challa the durability edge over Bruce. I mean, come on. It kept Black Panther alive after he got bitch slapped by the Hulk. Don’t count out Batman though, considering that the Dark Knight has taken on explosions up close. Unfortunately for him, T’Challa also tanked explosions thanks to his suit and taken hits from powerful opponents.

In terms of gadgets, Batman has the edge. Hear me out. While Black Panther does have his share of gadgets, his energy/anti-metal claws, teleportation device, and force field are the only ones that’ll give Bruce trouble. T’Challa’s cloaking device won’t work since Batman has fought cloaked soldiers with ease and has detected invisible beings like the Martian Manhunter just by hearing him breathe. Black Panther’s EMP would be canceled out by Bruce’s. Flash marbles? Batman has flash-bangs. The rest of Bruce’s gadgets gives him the edge over Black Panther, especially since they can allow him to exploit T’Challa’s enhanced senses. His sound waves, flash-bangs, and the speakers in the pecks of his suit can be used to blast Black Panther’s eardrums to high hell. The flash-bang can also affect T’Challa’s vision while his miniaturized smoke pellets contains anaesthesia within them, further affecting his senses. Batman’s grenades are also capable of hurting and injuring powerful beings such as Captain Nazi and the Shaggy Man, allowing them to be a pain for Black Panther. With his sense of hearing and sight are out, T’Challa is only left with his sense of smell, taste, and touch. Unfortunately for him, the latter two senses can’t help in a fight while the Dark Knight does have something within his suit to deal with Black Panther’s sense of smell. Batman can shoot shards of a chemical compound that smells like dead shark matter, which can throw off T’Challa. Last but not least, Bruce has his Collapsible Bat-Sword. While we don’t if it can cut through Black Panther’s vibranium suit, we do know that the weapon is supposed to act like a lightsaber. One point for T’Challa and one point for Bruce so far.

While Batman has taken out villains with only a single hit and broke vehicles in half, his strength feats pale in comparison to Black Panther’s. T’Challa can throw around large animals and heavy objects like they are nothing and can severely injure powerful beings such as Super Skrull and Namor, who is basically Marvel’s Aquaman. Both heroes fought multiple opponents at once and broken the bones of lesser beings. However, Black Panther still has the edge. 2-1 for T’Challa.

Speed is tricky to determine between them. Both of them can easily dodge bullets, with Batman dodging sentry guns from up close and Black Panther dodging automatic gunfire every day. However, Bruce has dodged lightning and has reacted fast enough to hit speedster Kid Flash in a fight and catch other speedster Impulse. Black Panther, on the other hand, has outran Wolverine before and has intercepted Spider-Man and the Silver Surfer before. It’ll put this in as a tie between them. 2.5-1.5 T’Challa.

Another tricky factor is intelligence and combat, which I’m putting together. As I stated before, both combatants have mastered every form of martial arts. However, both heroes kept on going past that and mastered virtually a forms of combat and every fighting style known to man. Batman even recognizes his opponent’s fighting style during fights, finding out ways to counter them. However, Black Panther’s vibranium suit still provides a problem. Bruce can adjust by observing T’Challa but still need to figure out how to break through that suit. Both of them are vastly intelligence, but Black Panther has been stated to be 8th smartest character in the Marvel Universe and is on part with Tony Stark and Reed Richards in terms of intellect. Black Panther has outsmarted opponents before such as Dr. Doom and created a contingency plan against Galactus. Batman has also outsmarted and tricked opponents such as Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Metron, Ra’s al Ghul, Spectre, and Emperor Joker. The Dark Knight has also been known to create contingency plans against the rest of the Justice League if they ever go rogue, but those plans would be stolen to be used against them. Once again, I’ve putting this as a tie between them. 3-2 T’Challa.

Unfortunately, my scorecard has to be thrown out the window thanks to Black Panther’s King of the Death State as he’s been given divine empowerment. Due to this, his strength, speed, and durability are enhanced as well as being given the ability to command the dead in which he can take control of the dead. The only edge Batman has left are his gadgets, but they won’t be enough to take down Black Panther. Sadly, the Dark Knight won’t rise this time.

Hail to the King.


(Let's kick things up a notch)

Oh hey. Thanks for having me back guys. Always happy to help out.

So, Batman versus Black Panther. Ittotallyshould’vebeenBlackPantherversusBlackManta. Grrrrr. Preferences aside, I actually look forward to this match. Should be a fun match to watch go down. Surprised they brought Batman back a third time, and I really do not wanna see the grave again.

Do you remember Batman vs Spider-Man and Batman vs Captain America? With Batman vs Black Panther, Batman is basically fighting Spider-Man again, but Peter has more tech and Captain America’s shield as a suit.

Sure, Batman is usually capable of handling opponents with superior stats through his fighting skills, tech, and stealth, but T’Challa counters most of that. Like Bruce, T’Challa has studied every fighting style in the world, so he definitely has Bruce matched in that field. Stealth? BP can see in the dark, catch the scent of others, and has options of his own to blend into the environment, so sneaking around T’Challa isn’t really an option for Bruce.

“What about T’Challa’s heightened senses? Can’t Bruce take advantage of that? (Insert Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099 meme here)”
Eh, maybe? But I don’t see that mattering too much. T’Challa has flashbangs of his own and his earplugs can block out sounds, so unless Batman can make T’Challa sniff something to death, I don’t really see him taking advantage of Black Panther’s heightened senses.

With Batman’s main advantages out of commission, his only way to beat T’Challa is through sheer physicality, which I can’t see him doing. Batman can bench press 1000 pounds and claims his maximum leg press is 2,500 pounds. That’s impressive, but not compared to Black Panther, who can bring down a 5 ton rhino and kill a dinosaur with a palm tree.

Speed? Pretty sure Black Panther has the edge in this too but I’ll give Bats a benefit of a doubt and say he can match him there. Without scaling, both have dodged pretty much the same thing, kept up with super fast boys, etcetera. But unlike BP, Batman can’t teleport (ok, that’s not speed, but it does matter in my opinion, which I’ll explain in a little bit).

For durability, T’Challa is wearing a suit composed of vibranium. That’s worse than pitting Batman against Wolverine. Heck, not even adamantium can cut through it. Unless Bats luckily finds a way to cut the grains of the suit (doubt it tbh), he has nothing in his arsenal to get through it.

And not to mention, T’Challa’s antarctic vibranium claws will easily rip through Batman’s defense. It can easily cleave through high tier Marvel characters and it emanates vibrations that weakens its target’s molecular bonds. And that’s kinda why I think teleportation matters cuz he can quickly teleport behind Batman and claw his head off before Bats even knew what hit him.

In the end, I have to put my money T’Challa, the Black Panther. If only Bruce had some panther repellant.

The Gaming News Guy

Season 5 Premiere and it’s a returning combatant DEATH BATTLE….yaaaaaayy. In all seriousness i don’t mind this matchup but i really wanted to see best villain Black Manta take on Black Panther in the DEATH BATTLE ring, ah well there’s always DBX.

As for this matchup itself. I would love to play devil advocate here and say that Batman should beat Black Panther but yeah after researching and analysing this fight - Poor Bruce really doesn’t have much of a change but let’s play devil’s advocate for a little bit and talk about what Batman can do to fight against Black Panther.

First of all,Black Panther does have one significant weakness and that’s his weaknesses to His enhanced senses can also be abused through radically strong stimuli like flashbangs. Bruce does have flashbangs which he can use to exploit Black Panther’s one major weaknesses however, Black Panther being the smart cookie he has has designed his suit to reduce the harmfulness of flashbangs and while they will likely affect him. It’s not really enough for Batman to reality exploit especially since Black Panther is a combat genius and definitely has prepared for a situation when someone uses flashbangs trying to stun him.

What about prep then,continued Batman prepare for Black Panther’s arsenal since he is the “PrepGod”. First of all, no Batman is not the Prep God. Far from it - there are characters that far exceed Bruce in terms of the “PrepGod” Status (Rick Sanchez,John Constantine,The Doctor and Lucifer Morningstar for example). Secondly in the rules of DEATH BATTLE - Batman would be given zero time to prepare in order to exploit Black Panther’s major weaknesses. But even if Batman brought in specific tools in order to counter Black Panther’s one or two weaknesses - in terms of the stats, Black Panther far exceeds him which allow to beat Bruce to a bloody pulp before Batman even has the time to put those plans into action.Black Panther has the edge in strength,speed and durability (which has been shown through the previous verdicts).

Even Stealth one of Batman’s greatest aspects is really not going to do much against Black Panther and not only does he have enhanced senses that can pick out targets in the dark but also Black Panther has had significant experience at fighting enemies in the dark meaning even if Batman tried in utilizing the stealth focused approach - it really wouldn’t work against Black Panther who could easily dodge out of the way and then attack.

Even in terms of Batman’s greatest attributes in terms of intelligence and resourcefulness - Batman is beat. In terms of intelligence i would say both are pretty even but i would say that Batman is better in terms of plans but Black Panther is the superior on the fly strategist and is the superior combat strategist - being able to lead armies into battle as well. There’s a reason he is in the Top 10 smartest people on Marvel’s Earth. And that’s not getting into the fact that his vibranium suit is going to be extremely difficult for Batman to cut through and damage and even if he gets some damage in - Black Panther will still win due to his superior strength,speed,durability.

I am a huge fan of Batman, but sadly - i just don’t see how he can win this one when Black Panther has clear advantages in his favor and small disadvantages that won’t matter in the long run. Simply put - Batman is simply outclassed in this fight. Looks like Batman is going to feel the might of Wakanda. I am putting my chips on Black Panther

Grand Blazer

I’ve only three important things to go over.


I did not steal those Combatants are Set pics from Meddadius’ thumbnail on the Discussing Death Battle podcast. I had the black and white idea too, before I saw his, and had to change the Batman pic I had when I saw he had it too. Please do not accuse me of plagiarizing him again.


Will Arnett is best Batman.


My vote goes to Black Panther. See verdicts above for why. Here’s to his upcoming movie and a new season of watching people who don’t exist kill each other for our amusement/misery. WAKANDA!


  1. Nice prediction. I'm inclined towards Batman, but I can see it going either way. x)

  2. Surprisingly good! Much better than I could expect. It is very well filmed and there are very nice action scenes, particularly for a production from the 40’s: footage of fighting, climbing, spying, falling down, disguising… Although lightly plump, Lewis Wilson not only did a good job as the dark knight but also had one of the best representations of Bruce Wayne ever in my opinion, as the fake playboy. Batman was already frightening on the eyes of the criminals, as he intimidated them (the bat’s cave has been created for this movie serial, > reviews batman 1943
    though it was not his back office yet, but kind of a psychological torture and interrogation room, accessed through the clock). Batman fights a lot, most of the time against two or three thugs, but he is far from the skillful martial artist he would become in future versions; indeed, he receives lots of punches and loses the fights a lot of times, not dying by luck. There was already a charming black car, though it was not properly a batmobile, but a 1939 Cadillac, generally driven by Alfred. Douglas Croft was a typical Robin, and although his visual was true to the character, we got accustomed to the hair and the mask of Burt Ward decades afterwards, making his upright curly hair and his pointed-nose mask a bit strange
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    > arrival putlockers
    > the revenant putlocker
    > 2k movies

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