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Death Battle Predictions: Ken Masters VS Terry Bogard


Ken Masters

Ken Masters was born in the United States to some incredibly wealthy hotel chain owners. However, not wanting Ken to grow up to be a spoiled selfish asshole like most rich kids, his father sent him to an ancient forest in Japan to train under the Ansatsuken master, Gouken, who was somehow best friends with Ken’s dad. Ken spent a decade there, training alongside Street Fighter’s poster boy and Gouken's adopted son, Ryu. Ken treated Ryu like a rival and would  constantly pull pranks on Ryu, though they eventually became best friends. By the time Ken was 23, he had completed his training in the Ansatsuken and returned to America.

After going home, Ken competed in many different martial arts tournaments held in the United States, winning most of them. He would later fight in the most well known U.S. martial arts tournament, as well as meet an attractive girl named Eliza, who later became his girlfriend. After that Ken decided to return to his training grounds to tell Gouken the good news, only to witness something horrifying. Ken watched his master's death at the hands of Gouken’s younger brother, Akuma. Enraged and grief-stricken over his master’s death, he attacked Akuma, only to be knocked out by the villain.

With a grand hate for Akuma now burning inside him, Ken began wandering the world in search of his master’s killer as well as Ryu, hoping to tell his friend of what happened to their master. He eventually found Ryu, but Ken’s fellow student had been depressed ever since his fight with Sagat, sensing rage within himself and worrying that it may go out of control though Ken managed to cheer his buddy up before going their separate ways. Ken then decided to return to his training, and after fighting Karin and inspiring her, the blond street fighter managed to find new resolve.

Later, Ken would team up with his old sparring partner again to take down the crime syndicate Shadaloo and its leader, M. Bison. Afterwards, Ken then received an invitation for the second World Warrior tournament, which he decided to participate in. After the events of Street Fighter 2 he got married to his girlfriend Eliza and the two eventually had a son together named Mel, who Ken now trains in combat along with Sean Matsuda.

Terry Bogard


Terry and his younger brother Andy didn’t really have the best time growing up. When they were younger they grew up as street orphans.  Having no one to look after them or help them, they fought together on the streets and survived. However, good luck for the two brothers would finally come along when they were adopted by Jeff Bogard, who was an expert in Martial Arts and lived in Southtown. Wanting to see his adopted sons grow up to become strong, Jeff Bogard taught his two sons the ways of combat and everything was relatively fine for a while, but like a lot of backstories tragedy eventually struck the Bogard Family.  When Terry was 10 years old, Geese Howard murdered Jeff Bogard out of jealousy. Wanting revenge on Geese for murdering their adopted father but recognizing that Geese’s fighting skills were far superior to their own, Terry and Andy decided to dedicate themselves to their martial arts training. Jeff Bogard’s master, Tung Fu Rue, imparted to them that the strongest brother will learn Hakyokusaken, which will be able to defeat Geese. Andy decided to move to Japan while Terry stayed in the USA to hone his street fighting style. 10 years after the death of Jerry Bogard, Geese Howard learned that Andy and Terry are still alive and organized the King of Fighters tournament. Terry, Andy and a kickboxer named Joe Higashi entered the tournament with a mission to defeat Geese. In the end, Terry was the one to defeat Geese.  It was thought that Geese died in this fight but after the “death” of Geese, a new challenger appeared.

A year later, Geese's half-brother Wolfgang Krauser took control of the KOF tournament. Terry fought in this one too, making it to the finals and managing to defeat Krauser. With his victory, he became a hero known as the Legendary Wolf of Southtown. However, it turns out Terry’s struggle against Geese wasn’t quite over yet. Learning that Geese is alive and after the Jin Scrolls, Terry battled Geese’s minions before confronting Geese for the final time at Geese Tower. The fight ended with Geese getting knocked off a barrier and although Terry quickly grabbed hold of Geese's hand to save him, Geese knocked it aside in one final act of stubborn pride, falling to his death - this time he wouldn’t be rising from the grave again.

Years after the Geese incident, Terry encountered a boy named Rock Howard and adopted him, teaching him martial arts in order to prevent Rock from becoming like his father. In the King of Fighters timeline, after Terry had defeated Geese and Krauser, he received an invitation to enter the KOF '94 Tournament and also became the team leader of the Fatal Fury team. While the roster is not always the same, Terry has participated in every King of Fighters tournament to date. In the Garou: Mark of the Wolves game, a man by the name of Kain hosts and sponsors The King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament, and Terry and Rock are sent an invitation. Rock decides to stay with Kain and become his new partner. Terry accepts Rock's decision to become Kain's new partner, knowing Rock will return some day, and returns to his life of being the lone wolf kicking ass and taking names.

Fighting Style/Chi Usage

Ken Masters


Ken is a master of the Ansatsuken (loosely translated to “Assassin's Fist”) fighting style, which focuses on enhancing your physical capabilities through a mystical energy called Hado. The Ansatsuken fighting style incorporates Shotokan into itself and focuses on speed, offense and defense plus with Hado it can become a much more effective fighting style in combat. Using Hado, Ken has become significantly faster, stronger and tougher than any normal human being, in addition to gaining super cool powers like pyrokinesis and shooting balls of energy from his hands. Ken can also use Hado to amplify certain attacks like the Hadoken and Shoryuken.

Terry Bogard

In terms of fighting style - unlike some other fighters, Terry has incorporated various martial arts into his fighting style including boxing, karate, kung fu, kickboxing and street fighting. Due to his wide knowledge of of techniques he has formed a very powerful and unique fighting style. He also incorporates chi techniques into his moveset.

For those who don’t know, chi is basically physical energy from the body. After being taught by Tung Fu Rue, he learned how to incorporate chi into his deadly arsenal. Terry can gather up chi from Gaia (the planet) and use it to increase his attacks, allowing him to hit much harder. He can also use chi to execute fire attacks such as the Power Wave and his Geyser attacks. He can also use chi to sense others, so sneak attacks won’t work. Overall Terry’s fighting style relies on offense with a couple of projectiles thrown in and has a very well-rounded fighting style, easily able to counter more experienced foes such as Geese and Wolfgang Von Krauser. With 10+ years of training behind him, Terry has managed to hone his skills to near perfection.


Ken Masters


  • Hadoken - An energy based projectile attack of ki that Ken can fire off from his hands
  • Gohadoken - This is a move more often seen used by Akuma. In the air Ken can fire off a smaller Hadoken that goes downwards at a 45 degree angle. In the Marvel vs Capcom series it is called the Zanku Hadoken
  • Shankunetsu Hadoken - A powerful version of the Hadoken - it does more damage than the regular Hadoken and lights foes on fire. It is sometimes known as the EX Hadoken
  • Reppu Hadoken - Ken fires a Hadoken from his feet. He's able to fire up to two, each capable of traveling upwards.
  • Shoryuken - A strong jumping uppercut that Ken can also charge with fire (as a result of his ki)
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku - A powerful aerial spinning kick that hits multiple times.
  • Senpu Nataotoshi - Ken blocks an enemy's attack and then proceeds to counterattack with a flaming kick.
  • Ryusenkyaku - Ken performs a wheel kick at the opponent as he lands on his back.The light kick hits faster, especially when up close, while the heavy kick covers more range.
  • Kamabaraigeri - Ken performs a kick to the head  of an opponent. The light version hits only once but is far faster while the the medium and heavy versions hit twice
  • Raikou Nataonashi - Ken’s leg raises and falls under the head of the opponent. The Light, Medium and Heavy versions all cover different distances
  • Quick Step - Ken’s V Skill.  Ken runs towards the opponent, closing the distance in an instant.

Violent Ken


Otherwise known as Brainwashed Ken Masters, this is an alternate evil version of Ken from the Street Fighter 2 Anime and SNK vs Capcom. It also made an appearance as artwork in Street Fighter V. Violent Ken is far more ruthless and daring than Normal Ken. He’s basically like what Evil Ryu is to Ryu. Ken shows mercy on his foes and never kills unless absolutely necessary while Violent Ken will happily kill his foes, like the time he almost killed Ryu and killed M.Bison in the non canonical SNK vs Capcom comic. Besides the change in personality and the aesthetic difference of the color of his chi being purple instead of red when it comes to his Shoryuken, Ken also gets a couple new moves such as:

  • Rasetsu Kyaku - Ken dashes ahead in an instant - it basically acts like a teleport allowing him to instantly get into his foe’s face and destroy them.  
  • Shinbu Messatsu  - Violent Ken immediately rushes forward at the opponent, putting all of his anger into one attack. He executes a Rasetsu Kyaku, making multiple attacks; then Ken is pushed back and repeats the process landing more blows onto his foes.  Due to the attack's recoil, Ken is pushed back, and repeats another dash to continue the flurry of blows.
    • In the 1st and 2nd versions, Violent Ken dashes forward and performs a series of punches and kicks before finishing off with the wrecker of people's faces - the deadly Hadou Shoryuken. It looks like this. If the initial hit is missed or blocked, the move won’t come out.
    • Level 3 is slightly different. Violent Ken dashes and performs a series of punches and kicks on the opponent, disappears, then phases in and out before doing more punches and kicks. Violent Ken finishes with a strong punch and then collapses. This move will be performed even when missed or blocked.

Terry Bogard


  • Rising Upper - This is an uppercut with good vertical reach and those are useful when dealing with airborne foes.
  • Back Knuckle - Terry spins around and hits the opponent with the back of his knuckle. It is slow but has good range and damage.
  • Power Wave - Terry slams the ground with his fist, producing a wave of energy.
  • EX Power Wave - (Slowly) travels the length of the screen and it hits three times making it more powerful than his Regular Power Wave.
  • Round Wave - Similar to the Power Wave, Terry punches the floor but the wave is only a burst of energy.
  • Burn Knuckle -  Terry flies forward with his burning fist outstretched. He has two version of this attack. One version comes out faster, does less damage and doesn't travel as far.  The other version comes out slower, does more damage and travels farther but is less safe.
  • EX Burn Knuckle - This comes out far quicker than his regular Burn Knuckle and does slightly more damage.
  • Crack Shoot - Terry flips forward with his leg coming down on his opponent.  It is mainly used for pressuring opponents.
  • EX Crack Shoot - Comes out faster and is an overhead strike. It can also be used to knock down foes.
  • Rising Tackle - Terry flips upside down and flies straight up while spinning around like a top. Great damage, but incredibly unsafe. It has two versions - One version hits five times, and the other version hits seven times.
  • EX Rising Tackle - This is a very powerful version of the Rising Tackle and hits for 21 hits (damn) but due to it strength it lacks accuracy and is very difficult to connect all those hits
  • Power Dunk - Terry jumps, hitting his opponent with his shoulder, turns around in mid-air and hits his opponent with an energy-charged punch.
  • Max Dunk - Terry rams into his opponent with a strong shoulder charge and finishes with a Power Dunk.
  • Power Drive - Terry moves forward, spins before landing a slower and shorter version of Burn Knuckle.
  • Power Shoot - Terry moves forward, spins and performs a front kick.
  • Fire Kick - Terry dashes forward with a sweep and gets up with a high kick, sending his foe into the air.
  • Power Charge - Terry charges towards his opponent and hits him with a shoulder block.  In Garou this move is improved as Terry charges towards his opponent with his fists for a three-hit combo. The first two hits are low-blow punches while the last hit finishes with a shoulder charge. He can follow up this move with:
  • Power Charge EX - A more powerful version of the Power Charge, as such it does more damage.

Super Moves/Desperation Moves

Ken Masters


  • Shinku Hadoken - The Shinku Hadoken is a large, multi-hitting Hadoken that hits for 5 attacks and draws foes to it. It can easily destroy weak projectiles and has a long reach.
  • Shoryureppa - Ken performs a series of multi-hitting Shoryukens that sometimes light the opponent on fire. The super version of this move is used as a Super Move.
  • Shinryuken - Ken kneels and then performs a powerful spinning Shoryuken that vertically ascends straight up high. It is extremely powerful but should only be used as an Anti-Air. Usually the Shinryuken will be engulfed with flames.
  • Shippu Jinraikyaku - Ken moves forward and delivers a low roundhouse kick, two high ones, and another low one, and follows up with a knee hit.
  • Guren Senpukyaku - Ken playfully points at the opponent with a cocky smile and proceeds to unleash a barrage of flaming Tatsumaki Senpukyaku kicks as he spins in a horizontal straight line across the screen.
  • Guren Enjinkyaku - Ken begins with a jumping kick that goes into an attack combination where he jumps off the opponent with the other foot, spinning on the ground backwards before he runs back up and hits the opponent with a furious upward-flying flaming Tatsumaki that ends with a final, slightly prolonged kick going straight across the opponent's face.
  • Heat Rush - Ken’s V Trigger. Ken channels flames through his entire body for a short period of time, which powers up his special attacks by increasing their number of hits and improving their range and power. His regular Hadoken changes into the Shakunetsu Hadoken, which causes a knockdown on hit and the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku gains flaming effects, giving it enhanced properties as noted previously.

Terry Bogard


  • Power Geyser - This is his first Super Move (also known as a Desperation Move). Terry slams the ground with his fist, creating an angled geyser of energy. Great anti-air, but a tad slow. The move itself is max-cancellable, making it a very powerful tool for short HD combos.
  • EX Power Geyser - Creates three geysers (although Terry still only hits the ground once). It comes out much quicker and is stronger.
  • Overheat Geyser - A more powerful version of Power Geyser. Terry does an uppercut and then a Power Geyser
  • Triple Geyser - Terry punches the ground and creates a chain of three big geysers of energy.
  • Heat Up Geyser - Terry punches his opponent with a low punch and sends them flying with an uppercut. While the enemy is airborne, Terry hits them with a larger version of Power Geyser.
  • Power Stream - Terry leaps into the air and, while surrounded by a dome of energy, smashes the ground with both of his fist which creates a beam of energy around him afterwards.
  • Buster Wolf  - Terry flies forward like in his normal move, Burn Knuckle, and, if the move connects, an explosion blasts the opponent away.
  • Rising Beat/Finisher - Terry charges towards his opponent and if it connects then Terry will pummel them with a long chain of punches before finishing them up with a Buster Wolf.
  • Rising Force - Terry charges towards his opponent, hits him with a shoulder block, followed by a punch and multi-hit Rising Tackle.
  • Trinity Geyser - Terry raises both fists behind his head and slams his fists into ground create three power geysers. Basically a much more powerful version of the Triple Geyser that travels across the screen and, as such, it is very hard to escape. This is his Neomax (basically his ultimate move)


Ken Masters


  • Competed in martial arts tournaments across the US and won a lot of them
  • Is able to clash with base Ryu and, in some cases, beat him
  • Defeated Karin, Sakura, Rufus, Birdie and Laura Matsuda
  • Defeated his pupil and Laura’s younger brother, Sean
  • Managed to at least fight off Shadaloo dictator M. Bison.
  • Fought the extremely skilled Shadaloo assassin Vega
  • Punched through trees with ease
  • Knocked a helicopter out of the sky thanks to a combined Hadoken with Ryu
  • Knocked out a bull in one punch
  • Ken can produce Shoryuken attacks powerful enough to make a giant beam of light
  • Along with Ryu, managed to easily punch through solid stone
  • Ken’s Shoryuken punch is strong enough destroy a building
  • He beat down Zangief in one strike during the U.S tournament
  • In a fight against Vega, Ken lost a lot of blood, got stabbed multiple times, broke both his feet, got his foot and arm stabbed but still kept on fighting despite all that
  • Survived a vicious attack by Akuma who is at the very least island level
  • Survived a blast from Rosonov, which was as big as a large building

Terry Bogard


  • Has defeated Geese Howard twice, who is strong enough to destroy buildings with ease
  • Defeated Krauser, a superhuman fighter who is casually able make large craters in solid brick
  • Defeated Yamazaki, Grant, The Rock and the Jin brothers (Qin Kong Long & Qin Hai Long)
  • In Fatal Fury 3, Terry defeated a fire god/demon made out of pure energy capable of destroying a city block with ease
  • Scales to Iori and Kyo who are strong enough to split a mountain in half with just their attacks
  • His Power Wave strong enough to destroy a large building (FF Movie)
  • Has very high durability. After Krauser beat Terry to within an inch of his life, he came back fierce and was even able to repel the Krauser Wave with a Power Geyser despite the condition he was in
  • During the events of KOF 99, Terry was presumed dead after a NEST base collapsed on top of him, but it turned out he survived
  • Strong enough to effortlessly kick steel bars used for construction a couple of meters across
  • Massively hypersonic reactions and some of his attacks are so fast they look like a blur
  • Won three KOF tournaments (FF '91/'92,) & (FF:RB in FF series timeline). Keep in mind that the KOF Tournaments have some of the greatest fighters in the world.
  • Has at least 25 years worth of fighting experience, fighting everyday against the mixed martial artists of Southtown ever since the age of 10 and trained for 10 straight years in order to beat Geese Howard
  • He can accurately guess a woman's measurements just by glancing at her
  • Master at video games and hat throwing


Ken Masters


Ken was trained the Ansatsuken martial art, a non-lethal fighting style, leaving little room for a killing blow. As a fighter he can get very cocky in battle, overestimating his skills at times leaving him open for an attack and for the most part he focuses on other things besides fighting like his company and his family.

Terry Bogard


Terry Bogard can be a cocky fighter, preferring to fight tougher opponents and potentially holding back just to see his foe reach their maximum.Terry also has little formal education due to being an orphan in the streets and prefers fighting straight and fair than using any dirty tricks. His biggest problem, however, is his pride, and losing a fight can deal a serious blow to his confidence. He also really dislikes snails and cigarettes.


Ken Masters


Name: Ken Masters
Age: 33 in Street Fighter 3
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 183 lbs (83 kg)
Affiliations: Masters Company, USA Government
Fighting Styles: Ansatsuken
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman Agility, Chi/Ki Manipulation, Expert Martial Artist
Attack Potency: Multi-city block level+ (Comparable to Chun-Li)
Speed: Massively hypersonic (Should be on the same general level as Eagle)
Durability: Multi-city block level+ (Is far above Birdie, comparable to Chun-Li)

  • More intelligent than Terry
  • Has better mid-ranged options
  • Violent Ken is his trump card

  • Slower
  • Weaker
  • The people Terry’s fought are much stronger than who Ken has
  • Less durable despite what punishment he’s taken before
  • Has less experience than Terry and focuses on his company/family before training
  • His cockiness often gets the better of him in the worst ways

Terry Bogard


Name: Terry Bogard
Age: 21 (Fatal Fury 1), 35 years old (Mark of Wolves), 24 years old (KOF series)
Height: 5' 11" (182cm)
Weight: 183 lbs (83kg)
Affiliations: Fatal Fury Team
Fighting Styles: Boxing, Karate, Kung fu, Kickboxing and Street fighting
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Durability, Control over Chi, Energy Manipulation, Expert Martial Artist, Fighting Genius.
Attack Potency: Large Continent Level (Comparable to Ryo and Takuma, far above Antonov)
Speed: Relativistic (Can keep up with Ryo and Takuma, enough of a threat for Elisabeth to have to fight with her full effort, far above the likes of Bao and Antonov)
Durability: Large Continent Level (Tanked hits from top tier SNK characters like Billy Kane, Geese, Krauser, and others directly during bloodlusted matches, more durable than Antonov)

  • Is faster than Ken as he can keep up with the likes of Ryo
  • Is stronger than Ken due to fighting much more powerful foes
  • Is more durable as he has tanked hits from Geese Howard and Billy Kane
  • Has more experience than Ken due to fighting for over 20 years and counting.
  • Is the more skilled fighter having learned multiple martial arts and combined them to his own fighting style compared to Ken’s one fighting style
  • Keeps a cooler head while in battle; while he can be cocky at times, he always focuses on beating his foe.

  • Ken is more intelligent than Terry
  • Terry lacks ranged options compared to Ken


Kirby Kid

Looking at both characters past just their design, they don’t really have much in common with one another other than their affinity for fighting. And even past that, we can see Terry outclasses Ken in just about any way shape or form. You have a feat of Ken taking on 10 bad guys? Here’s a scan of Terry taking out a small army. Ken fighting Ryu and holding his own in a friendly brawl? Here’s Terry fighting a demon overlord capable of taking out a large portion of a planet.

Terry has MUCH more to work with, so much more that i think it blows out any and all of Ken’s feats out of the water. They may be equal in some stats, such as speed and ranged attacks, but overall, Terry outclasses Ken by a LARGE margin in all other categories.

In the end, I see Bogard coming out victorious… especially after reading Barbie’s verdict, my god man, if he doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

Malcolm Belmont

Looks like i will have to throw my hat into the ring ( get it?) to see which of these American Fighting Game Characters come out of top. After researching this fight i realized just how one-sided this fight was now allow me to explain.

Let’s start with Ken’s Advantages - Ken does have a great projectile game then mister Terry Bogard as not only the Hadouken is more powerful than Terry’s one projectile but he also has the Shinku Hadouken which is able to pass through projectiles with ease. So if Ken plays it safe and keeps a distance he may get a couple of hits off on Terry but here’s the thing - that really won’t matter in the long run as not only does Terry have the Burn Knuckles and his other moves which allow him to close the distance between him and his foe but even Ken’s one advantage over Terry which is projectiles really won’t matter in the long run because Terry is just too strong to be taken out my mere projectiles i mean he’s Terry Flipping Bogard, projectiles are his bitch. You could make an argument that Ken is younger than Terry and thus doesn’t have the pains of old age but that’s not even a factor. Ken’s V Trigger does help him a little bit not a lot especially against Terry Bogard’s glorious combos. Violent Ken is far more ruthless than normal Ken and is much stronger able to destroy M.Bison with a single Hadoken (Mind you this was in the non canon SNK vs Capcom comic) and Violent Ken has been shown to very easily able to match and surpass base Ryu. So yes while Violent Ken would allow him to stay in the game longer and maybe get a few good hits onto Terry’s lovely as hell face, Terry is that much stronger than Ken that even hits from Violent Ken wouldn’t be enough to take down Terry.

Now let’s see what Terry has to offer - First of all let’s talk feats because at the end of the day characters need feats to be strong. Well he has managed to beat Sakura, Zangief, Karin and base Ryu. But he has managed to lose to Bison twice, Akuma, Ryu. Due to being a secondary character his win/loss record is spotty at best. Sakura and Karin aren’t even that strong when compared to the Top Tiers of the Street Fighting Universe and Ken has only managed to defeat base Ryu who is nowhere near Ryu’s strongest. Now let’s see who Terry has defeated the likes of Ryo who is no slouch and has defeated such foes as Terry Geese Howard and Billy Kane. Geese being considered a “god” of fighting and easily able to shatter buildings with his fists with ease and Billy Kane (Who may be a Leonardo fan based on his choice of weapon) who was the KOF Champion for a couple of years and keep in mind KOF Tournaments get fighters from all around the world to compete. Terry through sheer force of will, strength and speed has managed to defeat the likes Chonrei and Chonshu who are not to be messed with as well as several powerful fights from across the world and has won the KOF Tourney several times while Ken has yet to win a World Warrior Tournament and has only one a tournament for the strongest American fighter. Hmm - The World or America...I think Terry’s feats are a little more impressive than Kens. Ken is probably as strong as base Ryu, Zangief, Karin, Sakura and Chun-Li which i admit is pretty impressive but Terry has been stated to be on par with Takuma, Kula Diamond, Ryo, Bao, Billy Kane, Elisabeth, Goenitz, Verse, and Antonov and don’t forget the “gods of fighting” Geese “I wreck your shit” Howard and Wolfgang “I play organs because i am classy” Von Krauser. So it’s safe to say that Terry has more impressive feats than Ken but what about moveset wise.

Terry has an extremely balanced fighting style due to the fact that he has learned the following fighting styles:  boxing, karate, kung fu, kickboxing and street fighting. While Ken uses the Ansatsuken style which is also known as the Assassins Fist due to being first developed as a killing method before it was modified by Gouken to be less focused about killing your foes. The Ansatsuken borrows from the real life martial art of Shotokan (which fun fact is where the name Shotos - which is commonly in Street Fighter culture).Shotokan is an impressive fighting style no doubt and Ken puts his own spin on it - compared to fellow student Ryu - Ken’s fighting style is far more flashy and relies more on kicks than punches combined that with his Chi that is able to make his kicks and punches look like they were on fire and you have a very deadly moveset that shouldn’t be underestimated - especially when Ken busts out his super moves or the V-Trigger but Ken’s fighting style comes with a few shortcomings - first of all his fighting style is too offense based.Ken can be left wide open for attacks and due to being a Shoto is fighting style is rather predictable as he relies on a couple of moves rather than having a large variety of moves to keep goes guessing. Plus Ken’s cockyness while makes him far more interesting as a character it also sometimes leads to him underestimating his foe which is bad news when you are facing Terry Bogard (Because NEVER underestimate Terry Bogard). Terry while also having an offense based style is more more defensive then Ken and while less flashy than Ken is much more effective due to being extremely balanced due to the fact he has learned multiple martial arts and is extremely knowledgeable in most if not all forms of fighting (plus he has faced foes that fight similar to Ken in the form of Kyo). Ken’s fighting style won’t be that effective on Terry. Ken is all about getting in - doing some high damage (via normal hits or combos) and then getting out while Terry has a more defensive style though his method of fighting is still aggressive. Terry will be able to counter Ken’s attacks and due to his superior strength and speed will be able to land hits on Ken which will lead to Ken’s defeat.

But the final and biggest factor is experience - Ken not only have a spotty record but doesn’t even spend that much time training and honing his skills compared to Ryu. After the events of Street Fighter V and the death of Shadaloo he basically settles down and has a child with Eliza. Post SFV Ken focuses on looking after his child. Ken’s company and family duties have kept him out of the game but Terry one the other hand has been fighting since he was twelve and really hasn’t stopped since. 10 years after the latest Fatal Fury game most of Terry's old friends like Kim, Ryo, and Andy have retired but Terry has kept on fighting and despite being 10 years older he has still managed to fight foes such as his own student Rock Howard,  Grant (who can create hurricanes and earthquakes) and Kain. Even after the events of Garou - Terry still wonders the world as a lone wolf - always fighting and never giving up. Terry Bogard is easily one of the strongest fighters in the SNK Universe and Ken simply can’t compare to him. Don’t get me wrong i am a fan of Ken and i like playing at him but as i was researching this DB i realized that while Ken may be strong he doesn’t have the strength nor speed to beat Terry. Ken you may be a good character but you simply can’t compare with the mascot and SNK and one of the best fighting characters.

Looks like Ken’s Star is about to be burned out. In this match i am betting that Terry Bogard will win.  

Also comparing Sean to Rock Howard..yeah Terry still wins.

Thor Gundersen1058


Well back to the old grime, honestly I didn’t expect to be on for another Fighting game match so soon, but I’m not complaining. Honestly I’m excited here, SNK doesn’t get enough love and the Fatal Fury/King of Fighter’s games are a way more appropriate rival for Street Fighter due to their similar tones, characters, origin, playstyle and feel. (For those wanting a rival for Mortal Kombat, I’d suggest Killer Instinct)

Anyway Ken Masters VS Terry Bogard is a match where Ken may regret throwing his hat in the ring, his youth and better range may let him pull off a hat trick or two, but one really must tip their hat to Mr. Bogard, he scales to foes who can beat Ken and anyone he’s fought at the drop of a hat. This is a real hats off match where I solidly throw my name in the hat for Terry, if he loses I’ll eat my hat.

Barbie Fanboy 6669

First and foremost, I would like to thank my beautiful ex-boyfriend Malcolm Belmont for asking me to participate in this blog and give my two cents (which are undeniably worth more than his two cents considering how far the value of the British pound has fallen after the Brexit situation)

Since we have that out of the way now, allow me to explain why Humphrey Bogard defeats Kendrick Masters.

In terms of fighting experience, Ken has been able to win friendly matches and sparring sessions, such as US martial arts tournaments. However it should be noted that was mainly due to the lack of presence from powerful fighters such as Charlie. When having serious fights going up against other Street Fighters, he has managed to lose against Bison twice, Akuma, Ryu while he was brainwashed, etc. He has managed to take down random guards for what it's worth though in Street Fighter 5, I suppose.

Terry Bogard on the other hand has not only won fights with Ryo that were brutal enough to "rattle each others bones," but also serious, bloodlusted fights against major villains. While Ken has extensive martial arts training with Gouken, Terry has trained with Tung Fu Rue, who is a superior martial artist to even the likes of Geese Howard and Billy Kane. For those not well versed on SNK, Billy Kane was the King of Fighters champion for several years. Terry's extensive martial arts training with Tung began from his childhood, and he had been fighting on the streets (kek) for many more years, thus allowing him to combine the martial arts skills of who was widely considered the greatest martial artist in the world with his own street fighting skills, which gives him more variety in his fighting style.

Think being trained by him doesn't automatically make him that good? Think again, because Terry went on to defeat Billy Kane, Geese Howard, and even Wolfgang Krauser in the following tournaments. For reference, Wolfgang Krauser is the only person Geese fears, the same Geese who trained under Tung and was considered one of the three brothers of godly battle alongside Jeff and Cheng. To make it even further impressive, said tournament drew in the best martial artists from all across the entire world. This includes other people Terry defeated with pure skill, strength, and speed (obviously, given that it was a martial arts tournament) such as mafia member Ryuji, the two brothers possessed by thousand year old spirits Chonrei and Chonshu (both of whom are explicitly superhuman opponents with powerful energy projection and supernatural abilities such as the power to translocate), etc.

After all of this goes down, Ken settles down with Eliza long enough to be considered out of practice. Since Ken is essentially a sidekick, it goes without saying his record is spotty here, which already puts him at a disadvantage. He did win a fight, once again, in a friendly match. Against his pupil Sean. Before dropping out altogether because he heard Ryu lost. Yeah. But what about Terry, surely he must have settled down eventually to be considered out of practice too, right?

Wrong. 10 years after the last Fatal Fury game, Garou: Mark of the Wolves takes place. All of Terry's old friends like Kim, Ryo, and Andy retired, leaving the next generation to take over. But Terry? Fighting is his life, and he could only come back for more. He managed to defeat not only his pupil Rock, but also Grant (a being capable of causing calamities such as hurricanes and earthquakes with his strength as well as project dark energy) and the mighty Kain. This gives Terry experience defeating not one but two entire generations of the most talented fighters on the planet; he has dealt with far too many fighting styles, characters, and powers to be overwhelmed by Ken. Terry is still in his prime, which Ken has fallen a long way down from. That's not even getting into how he constantly fights Ryo, who's fighting style is similar to Ken's as well.

Now that we know Terry is superior in regards to experience, fighting styles, variety, and still in his prime to boot, let’s get into the part that actually matters: stats. I'll divide this into two parts, their own feats, and their stats if we use common sense I mean powerscaling.

In terms of their own speed feats, both are lacking, but they can consistently move fast enough to create after images, which would imply combat speeds too great for the human eye to track, but power and durability is where Ken truly falls desperately short to compete.

Ken is no slouch in strength, having created a tornado with the combined power of Ryu:

Since this is his best feat, it's worth putting a number on. Loading it into MS Paint, we find out the tornado is about twenty times bigger than an individual tree in height while two-thirds as wide. An average tree's height is around three meters, so the tornado is sixty meters long and two meters wide. Since it's a cylinder, the volume is 188.5 cubic meters. The density of air is 1.2 kilograms for each cubic meters, so it would be 226.2 kilograms. An average tornado is between 40 MPH and 100 MPH so I will use the average speed of 70 MPH. This is around 31 meters per second. The kinetic energy of a tornado can be measured with the following equation:

(mass x velocity^2) / 4

Therefore, (226.2 x 31^2) / 4 = 54,344.55 Joules. However, since it was the combined power of Ryu and Ken, I'll divide it in two to assume Ken accounted for half the energy, and get 27,172.275 Joules. This is worth six grams of TNT going off, highly superhuman. If I am generous and assume the tree is ten meters tall, the result raises to 500,000 Joules. This is worth one hundred grams of TNT going off, or 1/10 of a kilogram. Since Ken survived this event, his durability would apply to it.

In other words, Terry's Power Geyser is simply too powerful:

Terry was able to blow the rooftop of a building off just as a distraction, and his fist endured the energy without breaking, so it applies to his endurance too. How strong is this? Comparing the windows to the width of the explosion, the rooftop is 22.5 times wider in pixels. An average window on a building of this type would be one meter or so, and judging by the depth of the destruction one minute in, it could reach past most of their height. To make it as low end as possible, I will assume only roughly a meter deep was cratered. A crater with a width of 22.5 meters and depth of one meter would have a volume of 400 cubic meters. Violently fragmenting each cubic centimeter of concrete would require 17 Joules. Since there are 1,000,000 cubic centimeters in a cubic meter, the crater would be 400,000,000 cubic centimeters.

400,000,000 x 17 = 6800000000 Joules. This is worth not six grams of TNT, but 1 and a half million grams of TNT exploding. In other terms, this is like 1500 kilograms of TNT blowing up, or 1.6 tons. Violently destroying a large building's rooftop is enough to destroy large buildings, who'da thunk? Even being generous to Ken and being conservative towards Terry's feat, Terry is still 15,000 times more powerful and durable than Ken with their own feats judged.

So overall, they might be on par in speed, but Terry has a very large advantage in strength, durability, experience, fighting styles, variety, and, I repeat, is still in his prime unlike Ken.

If we use powerscaling, Ken may be on par with Chun-Li whom destroyed a forest prior to Street Fighter IV, but Terry is on par with characters like Takuma, Kula Diamond, Ryo, Bao, Billy Kane, Elisabeth, Goenitz, Verse, and Antonov just to name a few. What feats do they have?

  • Goenitz can form a supercell thunderstorm and destroy a stadium in a matter of seconds:
    Supercell thunderstorms are 32 kilometers wide and 17 kilometers in depth, so the volume of an ellipsoid with these dimensions is over 9,000,000 cubic meters. The density of a cloud is 1.003 kilograms for each cubic meter, so he moved over 9,000,000 kilograms of a mass a distance of its radius in enough time to equal the energy of one gigaton of exploding TNT, enough to destroy small islands.
  • Verse can create a similar supercell thunderstorm and disperse it in an even shorter time in The King of Fighters XIV with a single beam with his mere death throes:
    It takes only six seconds for it to disperse, warranting the equivalent of around 8 gigatons of TNT exploding, outright island level.
  • Antonov, whom is the new Dan Hibiki equivalent to King of Fighters, can survive one of these blasts while already injured:
  • Antonov can also move in tandem with the lightning bolt. Zooming in on the video and analyzing it frame-by-frame, his character model shifted at around 3.5% of the lightning's speed, which makes him consistently superhuman and mach 15:
  • Elisabeth can move in tandem with her own beams of light which are legitimate as they move in straight lines, are called beams of light, and she is stated to have manipulation of light itself. Therefore, relativistic short-range combat speed:
    • Playing it in slow motion, she visibly moves after the beam of light has already started moving.
  • Kula Diamond can freeze an entire dock with the literal blink of an eye, which is most likely city block level:
  • Kula can fly through space fast enough to outspeed a satellite. Satellites need to constantly orbit the earth at over mach 20 to even stay above the earth, and she also survives being caught in the city busting beam:
  • Bao can overpower and outspeed a satellite laser juiced up enough to nuke a city. Given the city's size the near-total fatalities of a nuke would be equal to 5 megatons, or city level:
    • Since Earth is about 70 degrees from the camera (It takes up the entire screen in this scene) and its curvature in the scene accounts for roughly 30% of the diameter, this also means the planet is 2,700 kilometers away from the satellite. informs me that the laser took 0.08 seconds to reach this distance, making it 1/10 the speed of light.
  • Against the Art of Fighting team, the satellite laser was juiced up enough to destroy the surface of the world (this is because the Zero Cannon absorbs energy unleashed by the fighters, and the Art of Fighting team is simply much more powerful than the Psycho Soldier team) can overpower a satellite laser that was going to be used to wipe off the entire planet's surface. The near-total fatalities of the explosion, according to Stardestroyer's nuke calculator, is worth over 500,000,000,000 megatons of TNT, or 500 petatons which is equal to continental destruction:
  • Takuma can also outspeed the laser at close range despite it being relativistic.
  • Billy Kane can outrun sniper fire and block it with his cane. The supersonic speed also gives his cane over 1,000,000 joules of kinetic energy:

Why does Terry powerscale to these characters? Mostly going by King of Fighters XIII?

  • Ryo considers Terry his greatest rival and Terry has defeated Geese who is powerful enough to give Ryo a run for his money in bloodlusted combat.
  • Elisabeth notes that she would have to go all out to have a chance against Terry.
  • Takuma states Ralf, Kim, and Kula Diamond are all equal to him or that going easy on them would be suicide. Takuma also states Ryo is only slightly weaker than him.
  • Antonov and Bao are the epitome of fodder in a world where Terry is a world champion, is there really a need to explain more?
  • Verse goes without saying as well. Seriously, even gameplay wise this guy was way too easy, ironic considering SNK is the trope namer for hard bosses:
  • Terry explicitly beat Billy Kane, Geese, Krauser, and other top tiers directly.
  • Goenitz was defeated by Kyo, Iori and Chizuru

And finally? Terry was the inspiration for Sol motherfucking Badguy, while Ken was partially the inspiration for Paul Phoenix. Sol Badguy oneshots Paul Phoenix, which lines up well with Terry one-shotting Ken. GG no re.


  1. Nice insight, though I think you made 2 mistakes.

    1. Ken's OLDER than Terry Bogard not younger. Terry's DOB states 15th March 1971 (Or 73 according to KOF), and Ken's DOB has always been 14th Feb 1965, making Ken 6 years, a month and 1 day older.

    2. This is more up in the air than a mistake. You referred that Ken is more intelligent than Terry, hmmm. While it's true that Terry lacks a formal education (This was confirmed via KOF 2006), you also stated that Terry is also a fighting Genius, which creates a slight contradiction.

    Now Ken is more intelligent than Terry in relation to a formal education given that Ken owns his own business, however the intelligence battle is relative. Especially since you have stated that Terry is a fighting genius, and having a vast experience and knowledge of various Martial Arts would require a high level of intelligence to master. Maybe it's just a mistake in your wording, and I'm being too nitpicky.

    3. Another question is will or how will the Power of Nothingness come into play? And if so the question isn't can Terry kill Ken, but can Terry survive a beefed up Ken? As I doubt a violent Ken would come into play, as that would require outside interference, which is more or less forbidden in Death Battle.

    But overall great insight and I am also rooting for the Hungry wolf, but I want this to be a certain, unbiased victory for Mr. Bogard.

  2. Congrats Mr Jamal - you got your wish

  3. There was a unbiased victory for Terry

  4. Yup, but I guess Ken was fucked from the start.